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My Two Loves

byGrey Eagle 286©

My name is Donna Colgrove. I have been married to Stewart Colgrove for thirty five years. This is the true story of my life.

I was born in Dixie, Dixie, Georgia that is. My family has lived there for years. I am a blond, blue eyed, woman and at fifty five years of age I still have a very nice figure. I am five foot one and weight one hundred and ten pounds, only five pounds more than I did at eighteen. I have always known I was very pretty. I have three wonderful children, two sons and a daughter who turned out well in spite of me.

I went through the Brooks County School system and graduated from High School there. I met my first love after the Senior Prom. A boy named Dave Breeker took me to the prom. It was only our third date and we had only kissed once. After the prom we went with some other kids to the home of one of them. It was a nice party but my date got angry when I made it clear that I was not going to have sex with him. He was drinking pretty heavy and tried to drag me into a bedroom. Everyone was urging me to go with him. I made an excuse and when I had a chance I slipped out the door and started the long walk home. I had to take off my high heels on the dirt road. I took my stockings off too because I didn't want to ruin them.

Then it started to rain. I was several miles from the party by then. I saw house lights ahead and saw a couple of houses along the road. I heard someone call out. "Hey girl, get up on this porch out of the rain." I ran and stood on the porch and looked down at my ruined dress. My hair was soaked and hung over my face.

A deep voice said, "Here, girl, this is a clean towel, you need it." He was a young black guy. I recognized him from school. He had been a couple of years ahead of me.

I said, "Thank you Rafe." I'm 'bout drowned."

"You sho' are babe. What happened?"

"My date wanted something I didn't want to give him. So I tried to walk home."

"You live over off 149 don't you?"

"Yes." My teeth were chattering by now. He took my hand an led me inside. He got another towel and dried my hair. He left the room and came back with a Terrycloth robe. "This is clean, go in that room and take your clothes off and dry off and put the robe on. That's my sister's room, she is off at college so see if there is anything you can wear."

I did as I was told and did find some shorts and a T-shirt that fit pretty well. I walked back in the parlor and he grinned at me. "Now you look pretty again instead of like a drowned rat."

"Why thank you kind Sir. I felt like a drowned animal of some kind. Maybe not a rat though."

"Hey girl, bad choice of words, 'kitten' would have been better, you are more like a cute little wet kitten."

I know I blushed as I grinned at him. He was a tall handsome guy. He brought me a cup of hot Coco, it was just the right thing. We sat and I told him all about the Prom.

He looked at me and said, "If I had been there I would have punched his lights out for treating you that way."

"That's sweet of you to say that, Rafe Jackson, very sweet."

"I meant it, you don't deserve to be treated like that. I have never heard of you even saying a mean word to anyone. You are always nice to everybody."

We sat and talked for hours. He made me put the robe on after I shivered a bit. I had gotten a good chill. He sat close to me and after a bit he put his arm around me and pulled me close. "Let my body heat warm you a little." he said. It felt nice and it did warm me up. I snuggled closer to him. I felt very tired and put my head on his shoulder. I must have dozed off for a minute. I awoke when I felt his lips against my hair. I lifted my head and pulled his lips down to mine. It was a sweet kiss. I smiled at him. He looked in my eyes, "Can I kiss you again?"

"Yes, Please do."

This kiss was a bit harder and I felt his lips part and his tongue brush my lips. That felt very nice. I parted my lips and touched his tongue with mine. That kiss lasted a long time. I turned around until I was facing him and we moved into to some serious necking. I felt his hand slip under the robe and caress my side. Then it moved up under my arm and cupped my breast. I moaned from the pleasure I felt. I put my hand under his shirt and felt the hard muscles of his chest. He groaned this time.

He stood, lifting me in his strong arms, He kissed me and said, "I want you in my bed little girl."

I said, "Yes, I want you too!"

He placed me on the bed and I sat up while he pulled the t-shirt over my head. I fell back and raised my hips for him to pull off the shorts. I watched him strip off his shirt and then pull down his shorts. I saw the big bulge in his under shorts. He stripped them off too and I saw his wonderful cock for the first time. It was much darker in color than the rest of him. The shaft was almost black while the crown was a lighter brown. It was thick and strong looking. He moved onto the bed with me and kissed me again. It was a long slow kiss. His hands were on my breasts, teasing my pink nipples.

One hand rubbed gently over my stomach and found the fine blond hair on my mound. He lifted his head and looked down at me. He played with my pussy hair for a little while, then he said, "I would like it better if you were clean shaven down here."

"Yes, I'll remember."

His lips found mine again and I felt a finger enter me. It was wonderful. It slipped way in and then I was slippery down there. His finger slipped in and out and up and down in a completely delightful way.

Then he raised up and moved his lips to my breasts. God! His mouth engulfed the top half of my breast and I felt suction as his lip compressed the flesh as they move tighter around the nipple. He suckled at my nipple for several minutes then moved to the other one. Meanwhile a couple more finger were playing with my pussy and found my clitty. Wow! Waves of pleasure I had never felt swept through my body. He moved down over me and my legs spread to accept him. He rubbed the head of hid cock in my slit then pressed forward. He felt my hymen and stopped. He looked at me, "Do you want this girl?" What could I say, I just nodded. He thrust forward and I felt a pinch and he was moving deep inside me. It filled me. I was afraid it would hurt me but he was very gentle. There was no more pain, just wonderful sensations that grew and grew into and huge explosion of total ecstasy and joy. I think I passed out with the pleasure of it. Then I felt him shudder and pull out of me. He stroked his cock and I saw his sperm spurt out and cover my belly. Boy there was lots of it. He moved to lay beside me and kissed me again. "Did you like that girl. I sure did."

"Oh! I loved it Rafe, I really loved it."

He brought still another towel and gently cleaned me up. I took a shower and put my dress back on. He took me home in his old truck. I made him stop away from the house and we kissed good night. I promised to call him. I ran to the house and undressed and crawled in bed and thought about Rafe. That had been the most intense time of my whole life. I wanted it again.

I slipped off and met Rafe every chance I got for about six months.

Then I met Stewart Colgrove. I was at a wedding reception after my cousin Marge's wedding. I had danced with a lot of guys. I had noticed a young Marine officer standing alone. Every time I looked at him he was watching me. He was very handsome in his Dress Blues. He had a few ribbons and wore golden wings above them. I smiled at him and he actually blushed, how cute! George Staunton asked me to dance. I watched the Marine, his eyes never left me. When the tune was over I excused myself and walked up to the Marine and held out my hand, "I'm Donna Morgan. Who are you?"

"Hi, I'm Stu Colgrove. I am very happy to meet you Donna."

"Is Stu for Stewart?"

"Yes it is. What is Donna for?"

I laughed, "Donna is for having fun. Will you dance with me?"

"Yes. I would love that. I am not a good dancer. Where I come from most people think dancing is sinful."

"My goodness, we have a lot of sinners around here. Including me I am afraid."

He smiled and my heart melted, "This must be sinful, it feels way too good holding you like this to be completely innocent."

"Do you think everything that feels good is sinful?"

"I don't, but a lot of people do. I just can't believe anyone as sweet and beautiful as you could do anything sinful."

"Oh! My! You have led a sheltered life."

"Not that sheltered lately. When I went off to the Naval Academy it was a real revelation to me. My parent were right, the world is full of sinners. I have met a lot of wonderful good people who my parents would consider sinners. I guess they think I am one too now."

"I don't think you sin very much, Stu. Would you like to take a walk with me?"

"I would certainly love that. As long as we are not going to do anything sinful."

"I can guarantee that we will not sin."


I giggled. "You almost sinned, you had me scared for a second. I thought that was going to be a 'Damn'."

We both laughed. I took his hand and pulled him along, "Have you ever seen a steam powered tractor before?"

"Just in books, how old is it?"

"Real old, I don't know exactly. I think 1875 or something like that. My grandpaw had one. Now Daddy has diesels."

"My folks have the same thing, My Gramp had Mules."

"Your folks have a farm too?"

"Sure do"

"Would you like to see our farm?"

"I would love that! I have a truck here."

"Great let's go."

I showed him the way after I told my folks I was leaving with Stu. I loved watching him drive. Every time he looked my way he smiled. I don't think he could help it. I don't think he even knew it. His truck was a four by four so I showed him all over he farm. When we got back to our house Mom and Dad were just getting out of their truck. They greeted him and invited him to stay for supper. Dad liked him because Dad had been a Marine too. He had a suitcase in his truck and he changed to jeans and a t-shirt while I changed to shorts and a halter top. He looked just as yummy in jeans. He was a very strong guy. The muscles in his chest, arms, and thighs simply bulged. Not an ounce of fat on him anywhere. Daddy asked him how much he could lift. He said he wasn't into weightlifting. He laughed and said he owed his physique to throwing hay bales. Daddy said that was the best workout in the world.

We talked for a long time about everything. Mom asked him to spend the night. He said he already had a room at the motel in town. She told him to come for breakfast, he wiggled like a greeted puppy and agreed. He was so damned cute I just wanted to drag him to bed. I didn't though. I was afraid I would shock him. We sat on the porch and talked. We loved a lot of the same things. We hated a lot of the same things. He looked at his watch and jumped up. "Hey, it is after two!" I walked him to his truck and stood very close to him. He leaned down and touched his lips to mine. I couldn't help it I gave him a tight hug, pressing my body to his. Then I ran to the house. I watched him drive off until he was out of sight.

The next morning he was there bright and early. After breakfast we took a picknick basket I had ready and went for a drive. We went to a park in Tallahassee, Florida and enjoyed the ride of about forty miles each way. We swam in the lake and had our lunch. It was the best day of my life. I liked Stu more every time I looked at him. He was so sweet and really nice. On the way home he pulled into a rest area and we sat in his truck and kissed and held each other. He had to go back to his base in Pensacola, Florida, about a two and a half hour drive. I didn't want him to go. I asked him to call me now and then. He promised he would. I was not happy when he left. I felt like hell.

I called Rafe and he said he would meet me at his place about five that after noon. Having a nice sexual romp with Rafe took my mind off of Stu. Sort of. Rafe knew something was wrong. "Baby, tell ol' Rafe all about it. What is wrong."

"Oh! Rafe! I met a wonderful guy. I think I have fallen in love with him. I just can't stand being away from him. I don't know what to do."

"Honey, I know just how you feel, I been seein' a little gal for a month or two now. I really love her. She getting' ready to go off to college. I'm thinking about askin' her to marry me."

"I guess you won't want to see me anymore then."

"Baby, I will still want to see you whenever we can. I'll always be here for your lovin'. You know that. I can't give you up."

"I don't want to give up our lovin' either. When I am down in the dumps it cheers me right up. Do we have time for me to give you a nice blow job?"

"We gonna make time, OK."

I lifted his limp black cock off his brown stomach and put my pink lipsticked lips around the head of it. It was so soft and smooth and I could feel the shaft changing in my hands. I gripped he shaft a little harder and lifted him until he was straight up. I licked the spot just below the rim around the head on the bottom of the shaft. I rubbed my tongue on that spot for several minutes. Then I slipped it in my mouth as far as I could take it. It hit the back of my throat and I gagged a little. If I went any farther it completely closed off my throat. I pulled up off him while I slathered saliva all over the shaft. Back over the head I went, both hands at work now stroking together and twisting lightly on the black skin stretched tightly over the veins and muscles of the massive hunk of love tool. My juices were flooding from my pussy as I caressed his cock with my tongue. I really loved sucking that black cock. He stiffened and shuddered moaning he was about to cum. I laved the light brown head with my tongue and could feel the shaft pulse as the sperm rushed toward the head of it. Spurt, spurt it went into my waiting mouth. Spurt, and spurt again it went until my mouth was full. I smiled at him and swallowed it down. I love that stuff.

I was in my room writing a letter to Stu that night when my father called me and said I had a long distance phone call. I ran down the stairs an grabbed the phone from his hand. It was Stu. He said he missed me. He had planned to come back during the weekend but there had been a change made in the duty roster and he would not be able to get away, It would be another week before he could get back. I cried. That upset him. He begged me not to cry. He said he was just as upset as I was. I asked what he had to do while he had the duty. He explained that he was merely a supernumerary and he would have to be on call in his apartment off the base. I asked if he could sneak off. He said, "For you I am tempted. If I was caught it would be a courtmartial offence. Deserting a post. Maximum penalty, Death by firing squad. You are tempting me."

"No way will I let you take a chance like that. Never! I'll come and see you if you want me to."

"Are you serious? Would your Mom and Dad let you do that?"

"Oh! They will fuss and object like hell but they will give in if I really want it bad enough."

"Do you?"

"Yes I do. I never knew I could miss anyone so much. Do you have room for me in your apartment?"

"God yes. We can do that."

"Give me the directions I may come tomorrow, what time do you get home?"

I was parked in front of his apartment when he pulled in at 4:35 the next afternoon. We carried my stuff up to his apartment. It was a small efficiency apartment with a couch/bed deal, a small kitchen and dinette and a bathroom. I will give him this, It was spotlessly clean. Much, much cleaner than any other bachelor pad I had ever been in. I was impressed. He stood looking at me with a silly smile on his face. I walked to him and put my arms around his neck and ran my tongue in his mouth. He kissed back with passion. I could feel his erection pressing against my belly. I reached between us and unfastened the buttons to my blouse. I worked it off my shoulders. He ran his hands over my back and found the catch for my bra and freed it. My hands had my slacks unzipped and sliding down my legs. He stepped back and undid the buttons on his shirt while our lips remained together and our tongues played. I worked on his belt buckle but couldn't figure it out, his hands took over and I got his zipper and started pushing his pants down. I broke the kiss and wearing only my panties I threw the cushions off the couch and folded the bed out. It was neatly made. He yelled "Catch" and threw me a couple of pillows. I pulled the covers down and peeled off my panties. I only got a glimpse of his penis as he followed me onto the bed. He pressed his lips to mine and French kissed me. I loved his gentle tenderness. His hand felt my breast and softly kneaded it then tweaked the hard little nipple. He was a bit uncertain of what to do next. I knew he was a virgin. My first cherry was about to be popped. I pulled him over me as I spread my legs for him. I reached down and helped him put the head in the slit of my pussy. He tried to push in but he wasn't lined up correctly. I wiggled around a lot more than necessary then pulled him forward. He slipped in an inch or so. "I haven't hurt you yet have I dearest girl?"

"Not yet sweetheart. Go deeper."

He pushed in a little more but he couldn't get past my tightly clinched vaginal muscles. He pushed again and I relaxed the muscles and he slid on in. I yelped "Ouch!"

"Did I hurt you dear?"

"Just a little bit but it feels good now. I love it." I helped him set up a rhythm that was good for both of us. Even though he was inexperienced he felt really good. He didn't fill me like Rafe did but he didn't hurt like Rafe did when he went in too far. I really loved the way he felt. I knew I would have to go slow as I taught him how to love me. He had to believe he was my first lover, I wanted that for him.

I felt him stiffen and tremble and I knew he was about to cum. I was on the edge of an orgasm but I let him go on and cum. I watched as the poor dear threw his head back and grimaced as if he were in real pain as he came. I was amazed at the amount of cum he spurted into me. It felt like a cup full. A lot more than Rafe did.

I pulled him down on me and held him close. "Was it good for you dear?" he asked.

"Oh! It was wonderful, I didn't know it was so wonderful. Lets do it again right away."

"I don't think I can do it again right away."

"Oh, I didn't know."

"Let me get my breath. I'll be alright in a minute."

He was so sweet. I loved him for trying so hard. I rolled him off of me and touched the tip of my nose to the tip of his nose and told him I loved him. I did love him. I knew it wouldn't take long to train him. I had plenty of time because I knew I was going to marry this man.

We were married a few months later. Stu had orders to the Marine Corps Air Station at El Toro, California, outside of LA near Irvine. We were there two years and I only went home to visit twice during the whole time. Rafe had married his sweetheart, Annabelle. Rafe and I got together twice each time I was home. He had a little secret cabin hidden in the woods on property my Dad owned but no one ever used.

Stu applied for and was accepted for a pilots job with a major Airline. The money was good and we moved to Miami. We had a nice home there, pool and all. I was pregnant with our oldest boy, Jack. Tom came two years later and Mary was a year later. We visited home two or more times a year. When things worked out well we made as many as eight trips home a year. Often I went alone. I never failed to see Rafe at least a couple of times each trip. Our sex was still wonderful. The sex between Stu and I had slowed down a little which we thought was normal.

Stewart Colgrove was the perfect husband, he was a damned good provider, a perfect lover and a wonderful father. He never forgot a birthday or an anniversary. He was the love of my life.

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