tagBDSMMy Two Suckslaves

My Two Suckslaves


It's Monday, just after 5 in the morning. My out of town vanilla girl friend just left less than an hour ago after spending her usual weekend time with me. I just got out of the shower and barely put on a robe when the doorbell rings.

As I walk down the upstairs hall, I glance out the window to verify the identity of the car in my driveway. Scampering down the stairs to the door, I unlock and open it. Outside stand two women, Lori and Jane, waiting to be let in.

"Good morning, my Monday sluts," I greet them as I open the outer glass door. They grin as they look at each other and come through the door. "Go upstairs to the guest bedroom and get yourselves ready," I tell them.

Both these women are my slaves. Lori has been with me for half a year and has become a dedicated suck slave. She prides herself on her deep throat skills and loves sucking my cock for hours at a time. She loves licking my asshole too, and sometimes I need to make her do that for an hour here and there just to give my cock a chance to recover. As our relationship developed, we had mutually decided it might be good to find another mouth to service me at the same time, so that one could suck my cock, the other my ass as a way of providing some interesting variations in our routine. That's where Jane came in. However, she turned out to need a full time Master herself, and had become more of a regular helper than had been anticipated originally. So now you know more about the two cumholes I just sent upstairs.

I had a couple minor things to do downstairs, had a glass of orange juice, then followed my slaves up to the guest bedroom. By that time, both had shed their clothes and were naked, pulling back the covers on the queen sized bed. It was smaller than I would have liked for the purpose, but I could make do. I told Jane to sit in the chair in the corner for the moment. I wasn't ready for her services just yet. Lori I told to get into bed, near the foot of the bed.

I walked around to the other side, hung up my robe, and climbed into bed. As I lay on my back, Lori took no time in finding my cock with her mouth. I wasn't hard yet, but that made no difference. She swallowed me whole, locking her lips around the base of my shaft, pulling up towards the head, then sliding her mouth and her tongue back down to the bottom. It wasn't long before my cock grew rigid in her mouth.

Now I love getting sucked off. I also love taking my time to cum, always in my cocksucker's mouth. I expect my cum to be eaten, when I eventually squirt my seed into her mouth or down her throat. I've rarely been disappointed. But even more than cumming, I love just getting sucked. My cock is nothing extraordinary, although it does reach 7" when I'm fully erect. I've often been told, its girth is larger than the typical man's. Of course, I'm prejudiced: I just think it's a great size for being sucked.

Lori was doing a great job, she massaged my cock with her lips and her tongue, up and down, swirling her tongue around my cock, taking me all the way down her throat. I love that feeling a woman's lips pushing at the base of my cock as I'm straining to reach as far down her throat as I can. Lori and I have had many sessions together, and over the months, she has learned, for the first time in her life, to have her own orgasms while giving deep throat. In fact, we've gone much further than that. She now cums on command. I can watch her whole body shake when she does so. I could tell you about some of the interesting public places I've had her cum, but that's another story.

She repeatedly pushed herself down as far into my groin as possible, and I could feel her body trembling as she was cumming on my cock. What a great feeling!

It was time to change positions. I rolled her over onto her left side, me laying on my right, all the time my cock still in her mouth. She loves to suck and just doesn't want to let go. Most of the time, having my right leg under her head while I fuck her mouth is great, but I had a different plan at the moment. Reluctantly, she let go as I moved my leg out from under her so that both my legs were now in front of her. My cock immediately went back into her sucking mouth, and down her throat.

It was time to call Jane out of her chair. "Get over here and suck my asshole," I commanded. I didn't need to say it twice.

She got into bed, her legs up behind my head, her body curved down around my back and went to work. I could feel her snaking her tongue up and down my ass crack, getting me good and wet. Her hands pried my cheeks apart as she plunged her face between my ass cheeks and pushed her mouth up against my asshole, her tongue prying its way as if to enter me completely. What a sensation!

In the mean time, Lori is still sucking my cock for all she's worth. I reach down to her right tit with my left hand, and start to pinch her nipple. I know that will take her over the edge in a hurry, and it does.

Soon, I grab Lori's head with both hands, fucking her mouth for all I'm worth. I can see her ass sticking out at the edge of the bed. Very cute! Jane is sucking my asshole, moaning away deliriously, lost in her own world. The time is coming soon, and so is my cock. I start to erupt down Lori's throat, then pull back just enough to finish feeding her my load into her mouth. I want her to taste my cum and know what she's swallowed. I can feel her body writhing in an orgasm of her own as I finish cumming in my suckslave's mouth. My asshole feels so good, and the moans from Jane are non stop. I know she's cumming as well.

We stay in that position for a few more minutes, Lori gently sucking my cock as it recedes in her mouth, Jane still licking my asshole. It's bliss at 7 in the morning. I know I'll be cumming in their mouths many more time in the days to cum. What a way to start the week!

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love this story.

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