tagBDSMMy Submissive Tells Her Story Ch. 04

My Submissive Tells Her Story Ch. 04


I moved backwards to the bed, crawling up and lying back. Master had taken some items from the closet. I wasn't sure what to expect. We had played many times before. Some have gotten rather rough. But as Master stretched my limits I found myself always wanting, needing to go further. But this time I was scared. I trusted Master with my life. And knowing he would never bring harm to me, I was not afraid of what Master had in mind for today. More so I was afraid of letting him down. Of not being the submissive he needed. He had made me realize that losing him would be the end of me and I wouldn't let that happen. Now or Ever!

Knowing that another woman was watching me only enhanced the need to please my Master.

"Lexi, you have been a very naughty girl. You have ignored you Master's needs. You have put others before him. This will stop today. And for the past you will be punished. I will make you realize that your Master knows what is best for you. You will endure pain and pleasure. But you will not know what will come next. The mixture of both will cause you to question your submissiveness. Are you worthy of your Master? We will see." Master said.

Next, I heard him talking softly at the computer screen, realizing that not only was the cam on, but also the microphone. Oh No! I thought. She will not only see but hear everything as well. I was beginning to resent this woman, whose freedom I didn't possess. Master took my favorite silk blindfold and wrapped it expertly around my head. My world turned to darkness. Then, he took the ball gag and placed it in my mouth. Not too tightly but enough to squelch the screams that were sure to follow.

"No sense in alerting the neighbors unnecessarily." He said.

Each wrist was tied to the corners of the bed. Then I heard a strange metallic noise. Like a cage being opened. His hands on my ankles, told me it was not a cage but the spreader bar he was opening, spreading my legs as wide apart as they have ever been. My pussy open and exposed to the mystery woman! Always in the back of my mind knowing that she was watching! I was excited and embarrassed. Master knew I loved every minute! He attached both ankles to the bar. Every tendon was screaming from being stretched. I tried to relax. This is when he started to caress me and my body reacted to his touch. I felt myself retreat into the softness of the bed. Ahh, his touch always was the best part of our play! But suddenly, he stopped and I heard a chain.

Next my legs were being lifted off the bed. A while back he had attached a hook to the ceiling; Master never explained its use but only saying that someday I would find out. Today was going to be that day! He raised my legs until my ass was off the bed. He placed a pillow under my back. My Master is a very knowledgeable Dom and he knows just how to place me so I derive the best of pain and pleasure! With my ass hanging in the air I knew what was to come. He hasn't given my ass any of his delightful markings in such a long time! My pussy was more than moist! Again he spoke in whispers to the woman. I wish I could hear what he was telling her! My senses were on high alert when the first crack came down on my cheeks! AUHGH! I tried to yell! I was more surprised than in pain. My Master knows how to build the crescendo! He starts lightly and teases with a mixture of hard and soft.

Never knowing which it will be that I am to receive! The next was done with a much firmer hand! Again and again and again he beat me with the switch, over my buttocks and then to my thighs. When the switch fell on the delicate inside thigh area, the tears started to come! I was writhing and shaking. He did not stop. I felt the burn of each strike and could almost feel the flesh rise. He continued the blows for what felt like eternity. I felt myself slip into that place that only he has taken me. My mind was in sub space! Finally he slowed, and began to lightly stroke the switch over my markings. I prayed he wouldn't stop! My body quivering my thoughts went again to the woman. Oh God what was she thinking now? I wondered! Master lowered my legs and stuck one finger in my cunt. Testing the wetness! I knew he was proud when his finger slid in so easily. I was drenched!

Giving me a chance to catch my breath, I could hear Master getting another chain. OH NO! What could he have for me next?

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