tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 02

My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 02


That next Monday, Tony had no idea what to expect. How would his relationship with his teacher change? How would calculus class change? Would people know that he'd gotten a blowjob from Ms. Miller?

Tony got through his first few periods of the morning as normal. He didn't notice anything different walking down the halls of Robinson high school. No one changed the way they looked at him. During his recess period, his friends had their usual conversations: discussing girls, bitching about teachers, and complaining about homework. All normal. Tony gave no hint that he'd had a mind-bending sexual experience over the weekend, and nobody asked him about it.

However, during calculus class, there were many noticeable changes. Ms. Miller had come in a few minutes late as usual. Rather than ignore her for a few minutes as the class usually did, the students stopped and stared as she came through the door.

Ms. Miller had primarily worn thick sweaters or loose-fitting dresses. She seemed to have the world's largest collection of frizzy clothing, and rotated through her one ugly outfit after another.

Today, Ms. Miller was dressed much more attractively. She wore a black fitted jacket that she left open. She wore a black skirt with a single off-center pleat; it had a silver buckle that was fit to her waist. Although the skirt was not at all tight, it ended at knee level, still high enough to display Ms. Miller's shapely calves. She had on a white blouse that was loose enough to conceal the large breasts that Tony knew she concealed.

Ms. Miller's clothes showed that she was not obese, looking much more professional. Tony thought that dressing professionally highlighted Ms. Miller's attractive face.

Ms. Miller gave a bright smile when she began her class -- another first, Tony thought to himself.

The effect of her improved appearance on the class was immediate. Although the class usually paid some attention to her before, perhaps her drastic change in appearance made them sit up just a little bit. The result was the best lecture Tony had heard since she'd started teaching that year.

The next day, Ms. Miller wore a blue denim dress. The dress had brass buttons running down its middle. Ms. Miller had left the top two buttons open, displaying just a hint of cleavage. Like the day before, this dress actually fit her well, displaying her tapered waist and slim arms. Her calves flexed within her brown, calf-length boots as she walked.

However, during the entire class session, Tony noticed that she did not look at him once. Although he sat in one of the front rows, her gaze would pass over him as if he were not there, and she seemed to speak to students around rather than directly to him.

As the weeks passed, her improved appearance also had a noticeable effect on the male students and faculty at Robinson High School. Tony noticed that several guys - even the jocks - would stay after class to get Ms. Miller to explain homework or to discuss a question from class. They'd never done that before.

From Tony's vantage point, Ms. Miller seemed to enjoy the extra attention. When the boys she was helping told their strained jokes, she would laugh at them, tossing her hair back in a way that made Tony feel jealous. The male teachers at the school came in to Ms. Miller's classroom much more.

She was also more energetic during her class periods, which only reinforced the positive changes that were happening.

Positive changes for her, Tony thought glumly. He was beginning to accept that the amazing experience from her apartment was a one-time event. He would fantasize regularly about what had happened. He replayed what she had said and what he had done, imagining to himself what might have happened if he had just taken a little more initiative...

Even during class, Tony would catch himself drifting off into a fantasy world where Ms. Miller was not ignoring him, and where that magical afternoon was the beginning of something more.

As a result of Tony's brooding, his attention slipped in Ms. Miller's calculus class, and then in all his classes. Although Tony had scored at the top of the class during quizzes for the first month, he began to get low B's and then C's.

One day, almost six weeks after Tony had gone to Ms. Miller's apartment, he got back his latest quiz. He had gotten an F. At the top of the quiz was marked in red ink "SEE ME AFTER CLASS."

Tony waited in his chair until everyone had left the classroom. He had never gotten an F on any quiz during high school. He felt totally depressed. He slumped down on the floor and leaned against the cabinet wall.

Ms. Miller was wearing a brown sweater that day. The sweater wasn't tight, but it wasn't loose either. She wore a cream colored scarf, which served to conceal her body. She was wearing a long tan skirt as well, with dark brown boots that laced-up to mid calf.

Despite her skirt, Ms. Miller plopped herself down on the floor right next to him. She raised one knee and folded her arms over it, then rested her chin on her arms. Her other knee was bent so her left leg lay flat on the ground. Because this sitting position spread her legs, her tan skirt rode way up her thighs as she sat.

Tony wasn't looking, but saw in the corner of his eye that Ms. Miller's long, shapely legs had become exposed. When he turned to look, she quickly draped her scarf over herself. Her knees and much of her calves were still exposed, but her lap was fully covered.

"Tony, how are you doing?" She said in her soft, quiet voice.

With that, Tony realized that this was the first time she had spoken directly to him for six weeks.

"Fine." Tony felt suddenly angry, and an edge came out in his voice.

"You're angry with me." Ms. Miller sensed it immediately. "I'm sorry."

"Yeah, whatever," Tony replied harshly. He continued sarcastically, "I'm sorry too."

"Are you angry about your grade?" Ms. Miller continued tentatively? "Or are you still... upset about what happened?"

Upset? What was she talking about? Tony was suddenly confused.

"Why would I be upset about what happened?"

"Well, I'm your teacher. I invited you over to my house. And I led you on. I made you touch me all over, just because I was feeling insecure." She whispered these last few words with her eyes downcast.

Tony was stunned. Ms. Miller. Thought. He. Was. Angry. At. Her.

For the past 6 weeks, he had stewed in his juices, thinking that she had just sucked in all the male attention she'd been getting and had forgotten about him.

Not that he had any real claim to his beautiful teacher. But he still fantasized about that visit to her house. He knew he was the first one at his school to have discovered that Ms. Miller was a fox. And he was definitely the only one to have touched that taut stomach, those luscious thighs, that ass...

Tony thought for a minute, and then gave a very careful response. "Ms. Miller, I'm not upset about what we did at all. In fact, I loved it. I would do it again if we ever got the chance."

"So why have you been ignoring me? Since that day, you've been intentionally giving me the silent treatment. And the day we got back, you were talking to that horrible Kate Martin."

Kate Martin was widely known as the class slut. Tony thought back and realized that Kate had asked him for some help with a math problem that day. Although it was a bit surprising, he had stayed with her at her desk after class for a few minutes.

Tony realized that Ms. Miller probably felt just as distant from him.

"Ms. Miller, Kate Martin doesn't mean a thing to me. She just asked me to help her with a math problem. She was probably jealous of you when you came to school the first day looking all hot."

Ms. Miller gave him a slight smile. Tony felt warm inside.

Ms. Miller continued: "So why are you doing so badly in school? I thought it was because you were angry with me." Ms. Miller said.

"I'm not doing well because I'm angry, but it's not because of what we did. It's because of the way you're dressing, and all the attention you're getting. I kind of wish... well, I kind of wish that I were still the only one who knew how beautiful and athletic you are.

Ms. Miller looked at Tony steadily. A faint smile spread on her face. She was still sitting with her scarf across her lap, covering her a little but leaving her delicious legs exposed.

"There are lots of things about me that only you know." She said softly, looking straight at him with those beautiful blue eyes. "And there's a lot more still to find out."

Tony's penis twitched involuntarily. That sounded like an invitation.

"Why don't you come to my apartment on Saturday? You need a tutor, and I happen to be free."

Tony didn't know whether Ms. Miller meant that he would learn more about math or more about her body, but he didn't really care.

"Saturday is good." Tony said.


So Tony found himself at Ms. Miller's apartment again that Saturday. He again waited for the designated time, and knocked on her door.

Ms. Miller answered the door after a minute. She was wearing a blue stretch turtleneck and blue jeans. The turtleneck had long sleeves. It clung tightly to her curves, but not as tightly as Ms. Miller's soccer uniform the first time they had met outside of school.

"Thanks for coming over, Tony. Let's get to work."

While her outfit was form-fitting and sexy, Tony was a little disappointed. The last time he had been over, she had opened the door wearing nothing but her underwear and a robe.

This time they went to the kitchen table of the sparsely furnished apartment, where two chairs were pulled up. Tony pulled out his books and they began going over the material that he had missed over the past 6 weeks. There were 6 chapters of material to cover.

Tony felt immensely distracted as he tried to work. They were sitting next to each other on the wooden chairs and table. As Ms. Miller would explain material, she would lean into the table and write. He would also lean in, and their heads would come very close together.

Her golden hair would pool off her shoulder and spill onto the table as she spoke to him. He was so close that he could smell her shampoo.

After explaining a section, Ms. Miller assigned a few problems for Tony to work through himself. She had a stack of papers next to her, and pulled them to grade while he worked by himself. He would glance over furtively as he worked.

She wasn't wearing the huge, thick-framed glasses she used to bring to school anymore. Since he had reassured her during their fateful encounter six weeks ago, Ms. Miller had begun wearing contacts every day.

Her breasts were encased by the thin ribbed sweater she wore. He couldn't tell what kind of bra she was wearing.

He studied her delicate nose, well-defined chin, and long slender neck. How had she hidden her beauty for so long from all of them?

After he completed a section, he gave her his answers to show her his progress.

She studied them for a minute, and then nodded. "Very nice, Tony. I think it's time for a break."

Tony wasn't really tired, but agreed anyways.

Ms. Miller stood up from her chair. "I'm going to change into something more comfortable," Ms. Miller said, and left the room.

Tony's thoughts were racing. Something more comfortable? Women said that when they were going to wear lingerie, right?

He felt a powerful urge to see what Ms. Miller was doing. Could she be changing right now? Tony had an erection just thinking about it.

Tony felt a strong twinge of guilt. Spying on his teacher was definitely a no-no, regardless of what they'd done the last time they were at her house.

Since their first encounter, Tony had fantasized about what he could have done differently during their first meeting. He realized that this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

He quietly and quickly got up from his chair. As silently as he good, he walked out of the kitchen and towards the hall. The door to Ms. Miller's bedroom was halfway open, leaving a gap near the hinges between the door and frame where Tony could see.

Tony peeked through this crack. The hallway behind him was dark, so he felt that he wouldn't be noticed.

With his heart beating loudly in his chest, he peered into the door crack.

From his vantage point, he could see about half of the room. He could see a white dresser with four drawers. He could see a full-length oval mirror.

Ms. Miller was in the process of taking off her blue sweater. She drew the tightly fitting fabric above her head, starting from the bottom of it. She was angled away from him, so Tony couldn't see her breasts. He did get a peek of her shapely, athletic back and waist.

Now Ms. Miller was taking off her jeans. She unbuttoned them, then began to shimmy them down her hips.

To Tony's frustration, Ms. Miller backed up and sat down somewhere out of his point of view. Through the crack of the door, Tony could see her jeans slide down Ms. Miller's legs, but couldn't see the rest of her.

Now Ms. Miller stood up, again out of his field of vision. Tony couldn't see any of her at all. He heard the sound of fabric rustling.

Tony tried desperately to see her. He inched closer to the door crack, pressing his eye closer in the hopes of widening what he could see. In doing so, he accidentally touched the door, right where it connected with the hinge.

The door swung inward a fraction of an inch, and Tony froze. Had she seen it?

There was no sound for a moment, and Tony closed his eyes, silently cursing his own clumsiness.

After a moment, Tony heard footsteps, and he opened his eyes again.

Ms. Miller was walking slowly away from him towards a dresser in the corner.

Tony had to stifle a gasp. Ms. Miller was wearing only a pair of white panties. Her entire naked back was exposed to him. The panties were high cut, emphasizing her long legs and shapely thighs.

Ms. Miller paused her walk for a moment. She turned back towards the door, and Tony felt sure that she knew he was there. He tried to hold utterly still.

Ms. Miller was now facing with the left side of her body angled towards him. She was looking at him over her left shoulder. Her arms were cupping her breasts, shielding them entirely from his view. The bare curve of her back was clearly highlighted.

If she did know I was here, she's sure putting on a show, Tony thought.

Ms. Miller continued onto the dresser and opened a drawer. She paused several moments there - she's choosing, Tony thought. Then she pulled out a white piece of clothing - a bra, he realized - and slipped it over her head.

He couldn't see much of her bra because she was facing away from him. Like her panties, it was white and fringed with lace.

Ms. Miller, after putting on her bra, stayed facing away from him and began fixing her hair. Tony noticed that she seemed to be taking her time, as if she were aware that she had a keenly interested audience.

Is she playing with me? He thought. She seems to be enjoying this.

Of course he enjoyed it too. He could see her beautiful features as she turned her face from side to side. She ran her fingers through her long blond strands. She seemed to be arranging them, even though she had no mirror in front of her and no implements to hold her hair in place.

She played with the hair at her forehead, causing Tony to groan with frustration. Would she turn around already?

Because he had always fantasized about seeing Ms. Miller's chest. That first day, when he had become aware of her gorgeous body, she was wearing an extremely tight blue shirt. She clearly had marvelous breasts, but he had never actually seen them.

Then, when they had gone to her apartment for the first time and he had felt her body, she had covered her treasures with her camisole. He had touched her stomach, her legs, and her ass, but hadn't seen her breasts at all.

After what felt like an eternity, Ms. Miller turned around.

Tony stared. God was she built!

Her white bra was a demi-cut, and sloped away from the middle of her chest with a dramatic "V". It seemed to barely contain the luscious mounds that were spilling from it. Ms. Miller's breasts were incredibly full and round. They seemed almost too big for her slender torso and athletic body.

The sides of her full breasts extended in sexy crescents past her torso. He could see their white curves clearly against the sides of her arms.

Tony tried desperately to burn the image of her chest into his mind.

He felt himself go hard immediately.

Tony's heart was pounding and he thought that his chest would explode. He felt dirty for watching his teacher change. But it was unbelievably thrilling, and he'd seen more than he'd ever thought possible.

His labored breathing became louder, and Tony had to keep shifting his position to keep his erection from getting too uncomfortable.

Ms. Miller paused as her jeans were almost all the way on. She stared directly at the door where Tony was hidden.

"Tony? Could you come out now?"

Tony realized with a sudden flush that he had been caught. He briefly considered running back to the kitchen, but realized that it might make things worse to pretend at this point.

He pulled open the door and stepped into the room. He hung his head and tried not to look as guilty as he felt.

"I'm sorry, Ms. Miller." Tony said.

His words seemed to hang in the air. Despite the fact that his teacher was still clad only in her bra and panties, she was firmly in control of this situation. He used every ounce of his willpower to concentrate on just his feet.

"Its okay, Tony," Ms. Miller said finally. "You have natural male urges. I know that our relationship is different."

Her soft tone made him feel better. He raised his head. She was smiling at him.

"I'm going to go back to the kitchen now," he said quickly.

Her words stopped him as he was turning away. "Or you could stay and watch."

Barely able to believe what he was hearing, Tony turned around slowly. Was she inviting him to watch her change?

Ms. Miller turned back toward her dresser and reached into a lower drawer. She bent down completely rather than bending at the waist to stick her ass in air. Tony liked that about her.

She pulled out a pair of white jeans. Turning back towards him, she began to wriggle into them. They were extremely tight, and her hips gyrated as she put them on.

Tony thought, this is like watching a striptease, only in reverse.

As her pants her halfway up her hips, Ms. Miller stopped easing on her pants looked at Tony thoughtfully. Tony didn't know why she had stopped. He was confused in a mix of feelings: guilt from being caught peeping mixed in with confusion from why she had allowed him to continue staying there.

Overriding everything was desire for his teacher's luscious body. She was still clad in her bra, and a large amount of cleavage was plainly visible. Her flat, well-toned stomach was totally uncovered. He marveled at how fit she was, and wished that she would ask him to inspect her body again.

Ms. Miller slid her pants back off her legs.

"Should we go back to our study session?" Ms. Miller said softly.

Tony could only nod dumbly as Ms. Miller walked past him, still clad only in her bra and panties.

He followed her mutely as she went back to the kitchen. She took their books and papers and sat down on the carpet, her bare legs folded beneath her. He sat down next to her. Ms. Miller began explaining a definition from the next chapter as if nothing were out of the ordinary.

Tony couldn't concentrate at all. Even before, sitting next to his attractive teacher was distracting. Now she was teaching him, but was only wearing lingerie!

They were seated on a carpet on the floor, about three feet apart. Compared to the kitchen table, he was farther away from her because they weren't leaning together as much. However, this style had the major benefit of allowing Tony to see her lower body and legs, unblocked by the table.

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