tagLoving WivesMy Wife and Her Lover

My Wife and Her Lover


My wife and I met in college. She was majoring in nursing and I was in business administration. She had a great body and a cute face so I was attracted to her instantly. After we graduated we were married.

Marriage was wonderful but after 8 years or so I got bored and I think she did too. It was all so routine. We had not started a family because there were things we wanted to do but it seemed like we never had the time or the money to do them. For reasons I can't explain, the thought of my wife seeing other men became so erotic to me. I began to fantasize about her going out on dates. Those thoughts always produced an instant erection.

As the months passed I shared my fantasies with her. I was prepared for her to give me "that look" and call me a pervert but she didn't. She didn't embrace the idea but she didn't reject it either. Jan, my wife, still looked great and could attract attention if she tried just a little. She worked as a nurse in a large hospital so she had opportunities to meet other men. On occasion I could coax out of her the details of some doctor hitting on her and I loved hearing about those instances. Generally, she was hesitant to talk about them.

One day when I was venting about my fantasy she told me if I was serious she thought she could make it happen. I was stunned. Jan went on to tell me the head of her department, Dr. Jones, had been flirting with her for several months. Dr. Jones, I learned, was a very distinguished looking gentleman in his early 50's who had been lavishing attention on Jan for sometime. Jan, who was 32, admitted she was flattered by his advances.

After learning about Dr. Jones I just had to know all the details. She told me it started out with casual conversation, which lead to compliments on her work, at first, and later on her figure. Jan assured me she can tell when a man is interested in her. She finally admitted that, two weeks earlier, he had asked her if she was willing to go out with him for dinner some time. Jan said she reminded him that she is married and he, Dr. Jones, is too. He told her he would be willing to forget that for an evening if she would. This sounded wonderful to my perverted mind.

As I thought about all this I wondered why Jan had not mentioned it to me when it first happened. When I asked her about it she told me she had to think about it first. Then I held my breath as I asked if she thought she would go out with him? When she said "yes" I was speechless.

Then Jan said, "Are you sure you don't mind if I date other men?"

At one time it would have been easy to blurt out "yes" without hesitation, but now it appears like it could become reality. I guess I paused too long because Jan suggested I give it some serious thought before answering. She reminded me that, once done, it could not be undone.

I had to quiz her about her feelings. She told me, without hesitation, that she had been thinking of this for months before he asked her out. Jan admitted she had reached the conclusion that she would sleep with him if she had the opportunity. She went on to assure me this would not effect her feelings for me. For whatever reason my wife obviously found Dr. Jones very attractive.

A couple of days passed while we discussed the pros and cons of her doing this. Every time I thought about it my cock got hard. One evening I told Jan I wanted her to do it if she was certain she wanted the same thing. She said she would tell him when the situation was right.

Two painful days passed before Jan came in from work and told me she had a date with Dr. Jones on Thursday night. That was five days away! when I asked about details she told me she was to meet him at the Knights Inn motel at 5:00 PM. and she was to dress as sexy as she could. He told her he had waited a very long time for this night. So had I!

After much shopping and gnashing of teeth Jan finally decided what she would wear on her date.I reminded her that they were basically meeting at a motel for sex. The good doctor was married and could hardly afford to be seen in public with my wife on a date, especially with Jan dressed the way he had requested.

The big day arrived. Jan saw Dr. Jones at work and he told her he could hardly wait to see her "out of uniform". She got off work at noon so she hurried home and began getting ready. I was prohibited from being present as she dressed because she said I made her nervous. When Jan finally emerged from the bedroom she was wearing a tight black skirt, a sheer white blouse, and 4 inch black heels. Her skirt only came half way to her knees standing up. The nipples on her B cup tits were clearly visible through the thin material. My wife looked incredible! After another fifteen minutes adjusting her makeup she announced she was ready to go.

As we got in the car I had butterflies in my stomach so I asked Jan if she was nervous.

"Very very nervous" she said.

I could barely drive because I kept looking at my wife. It was easy to make out the outline of her breasts through the material of her blouse. Her skirt was nearly up to her waist as she sat there in the car. She never believes me when I tell her what great legs she has. I asked her if she was wearing a thong under there. Jan pulled her skirt up a tiny bit and showed me her smoothly shaved pussy. She told me Dr. Jones had requested no panties and no hair down there.

With each mile we drove my excitement increased exponentially. I was driving my wife to meet her lover for sex. When I pick her up that evening she will have had been fucked by another man. Suddenly it hit me!

"Will he use a condom?" I asked.

"No he won't. We both took a blood test for STD's at work so he is going to cum in me. Is that OK?"

I didn't care as along as the disease issue was addressed. I know he is a doctor, but I thought she still needed to be careful.

We drove into the parking lot at the motel. My heart was racing so I know hers was also. This was an older motel so the room doors were on the outside. She called him on his cell phone and he told her the room number. I parked across from the room instead of right in front. I saw a Mercedes sitting in front and Jan told me it belonged to him. My wife and I looked at each other.

"I love you! You know that and please never doubt it. This changes nothing between us." she said.

"I know Jan and you know I love you too. Now go in there and enjoy yourself baby. This has been my fantasy for so long and I want it to be yours too."

Jan smiled as she opened the door and got out. I got one last peek at her legs and I thought of the good doctor getting to enjoy her shortly. I watched her walk across the parking lot toward the room. I could hardly breathe. Her ass looked so good jiggling in that tight skirt. When she got to the door it opened almost automatically. I got only a glimpse of Dr. Jones as Jan turned and waved to me before entering the motel room.

My heart was still pounding as I sat there in my car. My wife was in the motel room with her boss, her lover. When I pick her up she will have his sperm inside her instead of mine. She will have been fucked by another man. Why I am so turned on by this is a puzzle to me. I don't understand it but I sure intend to enjoy it.

I realized I needed to get moving. I didn't want the doctor to think I intended to wait on my wife. I wondered what he thought of me allowing my wife to do this? Not a minute passed that I didn't wonder what they were doing at that instant. Were they kissing? Was he playing with her pussy yet? Had he fucked her yet? Did she enjoy it? I was a mess thinking of all the possibilities. It occurred to me she might not enjoy it. That would be awful. I drove around some and went home. She would call when she was ready to be picked up.

The wait was agonizing. Finally at 1:10 AM my phone rang.

"You can come and pick me up." Jan said.

"Is everything OK? Are you OK?" I asked.

"I'm fine just come and get me."

I told her I was on my way as I ran to the car. I don't recall much of the drive to the motel. My mind was in a thousand places. I parked in the same place and called Jan to tell her I was there. My eyes were glued to the motel room door as I saw it open and my wife start to walk out. It looked like he grabbed her arm and turned her around. I watched him take my wife in his arms and give her a deep kiss. Her arms were around his neck as she returned his affection. The, as Jan headed for the car, the doctor waved to me and instantly I waved back. It seemed so strange to be waving to the man who had just fucked my wife.

Seeing Jan walk across the parking lot was another treat. Her tits bounced a tiny bit with each step she took in those heels. Some guy a few rooms down was getting out of his car when he saw Jan walking. He was mesmerized! I was too. She slid into the seat and sad she was ready to go.

I had about a million questions to ask her and I had thought of the proper sequence to ask them. I was determined not to sound like pervert...but I couldn't help it.

I blurted out, "So did he fuck you!"

"Yes," Jan replied, "He certainly did."

I did my best to regroup and speak intelligently. I asked her if she had a good time and was she alright? She assured me she was fine and had had a wonderful time. She had enjoyed it all. I was so concerned she wouldn't. It took me weeks to get a reasonable complete description of what happened. I think my wife was trying to torture me by withholding all the details. She certainly knows how important they are to me.

Apparently after she got to the motel they sat and talked for at least 2 hours. She said they discussed the hospital and eventually got around to their, Jan and the doctor's, relationship. He discussed his marriage, and I suspect she discussed ours, although I have no clue what she said.

They were sitting on a sofa talking when he asked if she would remove her blouse. He said he had admired her breasts for months and now he would like to see them. Jan unbuttoned her blouse and took it off. As they talked the doctor touched her breasts and rubbed her nipples. Hearing this gave me a gigantic erection.

As their conversation continued Jan said she began to respond to him. He began kissing her and she said she felt his hand slip under her skirt. During one kiss Jan opened her legs slightly and felt his finger enter her pussy. Everything continued to escalate from that point according to my wife.

Dr. Jones had her stand up and remove her skirt so he could see her naked. He even had her walk around naked wearing only her heels. About this time he removed his clothes and the two of them got in bed. Jan said she sucked his cock for a while but did not make him cum. Eventually the doctor got on top of my wife and slipped his cock inside her. She admitted she did not have an orgasm with him but she enjoyed it enough to agree to see him again. They fucked for a while and then he licked her pussy a short period of time. He fucked her from behind which is her favorite position. Jan loved him in her that way and I loved hearing about it. I really loved hearing her description of how it felt when he came in her. That was amazing!

My wife continued to date the doctor for nearly 2 years. He eventually left our community for another larger hospital. While he was seeing my wife they had to be discreet, so there were many times he came to our house to have sex with her. I was never invited into the bedroom with them but they did get comfortable kissing and touching each other in my presence. A few times I did open the bedroom door quietly and peek inside. I got to see Jan sucking his cock and I watched him fucking her 3 or 4 times.

Now that Dr. Jones is gone my wife is not dating anyone else at the moment. There is a new younger doctor that I have heard her say she finds very attractive.

Every day I hope she comes home from work and says, "Guess what! I let Dr. Allen fuck me today."

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you know it's a great story when...

all the cuck haters read it and then scream and complain because they read it. I love those with such a room temperature IQ they can't figure that out. If I don't like a story I don't read it. Who saysmore...

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cuck shit.

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by Anonymous10/17/17

Wife meeting lover

First class description of what really happens. Thr knotting in the stomach. The erections on hearing key words.
The excitement that keeps you hard all day.
The agreement she gives and then goes aheadmore...

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