tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMy Three Mistress's Ch. 03

My Three Mistress's Ch. 03


The first two parts to this were my first attempt at fiction of any kind, not just the erotic. This has been a favourite fantasy of mine for some time now, it always makes me come. I have kissed and cuddled the two women involved but that's all. Wish it could be more!

Following on from Part Two I was now spending more and more time dressed as a tart, My Three Mistress's had not been around for a while. I did miss them. Then one day whilst I was dressed in my maids outfit and waiting on Mistress Wife she announced that Mistress Cheryl would be coming to stay with us for a few weeks. My heart missed a beat and my cock jumped in my panties. Mistress Wife said "I see it's obvious you and your cock are happy with that bit of news" I replied "Of course Mistress you know I love serving my entire Mistress's needs"

I was then informed to be on my best behaviour for Mistress Cheryl and to look my absolute best.

The next day I was up early, bathed, shaved and dressed. Then I served Mistress Wife her breakfast in bed. As she ate her breakfast I ate her pussy, she had two orgasms during her breakfast, then I was told to go and fix my makeup. After I fixed my face I went back to doing my chores, housework is so enjoyable when dressed as a maid, my skirts swishing and my stocking clad legs rubbing together, so sexy!

Then Mistress Wife came downstairs, she was dressed quite respectfully, but she had stockings and high heels on, she went and sat on the settee I was instructed to kneel at her feet, I did as I was instructed and began to stroke her legs.

Just then the door bell rang, Mistress Wife told me to get the door, and I got up and straightened my skirt and went to the door. When I opened the door Mistress Cheryl was stood there looking gorgeous in a tight low cut dress and high heels, she stroked my cheek and said "Get my bags and pay the cab will you" I replied "Yes Mistress anything for you" She just smiled and walked past me.

I went outside and collected Mistress Cheryl's bags, then realised I had no money, I panicked and told the cabbie "I will be right back" he replied "OK darling" I rushed into the house and informed my two Mistress's I needed money, they just looked at each other and smiled. Just then there was a knock at the door. I opened the door and there stood the cab driver, I asked to step inside and he closed the door behind him. I told him I had no money to pay for Mistress Cheryl's cab, but he could think of another form of payment I would gladly oblige. The cabbie just smiled and undid his flies. So I knelt in front of him and released his cock, it was not a large cock, put it was very fat. I kissed the tip of this fat cock, and then enveloped it with my mouth; the cabbie gave out a soft moan, so I knew I was pleasing him. I continued with my efforts until I felt his cock twinge and he began to come in my mouth. Just then I heard Mistress Cheryl behind me say "Come and look what your slut of a husband is up to in the hall" The cabbie's face was a picture as it dawned on him he had just been blown by a man, all he could mutter was "what the fuck?" Both my Mistress's then said to him "Well you can't say you did not enjoy it, the spunk running down my slut of a husband's chin is proof positive of your enjoying it." The cabbie shook his head, pulled up his trousers and quickly left.

At this point my two Mistress's adjourned to the living room for a chat, I was instructed to carry on with my chores, but I was to leave the cabbie's spunk on my chin to remind me of my status.

A short while later I was summoned to the front room, both my Mistress's checked me over from head to foot; Mistress Cheryl commented on my maids outfit and said it made me look especially sexy. I thanked her, but Mistress Wife insisted I thank her properly, I went and knelt in front of Mistress Cheryl and waited further instructions. Mistress Cheryl put her hands down the top of her low cut dress top and pulled out one of her large breasts, a leant forward and proceeded to suckle on her large nipple. As I was engrossed in pleasing Mistress Cheryl, Mistress Wife came around behind me and lifted up my skirt; she put her hand down the back of my knickers and slipped a finger in my boy-pussy.

So there I was sucking on Mistress Cheryl's large breasts and having ass pussy finger fucked by Mistress Wife, I felt such a lucky slut. Mistress Wife then placed another finger inside me, causing me to moan like a girl. Mistress Cheryl then pulled up her skirt, revealing her panty-less, hairy pussy and ordered me to eat her. I leaned forward and buried my face in her moist pussy.

As I was greedily eating Mistress Cheryl's hairy pussy, Mistress Wife removed her fingers from me and I felt something else pressing against me. It then dawned on me I was about to be fucked by one of my Mistress's dildos. Mistress Wife slowly pushed her dildo in to my accommodating pussy; once it was all the way in she began to move the dildo in and out. I was totally enjoying myself, two gorgeous Mistress's, one dildo fucking me and the other making me eat her pussy.

I kept licking this hairy pussy until I felt Mistress Cheryl shudder and start to come, at the same time I started to orgasm, I have the ability to orgasm like a girl and Mistress Wife loves to exploit this fact. After Mistress Cheryl's orgasm, Mistress Wife continued dildo fucking my pussy, she kept up the onslaught until I started to orgasm, only this time I was so far gone I started to fill my knickers with spunk. Mistress Ann quickly pulled the dildo from my pussy causing me to come violently. I was left totally sated with pussy juice all over my face and knickers full of spunk.

I knelt up and could see Mistress Cheryl was completely satisfied. Mistress Wife said "Did you enjoy that"? I smiled at he and replied "Oh yes, I love both my Mistress's so much, thank you" she leaned forward placed her hands either side of my face and kissed me fully on the lips saying "OO you taste so good" It excited me to realise she could taste her older sister's pussy on my lips.

Mistress Cheryl and Mistress Wife then went for a shower and prepared themselves for bed, I was left alone with my thoughts, I could not believe how happy I was, I loved serving my Mistress's needs.

Sometime later both my Mistress's returned they were indeed ready for bed, both wearing hold-up stockings and short see-through nightdresses and nothing else. The only difference was the colour of the nightdresses, one in black, and the other in bright red. I immediately became hard in my knickers again. Mistress Wife instructed me to go and get ready for bed. So I kissed both Mistress's on each cheek and went upstairs. When I walked into the bedroom I could not believe my eyes, there laid on the bed were the exact same hold-up stockings and nightdress as my Mistress's were wearing, only mine were bright pink, I could not resist picking the nightdress up and feeling the material, it was oh so soft. I quickly showered and changed into my new attire and went to show my Mistress's how I looked. As I walked in the room Mistress Cheryl said "Oh he looks so sweet, I am getting wet again" Mistress Wife replied "I knew you would like him in pink, but we must do something about you being wet"

I was ordered to lie on the floor on my back and Mistress Wife said to Mistress Cheryl "I guarantee you will like this" She told Mistress Cheryl to stand over my head; I had a fantastic view of her very hairy pussy. Mistress Wife said to me "You are going to give your Mistress the two finger sex" I looked up and ready my fingers and waited for Mistress Cheryl to lower herself on my face. As she sat on my face I slipped two fingers from my right hand into her extremely wet pussy and placed my tongue over her clitoris. Mistress Wife then instructed her older sister to ride my face, this she duly did; I could feel the pressure of her body pushing her sex onto my tongue. The beauty of this for me is I don't have to doo much I just wiggle my fingers and make sure my tongue stays firmly over her pussy. Mistress Cheryl began to ride my face faster and faster, Mistress Wife started tweaking both my nipples I was so turned on. Then Mistress Cheryl started to come, the pressure on my face was almost too much, she started to shake and thrust herself against me. I had a massive orgasm without coming and waited for Mistress Cheryl to finish. When she calmed down, she lifted off me and without being told to I duly licked my fingers clean, I loved the taste of this superior woman's pussy, I felt truly blessed.

Mistress Wife then declared it was time for bed, so the tree of us went upstairs. I stood in the bedroom whilst my two Mistress's got into bed. Mistress Wife then said "You will lie across the bottom of the bed at our feet" I got into bed and lay at their feet. Mistress Wife put both her stocking clad feet in my crotch and instructed me to attend to Mistress Cheryl's feet. I started kissing Mistress Cheryl's feet, then sucking her big toe. My cock was hard once more in my knickers as Mistress Wife kept caressing my crotch with her feet. She then said "You know what Cheryl he has not come for a while, let's give him something to dream about" I was instructed to kneel up on the bed and get my cock out. Mistress Wife came round behind me an started whispering in my ear she said "Come on play with that girly cock of yours and lets show Mistress Cheryl how quick you can come" So there I was wanking like crazy when Mistress Wife told Mistress Cheryl to put her feet under my cock, she rubbed one of her feet under my balls, that did it I came all over her other foot. Mistress Wife then whispered in my ear "Show Mistress Cheryl you appreciation and lick her foot clean" This I did with relish I liked all my mess of her foot. When I had finished we all got back into bed a resumed our original positions.

Mistress Wife told me to suck on Mistress Cheryl foot, the one I had come all over, she also told "Because you have been such a good girl Mistress Eileen would be arriving tomorrow and as an extra special treat she would be bringing Mistress Kerry with her"

This was indeed a new twist, "Mistress" Kerry is the youngest sister, I have actually fucked her, but I never thought these games would interest her.

It actually turns out "Mistress" Kerry is not a Mistress at all, she and I end up as playthings for My Three Mistress's

I will continue with part four of My Three Mistress's if this story continues to receive positive feedback!

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