My Summer in Maine


It was the second half of August, just two weeks before I was to start college, and I was very bored and very horny. Like every August I could remember, I was with my parents at our camp in Maine. Each year, we would pack up the car at the start of August, and drive for a full day, on ever smaller roads, through ever smaller towns, until, an hour from the last town worthy of that name, we turned off the highway on a rutted track through pine woods. Half an hour later, the woods opened up and the track came to an end next to a house beside a lake.

As a kid, I used to love arriving at the camp, seeing the mountains surrounding the lake, hearing the birds, and smelling the pine. This year, however, for the first time, arriving here gave me no pleasure. The prospect of a month with my parents and the succession of aunts, uncles and cousins that invariably came to stay filled me instead with a deep gloom. The summer had been wonderful. I had met Sara at the beginning of the summer, and we had spent all our time together. I begged my parents to let me stay in the city, but they wouldn't hear of me being home by myself. So I said a sad goodbye to Sara for the month, got in the car and sulked all the way to Maine.

The first two weeks did nothing to lift my spirits. I swam in the lake, worked on my tan, and hiked in the hills. But there was no phone line and my cell-phone was useless here, so I couldn't talk to Sara or e-mail her. I drove with my mother to the town one morning to buy groceries and called Sara from a payphone, but only reached her answer machine. But I did find a computer store that allowed me to check my e-mail, and I found a message from Sara describing in wonderful detail how she was thinking about me and masturbating.

The entire drive back to the camp my cock was hard as I thought about Sara's fingers playing with her pussy. As soon as we arrived back, I made an excuse about having to cool off with a swim in the lake. I hurried to a clearing beside the lake about a quarter mile from the house, and stripped off my t-shirt and shorts, and lay back on the grass naked. I imagined Sara masturbating for me, her long legs spread wide so I could see her fingers touch her wet pussy. I rubbed my cock with long, slow strokes, as I imagined her fingers slipping into her pussy and Sara fucking herself as I watched. I remembered the sounds she would make as her orgasm built, and my hand gripped my cock tighter and my movements got quicker and quicker. I knew I could cum any time, but I wanted to delay it, to savor the picture of Sara. But it was no good -- my excitement overcame me and my cum shot out hard over my chest.

I lay on the grass with my eyes closed, my hand on my cock, not wanting to let go off the image of Sara playing with her pussy. The image slowly faded, and I got up and walked into the water, feeling the thrill of the cold against my still-swollen cock.


The days passed very slowly. I determined to at least make use of the time to work on my fitness, so I devised a circuit on the trails above the lake. I ran the circuit in the early morning, when it was cool. The circuit finished at my clearing by the lake, where I would strip off my running shorts and swim out to the diving platform and back. Then I would stretch out on the grass and think of Sara and play with my cock again.

At the end of the second week, my mother told me that her sister and husband would be visiting. They were a pleasant enough couple, but the news didn't inspire any joy in me. They arrived a couple of days later, and brought with them a surprise -- my cousin Anna. I hadn't seen Anna for a couple of years, but those years had done amazing things for her. She was tall and slim, with blond hair to her shoulders, and a sweet smile. She was three years older than me, and had just become engaged. I remembered hearing the news and thinking that she was too young to get married, but now I saw her I understood that her boyfriend would have wanted to close the deal as soon as he could.

My parents fussed over the new arrivals with questions about the fiancé, the wedding date, the ring, perhaps as relieved as I was to have some company. My aunt said that the fiancé himself -- Ricky -- was going to arrive the next week. My aunt hoped that we didn't mind. Of course not, my parents assured her, but I did mind. I had already played out in my head the course of the rest of the month, and the screenplay involved a lot of scenes with me and my cousin naked together in my clearing by the lake.

The next morning, when I returned to the house after my morning run wearing just my running shorts, Anna was at the breakfast table wearing a pair of shorts and a white bikini top. She smiled at me. "So you've already been swimming?" she asked, seeing my wet hair.

"Yes," I said, "But if you want to take a swim, I'll join you."

We walked down to the lake. At the beach, she undid her shorts and slipped them off to reveal her white bikini panties. She walked into the water and started swimming toward the diving platform. I followed her. I arrived there first, and climbed onto the platform. I took her hand and pulled her onto the platform. She reached up and swept her wet hair from her face, and I took in her small breasts and slim waist, and her legs, their length emphasized by the high cut of her white panties.

We reclined on the lounge chairs on the platform, side by side, feeling the sun warm our bodies.

"This feels so good," she said. "I haven't been in the sun the whole summer. My body's so white"

I took her comment as an invitation to look at her body.

"You look pretty good to me," I said, then immediately regretted it.

She looked at me and smiled. "Thanks," she said. We lay side-by-side on the platform, enjoying the early morning sun, talking of this and that.

"I'd forgotten how wonderful it is here," Anna said. "It's been years since I visited."

"Five years," I said. "I was thirteen and you were sixteen."

We lay side by side talking. After a while, Anna stood up. "Race you back to the beach," she said, and dived into the water. I followed her, letting her win so I could watch her pretty ass in those white panties as she walked out of the water ahead of me.

I didn't see much of her the rest of the day. At dinner, sitting around the table with our parents, the conversation turned to when Anna and her family had been here last. My mother said to me, "Do you remember that I asked you to be nice to Anna and to show her around, but instead you hid in the woods and only came out at meal times."

I felt myself blush at the memory. Anna laughed, seeing my embarrassment. "But he was just a baby," she said, smiling at me. "He was probably ashamed to be told to play with a girl."

The conversation moved on. Later that evening, Anna and I were sitting alone on the porch looking up at the stars, which were always so bright here. "I remember that you didn't want to spend time with me last time I was here," she said. "I didn't much care, but I got curious about where you were hiding, so one day I followed you to the clearing by the lake."

I sat up abruptly. For years I had gone to that clearing with just one thing in mind. "Oh no," I said, "tell me that all I did was lay there and work on my tan!"

Anna laughed again. "Yes," she said, "that's all that happened. It was very boring, so I soon left."

The way she said it made me not believe her. "Tell me the truth," I said.

"That is the truth. Why, what are you worried I might have seen?"

"Nothing," I said.

She smiled at me. "Tell me."'

"There's nothing to tell."

She stood up. "Good night cousin -- see you in the morning," she said, and went back in the house.


I was back on the diving platform next morning, my eyes closed. My cock was pressing hard against my shorts as I thought again about Sara's e-mail describing how she was playing with her pussy. I heard a splash nearby, then Anna's voice calling to me to pull her up. I stood up, and grasped her hand, and pulled her onto the deck.

She stood in front of me, sweeping the water from her hair. Had she seen I was erect? "I didn't mean to disturb anything," she said.

"You weren't," I said. "I was half-asleep."

We lay on the recliners. Anna propped herself on her elbow so she could see my profile. I was conscious that from her angle, my erection was particularly apparent.

"So what were you dreaming about? Something nice, I bet."

"My girlfriend, if you must know."

"So my little cousin who wouldn't play with me has a girlfriend? Tell me all about her."

I described Sara to her. "She sounds pretty," Anna said. "She is," I replied.

"When did you see her last?"

"Over three weeks ago. Before I was imprisoned here for the month."

"So that's why you're so horny," she said, looking at the bulge my cock was making in my shorts. "I thought it was because I had arrived!" she said, smiling her pretty smile.

I stood up and dived into the lake. I swam around the platform, hoping the chill of the water would get rid of my erection. Anna sat on the edge of the platform, her feet in the water, watching me. "Is it working?" she asked. "No, not really," I said.

"Well, you can't go back to the house like that -- you'll frighten our parents! So you might as well get back up here."

"There's a third option," I said.

"What's that?" Anna asked.

I didn't reply, but started swimming away from the platform. Behind me Anna exclaimed, "Oh! I know where you're going!", and I heard her dive into the water. We arrived at the clearing at the same time, and walked out of the water to the grass. We sat facing each other.

"Don't let me stop you," Anna said, "I want to watch." I hesitated. "Go on, do it!" she said. I pulled down my shorts, exposing my hard cock. "Take them off," she said. I did. I sat there before her naked, still hesitating to touch myself in front of her. "Just do it," she said, so my hand went to my cock and I started slowly stroking myself. Anna's eyes were fixed on the movements of my hand. "Open your legs wider," she said, "so I can see your balls." I complied, feeling my balls move around as I pulled harder on my cock. My hand moved faster and faster, and until I was on the point of cumming.

"Stop," Anna said.

"But why?" I replied.

"Because I'm telling you to."

I stopped.

"Take your hand off your cock."

I did. Anna took my hand in hers, and held it to her mouth. She slowly licked my palm, and my fingers. The sensation of her tongue was delightful. She took my fingers into her mouth, and slowly sucked on them. I closed my eyes and imagined my cock in her mouth. My cock ached to have her touch it. I moaned with the pleasure her tongue was giving me. She took my fingers from her mouth, and placed my hand back on my cock, her hand brushing my cock. "Now you can cum," she said. In seconds I was shooting cum over my stomach and chest, gasping as my orgasm crashed through my body.

I lay back on the grass. Anna sat next to me and looked down at me. 'That was very pretty," she said. "You follow instructions well. If I was your girlfriend, I'd want you to masturbate for me all the time."

"I've never masturbated in front of anyone before," I said.

"That's amazing," she said. "Also, it's false."

I looked at her. She smiled at me, and I knew what she meant.

"Right here in this clearing, five years ago. It was the first time I had seen a boy playing with his cock. Even though you were a little nerd, I found it so exciting. I hurried back to the house and locked myself in my bedroom and played with my pussy for hours."

I lay back in the sun, imagining my cousin playing with her pussy. The thought made my cock begin to harden again. Anna saw me getting erect. "Stop," she laughed, "we came here to get rid of your erection." She pulled me to my feet and handed me my shorts. She ran back to lake and started swimming to the diving platform. I followed here, timing my arrival so I could see her pull herself out of the water ahead of me.


It rained the next day. After lunch Anna told me, "Come on, get your rain jacket. We're going for a walk."

We walked up the trail through the pine woods, away from the lake. Although it was wet, it was warm, and the woods in the rain looked dark and mysterious. We walked for 30 minutes or so. Anna then stopped and took my hand. She led me into the woods, to a small clearing a little way off the trail. "This will do," she said. She sat down under a large pine tree, sheltered from the rain by the tree. I sat beside her. "No," she said, "I don't want you to sit down. Stand over there." She pointed to a spot in the clearing a few feet away. "But it's raining there," I said. "Go," she said.

I stood where she indicated. "Now take off your rain jacket and t-shirt," she said.

I did as she directed, feeling the rain on my shoulders and chest. Anna sat looking at me. "Now your shorts," she said. I slipped off my shorts and stood naked in the rain, feeling my cock start to harden..

"How does that feel," she asked?

"Like being in the shower."

"Turn round."

I turned round. "Now touch your toes." I did, feeling her gaze on my ass.

"You have a very pretty ass," she said. "It's smooth and round like a girl's ass. Has anyone ever fucked it?"

"No," I said, embarrassed at the question.

"If I had a cock, would you let me fuck your ass?"

"But you're not, so the question's moot."

She stood up and walked towards me. I stood up. "Did I tell you to stop touching your toes?"

"No," I replied, and bent over again. She stood behind me, and I felt her hands on my ass. She gently caressed me, and her touch made my cock hard. Her finger rubbed gently against my hole. I moaned softly.

"Answer my question," she insisted. "If I had a cock, could I slip it in you right now?"

"Yes," I said, and gasped as she slid her finger into my ass and started slowly fucking me.

My hand went to my cock, and I started to stroke it.

"No," she said firmly, and removed her hands from my ass. "Did I tell you to touch yourself?"

I let go of my cock.

"If we're going to play together, you have to do exactly what I tell you. You understand?"

"Yes," I said, abashed.

"Turn round and face me." I turned round, and saw her sweet smile. She kissed me quickly on the lips. "I forgive you," she said. "Now you can touch your cock, but you can't cum until I give you permission." I stood in the rain, my hand stroking my cock, my cousin's eyes on my body.

"Did you like me fucking you?" she asked.

"Yes," I said

"Would you like me to do it again?"

"Yes, please," I pleaded.

As I watched, Anna's hands went to the top of her shorts, and she slowly slipped them down her legs and stepped out of them. Her rain jacket reached down to the middle of her thighs, but I could glimpse her white bikini panties. She then slowly removed her panties. Her rain jacket obstructed my long hoped-for sight of her pussy. She stood in front of me and held out her panties to me. "Put them on," she said. I did, pulling them tight against my balls and ass.

"You look very pretty. I think anyone seeing your cute ass in those panties would want to pull them down and fuck you."

She took my hand and led me to the sheltered spot under the tree. "Kneel down and put your ass in the air," she said. I did as she instructed. "Now," she said, "tell me what you want me to do with my cock."

"I want you to fuck me with it."

"Tell me how. Do you want me to remove your panties first?"

Her panties felt too good to remove. "No, just pull them to the side."

"Then what? Tell me what you want."

"Then I want you to put your cock in my ass."

I felt her hands on my ass again, pulling her panties to the side, and her finger circling my hole. "Yes," I begged, "please fuck me."

Her finger plunged into me, and she started fucking me, harder and faster than before. "Now you can make yourself cum," she said. My hand grasped my cock firmly.

"How does that feel?" she asked.

"Amazing," I said.

"So let me hear you moan."

Her instruction was like a release to me. I moaned louder than I had ever done before, crying out with the pleasure of Anna fucking my ass and my hand rubbing my cock. I came with a huge crash, spasms passing through my cock, my ass clenching her finger tight, my cum spurting over my hand.

Anna helped me to my feet. She took my hand and gently licked my cum from it. She slid her panties down over my thighs, and I stepped out of them. Her hand went between my legs and she held my balls firmly. She looked me in the eyes. "Did you enjoy our game?" she asked. "Yes," I replied. She kissed my cheek and let go of my balls. She handed me my shorts and rain jacket. We got dressed, and walked back to the house through the rain, her arm in mine, talking of innocent matters, just like two cousins out for a simple stroll in the woods.


The next morning, I got back from my morning run to learn that everyone was planning to visit some friends of my aunt and uncle who were vacationing about an hour away. They asked me if I wanted to come along.

I quietly asked Anna, "Is there any reason that I would want to go?"

She smiled. "You mean, like a hot daughter or something. No such luck."

Nobody seemed to care that I declined, so I watched them drive away, and thought how I would spend my day alone at the camp. I ate breakfast, and lounged on the porch overlooking the lake. I walked to the beach, and swam to the diving platform. I took off my shorts, and lay naked in the sun. My cock grew hard as I thought of Sara, and what we would do when I saw her again in a week. My thoughts drifted to Anna, and I imagined her lying next to me wearing only her white panties. I thought about my tongue tracing the line around those panties, slipping under them, searching for her pussy. My hand stroked my hard cock, and I slowly masturbated, feeling the hot sun on my body. I felt my orgasm build, but as I stroked my cock quicker, bringing myself towards the moment when my cum would spurt over my body, a thought occurred to me: that I could swim back to the house, go to Anna's room, and find her panties. My hand stopped its motion, and I stood up and dived into the water. I swam naked to the beach and walked to the house.

I found her panties in the drawer. I sat on her bed and held them to my face, searching for the scent of her pussy. I imagined, as I had done so many times that week, my head between her legs, and my tongue exploring her pussy. My cock was so hard, it ached. I wrapped Anna's panties around my cock and masturbated myself through them. I moved to the end of the bed where I could see myself in the mirror, and watched my cock slide against her panties, rubbing against where her pussy had been. I stood up and walked closer to the mirror. Without thinking about it, I stopped rubbing my cock, and instead, reached down and slipped her panties on. The panties covered very little of my erect cock, but the feel of them tight against my balls and ass made me moan with pleasure. I stood watching myself in the mirror, gently stroking myself. The sight of my hard cock above the white fabric made me shiver with excitement.

I walked back to the bed, and sat on the edge with my legs spread. I watched in the mirror as my hand took me closer and closer to cumming. I quickly reached that point where there's no going back, where you know that within seconds your orgasm is going to crash over you. A few more strokes . . . Then, suddenly, a noise at the door to Anna's room made me turn. There was a young guy standing there, dressed in shorts and a t-shirt. He was staring open-mouthed at me, or, more precisely, at Anna's white panties and my hand rubbing my cock. A wave of thoughts rushed through my mind in a single instant. Who is this guy? How did he get here? What must he think? But I knew one thing for sure -- I couldn't stop. The next seconds played out in slow motion: my hand stroked my cock faster, I moaned loudly as a stream of cum arched over my chest, and I collapsed back onto the bed, spent, my cock still in my hand, massaging the last of my orgasm out of it.

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