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My Thoughts on Writing Erotica


I wish this section was called "Advice" or "Encouragement" rather than "How to". "How to" seems a little more emphatic than what I want to say. Still, I feel like putting in my two cents worth.

I was a long-time reader of Literotica before I dared attempt writing a story myself. It was only once my dissatisfaction with what I had read prompted me to give it a try that I finally sat down and began to type. I was conceited enough to think I could write as good a story, or better, as those I had read. My confidence soon gave way to humility and frustration as I discovered that writing involved more than turning my dirty thoughts into words. Over time, and several attempts, I eventually began to learn that there were several key ingredients to making a story believable and erotic. What I'm attempting to do here is elaborate on some of these and maybe help fellow authors to become better authors, and encourage those who are still too shy to submit their attempts to do so. Here is what I think matters -- feel free to disagree:

Read it, again and again if you must -- then aloud once more. Do you speak like that? Do the people you know speak like that? If the answer is "No" then re-write until it sounds believable -- literally.

People sometimes meet and within an hour they are having sex. This happens, but it's not the norm -- especially in situations that are taboo for one reason for another: gay, lesbian, interracial, and incestuous encounters -- not to mention non-human, I reckon. I could perhaps add trysts where one partner is married, or is unaccustomed to kinks like BD/SM, or is reluctant/resistant. Prolonging the seduction, and the ultimate culmination, not only makes the story more believable, but it also increases the excitement for the reader and makes the release more intense.

"He squeezed her breast." Did he squeeze her left breast or her right one? Did it feel firm or like a rotten tomato? Was he unable to fit all of it within his hand or pinch it easily between his fingers? Details help the reader to envision in his or her mind what you are describing. This in turn heightens their arousal and adds to their enjoyment of your story. It's better to give too many details than not enough, I think. Are his eyes brown or blue? Is she under or over six feet tall? These descriptions ultimately matter to the reader. When s/he grabbed his cock was it hard, thick, hot, long, short, twitching, or did it feel like a cold carrot? We need to know these things.

This is my greatest weakness. I have had several stories rejected because of spelling errors and it's embarrassing to be rejected for something that amounts to carelessness and being lazy. Finding a good freeware word processing program online with a spell check solved this problem for me. Another common problem I have noticed is authors who can't differentiate between words such as "their" and "there" and so on. Literotica has dozens of volunteer editors who are more than willing to help authors with various aspects of their stories -- be it spelling, grammar, plot outline or simply critiquing them for style or plot. I have used them in the past and found their help and input invaluable. Do not hesitate to contact one of them before you submit a story, even if you consider it perfect. Find an editor who is willing to edit stories dealing with the subject matter yours is about and contact her/him. Bear in mind that many editors are only willing to accept stories of particular themes -- consult their profile to ensure your story meets their criteria before you contact them.

Many, if not all, authors seem to write about subjects that especially interest them, myself included. This may be self-indulgent, but that does not necessarily mean that their kinks aren't shared by others. Don't be discouraged from writing a story because you feel that no one else will be interested in what you are. You might be surprised by how many others share your interests.

This I feel the most important piece of advice I want to share. If you have an idea for a story, begin writing it down -- whether it's on paper or a text file on your computer. Even if you have no idea where how story will end or what the characters' names are, start by making notes or a plot outline. Let your imagination and dirty mind run free and see where it takes you. Once you have finished your story and are happy with it -- submit it! You have nothing to lose. If you're not a member, sign up with a username as an alias. No one (not your spouse, family members, friends, co-workers, or pets) will ever know you are the author. If you receive Feedback that you find unflattering remember that it's easier to criticize than to take the bold step you have taken by submitting your work for all to see and judge. How many of you have finished reading a story and thought "I could have written that!"? Well, you're right! Unfortunately you have probably talked yourself out of doing just that many times.

So far what I've written I consider my opinions based on what experience I have. I've tried to not be too dogmatic about it, but I want to finish with something I know for a fact: Your first story is the hardest to write, but if you keep at it and continue writing you will get better at it and find it easier each time. After you have written a number of stories you will re-read your first one or two and be unhappy with them because you will have become a better writer than you once were.

This is a promise that I want you to make to yourself. No one else in the whole world will ever know about it; just you. Promise yourself that you will stop listening to those thoughts of doubt and guilt that have prevented you from writing. Turn those wicked fantasies you would be ashamed of people knowing you have into words and submit them. You will find it a very rewarding experience.

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