tagMind ControlMy TBI becomes Total Brain Instruct Ch. 02

My TBI becomes Total Brain Instruct Ch. 02


In Chapter 1 of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) becomes Total Brain Instruction I learn that the explosion of an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) allowed me to control the brain of anyone I come in physical contact with.


"Get it wet, Captain," I said to the bitch now on her knees in front of me.

"After all, we can't be sure that Leah is wet enough for my big cock without a little lubrication first."

I couldn't help myself and laughed out loud as soon as I said it because we both knew it to be a complete lie. I mean Leah was on her knees with her ass in the air right next to us and furiously fingering herself while begging me to fuck her.

Captain Samantha Speidel shook her head no and looked at me with complete loathing but that was as much rebellion as I was going to allow so I used my control over her brain (and thus her bodily functions) to open her mouth. After her mouth was wide open I froze it like I'd frozen her from the shoulders down after forcing her to her knees. The only voluntary muscle control I allowed her to keep, now that her mouth was open, was her tongue.

So far I hadn't allowed her any hormonal stimulus. Even when I knew from her brain activity that because of her almost complete inexperience with sex she was a bit excited about being forced into having sex and was very stimulated by the thought of watching a sex act. And she absolutely knew one was coming when Leah came in and threw herself all over me.

No, she didn't deserve any good feelings. I actually stopped the trickle of hormones she herself started to produce. She would get nothing. Not until she had been properly humiliated and clearly shown who was in charge.

It hadn't started this way. At first I was as mesmerized as everyone else when this perfect angel walked into the waiting room at the Combat Support Hospital in Baghdad's Green Zone where I had been a patient since my injury from a command detonated IED (Improvised Explosive Device) almost seven weeks ago.

My diagnosed injury was TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury. In reality it wasn't an injury at all. The blast shook my brain so hard that it forced on it a new and different wiring pattern that somehow left me with the power to read and control the brain of anyone I physically touched. I now had perfect memory of any event that I had ever had as well as the memory of any event of the people I came in contact with. It is true that all of us remember everything that we ever see, do, hear, taste, or smell. It's just that with most people they have no way to recall the mundane past and their memory gets fuzzy over time.

My brain truly is as powerful as any computer imagined and it operates just like one, with all the information available when accessed but not in the way if I don't access it. I've been working on refining my understanding and skills with this gift since I figured out I had it.

I don't know or understand why I have this power now. I do know that it has forced me to realize I'm not nearly as honorable or good a person as I thought I was.

It's been humbling. Absolute power does indeed corrupt absolutely.

But I'm managing to live with it.

Anyway, back to my story. When Captain Speidel first entered that waiting room where I usually hung out (when I wasn't occupied with one of my trysts) it was as if time stopped. She was a walking dream. She was an angel of mercy with the sweetest most compassionate face and mannerisms. When she looked at you, you just knew that she was devoting her entire attention to you and that she would never pass judgment on you. You just knew that she completely accepted you for who you were.

Everyone in the room seemed to just stop what they were doing to turn and look at her---and from that moment on, as long as she was in the room, every one of us kept one part of our attention focused on her.

Of course I almost immediately, without being too obvious, went up to her and stuck out my hand and said, "Hey there, my name's Captain X, always nice to meet a fellow Captain, even if you are in the Army!"

She looked at me and smiled the most perfect smile and said, "I'm so sorry, as a surgical nurse I'm very conscious of the need to lessen the chance of spreading germs, so I hope you understand my unwillingness to shake hands. But it sure is wonderful to meet you Captain X, you're dressed as a patient but you seem to be the picture of health?"

The last sentence was an obvious question. She arched one of her perfect eyebrows and looked right at me with an encouraging smile.

I did regret not knowing her thoughts but I also understand her reasoning and made sure she knew that I understood in what was probably a fawning way. Then I told her about my accident and continual headaches and that I was being seen by Commander Krause as I went through my recovery.

"But you should be at the main hospital not a Combat Support Hospital. We're not supposed to keep patients longer than two weeks."

Uh oh. Everyone else I'd met had been willing to shake my hand so it had been easy to make them forget about this policy. That said I knew that if she approached anyone about this, at least within the hospital, I would know about it as I could read all their thoughts. Over the last seven weeks I'd shaken hands or touched everyone I'd met who worked there to include the Commanding Officer.

I explained to her that I didn't know, I was just doing what the doctors told me and all I really wanted to do was get back to my Company of Marines. We then chit chatted about a number of issues and she actually looked pained as she closed our conversation and said goodbye but that she must leave as she had more work to do getting to learn her way around her new duty station.

I'm not sure it was love at first sight---but it sure felt like it. And it was completely obvious that every other man there, whether I was reading them or not, felt the same thing. The women were equally impressed. Impressed with her demeanor and impressed with her compassionate manner and obvious intelligence. Of course being women they were also all jealous of her beauty.

Samantha Speidel was five feet eight inches tall and weighed about 135 pounds. She had medium length strawberry blond hair that was pulled back into a loose bun. She was wearing the standard scrubs all the medical personnel were in but her scrub cap was custom made and covered with smiling angels. I would learn in the days to come that she always wore a custom made surgical cap. Some were in a camouflage pattern but most were whimsy designs that would make a young child smile.

She had wide set pale blue eyes over a pert little nose and a mouth with full lips that covered perfect teeth. She had just a touch of pink lipstick applied to her lips. There was a light smattering of freckles across her pale skin. Her breasts had to be at least a C cup from what I could tell looking at her in her scrubs. One thing I, and everyone else, noticed was that her scrubs were also sized just right. Most of the women wore scrubs a couple sizes too loose so that the guys knew they weren't interested in any hanky panky.

The easy women and the couple of exhibitionists that were on the staff made sure the scrubs they wore were just a bit tight. Each of them flaunted their assets and enjoyed doing it. I'd fucked a couple of them just for general purpose as part of my self training program.

Samantha's ass very nicely filled out the bottom of her scrubs. It was pretty easy to see as she was one who tucked her top into her pants. But with her angelic smile and professional demeanor none of us thought she was putting herself on exhibit.

Her ass was perfectly shaped, full and round and distinct from her legs. She wasn't one of those women whose ass flowed right into her legs and she wasn't one of those women whose thighs were touching when she was standing. She had a slight gap between her legs and like every other male in the room, and a couple of the females, I wanted to be on my knees worshiping at her alter.

When she left the room it was as if a balloon deflated and all the air went out of it.

Unlike the rest of the men there I was able to do something about my arousal.

I needed something different and new today, like Samantha was different and new. I immediately focused in on Sara. Sara was an Army medic and very similar in age (19) and background (broken home) to Leah the Navy Corpsman I had as my permanent fuck toy. Sara had shown up a couple of weeks ago and I'd been saving her as a way of teasing myself.

I can't begin to describe the arousal I get from knowing the thoughts, especially the sexual fantasies of women.

Sara was very much into being dominant. Of course like most women, especially the younger ones, there was no way she would have ever admitted it to a boyfriend. So while she had enjoyed the sex she'd had with the five different guys she'd been with since loosing her virginity at 16, she was also slightly disappointed. She'd always been able to orgasm but she admitted to herself (and thus me) that her best orgasms were when she was fantasizing about dominating a man.

I went to the storeroom. Sara was on duty but not doing anything. I instructed her to go to the bathroom [head in Marine speak and Latrine in Army speak] and clean herself very thoroughly "down there". Meanwhile I started putting thoughts of domination in her head and had her brain start releasing the female sex hormones oestrogen and progesterone. Of course I could sense the physical reactions she started having (hardening of her tiny nipples and filling of blood in her labia) and read her thoughts which were now predominately centered on taking a 20 minute break to run to her room and jill off. Then I had her come to the storeroom to get something. Of course she had no idea she stopped at the head, no idea what the something she was supposedly looking for was, or even that there was a storeroom back where I sent her. She just suddenly found herself there and then came in.

The look on her little girl face when she entered was priceless as her brown doe eyes got huge and she just stopped in the open door and stared at me.

I was so horny thinking about Samantha and thinking about what I was going to do with Sara that I had stripped off my pants and was just standing there in my socks and a t-shirt slowly jacking off. My cock was standing straight out to its full 6.5 inch length and I made sure that I kept my hand on just the lower half of it as I jacked myself off so that it would look even bigger to her.

As she stood there staring I gave her another shot of the sex hormones.

"I'm being a bad boy, mistress," I said.

It was like she'd been shot. Her adrenalin started pumping, her heart and breathing rates doubled and her oestrogen and progesterone levels went off the roof.

I kept putting one word in her thoughts. Opportunity. Opportunity. Opportunity. It didn't take long to get the response we both craved.

"How dare you! Bad boy! Bad, bad, bad boy. You drop that nasty cock right now!"

She stepped into the room and closed and locked the door. Her little tom boy body was shaking like a leaf but there was no doubt reading her mind that she would see this through and fulfill her deepest fantasies no matter what the cost.

"Kneel, you pathetic little man." I quickly did so.

"Did I give you permission to jack off? Did I?" she practically screamed.

"No, mistress. But I couldn't help myself when I started thinking about your perfect little body." As I said this I caused her to orgasm. Not a big one, just an orgasm big enough to absorb some of the adrenalin and sex hormones she had flooding throughout her system.

This is what she craved. This is why her fantasies all revolved around domination. Because she couldn't bring herself to believe that anyone, anyone at all, would really be attracted to her adolescent, hell prepubescent, little body.

Sara was 5 feet 2 inches tall and only weighed 85 pounds. She needed a weight waiver just to get in the Army. She had no breasts at all. No discernable areola around her nipples. The nipples themselves were just like little pebbles stuck on a flat board. Looked at from the front she had no curves. No outward swell of breasts or hips. If she turned in profile it was much the same with just a hint of a curve where a woman's ass would be. Her ass was miniscule, two barely jutting swells of rock hard flesh.

Even though she hadn't taken any clothes off and she was one of the women who wore very loose scrubs, though come to think about it they probably didn't make them small enough to fit her, I knew all this because I'd been in her brain and watched her look at herself critically in the full length mirror that was in the room she shared with three other women.

When no one else was around she would stand there looking at herself naked and thinking that she hated her body. Hated that people were always telling her to, "get some flesh on her bones" and "how the hell did they ever allow a 12 year old in the Army."

In addition to her high sex drive, part of my attraction to Sara was that despite the negative thoughts she had about herself she never let it affect how she thought or behaved towards others. Even towards the people that made ignorant comments that hurt her. She was always kind and she would not tell them to piss off or say something mean. Normally she would just laugh and say that she "liked it as there were usually killer deals in the kids clothing section." She had more maturity and wisdom in her little girl body than I'd seen in women two and three times her age.

I was determined to make her feel good about herself.

Of course in all honesty I was also determined to feel what it would be like to fuck something so small.

In Sara's mind the only way she could get someone to love her was if they too were screwed up in someway and she could force them to love her. That was how she ended up having dominate fantasies. And here was a Marine Captain, built well, with a bigger cock than she had ever seen from her past encounters, on his knees telling her he had to jack off thinking about her body. She mini orgasmed again.

"Liar! You haven't ever seen my perfect body and you tell me you're pulling on that pathetic little cock thinking about it."

"I am, mistress, I am thinking of you! I dream all the time about you. I just know that your body is perfect and sometimes the feeling is so overwhelming that I have to come in here and jack off. I humbly apologize for not asking permission," I said this as I hung my head in shame and slowly moved my right hand back onto my cock.

"Hah! Look at you! You're kneeling right in front of me and not asking permission to touch yourself---and I just told you to drop it!" she screamed at me as she walked right up to me, grabbed my head in her tiny little hands, and yanked my face into her crotch.

"Put your hands on my ass, that way I'll know you aren't touching yourself," she grunted as she started grinding my face against her clothing covered pussy.

I reached around her and grabbed those hard mounds. Each hand completely covered an ass cheek with room to spare. Her smell was intoxicating and I breathed deeply of it.

"Look at me," she said three minutes later as she kept grinding my face into her. As soon as I did her eyes rolled back and she orgasmed a third time. The front of her scrub pants were starting to show wetness. She began grinding my face in bigger and bigger circles as she slowly came down from her orgasm.

I was reveling in the feel of her tiny tight little ass and I kept massaging it while loudly sniffing her crotch.

Finally she pushed my head back, while keeping it firmly under her control, and looked down to see my cock fully extended and obscenely twitching.

"Cum boy," she demanded.

I was so excited by the situation and her smell that I'd been holding myself back with my powers so it was easy to do so without any manual stimulation at all. The first squirt shot out and hit her pants in the area of her left calf. The next four pulses went right between her legs and onto the carpet.

She couldn't believe it. The feeling of joy that went through her, as a man came, without touching himself, just because she had told him to do so was beyond words.

She was thrilled that a man could be so excited by her that he wanted to play with himself. That a man could be so excited just by smelling her that he would cum on demand.

She had thought that I would ask permission to jack off in order to cum. She exulted in the feeling of power and completeness.

She tilted my head up, looked me in the eyes and said, "Good boy. Mistress is going to give you a present for doing exactly what you're told." Then she leaned over and kissed me, kissed me deeply and with great feeling, as she thrust her tongue into my mouth.

I groaned as I kissed her back. I kept up my assault on the cheeks of her ass, massaging with my fingers and pulling her tiny cheeks apart and then pushing them back together. It was a long and wonderful kiss that had us both panting.

As soon as she pulled away from our kiss I begged her, "Please mistress, please let me see you."

She stood there holding my head and thinking about it. She then released my head and went over to sit in a soft recliner I'd put in the room.

After seven weeks the fuck room was almost perfectly set up. Most of the supplies and shelves had been moved out to accommodate a standard issue twin sized bed, the recliner, an office desk and hard wooden chair, and of course mirrors on the material covered plywood I'd put up against three of the walls. I'd also put in a heavy carpet to help the walls deaden the sound. Another mirror had been attached to the ceiling directly over the bed. Most of the supplies had been moved out to real supply rooms. All the work had been done by people who had no recollection of doing it. The only shelves left were the ones permanently installed along one whole wall. They were about 10 feet long and two feet deep and now mainly held sex supplies like lube and towels.

Sara leaned back in the chair and crossed her legs, left leg up. "Crawl over here boy." I quickly did so.

"Now clean your nasty cum off of my pants."

Uh Oh. This was an unexpected development. Obviously I hadn't been paying attention to what she was thinking before she said it. Just as obviously I could make her believe I did what she ordered, but in for a penny in for a pound I thought. I did however quickly put in her head that she would never make me lick up anything off the floor.

I started licking my cum off the pants leg of her scrubs. I used big swipes of my tongue and kept my eyes focused on hers. I also gave her another shot of hormones.

While looking at me she slowly pulled her scrub top away from her body so that I was looking up the top and right at her flat chest. She was wearing a cute little training bra designed for adolescents. Nothing else would fit her. The only reason she wore a bra at all was to lessen the stimulation to her nipples from the scrubs which were regularly cleaned with industrial chemicals.

I groaned and again she thrilled to the fact that a man enjoyed seeing her body. She was determined to let me see all of her.

"You do like this perfect body of mine, don't you boy," she asked as she looked down at me licking her pants.

"Yes mistress, I will do anything you tell me mistress, just let me worship your body mistress."

"Oh I intend to boy. You have, SO FAR," she said loudly, "proven yourself worthy of gazing upon me. But don't you even THINK about touching me."

"Oh mistress, I won't touch you without permission. But mistress," I said as I hung my head in shame, "I will never be able to NOT think about touching you!"

This too thrilled her. She patted my head and said, "Well, I guess that's OK." "Now back up and sit on your heels like a good dog." As soon as I did she stood and came over to stand above me. Again she pulled her top away from her body and let me look up it. Again I groaned.

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