tagLoving WivesMy Wedding Reception

My Wedding Reception

byBig Swede©

I was so excited the night I was to wed my fiancé I couldn't stand it. He was my high school sweetheart and it seemed like we were destined to be together since 9th grade. We had done quite a bit of heavy petting in high school and I would suck him off in his car almost once a week but I had always told myself I would save my virginity for my wedding night. Once we got a bit carried away, and I let him rub his cock on my pussy and I think there was some slight penetration, but I considered myself a virgin the day we were to be wed.

I remember it like it was yesterday, even though it has been two years now. I was 19 years old, 5'9", 135, brown hair with hazel eyes, my gown was simply gorgeous, although my mother thought it was way too indecent for a girl of my upbringing, my dress showed off my 36d's nicely. I must admit, I have always been somewhat of a flirt and absolutely love attention.

My wedding went great, my sister was the maid of honor and my husband-to-be had his best friend as his best man. That is where the problem started. About six weeks before we were to be married, my finance told me one night when I was choking on his 6" pole, that I was lucky it wasn't his best friend Tom's cock I was sucking as he was hung like a horse. I didn't think much about it at the time but over the next six weeks that is all I could think about when I would see Tom.

I found it much harder to flirt with Tom, I was always drawn to his crotch, wondering what it meant to be hung like a horse. My finance's cock was the only I had seen up close and I always thought it was big, I choked on it more than once when he tried to get me to take it all in my mouth. One day when we were at the beach with Tom, I noticed the outline in his trunks seemed rather large and couldn't keep my eyes off it for the whole day.

Anyway back to the wedding night, the reception was great, just like we planned, about two hundred guests was all we could fit in the dance hall off of the Ramada Inn. I am not much of a drinker but since it was my wedding night I kept being asked to raise a glass of wine in toast to the new couple every time we stopped at another table. By time we got to dancing I was pretty wasted. Jack, my hubby, and I had chosen a nice slow song for the first dance. I was right where I love to be – in the center of attention. Jack is not much of a dancer, he just kind of hangs on me as we sway back and forth.

Now, Tom, on the other hand, is an excellent dancer, so when I got my chance to dance with him on the second dance I leaped at the chance to strut my stuff. My mom had tied my dress up nice and tight and my cleavage was hanging out just like I had hoped, turning every male head in the hall. I was really swinging to the music and Tom and I were pretty hot, we both knew how to show off. Jack and my maid of honor Cindy looked like they were made for each other as they danced like they both had two left feet.

Anyway, as the night went on I tried to hook up with Tom to dance as often as I could. We were out there dancing to a fast song when a really slow song came up, I looked for Jack but he was over talking to his friends. Normally, I wouldn't think twice about dancing with Tom but after the comment about his rather well-endowed status, I was nervous. It was awkward for about twenty seconds as Tom and I just stood there, when I said "you wanna dance this one?"

Once we got started I relaxed and laid my head on his shoulder. Tom was a really hunk, he was two inches taller than Jack and was really built, I had to admit, I had always been attracted to him. He was a gat about though with quite a reputation as a ladies man. As we were dancing I swear I could feel his pole start to poke me in the stomach and it was getting me wet. Suddenly, Tom excused himself to the restroom and I went to find Jack.

After about ten minutes of looking for Jack I opened the door the small hall next to our reception hall only to find Tom sitting there in this big soft chair by himself. I ran over to him and jumped in his lapped to tease him a little but when I landed I was greeted by a stiff poll poking me in the ass. I asked him what was wrong and he said nothing he was just taking a break from the dancing. I could tell there was more to it than that but by then I could feel his hard cock poking me in the ass and I was getting wetter and wetter by the second.

I don't know what came over me but I wanted that cock in the worst way, yet I had to remain faithful to Jack. I started to move around in Tom's lap to get more comfortable when his trouser-clad cock slid right between my legs. I started to laugh and carry on some inane conversation but I could tell Tom was really excited. My head was spinning with 50 different emotions at once, everything from pure lust to tremendous guilt, well the lust won out. I decide I would dry hump him, that really wouldn't be cheating but my panty hose were making it really hard so I told him to hold on a minute and ran to the powder room.

I went in the stall and pulled my panty hose off and thought what the hell, why not stripped my panties off too, I stuffed them under my dress and went to find my purse to hide them. When I got back to the room where Tom was sitting while my bridesmaid was standing there talking to Tom and I felt this wave of disappoint sweep through my body. I grabbed Tom's hand and made a joke about those two hooking up for the night but not before I had one last dance with Tom, since Jack was nowhere to be found.

I led Tom to the dance floor and we boogied to a Janet Jackson tune and then I whispered to him to meet me back in the small hall in five minutes. I kept telling myself to stop but I couldn't by now I had to feel that huge cock of his on my pussy. I was going to dry hump the hell out of him, I had done that with Jack many times and was quite good at it. I told myself after all the would be no flesh touching, is that really cheating? Of course, I knew it was but I had to feel that huge knob against my pussy one more time.

When I got to the rendezvous spot Tom was sitting in the chair waiting for me, I jumped on his lap and sure enough he hadn't lost the boner I had given him earlier. I pulled my dress up and threw it over his lap and lowered my bare pussy onto his trouser-clad cock again. He looked surprised when he realized I had no panty hose or PANTIES on. I was rubbing back and forth for about two minutes when he reached under my dress and started for my pussy and I jumped up and said no.

I couldn't let him fuck me, but I would give him a lap dance if he wanted. He asked if he could at least undue his trousers and leave his briefs on. I said OK but told him he could not fuck me, not only was I a virgin and saving it for Jack but I wasn't on the pill. He agreed and unzipped his trousers and resituated his cock so it was covered by his briefs, his hand brushed against my pussy lips while he did that. I jumped as it sent a shiver through me. He laughed and did it again and again, by now I was soaking wet.

I sat back down on his now brief-clad cock and started to rock back and forth, I don't recall ever being so turned on as I felt my lips part and slide along his cock. I was so wet and he had leaked so much pre-cum his briefs were completely soaked. I could feel a burning building up inside my groin and was totally lost in the moment as I heard him moaning in rhythm with my cries of pleasure.

That is when it happened, I don't know how, whether his briefs slipped down or what, but suddenly I felt this fullness like I had never felt before, it was delightful. I started to pant and rock even harder as it went deeper and deeper in me, I knew what had happened and I just couldn't stop myself. It was then I heard him let out a loud moan and yell "oh my god, I am cumming". I knew I should leap off of him but I couldn't I just clamped down harder as he drove his cock deep in my pussy. Suddenly, I began to feel a warmth and things got slippery and his moans began to subside and I knew it was over. I let out a scream as my own orgasm overtook me with a sudden violent jolt, I went into the familiar convulsions as I squeezed is still erect cock harder and harder.

And then just as fast as it had come over me, it was gone and I was left in a panic. What had I done? What about Jack? I quickly looked around and the room was still empty, I jumped off of Tom and could feel this wet gush of fluid streak down my legs. I recognized the feeling from when I would let Jack rub his cock between my legs and cum but NOW I had let his best friend fuck me and unprotected on top of it all!!! I looked down at his cock and it was HUGE and semi-erect, I could only imagine what it looked like as it plunged into my virgin hole, I thought to reach down and stroke it but by now I was sobering to the thought that I let another man take my cherry and could get pregnant because of it. I practically ran to the bathroom, knowing I had to wash that sperm out of me... look for part II.

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