tagBDSMMy Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 04

My Teacher Ms. Miller Ch. 04


It was finals week.

During this week, the last week of the first semester, Tony had a paper, project, or big exam in each one of his senior-level classes.

He was busy, and so was Ms. Miller. After their night at the Holiday Inn, Tony had driven Ms. Miller back to her apartment.

After that, they both launched themselves into their school duties. Tony was a very good student, but not the top of his class. He really wanted to go to Berkeley, and the school counselor thought he had a good shot of landing UCLA.

He knew that the grades he sent in from this semester would be the first thing that college admissions committees would see when they opened his application. So he studied hard, and tried not to think about his relationship with Ms. Miller.

It was a relationship... wasn't it? They hung out regularly, they had hooked up three times, and she had been his first.

But could a teacher, even a young one, really see her high school student as a boyfriend? As a lover? As a man?

Tony banished all these thoughts from his head. He was way behind in chemistry, and had his final exam on Monday. Then he had a project in CS due Wednesday, and two more exams on Friday, including his exam in Calculus.

He deliberately avoided calling or meeting up with Ms. Miller that weekend so that he would stay focused.


It was Wednesday, and Tony was at the library. He felt exhausted and discouraged. His CS project had taken him much longer to finish than he had thought. He had pulled an all-nighter on Tuesday to debug the last frustrating section, and finally had handed in a project he was comfortable with.

He and Ms. Miller texted each other. She seemed to be busy too. Apparently there was a load of administrative work they piled on new teachers that Ms. Miller had put off until now.


+LET ME WRITE IT, LOL+ he texted her.




+PHEW+ he replied.



+K. GOOD LUCK.+ she texted.

So he settled into the library. But after the first hour, he realized that he had been reading the same paragraph over and over again. He was just tired.

Tony packed up his stuff and went home to take a nap. But he was too wound up, and anxious about his upcoming exams.

So I can't study, and I can't sleep, he thought to himself. Maybe I should take a break.

He texted Ms. Miller, +HEY. I CAN'T SLEEP. ANY ADVICE?+


+OK.+ Tony wrote back. Then sent her an additional message. +U BUSY?+

There was a long pause. Then he got the message. +THOUGHT YOU'D NEVER ASK.+

He wrote her: +YOUR PLACE?+


The Galleria? That was a rundown mall at the edge of town. The best store in it used to be a JC Penney's before it had moved out too. Now all the stores were old and most of them were empty. None of his friends hung out there.


To him, it didn't sound like much of a setting for a sexual encounter.


When they arrived, he saw that he was right. After they had met up, Ms. Miller had taken him to a discount clothing store. The store was dingy and dark. Piles of clothes seemed to be scattered everywhere. Racks that were tightly packed together contained thousands of items of seemingly unsorted clothes.

They were there on a Wednesday afternoon, and no one was in the store except a bored clerk. The clerk processed Ms. Miller's return items, and handed her a card containing a store credit.

"They only gave me store credit," Ms. Miller said. "Do you mind if we shop a bit?"

"Here?" Tony replied. "Do you like this store?"

"Tony, you'd be surprised what you can find at a store like this," Ms. Miller replied over her shoulder while walking through the tightly packed racks.

Wonder what that means, Tony thought.

Tony walked through the tight aisles to see just what they had. Ms. Miller was ahead of him. She would stop every now and them to slip something into a bag she was carrying.

Tony thought that his first assessment of the story was on target. It was filled with random pieces of clothing. Here was a large hat. There a sweatshirt with a college logo. Now, two pairs of velvet pants. There was nothing in here of interest to him at all.

Well, one thing, he corrected himself. Ms. Miller's blond head was clearly visible as she picked her way through the store.

Tony decided to sit and wait. Since there were no chairs, he just sat on the floor with his back to a wall.

An interminable period passed. Tony checked his e-mail with his phone for the 100th time and saw that he again had no messages.

"Tony?" Ms. Miller called out, "Where are you?"

"Over here," he replied. "Are you done yet?"

"No. I still have to try things on," Ms. Miller's voice floated over.

"Okay! I'll just wait here!" Tony again sank back down to wait.

"Could you help me with something? I'm in back!"

As Tony got up to where his teacher's voice was coming from, he was reminded of going shopping with his mother when he was a boy. That wasn't fun either, he thought glumly. Lots of waiting and I never got anything I wanted.

He stopped as he reached the back of the empty store. There wasn't anyone back here, but he had clearly heard her voice.

"In here!" Ms. Miller was in one of the dressing rooms. She had left it open a crack.

"Should I come in?" Tony said tentatively.

"Yes! Otherwise how are you going to give me advice, silly!" Ms. Miller said.

He went into the dressing room. Unlike the rest of the store, it was reasonably spacious, well-lit, and clean. There was a mirror covering one entire wall, and Ms. Miller's bag of clothes was next to that. Perpendicular to that mirror was a bench where Ms. Miller gestured that he should sit.

He sank down into the seat.

Ms. Miller was standing about three feet in front of him. She was wearing blue jeans with a single purple flower stenciled on the thigh. She was also wearing a pink, silky blue shirt that had been buttoned in only the middle.

"You look good." Tony replied honestly. "I'm not sure it's your style, though."

"Yeah, I agree." Ms. Miller said. "Okay, close your eyes."

Tony obediently closed his eyes and covered them with his hand. He heard the intriguing sound of fabrics being rustled.

"Okay, open!"

Now Ms. Miller was wearing a skimpy yellow tank top. The tank top clung tightly to her body, creating a tight fit with the lower half of her breasts and her waist. She was also wearing a denim jean skirt that had five pleats across the middle.

"Looks good," Tony said, "Kind of like a cheerleader."

Ms. Miller used the ditzy voice she had used at the Holiday Inn. "Well, thanks baby. I hope you're having fun."

Now Tony had a pretty good idea of what was going on and why she had invited him to this store. It looked crummy on the outside, but its best feature, the dressing room, was hidden. If anything, the emptiness of the store made the dressing room even better, because it was quiet, and any sound that they made wouldn't be overheard.

Where is this going? Tony wondered.

The next time he closed and opened his eyes, he gasped.

Ms. Miller was wearing just a matching purple set of underwear. The bra was made of a lacey material, which was scalloped at the top. He couldn't make out her nipples from this distance. It was too small for her breasts, causing them to overflow the top. Her panties were just a thin triangle covering her pussy, connected by a thin string around her waist.

She was also wearing a necklace which had beads of different sizes. It appeared to be tangled with Ms. Miller's hair, and she was working on it while he watched.

"Let me get that for you," Tony said, and stepped over to her. He stood closely next to her and they worked on picking individual hairs out of the beaded necklace. He was standing right next to her as he did so. So close to her nearly naked body, he felt incredibly tense.

Finally, they worked the necklace free. With a jiggle, his teacher threw her arms around his neck and kissed him briefly on the lips. Tony wrapped his arms around her. She pushed him away after a few moments.

Ms. Miller reached into another bag and pulled out a large straw hat. It had a floppy brim, and Ms. Miller peered out from under it and pretended to be at the Kentucky Derby. Tony couldn't help but laugh.

The next time he opened his eyes, Ms. Miller was wearing only a pair of panties and a smile. She was holding a large, white feather in her right hand. The feather was so enormous that it entirely covered her chest. As she waved it around, Tony was fixed on trying to see her chest. It would peek out from behind the feather in intriguing ways.

Now Ms. Miller raised her left arm above her head and did a brief shimmy. Her thigh flesh bounced. She turned away from him and put down the large feather. He could see the sides of her breasts from behind her slender torso. Her ass was tightly sheathed in a pair of horizontally striped blue-and-yellow panties.

When Ms. Miller turned around again, she had wrapped a large feather boa around herself.

Tony's erection grew uncomfortable, and he shifted in his seat.

"Tony?" Ms. Miller said, speaking perfectly calmly despite the fact that she was mostly naked. "Come here. I want you to see if these panties fit."

"Can I inspect them?" Tony asked hesitantly.

"Yes, Tony. Please inspect them carefully."

He went over to her and knelt down. With his face only inches away from her panty covered crotch, he closely examined her panties. The underwear was white with a turquoise trim. It had thin black, blue, and green stripes running horizontally across it.

"They seem a bit tight," Tony said. It was true. The underwear fit so snugly that Ms. Miller's generous thighs peeked over the edges of her panties.

Still squatting, Tony reached up his hands to her panties. He slipped a finger along the waistband of the panties, rubbing his teacher's pelvis. His finger started near her hips, and he slowly moved it towards the center of her midsection, just under her belly button. He pulled his finger out and slipped it into the lower right edge of the underwear. He felt along its rim, getting closer and closer to his teacher's pussy. He could hear her breath rising as he did.

As he reached the intersection of her thighs, he noticed that she did not complain. Indeed, she parted her legs, her feet shoulder's width apart to give him better access.

He moved behind her, and rubbed the back of his fingers along the panties where it covered her perfect, full ass. He slid his finger underneath the elastic of the panty where it intersected with her butt. He lingered there for a while, running his fingers back and forth.

"You really like my ass, don't you, Tony." Ms. Miller gave a statement more than a question.

"Oh yes, Ms. Miller. Your ass is amazing."

Still behind her, he reached around her and ran his finger very deliberately along her cloth-covered pussy lips, starting from the middle of her waistband. He could feel her pubic hair under his finger. It was intensely exciting to be so close to her sex.

Ms. Miller moaned softly and put her fingers from one hand into his hair. Her other hand, still holding the feather boa, let it drift, exposing one breast.

He moved in front of her again, still squatting. He put his nose into her cloth-covered sex and sniffed deeply. He brought both hands around her waist and gripped her firm butt again as he pulled her close. His nose was now mashed into her crotch.

Ms. Miller gasped and stroked his hair, his neck, his shoulders. Her mouth was open slightly and he could hear her loud breaths.

Suddenly, she pushed him away.

"I told you this place had good clothes," Ms. Miller said, and Tony nodded dumbly.

She asked him to close his eyes again. After only a few seconds, she allowed him to open them again.

She stood there in a very brief purple nightie. It was nearly transparent, and he could see that she was wearing no underwear.

The nightie had two large straps covering the breasts rather than a bra. Ms. Miller's large breasts formed a deep chasm of cleavage, as well as spilling out on either side. There was some form of floral print cloth woven into the purple lacy fabric. The hem of the dress was incredibly short, and almost allowed him to see her pussy directly.

"Sit back," Ms. Miller said, and Tony sat back in his chair.

"Put your hands behind your back," she said, and Tony complied. Ms. Miller took out a black scarf and tied his hands together. She tied them expertly, and Tony couldn't move. Now he was bound to the chair.

Ms. Miller undid his belt and tugged down his pants. He leaned back in his chair. When his dick was free, Ms. Miller leaned over and gave him a deep, open mouthed kiss.

She put one of her knees on one side of his chair, and then swung the other knee on the other side.

Now she was straddling him while he was seated, holding herself up with her knees.

She reached down and gripped his cock firmly with her right hand. She guided herself so that the cock went between her legs. When it had reached her entrance, she stopped. The hem of her nightie prevented him from seeing where it was going, but he could feel his cock on her hot, naked pussy.

What's she doing, he thought?

Ms. Miller was looking intently at him with a gaze he could only describe as lustful. Then, with one hand still loosely holding his penis in place, she began to rub her own crotch over and over on his penis.

"Oh Tony. Your cock is so big. I love your cock," Ms. Miller murmured as she moved herself forward and backward in long smooth strokes.

Tony could only clench his hands behind his back as Ms. Miller controlled the entire process. Ms. Miller was already two inches taller than him, but from this position, she seemed enormous. His eyes were directly level with her fabulous breasts, which were covered by only the thin purple material of the nightie. It was partially transparent, and her nipples poked through the fabric.

It felt incredible. He could feel her hand controlling his cock, pushing it down until it was parallel with his thighs. He could feel her crotch, her ass, grinding against his sensitive dick.

As she rubbed herself forward and back, her breasts quivered and bounced. He gasped out, "Can I suck your tits?" and she nodded back, still intensely concentrating on her task.

He leaned in and buried his nose and his mouth into her cleavage. She paused for a minute while he leaned forward to fill his mouth with her delightful titflesh. "Mmmm... Yes, Tony. Suck my tits. I want to fill your mouth with my tits."

His tongue licked her breasts, first the inside of the right, then the inside of the left. He sucked on her nipple through the filmy strap of her nightie.

She let go of his penis with her hand, and gripped both his shoulders. Now his dick was free, and Tony could feel it move around slightly under his teacher's cunt. With this hands tied behind his back, Ms. Miller was still in control from her position and his dick remained under her.

She resumed her bucking. Her body was moving in shorter and shorter strokes, and Tony felt the tip of his penis slip between her pussy lips under her lingerie before she would pull it out again.

He felt his teacher's pussy grinding over the top side of his shaft. He could see and taste her large breasts bouncing in front of him. He looked up and saw her face, lost in a mask of ecstasy.

Suddenly, without warning, she collapsed onto him, burying his face in her breasts. Tony thought that his teacher was extremely heavy, but found himself enjoying the way her body was laying on him.

She climbed off him slowly, one leg at time. She had a thin shine of sweat covering her body.

She kissed him deeply and then bent down to untie his wrists. "I've always wanted to do that, Tony. Thank you."

Tony flexed his hands and wrists to restore circulation. "You know I want to be with you, Ms. Miller."

Tony paused a moment. He was seated, still entirely naked and they could both see his erect penis poking up.

He hesitated before saying, "Is there any reason you didn't let me enter you? I would have enjoyed that too."

"I have something... different in mind," Ms. Miller said.

She turned around, and faced away from him. She lifted up her mane of blond hair. Tony could smell her shampoo as she did.

He slipped one strap of the purple nightie off her shoulder, then the other. She lowered her arms, and Tony slowly pulled the thin lingerie down her body. It wasn't easy; the nightie clung to the damp curves of her body, and Tony had to squat to pull it past her rear.

When the nightie was pooled at her feet, Ms. Miller was entirely naked, facing away from him. Without turning around, she put the palms of both hands on the mirror. She then looked over her shoulder and gave Tony a smoldering look underneath her long eyelashes.

"Fuck me from behind."

Tony couldn't believe what he was hearing. He quickly got up out of the chair and stood behind her.

He stopped to study Ms. Miller's delicious ass.

It was the sexiest ass he had ever seen. It was shaped like a heart. It was full and stood out like a round shelf, with not a hint of sag. It had slight indentations along the sides which highlighted Ms. Miller's strong butt muscles.

Tony wanted to savor this moment. He knelt down and licked his teacher's left butt cheek, tasting her skin. He heard her draw a sharp intake of breath. He kneaded her ass with both hands, savoring the feeling and shape of it. Ms. Miller arched her back and moaned out, "That feels so good, Tony. Keep doing that."

Tony stood up again and positioned his erection so that it pointed directly at her rear. He moved forward and pushed the tip directly in the middle of her ass, so that it touched her sphincter.

"Not yet, Tony. I don't want it there yet."

Tony would remember that for later.

Maintaining contact with her ass, Tony slowly dragged the tip of his cock, sliding it down her crack. He pushed the entire length of his cock across her bottom until he felt the entrance to her opening. He could feel her wet pubic hair along the shaft of his cock.

Ms. Miller's bent slightly, improving the angle of his dick until it was lined up with her vagina. She lifted herself on the balls of her feet until his cock head was just at her entrance. Her height was an advantage for this. When Tony felt that his tip was inserted, he placed one hand on each of her hips at the waist.

Pulling her back, he pushed himself all the way into her cunt. It was hot and wet. With the different angle of his penis, her cunt felt even tighter than the first time they had fucked.

Tony grunted, "Oh, Ms. Miller. This feels so good."

"Come look at this, baby," she said.

Tony straightened all the way up, and wrapped his left arm around her waist at the waist just under her chest. Ms. Miller tipped her head to the right, and he looked over her left shoulder into the mirror.

They both paused to look at their naked bodies in the mirror, him behind her. Tony could see his own face, of course, and Ms. Miller's right next to his. Her mouth was slightly open, and her eyes were heavy-lidded with lust. Her hair looked slightly matted from her sweat. Her palms were still pressed against the mirror, and her arms were straight.

Her full breasts hung there, like ripe cantaloupes, defying gravity. He could see her abs and thin waist where his arm encircled her. Her body was angled so that her crotch was farther away from the mirror. He could make out part of his penis where it penetrated her vagina. Only a little bit of his cock and some of his balls were visible, positioned just under her bottom.

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