tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wet T-Shirt Hell

My Wet T-Shirt Hell


This is the true story of the liberation of the inner slut of a gorgeous girl I used to date at college. It is also the story of the end of our relationship. It is also the story that demonstrates what a complete idiot I was.

About two years through my college course I was still single. I did have the occasional one night stand but no relationship. At twenty I thought it was about time I tried to get a real girlfriend. That was when I met Sharon. She lived in the same halls of residence as me and was a year older than me. She was gorgeous, just my type. I had seen her from afar for a long time. She was often the muse for my lonely masturbation sessions. She was quite tall and slim with an athletic body and long blonde hair.

After a few weeks of casual flirting in the dining hall and at bars I finally asked her out on a date. To my great joy she agreed. Sharon always looked great but whenever she was out in public she never showed any flesh. I guess you could say that her dress sense as a bit frumpy, especially compared to a lot of college girls. She was also not the sort of person who jumped in to bed with a guy until she was sure. So we dated for a few weeks. The only action I got was a lot of passionate kissing and the occasional boob or ass grope.

However, despite the lack of sex I was happy. I loved being with her and she loved being with me. I especially loved watching her play sport. She did this a lot and was the member of several college teams. She was ferociously competitive.

After we dated for about three months we finally had sex and I got to see that body. It was every bit as hot as I had imagined. Life was good. Our sex life progressed nicely and we built up to making love about five times a week. We spent every night together. You could almost say that we were living together in our tiny student rooms.

Sharon was still quite a reserved person. She was always fully covered up when out in public (always pants and sweaters) and almost always kept the lights off when we made love. I used to tease her about it. I guess I teased her quite a lot. Whilst the prudishness did not really bother me I am the sort of guy who likes other guys to see a bit of what I have got and they have not. I know it is childish but that is who I am.

We decided to go on holiday together to Ibiza. We had been dating about seven months by this stage. My teasing was beginning to get to her a bit so I eased off a little but suggested that she tried to be a bit more revealing in the sun. She agreed and she bought a bikini (that in itself was a step forward from her planned one-piece) that had thong panties. I was amazed and thrilled that she was doing this for me. Finally other guys would see what I had. I could not wait.

In Ibiza we spent the days in the sun by the pool or on the beach and the nights partying in the massive wild clubs. On the fourth night there was a 'Beach Party' at one of the clubs. The idea was that everyone dressed in beach wear, got drunk and danced. Up until that point Sharon had still kept herself quite well covered. She had worn a t-shirt and shorts whilst lying in the sun. So I said she should go to the party in her new bikini. She was reluctant but I kept on at her for hours until she finally agreed.

She looked amazing. That long blonde hair falling over her bikini clad little-but-perfectly-formed boobs, her tight tummy, her long shapely legs and her cute ass. There was plenty on show. She looked self-conscious but she let me lead her to the party. We passed lots of groups of lads on the way. Sharon attracted a lot of stares and a lot of comments, all very complimentary (although some were very crude). It was as if I was not there. All anyone was interested in was Sharon. It was fantastic. I felt on top of the world. Everyone seemed to desire Sharon and she was my girlfriend. My ego was growing by the minute.

The attention also seemed to be having an effect on Sharon. Far from being more self-conscious at the comments, she actually seemed to be getting more confident, more relaxed in her semi-naked attire. I think she was beginning to enjoy flaunting a bit a flesh.

When we got to the party the music was banging, the drinks were flowing and there was flesh everywhere, girls in tiny bikinis and guys in Speedos. There were lots of beautiful people (and lots of far-from-beautiful people). We got some drinks and watched the people for a while. What I did not expect was the almost constant stream of guys hitting on Sharon. She seemed to be loving it and I was still the proudest man in the world. There was no longer the slightest hint of self-consciousness about Sharon. She even obliged when one guy asked her 'Give us another look at that fine ass, babes.'

After a few of drinks we were both a bit tipsy (Sharon being much smaller than me always got more drunk than me) and stated to dance hard. I was quite a good dancer in those days and so was Sharon. We danced very close together. It was hot and it was sexy and a lot of guys were checking out her sexy moves as she gyrated around me, rubbing her body up and down mine. I was on top of the world. My gorgeous, sexy girlfriend was acting sexier than she ever had in public before.

We danced for about half an hour before I need to use the toilet, all of that drink was getting to me. I left Sharon on the dance floor. It took me over twenty minutes. The queues were a nightmare. When I got back I was shocked. Sharon was surrounded by four good looking, well muscled guys in the tiniest Speedos. Sharon seemed to be loving the attention. She was doing the same sexy dance moves that she had been doing with me. She was bent over slightly with her back arched. This meant that her tits were sticking out as far as they could whilst her bare ass cheeks were rubbing up against the crotch of one of the guys. The guy was obviously hard under his Speedos, his cock was almost escaping. He had his hands on Sharon's hips and was dry-humping her ass as she gyrated. I could not believe what I was seeing. Was this really my prudish girlfriend? I stood back and watched the super-sexy scene as she performed the same moves which each of the guys in turn. She did not even flinch when the last guy grabbed her tits as he dry-humped her ass.

I was really turned on but I did not want it to go too far (I do now appreciate that most people would have said that it had gone way to far already). So I walked over and Sharon immediately threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. The guys looked disappointed but they moved away. Sharon was obviously quite drunk. She even said to me 'God, I feel horny tonight.' I had never heard her speak like that before but I liked it. I knew I was in for one hell of a good time when we got back to our hotel.

We spent another two hours dancing and drinking. We were both quite drunk. That was when the DJ announced that it was time for the wet t-shirt contest. I do not know what came over me, I must have been caught up by Sharon's sexiness that evening, but I said to her 'You should enter. You would win easy.' In her drunken and newly body-confident state she agreed.

I led her over to the table where you entered. It was quite a scene. They had chosen five very buff good looking boys to be judges. All had tiny Speedos with big bulges. There were also about ten girls, who were taking their bikini tops off and putting on the flimsy white cut-off t-shirts that were being handed out. There were naked tits everywhere. After checking out the tits for a bit too long I turned to see that Sharon had taken her top off. My prudish, always-keep-myself-covered-up girlfriend was standing there in nothing but her bikini thong. One drunken guy went up to her and wiggled his head in between her tits. She just laughed and pushed him away gently. I said 'Hey mate, fuck off. That's my girlfriend.' He just laughed and staggered away. I was beginning to get a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach. However, in my drunken state I did not know what it was.

Once Sharon had her t-shirt on the organisers were ready to start. The five judges were taken up onto the stage and introduced to the eager crowd. Then the girls were introduced. There were going to be two rounds. The first would be the eliminator round in which all twelve girls would do a sexy dance whilst getting soaked with buckets of water that would be thrown by the judges. The judges would then choose their favourite three to have a dance off to decide the winner.

The music started and the girls began to dance. All were doling overtly sexy moves. Then the water started. Instantly all of the t-shirts were completely see through. The crowd went wild. I watched as Sharon did her sexy dance. Her hands rubbed all over her body. Her little tits were on show and it was obvious that her nipples were hard and proud. However, it was getting towards the end of the song and the judges were devoting more attention to three other girls who were all curvier and had bigger tits and asses. Sharon's competitive nature kicked in.

She turned her back to the crowd (and the judges) and she bent over whilst still wiggling her ass. The view was amazing. Her bikini thong had ridden right up her ass crack, her buttocks were parted and on show and her loose wet t-shirt was hanging so that the crowd could see her tits hanging. Then to add to the effect she put her hand between her legs and rubbed it slowly and seductively across her pussy. The crowd again went even wilder. I could not believe what I had seen. She looked so hot, was acting all slutty and she was mine. I could not have been happier.

Her pussy rubbing antics did the trick and she got voted through to the final. The other two girls were very curvy with massive tits and looked very slutty. Sharon was going to find it difficult to win. The DJ then announced that each girl had to select one of the judges to dance with for the final. He said that the girls should use them as their props and anything goes. The girls made their selections. I noticed that the judge that Sharon had chosen was one of the guys she had been dancing with earlier. I began to get worried and jealous.

The music started again and all three girls started doing sexy, dirty-dancing type moves with their guys. Sharon was doing moves similar to what she had done earlier and so for the second time that night I saw that guy dry-humping my girl's ass. However, the other two girls were genuinely slutty. Both had their t-shirts off now. One had her guy's face in her tits, the other was rubbing herself up and down her guy. Sharon noticed and her competitive nature once again kicked in. She turned round and jumped at her judge. Her caught her and her legs were wrapped round his waist with their crotches pushed hard against each other. She leaned back as they simulated sex on the stage.

I saw Sharon say something to her judge. He immediately lifted her up so that she could hold on to him and then he pulled off her t-shirt and she leaned back to show everyone. There was a massive cheer from the crowd. I began to feel sick. I had no choice but to watch my girlfriend get dry humped whilst writhing around topless in front of thousands of people.

Hearing the cheer, one of the other girls went a stage further and removed her panties. I thought to myself, 'Well Sharon is not going to win now.' What I had misjudged was the combined effect of alcohol and Sharon's competitiveness. The other girl who still had her panties on gave up. She refused to go any further. So now it was a two-horse race.

Sharon jumped off her judge and slithered around so she was behind him. She then reached both hands round his waist and plunged them straight into his Speedos. I was suddenly in hell. She pulled his hard cock out and started to rub it. Then she came back round to the front and stood for a moment looking at his cock with her back to the crowd. Then she bent over with her legs straight. She took his cock in her mouth and at the same time slowly pulled down her panties then opened her legs a bit so that the entire crowd could see her wet pussy and her ass.

I don't know how but the crowd went even wilder. A chant of 'Suck it, suck it, suck it...' started. I was almost sick. I was standing there watching my beautiful girlfriend expose herself to thousands of people whilst giving a buff guy a blowjob. All the time she wiggled her ass. By this stage the other girl gave up too. The DJ stopped the music but crowd kept on chanting. They were now chanting 'Make him cum, make him cum, make him cum...'

It seemed to take forever. I will never lose that image of Sharon giving head on stage. It haunted me for years after. Anyway, after about ten minutes of sucking the guy finally came in her mouth. Sharon turned to the crowd and threw her hands in the air in celebration of her victory. The crowd loved her. She looked so slutty with cum dripping down her chin. Her final act on stage was to scoop it up with her hand and eat it. With that she got one final massive cheer and she left the stage where she received her prize, a branded t-shirt, a bottle of champagne and a free pass into the club for the rest of our holiday.

I walked up to her and said 'How could you?' I was seriously pissed off. I could hardly look at her. However, deep inside I knew that it had all been as result of my teasing and pushing.

'Oh don't be silly, come here.' She wrapped her arms around me and gave me a kiss. I could taste his cum on her mouth. It was the last straw. My childishness need for other guys to see what I had and they did not had spoilt my wonderful relationship with this beauty. I really could not look at her again without picturing her giving a blowjob to another guy. I could not get over it.

I simply said 'We're finished.' I walked off leaving her there stunned and still very naked. I knew I had behaved terribly and had led her into it but I just could not get past the blowjob.

I immediately went back to the hotel, packed and left. I got the next plane I could back to England. I did not see Sharon again until we got back to college. A few weeks later I was distressed to see her with her judge. They had obviously got together after I abandoned her.

Some time later I learned from some of Sharon's friends that she had been distraught for weeks after that night. She had only done it because she thought I wanted her to and it just got a bit out of hand. Sharon had apparently not hooked up with her judge until a few weeks after she got back. He had just looked after her when I left and they had become friends. This news just made me feel worse.

As soon as I reached England I knew that I had been an idiot and the whole thing could have been avoided easily. I would like to think I have grown up a bit now. I certainly will not be making the same mistake again.

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