tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy VideoChat Error Ch 17

My VideoChat Error Ch 17


'All will be fine.'

That phrase stuck in my head.

"What if someone we know sees us?" I had asked.

"Don't worry. All my guests sign waivers that they are not to speak of anyone outside the party. What happens at the party, stays at the party. They also pay a lot to watch and be part of the debauchery. They would not want that they were there getting out either, nor pay the fine for breaking their agreement. Just do as you are told without hesitation, and all will be fine." Naughty had replied.

"All will be fine," Denise said softly as she squeezed my hand.

I looked back out from the limo. We were outside the city on a road that I had never travelled. We had passed by some farms already on our way to the party.

I looked at my hot secretary Denise. No. My hot girlfriend Denise. Her shoulder length brown hair framed her gorgeous face beautifully. She wore bright red lipstick, blush and had done her own blue eyes expertly. She wore a thin white blouse and a red skirt over her lacy lingerie. The set was white with red flowers at key points. A lacy bra, garter belt, panties and opaque white stockings. Her forearms were covered in lacy elbow length, lacy, white gloves. With her shiny cherry red heels on she looked so hot.

She made my penis stir.

Denise smiled at me more nervously than she had likely wanted to. She was to be my handler tonight. I was to be the one engaged in lewd sexual acts, not her. Yet she seemed as nervous as me.

She had been so calm when she had prepared me at her apartment earlier. She had taken her time applying my makeup. She spent a lot of time on my eyes and my now bright red lips. Afterwards she had helped me into my own white lingerie set, as ordered by Naughty, also with lacy white elbow length gloves like hers. The kind that attaches at the middle finger, covers the back of the hand but leaves the palm uncovered. Then she had brought out my light blue 'Alice' dress with a bow in the back and blue high heels. She completed my look by adding my brunette wig.

With my free hand I adjusted my skirt, trying to cover more of my stockinged legs. A chill went down my spine as my hand passed over my opaque white stocking. I loved the feel of stockings with my hand. Just never imagined I would be wearing them.

As before, I could only get it to just barely cover my garters. Even though no one could see Denise and I in here, I still felt so nervous and self conscious all dolled up as a woman.

As a woman about to be fucked. I felt so submissive.

My penis stirred a bit more in my white panties.

The driver grinned as he looked into the rear view mirror. Could he see us? Or just imagining that he could. I wonder if he knew why we were going where he was taking us. He had a knowing grin when he had picked us up at Denise's apartment earlier. Or was I just being paranoid?

Several young men had unabashedly ogled us as we had walked to the limo. Their drooling had made me blush and feel so embarrassed. So submissive. I could see it in their eyes, they wanted to fuck me.

I felt even more embarrassed that it had made my penis had stir.

When the driver opened the door for us to get in, he had paused to size me up. He had grinned as he did so. I could feel his eyes on me every second it took for me to get into the limo. He had looked at Denise too, but more fleetingly.

I was being forced into donning this look and going out to this upcoming party. A place where I would have to submit to men with big cocks who would use my body for their pleasure. Where I would be expected to worship their manly cocks and balls.

Forced by Naughty.

My own penis stirred even more in my panties.

My thoughts were interrupted as the limo had slowed down and we were stopping in front of a metal gateway to an estate. Moments later, the gates were parting and swinging inward. Rays from the late day sun were coming through the branches of the old trees that lined the roadway.

I glanced back and a chill ran down my spine as I saw the gates closing behind us.

This wasn't just a dream.

This was really happening.

Denise gripped my hand more tightly. Our eyes met. I could see nervousness in hers too. I could see that she wanted nothing more than to tell the driver to turn around and take us back home.

That wasn't about to happen.

Naughty wanted us at the party.

No, Naughty wanted me at the party.

Denise was escorting me. She was my handler for the night. She had just started her period last night too, much to her relief. She said hers were usually brief, often only two to three days. Her period made her hornier though.

The limo pulled up in front of a very large, old looking, stately mansion. A large Caucasian butler approached and opened the door for us.

Neither of us wanted to get out of the limo. But we knew we had to. We were being forced to do this by Naughty. If the hours upon hours of video he/she had on us ever got out... a chill ran down my spine. Butterflies filled my stomach and my heart sunk into it at the same time.


We had to perform. What exactly? I did not know yet. But it would be lewd and sexual.

Denise squeezed my hand. Our eyes met. We leaned forward and kissed each other lightly on our painted lips.

The muscular butler smiled at us but didn't say a word.

We knew what we had to do. What we were being forced to do. Denise stepped out of the limo first. I followed, still holding her hand.

After the butler closed the door behind us he walked in front of us and said, "This way ladies."

'Ladies'. I felt my face blush at that comment.

We followed him to the large doors in the middle of the mansion wall. Two more burly butlers stood here. Muscles looking to burst out of the dark suits that they wore. Both were black. Both looked at us and grinned as we approached.

The white butler opened the two doors and led us inside. The entry hall was as spacious as I could imagine. Another white, muscular suited man approached us.

"You must be Denise and Shauna," he said more confirmedly than questioningly.

"Uh huh," I replied in my best girly voice and not as shakily as I had expected.

He smiled and took a pink collar from the table and handed it to Denise.

"This goes on Shauna," he said with a slight grin.

Denise turned to me to affix it on my neck. Our eyes met. There was a naughty glint to them, and she made a wry little grin herself. I felt so meek as she snapped the pink collar onto my neck. It felt a little tight but was bearable.

He then handed her a rose gold chain.

"Kinky," she whispered in my ear as she attached it to my collar.

That broke a bit of the tension.

My penis stirred again in my panties.

"Welcome to Naughty's Party," came a commanding woman's voice from behind Denise.

Denise turned and moved in beside me. Instinctively we took each other's hand.

The woman was a petite blue eyed, white haired blonde. Hot looking. About 35 years of age, wearing a short classy navy blue dress with matching heels below and matching lingerie underneath.

"My name is Miranda, I manage the party for Naughty," she said with a friendly smile through her lips, painted as bright a red as her pointy nails.

'Is Miranda Naughty?' I wondered to myself briefly.

"Shauna, you are not to go anywhere without Denise. In fact, you are only to go wherever she leads you," Miranda stated.

"Understood," replied Denise as she replaced my hand with the chain from her other hand.

She then handed Denise a pink collar too, but without a chain.

What a good way to hide in plain sight. If Miranda was Naughty but talked as if Naughty were her boss, no one would suspect her of being Naughty.

"The collar indicates that you are part of the entertainment and not guests. The colour designates your room. The lack of a chain signifies that Denise is a handler," Miranda replied to our unasked but obvious question in our mind.

"So our room is the pink collar room? What is that room?" queried Denise.

"Pink is for submissive male cuckolds and their wives," responded Miranda.

'With their wives? Cuckolds?' My thoughts on Miranda being Naughty took the back burner. I may be submissive but I am not a cuckold to Emma and not here with Emma. I guess they must have decided that was the best category and room for Denise and I. She was here as my handler, I guess that sort of qualifies. My thoughts were interrupted as Miranda continued.

"Guests often pay a lot to play here and they expect good entertainment. Their wristband colours indicate what rooms they have paid to enter," Miranda explained. "This month besides pink, you will also see red for the mild BDSM dungeon room, black for the extreme BDSM dungeon, blue for a special gang bang room, and green for the general orgy/open sex rooms, where consenting adults can perform sex acts on one another," Miranda added.

"And don't worry if you see someone you know, all the guests have also signed papers. What happens at the party stays at the party. And whomever they meet here is part of that agreement. No one has ever broken that to date, at least not that we know of," Miranda finished with.

But, I don't know Miranda. What could I have done to her? Naughty did indicate that I needed to suffer. Could she really be Naughty?

"Ok, so you will be shown to the guests, then taken to your place. You are not to leave the room I will take you to," Miranda said firmly. "I hope we do not have to chain you down," she added with a slight grin.

"You will now follow me," Miranda stated commandingly as she turned and headed towards the closed double doors of what must be a large room. Two more muscular butlers or better yet, bouncers, clad in suits stood by the doors.

I felt so slavish as Denise followed Miranda and led me by my chain. Sounds of music and talking could be heard from the other side of the door as we approached.

When Miranda got to the doors she stopped and turned to face us again.

"This is where the guests are brought as they arrive. Here they can drink, dance and have a good time before and after spending time in the play rooms they paid to attend," Miranda mentioned.

As soon as she turned back towards the room, the two men opened the doors and she proceeded in. Denise followed and tugged on my chain for me to do likewise. She looked back with a slightly evil grin. She was going to enjoy this chain and collar thing.

Those near the door paused in their conversations to look our way. All eyes were on us as we entered. That did not stop all the talking as it picked up again fairly quickly. They acted like it was a regular thing for a hot looking woman to be led into the room by a chain.

My heart was pounding in my chest. My stomach was all knotted up. I would be on display for all to see as Shauna.

Yes Shauna, in slutty female clothing.

I immediately looked down at my feet. I felt so exposed, so nervous, so submissive.

Then Denise yanked on my chain. I hadn't noticed that she and Miranda had not stopped. Instinctively I looked up and saw that the crowd was parting for us. There had to be literally hundreds of people here. This room was a massive ballroom. Rock music from the 80's was being played by a DJ in the one corner. People near him were dancing. The rest of the room had small tables for people to stand at, where they were sipping drinks and eating finger food. Most were well dressed. Like they were at a semi-formal function. It was quite the party.

As we moved through the crowd I saw a lot of pink and green wristbands. Some red, some blue and a few black. I overheard people talking apparently about us. Most were commenting on my good looks, especially my Alice dress.

It made me feel so feminine, so girly.

"That one's a party virgin," one man said as we were halfway to the centre of the room.

"How do you know?" someone asked him.

"She's wearing white lingerie," he answered.

"Oh, I'll want a piece of her ass then."

"Me too."

The knot in my stomach twisted further and my stomach churned. That's why we were told to wear white.

My penis stirred in my panties again nonetheless.

I thought I heard a voice I knew and instinctively I turned. It was Nick, Emma's sister's husband! Why was he here?

I froze up for a moment. What if he recognized me? What if he-

The strong tug on the chain broke my train of thought. I looked back at Denise. She had a naughty smirk on her face and was tugging on me by my collar chain.

"Come on Shauna," she admonished sarcastically.

I glanced back at Nick. He was looking my way. Right at me! My fear rose several notches.

Why was Nick here? Emma's sister agreed to take the kids this weekend, since as she put it, "Nick has his monthly Saturday Poker night anyways." Some poker night! Did she know that he was here?

He seemed to smile a little. Did he recognize me?

The tug on my chain caused me to turn my attention back to where I was going. I wanted to look down at my feet. At Denise's feet. Not at the crowd. I felt so embarrassed and now nervous that Nick was here and likely still looking at me!

But I had to look at the crowd.

I took a few more steps then my jaw dropped again.

Emma's Boss! I saw his face when I looked to the side again. He was off to my right and looking right at me! My heart was back to thumping in my chest again. I felt sick to my stomach. My mind felt discombobulated. The world around me became a blur.

The blood drained from my face.

He kept looking at me. Did he recognize me?

No, not yet. I tried to tell myself. His expression has not changed. My heart still raced, but to get out of this I had to get control back. I had to get control. He seemed happily conversational. Just checking out the goods.

Just checking out the goods. I tried to reasure myself.

Then he smiled as he looked my way.

Denise was suddenly yanking my chain again.

"Shauna," she stated firmly. "Did you hear what Miranda said?"

"Huh?" I replied bewildered and not very girly.

"Miranda said that you will be speaking in a moment," Denise said clearly while looking straight into my eyes.

"Huh?" I responded again not as Shauna.

She looked me in the eye and stepped right up to me.

"You need to collect yourself. I know this is stressful. You need to speak as Shauna. In fact here, you need to read this when Miranda cues you."

I looked down at the index card she handed me. Just then I heard Miranda. She had stepped up on a raised platform, kind of like an ottoman, only wider. Wide enough and firm enough for several people to stand up on it.

"Valued guests and party-goers, I need your attention. Another one of the entertainers has arrived," she announced as she gestured to me. As if on cue Denise pulled me by my chain to the platform and Miranda invited me up.

Suddenly I was standing a head above most of the poeple present in that vast room. The DJ stopped the music. All eyes were on me.


All eyes were on me.

My stomach knotted up. I felt light headed. Like I was going to faint.

"Go on, read the card," whispered Miranda out of the corner of her mouth to me.

I just stood there as fear began to grip me.

What if they recognized me?

What if-

"She's nervous because she is new folks," explained Miranda loudly.

Fear gripped me.

I could not move or speak.

I was going to be outed as a man who wanted to dress as a woman and be fucked like a woman. All I could see were faces around me. Faces looking at me. Faces smiling. But not at me. Faces-

Suddenly I realized Denise was beside me, taking the card from my hand and glancing at it.

"Hi, I am Denise," she began not as loud as Miranda. "This here is Shauna," Denise continued, projecting better as she presented me. "She is very shy and submissive as you can see. It will be her pleasure to service your needs, both anally and orally. She so loves swallowing cum."

Most cheered and clapped as Denise led me back off the platform. How many men would I be servicing? I had seen a lot of pink wristbands when I had walked in. Now I could only look at the ground. I did not want anyone to know it was me.

"Come Shauna," Denise said cheerfully as she lightly tugged on my chain. "Miranda told me that we are to wait over by the far door until its time." I raised my gaze a bit as we walked.

My curiosity made me.


No way.

Emma's secretary's husband. With a muscular friend. And the woman with her back turned to me must be her secretary!

My heart began to race again. Why were they here?

I tried to calm myself. They were not looking my way. Just drinking and chatting.

'How can this be?' I asked myself, my mind was racing. 'Why are there so many people who know Emma here at Naughty's party? Why?'

Thoughts began to flood my brain.



Emma couldn't be Naughty, could she? No, she was at home when I received messages from Naughty. It couldn't be her. Could it? Could she have somehow done that? Or got someone to do it for her? She's at Yoga right now, right? Yes she is at Yoga. She said so. She could not be Naughty. No, not my Emma. No. She is too prim and propper for all this stuff. She gets her satisfaction from all the yoga that she does. She is not that tech savy either.

Her brother-in-law Nick. He was tech savy. He runs a security company. Why was he here again? He's a married man! Could he be Naughty?

He had always harboured a grudge against me - for taking Emma away from him and marrying her. They were having troubles and had broken up when I had asked her out. Emma was adamant that they were not longer an item and that it was over after their last fight, prior to me asking her out. He had a different understanding. Then he said all was good after he started dating her sister a month later but... He has always looked at Emma with lust in his eyes, or so I have imagined.

Emma told me that they never had sex while dating. I always reasoned that he was just imagining what it would have been like to do it with my big breasted wife. And Nick had never really warmed up to me, like a brother-in-law should. True, we don't have much in common, as he liked sports, hunting and other manly things a lot more than me. He had been cordial enough, but not more than that.

Was Nick Naughty?

Naughty did say that I had hurt him/her. That "I" had done something. I am sure he still harbours deep resentment over Emma. Was he Naughty and was that why Naughty was trying to hurt me? Was he trying to feminize me as revenge? To later show Emma what her husband Was really like? And?

My stomach was turning over and in knots at the same time.

We stopped and stood near the two butlers as we had arrived at the doors that would undoubtably lead to the play rooms. This is where Miranda had wanted us to wait.

My mind kept trying to process what I had seen. Different thought streams flowed through my consciousness at the same time.

Why was her secretary Maria and her husband Ted here? They couldn't afford this, could they? Were they connected somehow? Were they Naughty?

She was always very polite to me but I don't know. Her husband seemed distant and less friendly the past couple of times I had seen him. When he was laid off as a computer programmer Emma promised her secretary that she would get him a job with her company or I with mine. He did not get the jobs that came up at either company. They went through several lean years before he got a decent job again. They even had to sell their 'forever home' and rent an apartment.

Was one or both of them Naughty? Was that how I hurt them? How Emma hurt them? Seemed a bit far fetched but, how could they afford to be here? I heard this was an expensive party to attend. And why?

Was one of them Naughty?

And Emma's boss?

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