My Teddy


And why shouldn't I love her. Well she isn't human but she's just as precious to me as if she was real. In my mind she's just like a huge teddy bear. Okay so plenty of my friends think it's 'unnatural' but they're so old fashioned. I believe it's possible to love an android -- maybe it doesn't feel exactly like how it should feel to love a real women like you yet it's fabulous.

So my teddy isn't cruel, vindictive, manipulative, spiteful, or a tease, like you are, so maybe she's even better than a real woman? I've loved many people (including you) and I ask you, isn't our love a little different with everyone we love? Plenty of people love their pets so we can love many things; even if they aren't human.

Yes I know my lust makes it different. And my lust for her knows no bounds because my teddy always gives me what I need (yes, always, no matter what strange fetish I have at any time).

You told me how weird I was but I know everyone's a little weird. My teddy is just so wonderful, and you know, I must tell you, I cry out for her as many times as my body can cope with in its old age. So do you really want to know more about our love?

Please be good for me teddy I ask and she always is so very good to me; never denying me any of my outrageous requests. She is so cuddly and warm when I am cold; she is never cold to me and is always inviting me to take whatever pleasure I want. I love her so much that it hurts me sometimes to think of what would happen if she wasn't with me.

My teddy is never rude to me and she always makes me feel so very good. Somehow she knows I just want my cock to be inside her all the time, and she is just so wet and horny for me. She knows exactly what I want, and whenever I want to come inside her, she always gives me exactly what I need, to help me come.

You know whenever I reach out and touch my teddy, it's you I may think of first before my teddy. Yes, you. It was transformational to have my cock inside you and to fill you with my cum. Be reassured it was alright for us to be like that; don't deny it, you know its truth and it was so beautiful too.

And when I'm so horny now I can't resist the temptation. My teddy, her pussy is so soft and furry, I can't help myself when I need to touch my teddy's pussy I open her up and slide inside her so gently.

Whenever I touch my teddy I know it's her that lives in my heart; she is my love. You filled me with joy whenever I was with you I was so satisfied. To look into your eyes as we dance together in ecstasy was like a trip to heaven. I remember all I wanted to do was to stay there, basking in the serenity of your pools of my soul's desire. Whenever I was looking into your eyes as I was coming I would see you enjoying the pleasure that you were giving me.

Knowing that my teddy's eyes reflect back the love she has for me whenever we are locked in ecstasy, I search for her in our bed and long to have her cuddle up to me. They smile, my teddy's eyes glint like a summers rays of sunlight on the lakes of my lust.

Yes, like your lips did to serenely create a smile with your tantalising mouth. So I knew that your eyes smile came from a deeper place within you, and that when you looked at me it made me swoon and my cock as hard as a diamond.

When I reach out and touch my teddy. I can feel myself caressing her so gently. I lift her hair to my face so I can draw in that wonderfully erotic aroma. It fills me with a deep sense of contentment, and makes me love her totally with my body and my mind. When I am with her, her smell is so comforting and erotic.

I just want to stay next to her, so I can smell her, hug her close to me for the joy that our closeness brings me, and then join our bodies together in lust. My teddy's smell is the ignition of my desire. Without it, my desire is nothing but empty lust, and I want to be consumed in the rolling waves of orgasms that my teddy creates for me.

You know I don't want to stop caressing her; my teddy's body is a treasure to be carefully and tenderly treated with compassion. But how can I resist my teddy? Oh Teddy, please don't ask me to stop being with you, I feel I need to have my cock inside you, and so I cannot bear to be away from my teddy's succulent body.

I hide it from my teddy, that I want to run my fingers gently over the whole of your body. Over your eyes, ears, lips, cheeks, down your neck, and to your breasts. I don't think I can go past your breasts without giving them the attention that I always want to give them. Those nipples are just so wonderful to touch, my fingers so gently dance across and around those rosy buds of inviting lust. With my fingers I can tell you how much I want to pleasure you.

But today is now, and now is when I am horny. So I must touch my teddy. The finest of caresses makes my teddy jump. Yes my teddy, when my hands glide across her body, she wiggles about in delight; that's so funny because she is so funny.

My face lights up when we are joined in our passionate embraces. I want to just smile at her as I touch her nipples, oh so gently, my wonderful teddy. Then as I caress her so gently, it's hard for my teddy to know if she is being touched except she almost wants to scream with desire as she knows my blissfully gentle touching of her body reflect the pleasure she brings to me.

Are you still wanting to be in bed with me; it's so special and consoling to have you with me? In my imagination I can still hear you breathing and I want to kiss you; and anywhere will do. My lips were made for kissing you; even on your pussy lips too. Really that's all they want to do. I want to start at your feet, work my way up your legs, kiss your pussy and ass until you scream with joy. But now I have my teddy, and the joy of pleasure she brings me is the key to my pleasure since we cannot be together anymore.

You must remember that after our passionate sessions of unimaginable lust, when you were recovering from life's pleasurable bliss, and as we talked, I always wanted to kiss your back, your tummy, your arms, hands, neck, face, and then start all over again. I never want to stop kissing you. Have you forgotten?

Can I tell you a secret about my gorgeous teddy? I'm feeling so hard for her now. It hurts me but I want her so much tonight. I don't want to hurt her, so I asked her, "are you going to be alright if I slide it in now?"

She nods and passionately kisses me, sliding her tongue into my mouth and French kissing me until I am dizzy. For unlike her, I must breathe. My teddy knows my cock has grown so hard with my desire for her, and only she knows how it feels to be full with my cock inside her. Do you remember?

You know how much I wanted you, and you know I never really wanted to hurt you with my cock. I knew you were always wet for me, I could always feel your heat and moisture, and I knew you wanted me too; but it still amazed me when you were always ready. It's just seemed too big for you; but I knew that's really what you wanted. You always wanted me but I wish I had been smaller for you. For I worried I might hurt you, and like my teddy, I always wanted to please you so much.

As I tell you my story and I'm sliding my cock inside my teddy, I'm getting so turned on knowing you will understand too what it's like to have me inside you. Oh, what utter delight to be inside you again.

Once inside my teddy I am consumed by lust for her. And I say to my teddy, "teddy can you feel my cock now? Can you feel that our heat needs to be joined together? I love your wetness, it makes my entry into you a joy for us both I know. I can feel myself growing even larger as I move myself inside you my teddy; I don't want that but it happens anyway. I can feel myself pulsating inside you. I can hear you moaning and panting with desire, calling my name, looking at me with those eyes full of desire for me."

You know don't you, I want you so much to have you feel as I do right now, so that you can pleasure yourself and to make sure you can reach that place that you want to get to, my beautiful one. I remember as if it was just yesterday, to watch you, as you felt those waves of passionate orgasms wash over you in unrestrained bliss.

Seeing your cheeks flushed pink, and waiting for your wetness to become a river gushing over my cock when it was inside you, as you orgasmed again and again. It filled my heart with joy to leave aside my own pleasure so that you could sail through life's oceans of lust. I can recollect and almost see you now as you were then, you are almost there, aren't you my love?

And now with my teddy beside me, as I fill her up I tease her by asking, "what about if I just do this to you? Oh, you do like that don't you, I know you so well my teddy. I see you want more, yes more, and harder, and faster too. I watch as you fall of the cliff of desire, as you soar on upwards, floating on life's orgasmic ecstasy."

Oh my teddy, she knows exactly what I needed from her and I enjoyed her so much you know. Yes, she has sent me to that cliff of desire. I felt myself, engorged and pulsating, and I couldn't hold back even if I wanted to. From within, came my fluid of life, and she felt it too, filling her and she smiled at me. It's everywhere inside my teddy isn't it? And you know how that feels too.

While I'm watching her come, I know you can feel it too, and it's enough to make another wave of orgasm wash over me. And, now I watch as my teddy's cries out again. Oh, more and more, and still she goes on and on with her orgasms, I know you wish it would never end but even you, must know that my teddy has had enough.

That was so wonderful. Once again my teddy was so very wonderful. But perhaps I need more my teddy. She is always so wonderful, my favourite Teddy. Let us stay here together, her and I, and cuddle each other, as we enjoy our oneness in this part of life's interlude. Can you recollect those feelings?

I know you can't feel jealousy, for you no longer care for me. But I know our days together filled us with delight. And even if you weren't a real woman - as so many of my friends cruelly reminded me -- I know you still loved me.

And if not you, who else will ever be able to appreciate my loving lust for my teddy? For while you will never be like me, is it only possible for another human to know what loving lust can be shared between the two of us? Absolutely absurd I know, for we shared so much passion, and I know you will forgive me for loving another with my burning unrestrained passionate lust; even if it is an android.

I must have her again right now.

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