tagBDSMMy Time Ch. 03

My Time Ch. 03


I walked into the bedroom and met Mistress Q. She had several items laid out on the bed along with a nice suit, boxer shorts, socks, shirt, and tie. It looked like a formal dinner and I was glad of that. I was as hungry as Mistress said She was earlier. It had been about 6 hours since W/we had started for the day.

"Come here and bend over," She ordered. I felt Her hands on my ass cheeks as soon as I did.

"This ass is not red enough for you to be going out to dinner," She said. "Grab your ankles and spread your feet. Do not move from this position."

Doing as I was ordered I noticed Mistress take a leather strap from the bed. I hated straps. They stung like hell. I did like them just a little better than paddles though. Mistress Q brought the strap down across both cheeks of my ass soundly. The pain came crashing through me and I yelled.

"That is about the right volume for Me," She said.

She brought the strap down again and I yelled again. She developed a rhythm and stopped when She reached ten. That was the magic number for this round.

"Now it is nice and red with a few welts to add to that," She said. "That should make you remember whose you are during your sit down dinner. Stay just like that until I tell you to move."

The tears were running out of my eyes and dripping on the carpet. Those swats with the belt had stung. My ass was hot and sore. I could just imagine trying to sit all the way through dinner with my ass in this condition. I was happy that I had been able to stay still for this beating. I wanted to move so badly. I knew that I was still in for one punishment after dinner. I did not want to compound that with another failure to obey. I was sobbing but Mistress Q acted like She did not hear me.

She was moving around behind me. I was wondering what She would do next when I got my answer in the form of the cold tip of something touching my anus. I could tell that it had some lube on it. Suddenly it started to penetrate my anus and just kept expanding. It was not large. It slipped into my anus without any problem. My sphincter closed up around it. It was inside of me. I wondered how it would feel when it came out. There was only one way it would do that.

"Now I need something to hold that in there," Said Mistress Q.

At that there was another cold touch on my anus and something started up inside of me again. This was new and it kept getting larger. I moaned as it expanded. It felt like it was at least twice the size of the dildo. I found out later that it was barely larger than the dildo, but my anus was sore and made it feel much larger. I waited for the blood to run down my leg. I swore it was tearing me apart. I yelled that to Mistress. As I did I felt the thing plop up inside me and my anus close around a smaller base. It was a butt plug. That was what would hold the other object inside of me. I would not be able to get rid of the first object without the butt plug being removed.

"That should hold you until W/we get back from dinner," Said Mistress Q. "Now for the fun part of this adventure. Turn around."

I did as ordered. My cock was still standing straight out in front of me. It waved at Mistress.

"Oh my,' She said. "Something has to be done with that thing. Let Me help you out here. You must tell Me when you are close to cumming."

Mistress Q knelt down and engulfed my raging cock with Her mouth. It felt so wonderful. She started to fuck Her face with it and move Her tongue around. I knew I was not going to last very long at all. I just went with the feelings. My breath was getting ragged. My ass had quit burning. I was swaying on my feet and did not dare close my eyes for fear of falling right over. I felt the orgasm start from my balls and start to surge forward.

"I am about to cum, Mistress," I told Her.

Her mouth left my cock. I was crestfallen. Not again I thought.

"Jack yourself off with one hand and catch your cum in the palm of the other. You can cum when you want," She said.

I did just that. I started jacking off like I was possessed. It felt great. I kept thinking about Her mouth on my cock and I started to cum. The first spurt went right out over my left hand. I had it cupped to catch my cum but I did not realize I would shoot so forcefully. The rest landed in the palm of my hand and filled it up. I was rocked all the way down to my toes with the force of the orgasm. It was one of the heaviest I have had in a very long time. When I was done and had recovered I looked at Mistress to see what She wanted done next.

"Lick all the cum off your hand and swallow it," She said. "You might as well let it go through a second time. You will need all the cum you have for the rest of the weekend."

My cum tasted almost the same as the cum I had drank from Mistress Q earlier. It kind of burned in my throat. I wanted a drink of water to wash it down. I knew better than to ask. My cock started to go down. I thought that it never would. Once it was deflated to a normal hang downer Mistress started to work on me again.

She got a cock cage from the bed. It was made of leather with a metal cage where the cock fit through the rings in the leather. There was a strap on the other end of it. Mistress fit my cock through the leather rings and into the interior of the metal cage. There was about ¼ inch left between the head of my cock and the end of the cage. Mistress next wrapped the leather strap around the base on the underside of my balls. They were caught up in this device also. A small 'D' ring went through a slot in the strap. Mistress fit a very small key lock into that and snapped it shut. I could urinate through this with no problem. It was not much bulkier than my own natural package. It was securely in place and did not leave much room for my cock to expand.

"Think of the fun I will have at the table tonight," She said. "I can get you excited and you will not be able to expand beyond the cage. That should be terribly uncomfortable for you. I have many ways to excite you. The pill will allow you to recover very quickly from your little orgasm. You will be in misery and will have to hide it from everyone else in the restaurant."

Mistress Q seemed delighted with Herself.

"Get dressed and I will meet you in the living area," She ordered.

I dressed as neatly as I could. I checked myself out in the mirror. The first thing I looked at was the fly of my pants. The cage made my package stick out just a little more than usual, but it was covered well by my sports jacket. No one would notice. It was something else getting dressed with the butt plug in place. Each movement reminded me it was there. I wondered how it would feel riding in the car. Would it be the same as it had been since Mistress told me to start wearing it or would it be different with Her there to know it was in me.

I walked out and met Mistress Q in the living area. She was dressed in a comfortable pair of black heels and a black dress that left Her shoulders bare. The hem came to about mid thigh and showed off Her nicely muscled legs to a tee. She was obviously not wearing any stockings. Mistress carried a small clutch purse of matching black. She did not need any. Her legs were beautiful. Her hair had a lustrous shine. She had applied light lipstick making Her lips look even more kissable than before. A coating of very discreet eye makeup topped off the look. A very cultured Lady any man would feel proud to be with.

W/we went to the car. Mistress allowed me to open Her door for Her. She was going to do the driving. I was glad of that. The events so far today had left me on edge with all the different sensations I had experienced. As I sat down in the passenger seat I noticed that this was going to be a long ride. My butt was sore. Not just from the dildoing I had taken, but from the strapping that I had received just prior to leaving the suite. I fastened my seat belt and W/we were off. The butt plug jarred inside me with every little bump in the road and Mistress Q seemed to try to hit them all.

All of a sudden I felt the inside of my ass come alive. I knew it was a vibrator from the feel of it, but it was much stronger than any vibrator I had ever felt. Mistress Q laughed at my reaction.

"You will be on your toes all night with that egg in your ass," She said with a laugh. "I had it specially made. It is turbocharged and remote controlled. I have the remote in my hand and will be using it at the oddest times during the evening. It is effective for up to 120 feet."

I knew I was in for more than an interesting time with my lovely Mistress.

Arriving at the restaurant W/we were seated at a very nice table and given menus. I went to take a sip of my water when the egg was turned on once more. I almost choked and dropped the water glass. Luckily I was able to recover before spilling any on the table.

"You must be careful my dear little slave," She said. "This will happen when you least expect it.

I noticed that the vibrations started my cock on its recovery to erectness. The vibrator was turned off. I relaxed a little, but then realized that my cock was in a tight place. My mind was racing and I could not shut down the erection that was still trying to grow down there. It was becoming increasingly uncomfortable. The strap was tight enough that I would not lose any erection that I had for some time to come. Mistress was grinning at Her menu.

"Order anything you like," She instructed. "I know you are hungry and I want you to have some nourishment for the things to come when W/we get back to the suite."

The waiter arrived at the table. Mistress Q ordered Her meal. Just as I started to order mine the vibrator came back to life. I stuttered most of the way through the order. The waiter must have thought that I was some kind of dolt. He was envious of this dolt though. I could see him looking at Mistress Q out of the corner of his eye. He was almost as turned on as I was.

As soon as he left the table the egg was turned off again. Mistress Q reached under the table and placed Her hand on my thigh. No one could see what She was doing under there. She leaned toward me and ran Her hand all the way to my crotch. It settled on my growing and increasingly painful cock. She tickled around there with one of Her fingernails. My cock was screaming to get out of that cage. It was smashing itself against it and was hurting a lot. I did not know what I was going to do. I would have to suffer most of the evening this way. This was a definite turn on.

"This should be a great meal," She said. "The food here is fantastic and the entertainment I have sitting right here should be a lot of fun to watch."

The meal was served in a succession of courses. I don't remember much about it except that it was as good as She had said it would be. The rest of the evening was a blur of the egg being turned on and off, Mistress tickling my cock with Her fingers, and my cock trying to bust the cage it was painfully confined in. I needed to go to the restroom after the desert course. I was hoping that I would be able to piss. I would just have to try. Mistress Q gave me permission to go. I was in the restroom in front of the urinal almost grunting with the effort to urinate. Another gentleman came into the restroom and occupied the urinal next to mine. There were only two of them in the room. Just when I thought I might get a stream started the egg jolted to life. I almost whooped out of excitement. Mistress was playing games with my ass even at this distance.

I tried a little more to get something going and then gave up. I returned to the table with the egg vibrating all the way. I was hoping I was walking normal. My face must have been as red as a beet.

"Have an interesting time in there?" Mistress Q asked with another laugh. "I just couldn't resist. Were you able to relieve yourself or is this going to be an uncomfortable drive back for you?"

"It will be very uncomfortable for me Mistress," I replied. "I was just about to get something started when the egg was turned on."

Mistress turned the egg off and paid the bill. W/we started for the car. On the way across the parking lot the egg was turned back on. I yelped. There was no one in the parking lot to hear me, but someone could come out at any time. Mistress turned me and backed me against the car when W/we arrived at it. She reached down and took hold of the entire cock cage. It was very painful from being so full and not allowing my erection to grow all the way. She twisted it and pulled. At the same time She stood on Her toes and gave me the most erotic kiss. She ran Her tongue inside of my mouth and almost down my throat. I wanted to hold Her but knew better than to try without permission. The kiss ended but She held onto my cock.

"Does this help you?" She asked.

"It helps increase the pain from my cock Mistress," I replied.

"Good. I want you in pain for the drive back to the hotel," She said. "It will put an edge on the rest of the evening.

W/we got into the car and headed back. The egg was turned on and off several times and Mistress Q's hand hardly left my crotch. She kept up a steady tickle almost the entire drive. We finally arrived. She parked almost in front of the room.

"When W/we get into the room I want you to go directly to the bedroom and strip," She ordered. "You will then go into the bathroom and fill the enema bag completely to the top with plain cold water. If it is not cold enough when I check it, I will add some ice to it for you. Wait there in front of the mirror and concentrate on your cock in that cage. See if it will come to life and how painful it looks all scrunched up in that thing."

On the way to the room Mistress turned on the vibrator one more time. My steps became a little unsteady.

"You like that thing back there?" Asked Mistress.

"It is the strongest vibrator I have ever encountered," I said. "It makes it difficult to think of or do anything else while it is on, Mistress."

"That is a good thing. W/we will have another outing before the weekend is over. You will get a chance to enjoy it again," said Mistress.

She turned the vibrator off and W/we went into the suite. I headed for the bedroom and stripped as fast as I could. I went to the bathroom and filled the enema bag with only the cold tap water in the tub. I have had a cold enema years before and the cramps were horrendous. They made it hard to breath. I was not looking forward to this one. After hanging the bag on the towel rack I stood in front of the mirror. My cock looked horrible. It was trying its best to get out of that cage. It hurt like hell for the effort. Parts of it were bulging out between the metal pieces and they were an angry purple color. The vibrator turned on again. This made things worse. I had no choice but to contemplate my cock while the vibrator hummed away in very close proximity to my prostate gland. I was really turned on. My mind was busy.

Mistress came into the bathroom and turned off the vibrator. She was gloriously naked. I had never seen anything so beautiful. Her skin was smooth all over Her body and not a blemish on it. She had on a pair of heels. I wondered how many pairs of shoes She brought with Her. Her cock looked like a normal sized cock while it was in its deflated stage. No one would guess that it would turn into a giant when She was excited. It almost looked like it belonged to someone else when it was erect. She looked down at my cock.

"That poor thing looks like it could use more room," She said.

She had on a pair of latex gloves. She unlocked the lock on the 'D' ring and loosened the strap. The cage was not going anywhere on its own. After putting a glob of lube on the outside of the cage and grabbing the base of my cock with one hand, She used the other to grab the cage and firmly pull it off. It felt like it was taking the skinn off my cock as it went. It was finally off and my cock was at full erection for a change. I let out a sigh of relief. Mistress gave it a cursory rub, which only served to smear the lube around it real well.

"Kneel down in the usual position," ordered Mistress Q. "Time to get you cleaned out for the activities. I have a full slate planned for you tonight. You will be glad when it is bedtime."

I knelt on the floor and Mistress knelt down beside me. She pulled out the butt plug and put it in the sink.

"Sit up on the toilet and poop that egg on out of you," She said. "It will come oon out just like a little hunk of waste."

I strained at it and worried about it. Soon it came right on out just like She told me it would.

"Fish it out of the toilet and put it in the sink," She ordered. "Now get back down like you are supposed to be so I can get on with this."

After kneeling down again I felt the blow up nozzle being inserted into my anus. The inner bulb was blown up to an alarming degree. I felt like I just had to push it out of there. My bowel was full.

"Let that stay there for a minute, She said. "You will get used to it once you stop straining against it. Relax." With that She slapped my ass hard with Her hand.

That helped. I waited and tried not to fight against the bulb. It worked. I got used to having that thing back there. Mistress Q could sense this and inflated the outer bulb. This put a fresh strain on my anus. The sphincter felt a little stretched, but I got used to that feeling even faster than the other one. I tried to breath normal.

Mistress opened the hose clamp and that cold water started into me. It was a shock to say the least. Everything inside me clamped down against it. I did not want that to go any higher in me. It was really cold. Mistress Q shut the hose clamp.

"Get a little used to it," She said. "I am being really nice right now. You will be in a lot more stress once I get started with this one."

My muscles finally started to ease off some. I was still in shock and my head felt light. Mistress Q turned on the hose clamp again. The cold water was still a shock. My system must have developed a tolerance for the temperature. I twas not quite so bad as before. The water was more noticeable in its progress into my and up my colon. I got the chills from its low temperature. I could feel that it was about halfway up the left side of my abdomen. A cramp came on. It was worse and more sudden than with the warm water. I moaned loudly and dropped down onto my elbows.

Mistress Q shut off the flow for a minute. She was rubbing my abdomen briskly.

"I can feel the coldness of the water from the outside," She said. "This may help some."

She reached down and started stroking my cock. It felt wonderful but did nothing for the cramp. With the lube on my cock Her hand just slid up and down it like a tight little pussy. The flow started again. Mistress continued with the cock massage. The cramp got worse. I wanted to get into a better position, but dared not without Her telling me to. It was miserable. And yet the water kept flowing. I felt it at the top of my abdomen right at the bottom of my ribcage. It was progressing at an alarming rate. I almost yelled with a new and more vicious cramp. Mistress shut the flow off once more.

"You have taken about ¾ of the bag," she said. "Not far to go now. Just hang in there. That is not a choice it is an order. You are going to take all of this whether you can stand it or not so get used to the pain."

The flow started again and the water ran along the bottom of my ribcage to the right side of my abdomen. I was in total misery. I wanted to get that water out of me and the sooner the better. Suddenly the flow stopped.

"That is all of it," Mistress said. "Now you must try to concentrate on your cock and hold this in so it will do its work."

I don't know how long I held that stuff in. I lost track of time. My mind was drifting off into Never land. My cock felt wonderful though I could not enjoy it near like I wanted to. It was erect the entire time She had been stroking it. I noticed that there were no hands on me now.

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