My Unusual First Time Ch. 02


Rose arrayed the towel over the seat of a low chair with fabric-enclosed arms, before promptly (and most lewdly) plopping herself down in it and hooking her legs over the arms. I stood there and stared as she scooted her hips forward to present her cunt to me, as fully-opened as any man can expect to see it, save a gynecologist.

At least I didn't have to be told to get down on the carpet and feast my eyes. It was like in only one day everything I'd believed about female sexual generosity had proved-out wrong. I was on my knees and elbows in an instant; in case this was still a dream I wouldn't want to wake up before an intimate tour of pussy.

Rose said nothing as I studied the pink flesh of her outer lips and the darker pink of the second set within. I remember she had longer, straighter hairs running to either side of her opening than the curly ones that grew above it, delicate hair that covered bits of her inner thighs and down to her rear crack. There was a prominent hood over her clit and I could just see the glistening pink nub emerging, ever-so-slightly, from under it.

There was unmistakable moisture lubricating those inner cunt lips, and with it that earthy aroma that has always added an extra inch to my erection (well, it feels that way).

With her legs splayed and her buttocks just balanced on the edge of that chair, all of Rose's nether region was wholly visible to me from my vantage point. I know that a woman's private parts have often been described as beautiful by writers, but having my face an inch or so from both her openings was not much in the way of studying a piece of Art. Instead I felt myself overcome by the actual power of female sensuality, the raw sexuality that every girl and woman possesses in this simple way. A woman can have a disagreeable personality, a homely countenance, or even an obnoxious voice, but still she possesses this innate, primal power, the strength of her sex. To me, that's beyond Art.

Feeling like I was at a new church with strange rituals being conducted, I caught my breath as Rose unceremoniously started to play with herself right there before my eyes. A practiced fingertip began rolling the small ball of her clitoris as another delved just inside her hole, and her hips started a lazy grinding motion. "Stay right there" she breathed, so I did. I watched as her rear hole contracted and became very crinkly. I watched as fluid seeped from inside her and made her pubic hair shine. I saw her clit emerge from under its hood as now two of Rose's fingertips virtually strummed it. I reached down between my own legs and awkwardly masturbated, rubbing the tip of my cock along the carpet for added sensation. I felt her free hand gently reach to touch my hair. I instinctively drew my face as close as possible, hearing her making small urgent sounds deep in her throat.

This went on for some time. I loved breathing her in and seeing her hips move faster and faster. Her cunt opened up more as her muscles tightened in her thighs. She exuded warmth. Her fingers were soon wound in my hair as I rested my chin in my palm, supported by my elbow, and watched this remarkable event. I could barely see her breasts heaving above my line of sight. I wondered if it would be okay for me to kiss her there, between the legs.

And then she was there, and she couldn't help it: her hand in my hair urgently pulled me close to her, and my mouth, nose and chin were shortly being used to rub out her orgasm; I was alive with the smell and taste and heat of her, and then both her hands were on the back of my head and her crotch was simply grinding over my face. Rose's thighs clamped over my ears but I know she was crying out with pleasure, I could feel her joy as she bucked against me and spread her lush pussy over my willing face.

In the sheer urgency of the moment I stole as many kisses and licks to her cunt as I could manage before her peak subsided. The salty musk of her warm juices was most welcome to my taste, not at all objectionable, as I'd heard from inexperienced friends. As well, the continuing revelation of the last day or so, that women can be as highly aroused as I seemed to be twenty times a day, came as quite a relief. I no longer felt like I should be ashamed of my ardor. Rose's demonstrations had shown me that.

After awhile she released me and seemed to melt into the chair, her hands idly resting on her spread thighs as she just lay there in relief. I got up on my knees and looked up between the swells of her breasts to observe an expression on her face that seemed as though she might be quite pleased with herself.

Naturally my erection was waving before me so I began stroking it, buoyed by the sight of her wide-open charms and "go ahead, anything you want" attitude. I came very close to losing my true virginity at that moment; it would have been no effort at all to slide my heated prick into her open, wet cunt. But I managed to restrain the urge.

I did, however, scoot up to rest my aching ball sac on her lower belly, just above her sex. Like I say, it was a low chair and I was tall for my age of eighteen, so I was still firmly on my knees as I jacked off with my cock arching over her and aiming straight for her breasts. I could taste her orgasm on my tongue and lips.

To my delight, Rose mustered whatever strength she could find and wrapped her knees around my hips, holding me close and pulling me forward. She smiled and watched me masturbate through heavily-lidded eyes.

I studied her face and saw how relaxed and peaceful she appeared. It was funny, but for the first time since I'd discovered ejaculation at a tender age I didn't feel as much of that crazy urgency, right then, that always accompanied it. Looking at her satisfied, relaxed post-orgasmic expression gave me time to think about what I was doing, and how nice it was. I was being held gently by a woman as I stood and stroked my cock over her breasts and belly, already visualizing what her flesh would look like spattered with my cum. And she was fine with that.

My free hand was caressing her tits by the time I ejaculated powerfully all over her chest and upper stomach. There wasn't as much as usual, owing to the many times I had climaxed recently, but it felt marvelous and looked simply great to see my thick jism draped over her nipples. I groaned like a starving man suddenly gorging himself on steak.

Rose smiled in approval and didn't mind that I used my cock to mush my warm white seed into her flesh. I spent a good time doing it, too, milking all the pleasure out of myself.

Before I left that afternoon we took a shower together, certainly a first I'll never forget. I felt like such an adult. I had a fine time exploring her and soaping everything up, and she didn't mind me copping all the feels I could manage. She returned my touch with plenty of caresses of her own, but of course no kissing.

I especially liked that Rose let me explore her ass, bending slightly so I could slip a soapy index finger in and look from close-up as the shower spray came down her back. That was so forbidden-feeling that my poor penis became thick and hard once more, an event that made her grin and shake her head as we got out of the tub and dried each other off.

"Doesn't that thing ever go down?" Rose asked mockingly as she toweled her hair.


"I mean, it must be hard to piss with it like that, for instance. Speaking of which, I need to go, so perhaps you should step out for a moment."

Now, I don't know what made me suddenly want to see her pee, but I did. Looking back I think it was just the wanting to be intimate, to share something private. Plus, piss was another word I'd never heard a woman use, so of course her talking dirty got me where I live. Most females say pee.

When she'd got so far as to actually sit on the toilet and I still hadn't moved to leave the bathroom, Rose gave me an exasperated look and just went ahead and got comfortable on the can, evidently in more need to empty her bladder than to spend the effort to order me out of the room.

Emboldened, I moved to stand in front of her with my cock very hard and in my hand. She looked up at me quizzically, then shrugged and muttered "Go ahead", and leaned back against the toilet tank as we both awaited the onset of her release. She moved her legs outside mine so I could look directly down between them.

But she couldn't go, not at first. I stood there stroking my raw penis, my eyes roving over her body and looking into her eyes. It was really hot that she was letting me do this, and I knew it would not be long until I came yet again. In fact, she didn't even have to pee and I would reach climax easily, just from seeing her like this. But at the same time I felt bad that she might be too weirded-out to be able to go.

Finally she did, and it was a great loud rush of spray that I could see easily from standing there in front of her. It lasted about twenty or thirty seconds, but the novelty for me quickly wore off and instead it dawned on me that I was masturbating right over Rose, with my prick not far from her pretty face. That was far sexier, and I didn't know what I should make of it.

I know I sure didn't want to stop, and Rose didn't seem concerned about it as she unspooled a little toilet paper and wiped her pussy. She was looking right up at me with the head of my dick less that a foot from her. Even after she finished wiping and flushed the toilet she made no move to get up.

"Looks good from that angle" she observed, reaching up to cup my balls. I liked that feeling. This time she didn't just hold them in the palm of her hand, though. She started to knead them a bit with her fingertips.

"My second boyfriend used to do this."

"What?" I managed to ask.

"I'll show you. You just keep on." Her eyes met mine, and they were friendly and shining.

With that Rose leaned forward and opened her mouth rather wide. Her move brought the head of my cock right into line with her parted lips.

Now, this hit me below the belt. When I say it never occurred to me in those days that a woman would do such a thing, I'm not lying. This was an era when a blowjob was discussed in hushed, leering tones, the kind of sounds you hear when guys speak of things most of them have never experienced. I'd thought about it, naturally, but somehow never gotten to the point of wondering what happens when the man comes.

And here was something beyond that. Here was this wonderful, accommodating woman with her mouth invitingly open beneath my straining, red penis. She had her eyes open, too, and her tongue-tip curled like a spiral wave to accept my orgasm. And damn if she didn't look like the sexiest thing imaginable.

As I beat off Rose opened her mouth wider and got even closer. I could feel her breath on my ultra-sensitive glans.

"Oh, God Rose...."

"It's okay Danny. Enjoy it" she replied quickly, and then promptly opened her mouth again. I could see right down to her throat. God, I was about to ejaculate into a woman's mouth. It was so fucking dirty. So dirty I didn't want the anticipation to end, just wanted to go on masturbating and fantasizing about it for eternity.

"Uh, uhh...." I uttered, my heart jack-hammering and my breath ragged. My dick was so close to her I could feel the tip barely grazing the corners of her lips. In my mind's eye I could see my cum oozing over her teeth like dirty toothpaste. The contractions deep inside my pubic area began slowly but inexorably, and it was like I could feel my balls pull up tight to my groin.

I fought to keep my eyes open as the rush began, and was rewarded with the sight of my first volley of cum coating Rose's tongue. My dick spat right into her mouth but she didn't take her eyes off my face for a moment. This was so vulgar and lewd and simply wonderful. I spurted some on her upper lip next but then the next few spasms shot ropes of cum again into her mouth. The sticky whiteness was such a nice contrast with the pink.

I groaned with everything I had as the last of my sperm ejaculated, drooled and dripped into and onto her open mouth. Rose simply kept her mouth open to accept the cream that emptied from my balls and out of my purplish cock head until she sensed that I had spent it all, capping my soul-wrenching experience by closing just her lips over the super-heated glans of my penis and drawing out the very last of my juice. I could barely stand.

After awhile Rose let my dick slip free of her lips and then blew my mind by opening her mouth to show me all the semen. She had kept it all in her mouth until I'd finished! The gluey whiteness pooled deeply on her tongue. It looked positively obscene and almost shocking, but not so shocking as when she gulped it all down with one big swallow. I guess I had expected her to spit it out, or maybe I just don't know what I thought. I can only tell you I still occasionally masturbate whenever that image comes to mind.

It would be later that I would learn more about Rose's remarkable talents and experiences of her past, but that will need to wait for now as I'm feeling nearly as spent today as I did back then! If anyone would like a part three, please leave commentary. Thanks.

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