tagIncest/TabooMy Weekend with Grandpa Ch. 02

My Weekend with Grandpa Ch. 02


3. Saturday late afternoon: Grandpa catches me. Later, Summer tests Grandpa's willpower.

After Summer left, I dressed in jeans, panties, and a short T-shirt.

I'm watching a little TV, lying on the couch ... just vegging! I absent-mindedly slide my left hand down over my body. I lift my T-shirt, and my fingers feel so good on my stomach, I just start to make lazy circles on my belly, letting my fingernails gently tickle my exposed torso.

My right hand finds its way under my short T-shirt, and onto my braless tits. As the fingers of my left explore my stomach, I tease my nipples to hardness while watching a romantic movie.

"God! It feels so good." I am thinking as I idly touch and finger my soft skin. Tickles, but in a pleasant way.

Before I know it, I'm unbuttoning my jeans. I slide the zipper down. My fingers lazily drift from my tits into my open jeans, just lightly massaging my lower abdomen. I let my fingertips comb through my pubes, and then massage my mound as I let out an involuntary moan. Damn! It feels so f'ing good!

My hand returns to my stomach as I flatten it and slowly massage my abdomen. After a while, I raise my ass off the couch to pull my jeans and panties down to about mid-thigh. I let my hands move over my butt with it still raised, and was beginning to feel an over-all tingle.

I then slide my hands down the outside of my thighs, enjoying the feeling of my soft skin. I continue to massage my stomach with one hand, while the other one finds its way onto my now engorged clit. I am naked to the world from mid-thigh to the bottom half of my breasts.

I am moaning softly, as I tickle my sensitive little nubbin. I slide a finger inside my very wet vag, and then move it in and out in an increasing rhythm. My breath quickens, and my heart beats fast. My attention shifts away from the movie completely, and onto my very pleasurable finger fucking.

My moans increase as I really start to get into this, and then all of a sudden ...

Oh, My God!!

My Grandpa is here!!

He came up from behind me as I am lying here with my jeans and panties down my thighs, and a finger sliding in and out of my pussy with my T-shirt up over my stomach, showing the bottom half of my breasts.

"Grandpa! Oh my God!" I screamed!

That is all that came out for a reaction in my state of panic, I am just about to pull my hand out of my throbbing crotch and my finger from my swollen pussy lips, to pull myself together ... I am so embarrassed.

But before I can pull out, Grandpa puts his hand on top of mine, and says,

"Shhh. It's okay 'tunia honey. Don't stop what you are doing."

He pushed my fingers back down onto my sopping vulva. I don't give a shit any more that he is there ... I am too turned on. I continue my moans as I massage my swollen pussy lips, pushing the tip on my middle finger back into my pussy.

Grandpa has never seen me with my pants down like that before ... he has also never seen my pussy before. Plus, he can probably hear the slurping sounds of my finger furiously fucking me as I buck my hips.

I resist the urge to straighten up because I had gotten myself too hot, and was too far along. Doing this in front of Grandpa is actually a little hot! I never had an audience for this before ... but I am kind of liking it.

I think I even lifted my ass up a little to give him a better view of my performance, but I am not sure what he saw. I think Grandpa went into the kitchen after he allowed me to um, continue.

I moved my left hand over my stomach and onto my breasts, pulling my T-shirt all the way up, exposing them completely to anyone watching. I did not care. I could not stop. I am wildly turned on, but am also so jittery as I exposed myself so completely to my Grandpa I'm worried that I'll fall off the couch.

I feel the tingling in my loins built into shuddering and throbbing all over. I push my jeans and panties down and kick them off, spreading my legs wide to get better access to my pussy.

I am now frigging myself furiously and being very vocal about it. I am breathing harder than I ever thought possible, and my heart is pounding right out of my chest as I stiffen into a mind-blowing orgasm.

After he pushed my hand back into my jeans, he kissed me on the forehead, then I didn't see him as he just left me to the task he insisted that I finish. He came back out, knelt next to me and put his hand on my stomach, sliding it up to my top and just brushed my hard nipples as he pulled my top back down over them.

After I finish, he put his arms around me, holding me as I convulsed with little screams into a very strong orgasm. Then he is there again, smoothing my hair back from my forehead, and just being comforting. How much of my naked bod he really saw, I will never know, since he was actually facing away from the exposed parts of my body.

His comforting hug along with the sexual excitement made me very emotional. I start to cry. Whether it's shear emotion from being comforted by my Grandpa or something else, I don't know. I am blubbering like a little baby. As he reaches down and kisses me on the cheek, I turn my teary face toward him and smile.

I can feel myself getting wet again, just looking into my Grandpa's face with my stomach and pussy so exposed, whether he is looking or not. I lift one knee up against the back of the couch. I smell like sex, as he kisses my salty tears, and then wipes them away with his thumbs.

He speaks first. "I'm so sorry if I embarrassed you Petunia-face, but I just had to let you finish." After a pause he continues, "I think you should get up now, and get yourself cleaned up my dear."

Still breathing hard, I smile up at Grandpa and say simply, "Y-yah, o-okay Grandpa!"

We both look deeply into each other's eyes, at the shared sexuality. His face is kind. Then I blush deeply ... I suddenly feel my deep embarrassment now that I was coming around a little, and drop my knee, as I feel the need to cover myself up.

"Grandpa, I am so embarrassed doing, um, this in front of you ... I never—"

Grandpa smiles as he puts a finger across my lips to interrupt me. "Don't be embarrassed 'tunia, it's alright, and ...you don't have anything I haven't seen before."

That should have been comforting, but then I thought to myself, "yah, but you have not seen mine before!" Instead, I just smile back sheepishly, not really knowing what to say. I pull my panties and jeans cover my nakedness.

I look at him close my lips and swallow hard, and reply, "Gran-Grandpa, you c-can m-make love to me if you want. I-It's okay. I-I'm on the pill an' um, everything."

My eyes widened as I looked in to his eyes for a response. Then I thought, OH MY GOD!! My heart was in my throat as I realized that I had just offered my body to my Grandfather! "What the HELL are you thinking, girl?"

I lower my eyes and blush deeply.

He looks at me for just a split second. I can't imagine that he is really thinking about it. But, he is a virile man with a pretty, semi-naked teenaged girl lying in front of him wanting him. He answers me with a knitted brow,

"You know I can't do that Anne, I'm your Grandfather. Clean yourself up, and we'll get some dinner." After a short pause he continued,

"Wear a pretty dress and we'll go fancy. Okay honey?"

"Yes, Grandpa." I answered with the sweetest most wide-eyed little girl smile. My face was now about four shades down the crimson scale. Once again, he asks me to forgive his forwardness in allowing me to continue. I smile sweetly, rose to kiss him on the cheek.

"There's nothing to forgive Grandpa. And, thank you. I love you."

At the top of the stairs, I pull off my top and turn toward Grandpa to give him a view of my large round tits. Unfortunately, he went over to turn off the TV. I enter the bathroom to turn on the shower, and I can hear him coming up the stairs.

I know that he needs to shower also before we leave, so I step out into the hall wearing only a towel, strategically placed to show a lot of cleavage on top and a little of my bottom.

"You know what Grandpa; we could save some water if you joined me! Just think of the ecological benefits!" I offered with a giggle.

"Annie! Take your shower!" He said, as he was now close enough to give me a hard smack on my exposed butt.

"Ooooh! (I liked it!) Please sir, may I have another?" I tease, pushing my butt out toward him with lots of giggles.

"Annie!" He said sharply. "Behave and take your shower or I'll give you a proper spanking. Do you hear me little girl?"

"Loud and clear, Grandpa!" (Giggles!)

I am being naughty I know, but this is not really me. I am in such a weird mood after the events of the day. I can't help myself, I am still under the influence of whatever drug you get from sex. I am worried about how far I might allow myself to go, though. Whether he realizes it or not, Grandpa had broken a barrier, and things between us were never going to be the same again.

I am thinking these things over as I shower, and come down a little from my sexual high. I dress in a nice short navy blue dress, boat neck, with a nice white collar. I wear thigh-high sheer stockings and heels, and I am once again his sweet and proper little teenaged Granddaughter.

"Well, that's more like it my pretty little princess." He says as he takes in my newly scrubbed look, with my hair combed and neatly put up. He bends down and gives me just a quick peck, but on the lips.

Grandpa takes me to a very nice (meaning expensive) restaurant for dinner. I behave perfectly throughout the meal, and for a reward, he lets me have a sip or two from his wine glass. I have yet to acquire a taste for wine, but he picks a rich red one with a fruity after-taste. I like it, but I am starting to feel its effect.

He is quiet throughout the meal, and I am just guessing that he is turning things around in his mind. Our experience in the living room is one I will never forget, but I really didn't mind what happened ... being watched. Also, later I would have been in heaven if he had taken me over his knee pulled my panties down and spanked me when I was teasing him. Weird, huh?

But, I don't think it's all that weird, a lot of people are turned-on by spanking ... discipline. It's a rather innocent fetish. I excuse myself to go to the lady's room. I finish my business in there and wash my hands. I am almost to the door when I have a slutty little whim to pull off my bikini panties. I quickly wiggle my little butt out of them, sneak them in my purse and return to the table.

I can feel the soft material of my dress as it brushes against my naked ass on the way back to the table. The feeling is starting to make me wet—I can feel the trickle! Once there, I do most of the talking ... a real chatty Kathy.

He listens intently to everything I say, just as if I am explaining the secrets of the universe. I told him that my friend Summer would like to come back over tonight, to stay over and asked if that was okay with him.

He said, "Sure, Summer. Your pretty, little friend. She's is a good kid, it would be nice to see her again."

I wear a sly little smile as I think to myself, "Oh Grandfather dear, if only you knew what Summer and I were talking about earlier today!"

As I continue talking, I am thinking increasingly naughty thoughts. I am still aroused from all of the events of this afternoon, with Summer and later with my Grandpa. I like the feeling of not wearing any panties. I can feel the air gently wafting up my skirt, and across my moist pussy lips ... mmm ... there's that tingle again!

I squirm in my chair a little to let my skirt ride up my legs a little more, until the hem is up to the the dark band at the top of my sheer stockings. I even rose up a little to pull it up. I reach over for the salt, and let my legs spread a little ... sort of accidentally, on purpose!

I look around out the side of my eyes, and catch at least two older gentlemen noticing my young shapely teenage thighs as I provide some nice up-the-skirt views for them. I don't know if they can see my little pussy, but I am trying to expose myself to them.

Doing something this naughty is making me so ... jittery ... excited. I am surprised when Grandpa notices what I am doing. I thought I was being so stealthy.

He looks directly into my eyes and says, "Are we having fun, honey?"

"Oh, my yes Grandpa, the meal is so wonderful, and I liked the wine very much. It was a very nice choice! May I have another sip please Grandpa?" I say cheerfully almost child-like as I start to lift his wine glass to my lips.

"You know what I mean 'tunia." He says directly, looking knowingly into my soft brown eyes, taking his glass back and setting it on the table.

I turn my head to the side, puppy-like, "Aw, c'mon Grandpa, can't a girl have a little fun?"

He smiles and answers my rhetorical question, "Just don't let it go too far. What ever happened to that prim and proper little girl I used to know?"

"Oh, Grandpa, I'm eighteen now ... almost nineteen ... a woman, with womanly desires. I know you get that, Grandpa! Plus, I don't ever remember being all that prim and proper."

"Well, unfortunately I do, so just be careful honey." He said.

I took that to be his permission to be sexy ... but to a point. My problem is, where is that point ... and what will happen if I go past it?

One of our fellow male diners in particular, had been admiring my charms with his wife glaring at him. From where he was sitting, I knew he was seeing far up my skirt and likely, may even seeing my pussy glistening with the moisture I knew was flowing. Knowing this was very, very arousing.

As we get up to leave, I walk by their table, I lean down and whisper to him, as his wife glares at him, "Did we enjoy ourselves tonight, darling?"

Grandpa shoots me a look that tells me that I am inching seriously closer to that spanking. The wine at dinner contributed to my mood as well, and I am just testing my limits a little ... maybe looking for that point. I will probably be mortified later when I think about my behavior. I will be completely red-faced at having shown my naked little teenage pussy to a completely strange older man!

When I get into Grandpa's car, I wiggle in me seat, pulling the hem of my short dress up, and showing a lot of thigh and maybe some of my fleshy little triangle. I don't know if Grandpa notices or not, but I am leaking my juices a bit.

I can feel the growing moistness. I am becoming quite comfortable with my exhibitionism.

I squirm in my seat trying not to be obvious, so I can feel the silkiness of my pre-cum squishing between my naked thighs. I call Summer from the car. She is just finishing work, and she asks if we can pick her up from there. She can safely leave her car there overnight if Grandpa can drive her back in the morning.

Grandpa says it is fine with him, so we detour to the restaurant where she works, and she jumps into the back seat with a little pink overnight bag. I turn a little to talk to her over the back of my seat and as my hemline rises way up, giving my Grandpa a clear shot of my naked glistening cleft.

Summer notices what I am doing but I'm not sure about Grandpa. She just smiles and shakes her head as I talk. Back at Grandpa's, we girls quickly run upstairs talking and giggling as Grandpa goes to the living room. I tell her about my behavior in the restaurant.

She says, "Annie! You are such a dirty little slut!" After a few seconds she continues, "What did it feel like to show your, um, your ... ah, 'self' to a strange man?"

I just reply, "I don't know ... just a thing! It scared me a little doing it. I mean he saw my naked little cunny for god's sake! But, it was exciting ... God, Sum, I was so jittery. I felt so sexy. Also, Grandpa noticed what I was doing."

"Really? What did he say?"

"Grandpa just told me to be careful and not let it go too far."

"Your Grandpa is 'da bomb'! You know that he noticed you, in the car when you had your legs spread talking to over the seat don't you?"

Summer reaches over and lifts my skirt admiring my naked glistening little cunny, "Mmm! Very pretty!" she covers her mouth to stifle a giggle, "And wet!"

I laugh, but remind her that she has done the same or worse in public before.

"Okay, I guess I'm a dirty little teen slut too." We break out in giggles. Then, when we talk about the kind of hell, that the guy in the restaurant is in for with his wife, when she gets him home. We laugh ourselves silly.

I give Summer a blow-by-blow description of what happened when my Grandpa came in and caught me masturbating this afternoon. Her eyes grow wider and wider, as I tell the tale of Grandpa seeing me with my finger up inside my naked little cunt.

Her jaw drops a little, and she says, "Oh my god Annie." I could tell that she is recalling her earlier thoughts about my Grandpa.

"Yup, he just let me finish."

"Annie, that was so sexy, I just—"

"Summer, don't even say it. You can't fuck my Grandpa!" I interrupted her.

"Well, you have to admit, he is just so—"

"I know! He is very sexy. Wow! Let's see what's on TV!" I say, trying to change the subject.

She drops it and we watch TV a little, and pass my phone back and forth texting with friends and giggling. We change into T-shirts and panties and just get very comfortable.

When Summer gets up to grab the remote, I just stare at her petite panty-covered ass, especially where the material curves into her cleft to accentuate her shape. She looks so sexy in her small bikini briefs, and the sight of her shapely little hiney always gives me a tingle.

After a couple of hours, I curl up and fall asleep with Sum spooning up behind me. She has her arm around me and inside my T-shirt lightly massaging my stomach and tits. I am enjoying letting her do whatever she wishes with my body. After a while, I can feel that Summer is still a little restless. She's likely still keyed up from work.

I found out later (from Sum), that she decided to go downstairs, still dressed only in short T-shirt and bikini panties. I have had friends over at Grandpa's before so he is used to seeing us dressed like that at night so he will not give Summer's appearance a second thought.

As I have said, he makes his place comfortable for us, and one way he does that, is by not being a horn-dog every time we walk through the house scantily clad. If the sight of firm little teeny-butts has ever affected him, he never showed it. My friends have told me that they really appreciate being able to be so comfortable, around him like that.

Summer said that she tiptoed into the living room, and quietly told my Grandpa that she was not sleepy, and asked if she could watch TV with him.

"Sure, if you don't mind westerns."

Grandpa is a fan of westerns and really, all films where the good guy gets to kick the crap out of some generic evil dude. His idea of justice I guess. She sat on the couch next to him, and they watched John Wayne talking tough, then hauling off and flattening some studio extra baddie. She smelled coffee and rose to get a cup from the kitchen, and turning, asks,

"Michael, would you like some coffee? I'm getting some for myself."

"No, thank you my dear."

She said that he watched her as she padded into the kitchen with her little panty-covered bottom peeking out from under the T-shirt. Girls always know when a man is looking at their ass. Call it woman's intuition, or ESP, it's a girl thing ... we just know.

In the kitchen, she told me she purposefully bent over the counter on tiptoes to give him a better look at her shapely ass and legs, as she poured and drank her coffee in the kitchen. Maybe my tales of exhibitionism inspired her, or maybe she was flirting. She refilled her cup, and quietly walked back into the living room.

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