tagErotic CouplingsMy Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 01

My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 01


I am a big fan of "Student Fucks Teacher" stories. After lurking on this site for a while, I thought I'd write my own to display the kinds of stories I like: detailed descriptions involving very sexy women.

All characters are 18 or over.


"Tony! Hey!"

Startled, Tony turned towards the sound of his name. He stopped to gape at the vision walking towards him.

The source of the voice was a blond woman about twenty feet away. She wore a broad smile on her face. The woman was taller than him by at least a few inches.

His eyes were immediately drawn to her chest. She was wearing a sky blue, short sleeve shirt made out of some kind of shiny material. The shirt clung to her curves incredibly tightly, highlighting a pair of large, shapely breasts. The shirt was so tight that he could make out the outlines of her bra underneath; it looked like a demi cut, sloping in a V-shape out from the middle of her chest.

Tony's gaze continued on down the woman's body. Her shirt was stretched by the woman's large chest and clung tightly to the lower halves of her breasts. The ridge where her breasts connected to her waist was clearly defined. The sides of her breasts sloped in quickly to accentuate her slender waist, and then flared out again with her generous hips. The result was a classic hourglass figure.

The well-fitting shirt allowed Tony to easily make out her taut abdomen. Intriguingly, her shirt stopped just short of covering the entire stomach, allowing an inch or so of skin to peek through. Although she didn't have the muscular definition of a man, she was extremely toned, and her feminine abdominal muscles were apparent.

The woman was wearing a floral skirt which was being blown slightly in the breeze. The skirt concealed the shape of her legs as she walked towards him.

Tony forced himself to look at her face as the woman approached him. She obviously expected a response but he didn't recognize her.

She had a delicate nose with a shapely chin. Her prominent cheekbones displayed her fine bone structure. She was wearing a broad smile that showed off her white, even teeth. Her eyes were her best feature. Although they were currently crinkled by her large smile, he could see that they were large and kind.

"Well, are you going to just stand there? Or are you going to give your teacher a hug?"

With a start, Tony realized that he knew this woman: Ms. Miller, his calculus teacher.


Tony remembered back to the first time he had seen his teacher: the first day of his senior year. Ms. Miller had not had a good first class. She had apparently just graduated from her teacher preparation program, and was obviously nervous.

Tony remembered her slipping into the classroom on the first day of school. She was a few minutes late, so the room was in absolute chaos. Many of his classmates who hadn't seen each other during the entire summer were taking advantage of the unexpected free time to catch up with each other, flirt, and gossip about their summers.

Since the calculus class was mostly composed of seniors, Tony knew they felt entitled to the run of the school. Many desks were moved from the neat rows they'd been at the end of recess.

Ms. Miller wore an enormous brown sweater that looked frayed and bulky. She was wearing a voluminous skirt that shapelessly stretch out to the floor. To top it off, she wore enormous, thick-framed glasses that appeared way too large for her face. She had obviously rushed to school, and her hair was frizzy and unkempt. Basically, Tony thought that Ms. Miller had dressed for her first day of teaching looking like a homeless librarian.

After watching Ms. Miller standing at the front of the room for a few moments, Tony began to realize that none of the class was paying her any attention at all. Everyone was still talking at normal volume and continuing as if they were in another free period.

Tony watched Ms. Miller clear her throat, with no response from the class. She tried to say something, but was drowned out by the hubbub around her.

Finally, Ms. Miller began to write her name on the board: "Ms. Miller." At that, people quieted down.

When the din had stopped, Ms. Miller tried again. Tony would always remember the first sound that came out of her mouth. Later, in a quiet moment, when he'd asked her about it, Ms. Miller would say that she didn't know why she made that sound. Maybe it was being out of breath from running to her class. Maybe she hadn't spoken to anyone all morning and hadn't warmed up her voice. Maybe it was just being nervous.

In any case, the first sound that came out of her voice -- the first sound that her new class of seniors heard from their teacher -- was a distinct "SQUEAK!"

Charlie Thompson, a popular football player, laughed first. A few girls joined in. Soon, everyone in the class began to laugh.

Ms. Miller appeared absolutely mortified, and ran out of the room with her face turned away from her class.

By the time she returned a few minutes later, the new teacher's nickname was indelibly set in the halls of Robinson High School: "Mousy Miller."

As weeks went on, Ms. Miller's control of the classroom just slid downhill from there. Calculus was never an interesting subject to begin with, but it was even more difficult for a class of seniors who were being lectured to by her thin, quiet voice.

Tony had seen at least three renditions of drawings of a mouse dressed in shapeless rugs, representing how Ms. Miller had looked on the first day of school. Several of the students would regularly talk at full volume at the back of the classroom, distracting what few students were actually trying to listen to the lecture.

It was horrible, and Tony felt that Ms. Miller looked increasingly depressed about it. After school one day, Tony had seen Ms. Miller talking to another teacher about her problems. She looked like she was about cry.

Finally, one day a full month into the class, the class was in full ruckus mode. Ms. Miller was again late.

Tony stood up and said loudly, "You guys!"

Everyone stopped for a moment and became interested in what Tony was saying. Although he wasn't the most popular student, he wasn't unpopular either. Others knew that he was one of the better students in school, and had a good chance of attending a decent college.

Tony felt sad that Ms. Miller, the first year teacher, was having such a hard time teaching at their school. He took other classes with many of the same kids, and knew that they were generally a well-behaved bunch who were interested in going to college. It was just that she'd made just a bad first impression.

Tony didn't remember exactly what he'd said that morning. He'd never been a good public speaker, and tended to get tongue-tied when he did get in front of the class. But he could remember how he started: Tony shared honestly about his own mother, a teacher.

She had shared with him that she had a very difficult first year of teaching. She was a bad public speaker, she wasn't organized, the homework grading was overwhelming, and she didn't know how to control a classroom. The summer after the first year, she'd even thought about quitting. But she'd stuck with it, improved and matured as a teacher. Now most of the students knew his mother, and knew that she was one of the very best teachers in their district.

The implication was obvious. The class should give Ms. Miller a break, and forgive her first impression.

When Ms. Miller entered the class just a minute after he'd finished that day (had she been listening?), the class was much better behaved. The rows of desks were roughly straight, and most of the talking during class was confined to a few whispers.

For the first time, Tony was able to hear Ms. Miller's lecture. He realized that she was actually fairly clear and coherant, once you could actually hear her. He found himself enjoying calculus class, and thought that the other students in the class might agree.


Which brought Tony back to that day. Here was Ms. Miller standing right in front of him, talking to him.

She looked totally different than she looked at school. She wasn't just average looking underneath those bulky sweaters. She was gorgeous.

Her shapeless dark-colored tops and dresses had hidden her incredibly fit body. Those enormous glasses and frizzy looks that she typically brought to school had stopped him from seeing her classic features and sparkling eyes.

Now that Tony could see his teacher dressed in normal clothes for the first time, he saw that Ms. Miller had large, full breasts. Since she was tall, her breasts seemed proportional, even though her frame was slender. That tight, short-sleeved blue shirt revealed slender arms, an elegant neck, and toned abs.

Tony suddenly felt uncomfortable thinking about his teacher this way.

"Well?" Her soft voice suddenly snapped him out of his reflection.

Tony awkwardly leaned forward at the waist to hug his teacher. This was how he hugged his Aunts.

She embraced him fully, hugging him tightly with both arms. Tony was immediately aware of the sensation of Ms. Miller's soft, full breasts, pressed up against his chest.

It was the first time they had ever hugged.

"Hi, Ms. Miller. Good to see you this fine Saturday."

They talked for a few minutes. Tony had no idea what she was saying, and just nodded occasionally. He had use all his concentration just to lock his eyes on her nose to keep himself from obviously staring at her chest.

She said something, and then lowered the left waistband of her skirt a few inches.

Tony put his hand over his eyes automatically, wanting to avoid unintentionally seeing Ms. Miller's underwear.

She laughed lightly and said, "That is so cute!" She pulled his hand away and he looked down.

Under the edge of the large floral skirt, Ms. Miller was showing him a dark blue elastic fringe that was the top part of her shorts.

Ah right, Tony thought. That makes sense. Ms. Miller was on her way to play in a soccer game. That was why she was wearing this tight blue shirt. That was why she wasn't wearing her oversized, thick-framed glasses; she was wearing contacts lenses.

"Anyways, Tony. Would you like to come over to my apartment?"

"What?" Tony blurted out, totally confused. Why was his teacher inviting him over?

"Well, I wanted to ask you about that thing we were talking about. I thought it would be better in private?"

If Tony didn't know better, he would guess that his teacher was asking him for a date.

"Sure, Ms. Miller. I'd be happy to help."

She beamed at him. They exchanged cell phone numbers and separated.


Tony was left wondering the rest of the afternoon with a lot to think about.

He had no idea what they had talked about. He had no idea why Ms. Miller had invited him over.

The most stunning revelation had been Ms. Miller herself. He had of course spent time watching her during class, and once in a while had let his mind slip to guess at what his teacher looked like under the shapeless layers she always wore to school.

While he had know that her face was okay, he didn't realize how sculpted it looked without those enormous glasses she wore. And of course he'd had no idea about her body. He'd guessed that Ms. Miller was obese, and liked to conceal it as other women sometimes did. Or that she just had a very poor sense of style.

Why did she hide her amazing body when she went to school every day? he thought as he rang the doorbell of her apartment.

Ms. Miller had texted him the address of an apartment number and building about three miles north of school. He'd drove over there after finishing up at the park, and waited until the time they'd designated.

When the door opened, Tony realized that he was disappointed that Ms. Miller had changed from the tight blue shirt she's worn that morning.

Of course she's changed, he told himself. The soccer game is over.

Instead, Ms. Miller appeared to be dressed in a thin, tan robe. It was cinched at the waist, but the robe wasn't completely closed. Beneath the robe, all Tony could see was that Ms. Miller wore a colored shirt of some kind. It was tight enough to not reveal any cleavage.

The robe was closed enough so that he couldn't see what she wore on the lower half of her body. However, the robe ended at about thigh level, and Tony could see that Ms. Miller's legs were completely bare.

She wore no shoes.

"Please come in." She smiled at him again, with those bright teeth. Ms. Miller's voice was as quiet as always.

He obediently entered her living room. It was sparsely furnished but clean. Her apartment generally looked like she had moved in without buying much furniture.

There was a single chair pulled up in front of a single TV. The TV image was frozen to an image of a team of people in the jungle.

Tony said, "Survivor! My favorite!"

"Oh? You like this show too?" Ms. Miller said with interest. "Let's watch together!"

Tony sat down in the lone chair automatically, and then got up again when he realized that Ms. Miller had obviously been sitting there. There wasn't anywhere else to sit in the room.

"No, no, it's okay." Ms. Miller said. "Please be my guest."

Together they watched the rest of the episode that was on TV.

Ms. Miller was seated on the floor, her back against the leg of the chair he was sitting in. Her robe was still loose, but whatever she was wearing underneath didn't allow him to peek down her chest.

However, her long smooth legs were visible in front of him. Tony allowed himself to stare at them. They were creamy colored rather than tan or white. They were amazingly toned.

Halfway through the show, without any warning, Ms. Miller stood up. She unlaced the tie around her waist from the bathrobe and slipped it off her shoulders. Underneath, Ms. Miller was wearing a light purple camisole shirt. It wasn't particularly tight, but her generous breasts, this time without a bra, were clearly outlined. The camisole was wrinkled along the collar, where it joined with two straps which held the camisole in place but left her shoulders and arms bare.

Ms. Miller was wearing matching lavender lace panties. The fringes of her panties were laced with a lighter color of lavender. The panties weren't particularly skimpy, but they were very tight on her hips.

Tony could see easily see the entire outline of her hips because her panties were so tight. They were an ideal curve, flaring out from her narrow waist into long smooth legs that seemed to just keep stretching downwards. The panties were opaque, and he couldn't make out any details of her crotch from where he was standing.

Then Ms. Miller returned back to her spot on the floor, leaning against his chair.

Of course Tony would watch Ms. Miller covertly for the rest of the show. After all, she was an incredibly hot woman dressed in only her underwear.

During the next commercial break, Ms. Miller asked, "Who's your favorite survivor?"

"Amanda, I think." Tony replied.

"Mine too. She's the hottest." Ms. Miller said this in a matter-of-fact way.

"She's not only hot, she also seems like a good person." Tony said. "Remember Tony paused, sensing he was walking on sensitive ground. "She seems really nice too. Did you see how much she struggled with who to take when she won immunity?"

"Yeah, she seems okay. But I just like her because she's hot." Ms. Miller told him.

"Not as hot as you."

Ms. Miller paused the TV show again and sat up.


Tony knew he had overstepped his boundaries as a student and tried to quickly backtrack. "What I meant was, that Amanda is nice looking but everybody looks nice while they're on the island. When they get voted off, everyone looks all fat and ugly again in the jury."

Ms. Miller didn't quite seem to buy it. "So you think everybody looks good when they're starving on a deserted island?"

"Well. Some people look good already. But maybe people would look *better* if they lost a little weight and were dressed in leaves and coconuts all the time." Tony tried to joke but he could tell he was falling flat.

"Tony," Ms. Miller said in a very serious tone. She looked up at him from her seat on the floor. "Do I look fat?"

Tony was stunned. He had never seen Ms. Miller's body before today but he thought that her body was spectacular.

"You are not fat at all," He replied honestly.

"I think I am fat." She looked down as she said it.

"Why would you think that, Ms. Miller? I think you have a rockin' bod!"

"Thanks Tony," Ms. Miller said with a slight smile, "but here's the issue."

From where she was sitting on the floor, Ms. Miller drew the bottom of her camisole up. For a breathless moment, Tony thought she would take it off, but she only drew up the lower half to reveal her stomach.

Ms. Miller's left hand was bunching her camisole up at her breasts to show him her stomach. It was taut and toned. She obviously worked out and he knew that she played soccer. Her right hand rubbed upward over her stomach to join the left. It passed over her smooth stomach. Her belly button was an "innie."

"Here's the issue," Ms. Miller continued. "You say I don't look fat. But I can feel my own body. And I can feel all the fat."

Tony didn't know how to respond. Ms. Miller was the most beautiful woman he had ever met in person. She looked incredibly fit, with well-toned arms and legs. Yes, technically her breasts and ass were composed of fat. But it was a good fat, and made her amazing figure what it was.

"So what would convince you?" Tony asked uncertainly.

Ms. Miller paused a moment and then looked up at him in the eyes. "Could you feel my body? If you feel it... and then tell me I'm not fat, I'll believe you.

Tony couldn't believe what he was hearing. His calculus teacher was not just cute and not just attractive. She was gorgeous. Her blond hair was swept carelessly back. Her long eyelashes were downcast as she waited for his response.

"Okay," Tony croaked out. "I'll do it."

Ms. Miller stood up. The bottom half of her camisole was still bunched over her breasts, exposing her stomach. She looked at him expectantly.

Tony was sitting, so he got up. He realized that he should take this seriously, so he dropped to his knees right in front of her so that his head was level with her stomach. Tony reached a tentative hand out and touched her stomach lightly with one finger. His teacher's skin was warm to the touch.

He placed his entire palm on her stomach, and then both palms. Her body felt as good as it looked. Her abs were firm and unyielding. He brought his face close to her stomach and breathed on it. His hair brushed lightly against her hands, which were holding the camisole in place. He could smell the clean lavender scent of soap on her skin.

He gently spread his hands to her hips, along the delicate pockets where her hip bones lay underneath her skin. There was a natural amount of fat there, of course, but, if anything, it emphasized his teacher's womanly curves.

Tony gently caressed the sides of her hips: that hourglass shape that was so evident from her thin waist but relatively wide hips. It felt incredible.

This is the best moment of my life, Tony realized.

Tony heard a breath above him and realized that Ms. Miller was looking down at him as he touched her. Her own eyes were closed, and she seemed to be breathing more and more heavily. She seemed almost hypnotized by his slow actions.

Tony's face was only inches away from Ms. Miller's crotch, but her panties blocked any view of that treasure.

Tony didn't feel bold enough to touch Ms. Miller's pussy, but he did place one palm on the outsides of her delicious thighs. They were as clean shaven, and as smooth as silky as the rest of her.

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