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Quitting Time: All Too Tense


Disclaimer: All right, this story is not real. NOT REAL! Not to be read by anyone under the age of 18/21 yadda yadda yadda! I'd love to hear some feedback as per usual. My e-Mail address through the link below! Also, if you want to drop me a comment, feel free to use the box below! This author would like to thank: TNP, Thee_Disciple and DarkLord Z for always being able to proof read my crap.

Author: Blackjack

Celebrity: Kristen Stewart

Codes: MF, Cons, Oral, Anal, Slut, ATM

Leon Reddick had been hired to be the on set masseuse for the new hit movie 'Twilight New Moon'. He had read the books when they were first released and could honestly feel the brain cells dripping from his nose. But. A pay check was indeed a pay check and lately he needed one.

Leon was only twenty one and fresh out of school. Both his parents passed away in a car crash when he was very young, he barely remembered them. It was then that he went to live with his Aunt Cherie. His Aunt took very good care of him and was in fact a masseuse as well. Leon watched his Aunt work with her clients and eventually picked up on most of the tools of the trade. He had gone to a decent enough school for a business degree, but in a world in a recession there were no well paying jobs available.

Aunt Cherie knew several people in Hollywood and had worked with various clients. Leon remembered men in suits coming into their apartment and Aunt Cherie was always ecstatic after they left. Obviously, agents to the stars. Aunt Cherie would then disappear for several weeks, close to months and then come home and always treat Leon to something special.

She had got ill lately, so Leon took over her trade. It started off slowly, doing work with elderly people helping their joints work better, before it got up to hipsters who swore by the latest fad that 'like ohmyGod Barack Obama does like the exact same thing!' Soon, it was business men and then an old friend of Aunt Cherie turned up asking for her help on Twilight.

So here he was, stuck inside a trailer with very little to keep him occupied. He had a curled up copy of the latest US edition of Maxim and UK FHM and his iPod. Unfortunately, as it had been dropped several times the normal Apple mini jukebox was now dying in his hands.

'Wonderful.' Leon cursed mentally. He ran a hand through his short, messy blond hair and stood up. Walking around the trailer, he moved up to the standing mirror and admired his reflection. Leon stood at close to five foot ten, possibly five foot nine without his shoes on. His face was young and refreshed, he was still trying to work off last nights partying and was clean shaven. Leaning in closer, Leon admired his emerald green eyes, apparently he got them from his Mother. Girls had always commented that he had lovely eyes and that usually meant at least oral.

Leon took off his khaki bomber jacket and dumped it over the masseuse table, he straightened out his navy blue shirt and messed around, tucking it in, then out of his stone colored fabric shorts. Sighing heavily, he grabbed his jacket and placed it on the door to the trailer's shirt hook.

Sitting down, the young blond man grabbed the UK FHM and flipped it open. 'Girls of 2010' the front page read and had a front cover of scantily clad pop group 'The Saturdays'. Flipping through the pages, Leon came across Ashley Greene, the same Ashley Greene who was several feet away shooting scenes for the new movie.

'Maybe I could give her a full body work over?' He chuckled to himself as he carried on flipping through, finding an article to read. Funnily enough, most men buy FHM for the almost nude women and jokingly say 'It's for the articles.' Leon actually did read FHM for the articles, the women were a juicy, fleshy, almost naked bonus.

There was a knock on the door, that Leon almost didn't hear. Looking up, he tilted his head to the left. That adds more volume you see. He spoke loudly, loud enough for someone to hear but not loud enough to make him sound like a crazy man shouting.

"Come in!"

It was the director, Chris Weitz, he had accompanied the agent to Aunt Cherie's and the two men were on first name terms. Leon tucked away the FHM, unsure of how the boss would feel about that sort of material on set.

"Hi Leon." Chris said warmly, his face looked drained and almost seemed defeated.

"Hi Chris, what's wrong?" He asked, standing up to shake the director's hand.

"Meyer is on set." Chris said, matching the handshake. Stephanie Meyer, murderer of literature. Scratch that, insanely rich murderer of literature. She was notoriously tough on the set of the first Twilight movie and it looked like she was being just as tough for this movie.

"The fan girls will lap this up anyway. Just give it a 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir.' attitude and pretend to take her advice." Leon said with a smile as he offered Chris a seat.

"I know right. Jeez, it's not like this is my first rodeo!" Chris exclaimed. Putting his head in his hands for a brief moment before bringing them up and running them through his short black hair.

"Right. Anyway chief, what can I do for you? Something giving you trouble?" Leon asked, standing up ready to massage the older man.

"No, not for me anyway!" The director said with a smile. "We shot a couple of stunts today, but Kristen landed awkwardly. She's been walking funny all day. We've finished her shots and managed to coax her into coming to see you. Think you can squeeze her in?"

Looking around, Leon smiled. "Sorry man, heaving with work." Punctuating the point, Leon mimed the busy trailer.

"Ah, alright then... You're joking right?" Chris smiled, but then turned serious for the last part.

Nodding his head slowly, the blond haired youngster smiled. "Sure. She's finished right now right? No rush to finish?"

"Nope, can you make sure she'll be fine to shoot tomorrow though? As in won't have to see you again? For a while at least." Chris said with a smile.

"Yeah that'll be fine. She ready now?" Leon asked as he straightened out the table, lying the paper place on the comfy bed.

"Yeah, she's getting changed now, but she'll be over once she's finished. Thanks Leon, can't tell you how much this will help!"

"Don't worry about it buddy! You're paying me to do this. Aunt Cherie needs her apple pie fix!" Leon joked as the two men moved to the trailer door.

Shaking hands, the two men parted. Chris walked out onto the bustling set, before hiding behind a moving piece of scenery, presumably to hide from Meyer. Leon smiled and shut the door.

Jackpot! She'll have to at least take her pants off! Kristen Stewart was a real cutie. She had long brown hair with moderate sized breasts, unfortunately she was playing the role of an idiot. Kristen had a real look of 'I'm a rock and roll chick' about her and wasn't a phony like some out there.

Opposite the large bed, there was a cupboard full up of oils and various tools to help Leon get the job done. Grabbing several bottles, they were all transparent with small paper labels on explaining what was in which bottle. This was a trick Aunt Cherie had put on for his training. He needed to remember which ones were which for the road in case some sort of paper eating monster got past his bags zip. Opened up his smaller bag and then found his bottles and ate them all up. He placed the warm oils on the bed and found a large cream colored towel.

Placing them both on the bed, Leon turned around and tried to keep himself calm as he awaited the film's leading lady.

What felt like hours were more than likely minutes as Leon paced up and down the trailer, waiting for the brunette bombshell. Before he had made himself a neat little trench, there was a knock on the door. A more petite and quieter one than before. He was fairly certain he had heard one though.

"Come in?" There was a question mark behind it as he wasn't sure there was someone there. The acoustics of this trailer are terrible! Leon thought to himself with a smile, as a thin ray of golden sunlight made its way inside.

Kristen Stewart stepped in, with a big smile. She looked exhausted, but was keeping a brave face on. She had on a 'Joan Jett and the Blackhearts' shirt with some short jeans that were cut off at the ankle. She was wearing some stripy socks that ran around her pretty ankles, they were red and had black hoops on, she also had some black converse shoes on that were loose near the top. Sprouting off from her ankles, looking almost like a flower's head.

"Hi Leon?" She asked, stepping in to shake his hand.

"Leon, right. And I already know who you are." Leon said with a smile, warmly shaking her smaller hand.

"Can't imagine how." She said with a grin, closing the door behind her. Blocking off the sunlight and the hustle and bustle of the movie set.

"I swear I've seen you somewhere before... Spiderman?" Leon asked with a smile.

"Almost. I was in Twilight." Kristen said, with a smile.

"Twilight? That some sort of independent movie?" Leon said, continuing their little game.

"Yeah, not many people saw it. Wasn't very popular with teenage girls." Kristen said, licking her lips then cutely biting down on her bottom lip.

"Hmm. May have to check it out." Leon finished with a smile, stealing a quick look, Leon admired Kristen's sweet lips that were coated with a peachy color, making them look good enough to taste...

"Right. So, shall we get started?" Kristen, let her shoulders drop slightly and asked with a smile.

"Sure. Which leg was it again?"

"Ah, well... I haven't really told Chris this... But..." Kristen started to trail off, as she hopped up on the bed.


"I'm really hurting all over. I feel soooo sore!" The Twilight starlet said, accentuating the 'Oh' part of so.

"Alright. Do you want me to work all over?" The young masseuse Leon asked, leaning back, against the wall of the trailer. Crossing his arms, he looked her up and down, working out where he could work.

"If it's not too much trouble?" She asked, crossing her legs, then uncrossing them casually.

"No problem, I haven't got any other appointment's yet." Leon said, using his shoulders to push himself off of the wall. He clapped his hands together and rubbed them, generating a small amount of warmth. This always worked well with the application of oils and salves.

"OK. Do you want to hop up and lie down on the table. I just need to have a feel." Leon took a breath and realized how dirty that sounded. "I, uh, mean, uh..."

"I know what you mean. Dirty boy!" She said with a smirk, she hopped up onto the bed and lay down on her front. Her sweet face fell into the hole at the head of the bed and she took hold of the side of the bed.

"Do I need to take anything off?" Kristen asked, as Leon walked around to the head of the bed.

"Not yet. Your clothes look light enough for me to feel through. You will need to once I start to go to work though." He answered as he placed his hands on the tip of Kristen's back. Even with clothes on, her skin felt so smooth to his touch. It was a nice change to Mrs Fox down the hall to Aunt Cherie.

'With a bit of luck she'll have fur or something grotesque to stop me from getting hard.' He thought to himself as he gently traced his outstretched hands down her back, stopping just before her ass.

"Ah." Leon said, having found something. Pressing down lightly on the small of her back, Kristen groaned at the touch.

"There we go. That's one." He said with a smile. Tracing his fingers up her back again, there was another knot near the top of her back.

"And there too? It feels quite tense." Leon commented, Kristen let out an affirmative grunt to the young blonde's comment.

"Alright, do you want me to start on your top half or carry on to your legs and give you a full body?" The masseuse asked, walking back to her hips.

"Well, we can do the bottom after the top if that's alright?" The brunette asked, lifting her head ever so slightly so she could form a sentence.

"Sure, umm... If you could take off your shirt and bra? There's a counter near the table for your clothes." It pained him to do so, but he took hold of Kristen's hand and helped her up. He then turned away and let Kristen undress in privacy.

"Alright, all done." Kristen said, with a cheery tone.

"Great." Leon said, turning round he took hold of the smaller clear bottle and poured the gel into his hands. "This stuff's quite warm Miss Stewart." Leon warned as she took her place, lying on the table with her now bare back facing him. Damn. No fur or horrible scarring. Why did this always happen to him? He thought to himself as he rubbed the gel into his hands.

"Fine. Oh, please call me Kristen, Miss Stewart is my Mom." The young woman said with what sounded like a smirk.

"Cool. Alright, here we go." He commented as he rubbed the gel into his hands and started to apply the warm substance. Making small talk, Leon was lectured on how the conventions and fan meet and greets were treacherous times. Eventually the two youngsters started to talk about sex and relationships. This wasn't particularly uncommon as the ladies he typically helped out always used to talk about their love affairs with Lincoln, much to Leon's chagrin.

"So, are you single?" Kristen asked him as he worked on her top.

"Yeah I am. I had a couple of on again, off agains in College but nothing yet." Leon said, not really expressing an emotion as he needed to get his rocks off.

"Ah, well we have something in common; I've been single now for about two months. Jesus I really need a guy! Wait... does that sound slutty?" Kristen asked as he worked over her.

Leon's shaft had started to stiffen in his jeans. Mercifully, his shorts helped provide resistance and cover as he moved down to the lower knot.

"Not at all, we all need a release. Sometimes a partner is just what you need. I thought you were dating Robert... Pattermore?" Leon asked, fluffing the lead star/mega hunk Edward Cullen's real name.

"Pattinson. But no, I think that was something to do with Twi-Hards wanting to see it come to life."

"Ah, well... Huh, not really sure what to say to that." Leon said with a smile, pressing down and lightly rubbing the bottom part of her body. Making sure to relieve all the tension, Leon stopped for a moment as he felt Kristen's hand brush past his groin ever so slightly.

"Something wrong cutie?" Kristen asked, lifting her head up from the bed. Looking over her shoulder at Leon with a grin.

"Ah... No... Should we carry on?" He asked, the blood, mercifully traveling up to his face to flush his cheeks.

"Sure." Kristen said with a grin, before placing her head back in the hole with her hands gripping the side again.

"So..." Leon started, but Kristen finished the sentence for him.

"Favorite position?" She was definitely smirking now as Leon continued to work.

"Uhh... I suppose cow girl... But, a boring bit of missionary as well." Leon admitted, the young man's face wasn't as red now as the blood traveled back to his groin. Making Leon's shaft stiffen, his flimsy shorts were starting to provide a fine piece of camping equipment. (Author's Note: A tent ladies and gentlemen, a tent.)

"Missionary is cool. Especially if you get more than one person... Or toys. I love being fucked and then getting a dildo or vibrator in my mouth. Feels just like the real thing!" Kristen declared again. The words hit Leon like a sledgehammer, he had just met this young lady and she was already opening up on her wildest and moments of sexual nature. If his dick could've stiffened any more it would have.

"... What about you Kristen?" Leon said, as he started to think about those lovely dames getting laid with Honest Abe.

"Where to start... Doggy style, missionary, reverse missionary, sixty nine, cow girl, reverse cow girl... You name it, I'll do it or try it!" Kristen said, as the two were deep in the conversation about their sexual desires. Kristen spoke up again, relating to the job at hand.

"Can you do my top again?" Kristen asked. Leon took a moment to comply as her realized that his dick would be right in front of her face.

"Sure..." The blonde said, moving up to the top of the table, Leon took his time, taking deep breaths to make sure that she may not see it.

Fat chance.

Placing his hands on her top again, Kristen let out a low husky groan as the young man rubbed his hands all over her young, nubile body. Letting out another growl of anticipation, Kristen moved her hands up from the bed and onto his hips.

"Relax sweet thing. Just relax." She said, her hands then slowly made their way down from his hips to the front of his shorts. Tugging at the flimsy draw string, the shorts soon became loose and were around his ankles.

"Oh... I'll just get them." Playing oblivious and hoping she would just give up, he started to grab the shorts.

"Don't you fucking dare." Kristen said, her voice got more aggressive with the curse word.

There wasn't much to protect Leon's shaft from Kristen's hungry gaze. He continued to work on her shoulders as her hands ran around his waist, her fingers tracing the elastic waist band of his grey, woven boxer shorts. His dick was straining with the blood running around inside it, obviously ready to break out.

"Step a little closer please." Kristen asked sweetly, her voice was calmer now as Leon was hitting the right spots. Leon complied and took some steps towards the table. His cock dangerously closer to her face now.

"Perfect." She said, smiling from ear to ear. She pushed her head closer to his cock, now inches away, she opened her mouth and flicked her tongue against the fabric covered organ. Tracing from the bottom to the tip, Leon groaned as electricity shot through him.

"Relax, keep working on me." Kristen said as she tugged at the fabric, making them drop to the floor. Leon's eight inch shaft was now free in the air, with Kristen's hungry eyes drinking in the sight. Kristen stuck out her tongue and started licking at the dick, it started with soft, petite licks. Running from the bottom of his shaft, all the way to the tip, Kristen traced the under vein with her tongue.

Kristen held his hips close to her face as she started to deliver oral sex. Running her tongue up and down his shaft, the brunette smiled and planted a kiss on the tip of his dick's head. Opening her mouth, she then enveloped the large organ in her small, cute mouth and swallowed several inches of it.

Getting close to five inches in her mouth, she moved her right hand around to his big ball sac. Kristen made a cupping motion with her hand and lightly weighed his large balls. Slowly pulling her lips off of his shaft, Kristen kissed the tip of his shaft and flicked her tongue along his piss slit.

"Look like these bad boys are full of spunk for me." She said with a smile, she lightly pecked each ball with a quick kiss as she continued to jerk him off under the desk.

"Is that all for me?" She asked, as Leon continued to massage her back.

"If... *Heavy sigh* If you want it to be." The blonde man answered as he felt her back become stress free. "I think that's it for your top..." Leon said, taking his hands off of her top.

Kristen sighed heavily and nodded. "Well, I think we're having too much fun just now."

She then took his shaft back in her sweet, sexy mouth. His dick's head was what she was now focusing on. Wrapping her lips tightly around the bulbous part, Kristen got a lot of spit on the dick. She then made sure to lick it all up with her tongue making the recipient groan with appreciation. Kristen let the member slide into her mouth, getting up to the five, then six inch mark. Her tongue was running all around the shaft, making sure to cover every part of it.

The Twilight starlet went for it all. She pushed her head deeper into the bed and managed to fit the full shaft inside her warm, wet mouth. Kristen moaned with the big dick inside her mouth, muffling the noise. Leon placed his hands on her head and traced his fingers through her soft, brown hair. The young star held her mouth down at the bottom of his shaft before lightly flicking her tongue against his large sac.

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