My Two Jens


HOLY SHIT! Jennifer Anniston and Jennifer Love Hewitt were sitting at the bar only 3 feet beside me. DAMN IT! I've jerked off to those women and here they are. The 2 were busy laughing over something. They looked STUNNING! Both were wearing short black shiny dresses. Their legs were in full view. WONDERFUL! Nervously, I got up from the stool and walked over to them. "UH...Sorry to, um, bother you, but, can, I, have an autograph?" Man, I was sweating.

The 2 just smiled at me, "Sure, sit down," the 2 celebs gestured to a stool next to them.

FUCK ME! The 2 Jens wanted me to sit next to them. I was glad I was wearing a long t-shirt covering my bulging erection. Just yesterday, I lost my job. I was having the shittiest day of my life, until now. "Well..I, don't want to make you uncomfortable," I stammered. However, I still sat down. Again, "Crazy, not stupid."

Jennifer Anniston extended her hand, "Hi, nice to meet you."

I shook it, and on impulse, kissed it.

"AHHH, your SO SWEET!"

The other young star extended her hand. "Hi," said Love.

Again, I grabbed it and kissed it.

To the "Friends" star, I muttered, "I've seen all your film." I lowered my voice to a whisper, "Even Leprechaun."

She just grinned, "Thanks for not saying that too loud."

"How about mine," the "Party of Five" star whined.

"Most of em', yeah. What's the deal with "I still know what you did last summer?"

She laughed, "Well, the original was a big hit, and none of us could think of a better title." She gulped the last of her drink. "Bartender, another Heiny, please."

I'd like that heiny. "To the bartender, I said, "Put it on my tab."

"No, you don't have to do that."

"I insist."

Her smile widened. "Your such a gentlemen." She put a hand on my leg, and gave me a wicked grin.

So did the brunette star.

When her drink came, Jennifer mumbled, "I have to go to the bathroom."

"Me too," said Brad Pitt's wife.

DAMN Brad. Lucky fucking bastard.

As the 2 jogged to the ladies room, I sipped my beer.

"Lucky son of a bitch. Getting those beautiful women to talk to you"

"I have a way with women," thinking about my past sexual escapades with the rich and famous.

"Yeah, well, you've got A LOT to fantasize abou tin bed..if you know what I mean."

I just grinned at the guy.

"You know, those 2 are regulars of that place. ALWAYS leaving with a different guy. Again, I say, lucky son of a bitch."

"I don't think so." But, in spite of myself, I got a mental image of the 2 fucking me. WHAT was taking them so long? I wondered. I got up from my seat, and walked to the back of the bar.


MOANING! Couldn't be. The music was SO loud, I figured my ears were playing tricks on me.


NAW! Someone was probably just in trouble. Theirs to many rapists around N.Y. Getting up my nerve, I try the knob. Strangely, it wasn't locked. One I had it ajar, I pushed it fully open with my palm. THANK GOD no one was looking. A guy entering the ladies room would get me banned for sure. When I had the door fully open, I was shocked at the scene. Jennifer Aniston was on her knees, violently licking the other women.

Just then, Love opened her eyes. "Come in, Bob."

With the mention of my name, the lovely celebrity wheeled around. "OH, SHIT!" she yelled, stunned. Then, all of a sudden, she grinned. " cumming," she smiled.

Not yet. I stepped into the room and stood behind Jennifer Anniston. Grabbing her hair, I shoved her face back into the other beauties pussy. "EAT THAT BITCH!!!" I hissed. "MAKE THE WHORE CUM IN YOUR DIRTY FUCKING MOUTH!!" I pulled my shirt over my head and quickly pulled my Jeans and boxers down. Fully naked, I guided my cock to Jen's pussy. Then, shoved it in.


I interpreted that as enthusiasm. Putting my hands on her waist, I fucked her furiously.

"Yes. Fuck that nasty slut, Bob. Cum in her pussy. To Jennifer A. she hissed, "LICK MY CUNT, BITCH!" With each hard thrust from me, Jen Pitt Aniston ass bounced on my hips.

I violently spanked it.



"Nasty whore. Cum on my cock."


Jennifer Love Hewitt head was shaking all over. "OH SHIT! YEAH!! I LOOVVE IT!!! LICK MY NASTY FUCKING CUNT!!! I'M CUUMMMINNGGG!!! AHHHH!"

The short-haired brunette pooped her tongue out of JLH's pussy and I noticed a huge mass of sticky around her pussy.

To me, she growled. FUCCK MEE!!! CUM INSIDE MY SLUTTY CUNT!!! YEESSS!!! I'M CUUMMINNG!!! Her massive climax poured around my cock and my own orgasm shot down her beautiful tunnel.

"Perhaps we should move this elsewhere," I said.

As the Jens and I opened the huge stall door, we notice a lovely young women staring at us. We've been caught. My limp cock twanged, coming back to life. As the 2 stars hailed a cab, I paid the bartender.

He winked at me. "A way with women, huh."

I grinned at him, and walked out the bar's entrance. This is gonna be a GREAT NIGHT, after all.

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