tagBDSMMy Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 02

My Weekend with George & Alice Ch. 02


Author's note:

First, I would like to acknowledge and thank Wagoneer88 for his efforts in proofreading and editing this story.

This is a continuation of a story separated into several parts. For it to make sense you really should read the whole thing, in order.

Lastly, if you haven't read the Author's note at the beginning of Part 1, PLEASE do so.


Now on to the story:

We stood facing each other, close in front of George so he would have a clear view. I started by slowly unbuttoning her blouse, revealing her pretty lace bra. As I stepped forward to remove her blouse from her shoulders, our bodies were gently touching and I could feel the rise and fall of her breasts as she breathed. Once the blouse lay on the floor, I stepped back and admired her. Perhaps it was the lust, but I found her more and more attractive as each step proceeded. Next I unsnapped the button at the waist of her slacks and zipped down the fly. I slid them over her hips feeling her soft roundness as I did so. They dropped to her ankles and she stepped out of them and her shoes in one motion. She now stood before me in nothing but a very sexy set of matching bra and panties. I glanced at George for just an instant to see if he was watching. He was mesmerized. His eyes glued to the scene. If it was painful for him, he still wasn't going to miss anything I could tell.

The bra was my favorite kind, one that fastens in the front. I undid the clasp and as I spread the cups apart I brushed the backs of my fingers over Alice's nipples. She gave a little involuntary shiver. Her breasts were more magnificent than I had realized. They were larger than I had originally thought, and as I finished removing the bra I realized how firm and full they were. They barely sagged at all even without the support. I couldn't help myself, I had to feel them. And feel them I did. As I brushed her nipples some more they began to stiffen.

"My but these are sensitive nipples. I've barely touched them and they are already becoming quite erect." I pinched them very gently and even that elicited a gentle gasp from her. "Later I imagine that pinching these harder and even biting them would get you even more turned on and feel wonderful, but right now before you are fully aroused I think they are so sensitive that if I pinched them hard it would be rather painful, wouldn't it?"

Alice looked a bit apprehensive, but the gentle fondling I continued doing must have reassured her somewhat. She simply said, "Yes, it would not be pleasant yet."

"But I feel like pinching them rather hard right now. Let me think. Alice, do you think Georgie would receive the pain to spare you from it?"

Alice began to see where I was going. "Oh yes, I'm sure he would, wouldn't you George?" she said turning to him for the first time in quite a while.

"Yes, Alice, I'd do anything to spare you the pain," he said with evident apprehension, but I'll give him credit, he didn't hesitate.

"Tell you what Georgie, this is the first opportunity for you to demonstrate what I was talking about a few minutes ago. You ask Alice real nice to squeeze your balls hard while I count to three and I won't pinch her tits, at least not for now."

George swallowed hard, but again didn't hesitate. "Alice, will you please squeeze my balls hard so he doesn't pinch your breasts?" I doubt George ever used words like tits, cunt or even pussy.

Alice had a bit of an evil grin herself as she replied, "Of course I will George, and thank you for sparing me this pain."

"Alice, if I don't see a clear sign of pain on his face the whole count, I'm going to pinch your nipples anyway, and even harder than I had in mind before, clear?"

"Very, shall I start now?"

"Yes, once you start I'll count. Don't stop until after I say three."

Alice kneeled in front of George and grabbed his balls, "Okay honey, here we go." He yelped immediately and I could tell by his face she wasn't risking her nipples, she was squeezing hard.

I counted slowly, "One......................Two.........Thr..e..e"

Only after I was completely done did Alice release his now very tender nuts. I could tell she had enjoyed the little game I'd just directed. Though I'm quite sure George hadn't. His eyes were watering and he was breathing very fast and shallow.

"You do things like that to him regularly, don't you?" I asked rhetorically.

"I must admit, it turns me on even more to give George a little tweak from time to time!" If that was her idea of a 'little tweak', then there was a bit of sadist in this bitch too. It would make me feel even less guilty about things I had planned, as if guilt was a problem anyway.

"Here, let me get rid you of those panties," and as she stood I removed her panties slowly, sliding my hands down over her hips and legs. She had a well-trimmed bush, about the same color as her head. As she stepped out of them I surprised her by putting my hand on her pussy. This bitch was already dripping. My hand was glistening with her juices.

"My God, you really are a slut," I laughed. "Georgie, she's already sopping wet. Does she get that way for you so quickly? Here look." I held my hand out and George couldn't help but see her wetness on it. I wadded up the panties so the crotch was on the top and held them to his face. "Take a deep whiff Georgie." And damned if he didn't!

"Oh God, I can't understand a man with a wife as sexy as this being such a total wuz Georgie. I'd damn sure never let this happen if she was my wife, that's for certain!"

"Well, let's move on."

"I just think those nipples are going to have to have a little punishment, they are just sticking out begging for it." And with that I went to my bag and got out a pair of nipple clamps.

"Come here my dear," I said to her and I could see the lust in her eyes as she did. She was both excited and apprehensive at once. I saw that I'd have to start pushing her buttons soon, but I had one more 'treat' in store for George first.

"These are the kind that bite a bit, but they are adjustable. I can make them bite just a little, or a lot. Are you ready?"

She swallowed and said, "If you want. I promised and I won't back out." I was impressed, but still had to crush George a bit more.

"She just like that for you George?" I snickered. Of course he didn't reply.

"So you really want to feel these on your sensitive little nipples? If so, I think I'll tighten them to the max, okay?"

Now she was more reluctant, "I really wish you wouldn't, please."

"Well, maybe Georgie will help you out again."

Her relief was clear. "Oh yes, I'm sure he will. You will won't you George?" The way she asked, she wasn't as confident as before. After all his balls still had to be pretty tender. He had no idea how much worse it would be soon if my plan worked.

But just like the dog that you kick over and over, he was nothing if not consistent, "Yes Alice, I'll help. How?"

"Well Georgie, if you ask Alice to put these on your titties, I'll let her. And since they are the only ones I have, until we take them off you I can't put them on her. Simple as that."

Again he didn't hesitate, "Alice, would you please put those nipple clamps on my titties?" George was used to following directions, that was for sure.

I showed her how they worked and pretended to set them on the tightest setting, but actually only put them at about 50%. She clamped them on George and you could tell it was a first for him. He was in significant discomfort.

"Well, that's a start, but I just can't resist these tits of yours," I said as I played with them some more. She was moaning now, as I teased her nipples to a harder and harder state. They were just begging for some pain.

After a little more attention to her tits, I went back to the bag. This time I retrieved a short chain and a one ounce fishing weight.

"What I had planned to do after putting on the clamps was hang this weight from them and swing it. It tends to pull on the nipples rather strongly and, uh, 'enhance' the experience. So unless Georgie wants this too, I think we'll remove the clamps from him now and I can proceed."

I'll be damned, but George didn't even wait to be told this time. "Please let Alice put the chain and weight on me. I don't want her to have to wear these."

I wanted to see just how far George was really willing to go. I adjusted the length of the chain the way I wanted it and slid it through the weight. I directed Alice how to attach it to the clamps and had her hold the weight in her palm in front of George's face.

"Georgie, the way this works is when the weight is on the chain it pulls on the nipples pretty hard, but if it is dropped or bounces it really pulls on them. Since you can't move the only way for you to experience that, instead of Alice, is for Alice to drop the weight. When it reaches bottom, believe me you'll know!"

"So what will it be Georgie, do you want Alice to drop the weight or shall I have her just take the clamps off you and I'll put them on her? Before you decide there are two more factors to consider. I was only kidding about putting them on the tightest setting, that's only half, but if I put them on her now I WILL put them on full tight. You can imagine what that would feel like right Georgie? Also, the weight would make Alice's nipples pretty miserable. And second, I'm afraid I've done a really mean thing. You see if I adjusted the chain just right, and I'm pretty sure I did, when Alice drops it, not only is it going to pull on your titties real hard, it's going to swing square into your teeny, tiny, testes! I know an ounce doesn't sound like a lot, but it will feel like a pound, trust me." I laughed at my own little joke.

"In the shape your nuts are already in, I think that is REALLY going to hurt!"

George visibly paled. Alice looked a bit concerned for the first time too. It was time, I'd decided, for her to realize she'd made a bigger step than she had probably intended.

But she was still game and she didn't like the sound of what her tits would go through if George didn't agree. So damn his problem, she nearly begged, "Please George, ask me to drop the weight. I really don't want to feel those clamps on their tightest, please!"

George wasn't nearly as quick this time. Quite some time went by, but finally George managed to say, "Alice, please drop the weight."

The moment he did you could see his entire body go tense, and damn that selfish bitch, she didn't hesitate a second. The instant the words were out of his mouth she let it go, as if to be sure he didn't change his mind. Right then I decided it was going to be harder on her than she thought.

George let out a short, but very loud, high pitched scream when the lead made contact with his poor balls. His eyes rolled back in his head momentarily, and I really thought he was going to faint. I could see, almost feel, the dull ache that was spreading throughout his abdomen after the initial shock, that happens when you get hit a good one in the balls. I hoped he wouldn't throw up. Fortunately he didn't.

I didn't want to go on until George could fully 'appreciate' the action; so I took off my shirt, kicked off my shoes and socks and pulled Alice close to me. The feeling of her body against mine was fantastic. Here she was, completely naked and I'm standing there with nothing but my designer jeans, and briefs underneath, holding her close to me. My cock was understandably rock hard and as we kissed, she ground her mound against my straining fly.

We continued this way for quite a few minutes, kissing and me running my hands all over this luscious body. She continued to hump my cock through my jeans every chance she got.

I knew I couldn't take much more without blowing my wad. I glanced over at George. While he was a long way from recovered, he was intently watching us. His color had returned and his breathing seemed normal again. It was time to move on.

"Georgie, I want you to watch while Alice finishes undressing me. Study her face real close when she sees a real cock. How long has it been Alice, since you saw a cock? You know, I mean a real one, something other than Georgie's dickie?"

She giggled, "If you mean in real life, you know, other than a picture, it's been a long time. Since before George and I got married, almost 20 years."

"Well then you should be ready! Take off my pants."

She started to undo the fly. Once that was complete she peeled them off, leaving me standing in my briefs, with little hiding my erection. She smiled and with her fingernails, traced the outline of my cock through my underwear, sending chills up my spine. Without me saying anything further, she pulled the waistband out in front and started to expose my cock and balls by pulling down my shorts. She stopped momentarily as soon as I was fully exposed and softly gasped, "Oh my God."

She cupped my balls in one hand and wrapped her other around my shaft. Then she removed the hand holding my cock and just touched it all over with her fingertips. I nearly exploded, but she sensed that and was careful not to stimulate me too much. It was my turn to gasp.

I had one more thing to accomplish before we got really serious and I figured I'd better do it right now.

I went to my bag and got out my digital camera. I set it on the tripod and came back to Alice, who looked puzzled. "You kneel right here," I said as I positioned her between George and the camera. I went back to the camera and checked the viewfinder. I had her move slightly. It was perfect. I could see Alice from the waist up, and right over her head was George, tied to the chair, stiff as a board, and wearing nipple clamps with a chain and weight. It was a perfectly clear shot. I set the camera to take three timed shots.

I moved back to stand in front of Alice and instructed her to take my cock in her mouth and look at the camera. She seemed to hesitate. "NOW!" That did it, she did exactly as I'd said. "Look at the camera and smile everyone," I said as I did too, and brushed her hair back to give a very clear view of her face. "Now, hold my cock and put your tongue way out and hold my balls up with it." This time she didn't wait. And for the last one I bent over and had her kiss my ass while she smiled at the camera again.

I checked the pictures. They were perfect. I went to their computer on the bedroom desk, fired up the Internet, transferred the pictures and emailed them to myself. It only took a few minutes in total, during which time they both just looked at me.

"There, that was so neither one of you changes your mind before I decide this is over, especially you Alice. When this gets a lot harder on you, I don't want you getting cold feet."

She giggled nervously, "I won't back out now. You have me so excited that I have to see this through." I could tell she meant it. I just wondered if she'd change her mind as it got more difficult.

"One more toy to use, and then I have got to get my rocks off!" I told them as I headed for the bag again. I heard George groan rather loudly.

"Oh don't worry Georgie, this one is for Alice no matter what. It's time she got to have some fun too," I joked. "But you can make it easier for her if you want, with no discomfort yourself this time." And with that I held up a butt plug. A small one to be sure, but big enough.

"Alice, have you ever had anal sex?" I asked, genuinely wondering what the answer would be.

"No, never," she said, somewhat defiantly I noted.

"Ever had a butt plug in your ass before?"


"Well there is always a first time for everything. I'll look forward to taking that ass cherry, but that's for later. For now, we'll just warm you up with this little anus stretcher.

"Do you want Georgie to help you again?"

A wave of relief came over Alice's face. It was becoming very plain that her avoiding discomfort was her first priority, regardless of how much more suffering George would have to withstand. "Yes, I do. George, will you help me avoid this please?" she grinned.

George had a look on his face that indicated he was not sure how much more he was willing to take to keep his wife from enduring anything uncomfortable.

"Oh Alice, you misunderstood. Georgie can't keep you from experiencing this one. This little guy is going up your tush, but if it is lubricated it will be far less painful than if it's dry. So Georgie, do you want to suck and lick this rubber plug so it slides up Alice's ass a little easier, or should I just shove it in dry?"

The look on Alice's face was quite amusing, at least to me. She was worried about what I could sense in George, the desire to start to get even, if only vicariously. But Alice was persuasive.

"George, I promise, I will consider letting you cum really hard if you keep helping me. Please make this real wet. It would hurt a lot dry, I know." She was baiting him and all three of us knew it, but it worked nevertheless.

George didn't hesitate this time either. "Please let me suck and lick the butt plug for Alice."

"Okay Georgie, if that's what you really want. Damn, Alice, he is really good to you," I chuckled. I couldn't help it.

"I think he really needs to cum. When he gets that way a sort of desperation develops in him. He'll do ANYTHING if he thinks there is any chance it will help earn him an orgasm," she giggled. Damn, this woman was really a Bitch to her husband, but that wasn't my concern. George seemed to be a very willing recipient. As sexy as Alice was, I could see why, even though I couldn't begin to understand his willingness to put up with most of this.

Time to move on, I decided. "Okay, I'm going to count down thirty seconds. That's how long Georgie has to make this baby slippery. When I say stop, you take it out of his mouth. If you don't, I'll wipe it dry before I insert it! Once I say stop, you take just as long as you want to move to the bed, spread your legs wide and rest your head on the mattress. I want your little rosebud staring straight at Georgie. Clear? The reason you can take as long as you want, is that the longer you take the drier that plug will get. I'll wait until you tell me you're ready, and then I'll put it in right away, it's up to you." With that I handed the soft latex taper to Alice.

"Ready, GO."

Alice immediately offered it to George's mouth, in fact she was nearly fucking his face with the thing.

"Twenty-five . . . twenty . . .fifteen . . ." George was slobbering frantically on the thing, and Alice was encouraging him.

"Get it real wet honey, come on, you can do better than that. If it's not real wet it will hurt me. Lick it some more!" Alice kept up the banter for the entire time. It was evident she was really worried about what this was going to feel like up her virgin ass. I strongly considered skipping the plug and taking her anal cherry with my cock right then, but decided to stick with my original plan. There was plenty of time for that later.

"ten . . . five . . . STOP!"

Alice instantly snatched it from his mouth and hurried to the bed, handing the butt plug to me on her way. I had to give it to George, he put serious effort into doing things for her. The thing was dripping wet! She positioned herself exactly as I had instructed. "Ready!" she said. All this within seconds of me having said, "Stop."

I couldn't help tormenting her a bit. I dragged out the ordeal. "Legs a little wider."

She quickly complied. "Ready!" she said again.

"Not so fast. Head all the way down on the mattress, not on top of your hands."

Again she moved instantly. "READY!" She was exhibiting a little desperation to get this over with, and while the plug was still wet.

"Okay sweetheart, relax, here it comes," and with that I placed the tip against her asshole. I could see her tense all over. I was pretty sure that if I handled this right, she'd actually like it and eventually want me to fuck her ass, but I damn sure wasn't going to let her know that yet.

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