tagInterracial LoveMy Wife and the Black Cabby

My Wife and the Black Cabby


I used to work as a night security guard in a factory on the edge of town. The factory was on a quiet country lane which was did not have any public lighting, and was in complete darkness at night. Because of this, the lane was a favourite amongst couples who wanted discrete sex in cars. Although the lane appeared to be pitch black, we could see things as clear as day through the infrared lighting of our security cameras. We frequently used the camera's zoom lens to put us almost inside the car with the lovers, however on one memorable night I saw a little too much.

My wife Susan and I had been invited to my sister's birthday party on the other side of town. I tried to get somebody to change shifts, when this didn't work out we went to plan B. I was due to start work at midnight so we got a cab to take us to the party at 8pm. and then got the same cab to pick us up at 1130 pm drop me off at work, then take my wife home.

We always use Lenny when we need a cab. He is a young good looking black guy who drives a cab part time to help with his college fees. He dropped us off at the party on time, then came back to pick us up. I was dropped off first at the factory gates and went up to the guardroom to take over the shift from the guy who had covered the afternoon shift.

I put the kettle on and started to check the cameras that surrounded the site. I was surprised to see that Lenny's cab was still driving up and down the lane, and wondered if he had got lost. The cab then reversed into the gateway of another factory, right opposite one of the cameras.

After talking to Lenny for about five minutes Susan got out of the back seat and joined Lenny in the front. The two started kissing and I was suddenly appalled at what was about to happen. My wife lowered the back of her seat until she was laying rather than sitting. Lenny's hand disappeared under her skirt, while her hand started rubbing his cock over his jeans.

Susan is a beautiful woman with long legs, large natural boobs and baby blue eyes. At thirty three she was a good ten years older than the horny cabby, but I could see why he was so attracted to her. The two started ripping each other's clothes off, while I just sat in shock, at the action that was being played out on the monitor. The Cabby's head then went down to Sue's groin and it was obvious that my darling wife was being eaten by the young guy.

Suddenly the naked taxi driver moved across to cover Sue, and as he stood up his cock came into my line of vision, it was huge, and I mean ten inches at least. He settled down between my wife's parted legs and the monster cock started sliding into her willing pussy.

The infrared lighting let me see everything that was going on but of course without any sound. This was a shame because I could see her mouth opening and closing, as she took more cock inside her than she had ever had before. When she had got used to her vagina being so severely stretched, Lenny started fucking her, slowly at first, then with faster, more powerful strokes.

What happened next was unbelievable, the guy kept going and going, his self-control was out of this world. Every time he got near to cumming he slowed down and even stopped, you may not believe this but the rampant taxi driver rode my wife's hot snatch for nearly an hour before emptying his balls deep inside her.

After that they sat talking and smoking cigarettes for about ten minutes. I thought that Susan had had enough because she reached for her knickers and started to put them on, Lenny, however had different ideas. He pulled my wife's panties away from her and threw them into the back of the cab, then he grabbed her head and pushed it down on his half hard cock. Sue would never suck my dick, but she didn't need any more persuasion before using her mouth to bring the cabby's weapon back to its maximum size.

It was then my wife's turn to mount Lenny, and she had to raise herself right up before she could get her pussy clear of the waiting black snake. Ramming herself down on the upright organ Susan started riding him like her life depended on it. She however did not have his self-control and after only twenty minutes shagging, her vagina was full of cum for the second time that night.

This time they really were finished, Sue got out of the cab naked, squatted down and had a long pee. Then they both started to get dressed. She used her knickers to wipe her gaping pussy then gave them to Lenny who wiped his cock with them. After that she threw them into the bushes, before the cab drove off into the night.

I just sat there, in shock at my wife's infidelity but at the same time very horny. I walked down to where Sue had thrown her panties and retrieved them. Only a little time before that, I had seen her put them on for the party, and now here they were covered in her juices and heavy ropes of his jism.

I put them into my locker but not before wanking into them, something which I am ashamed to say I have done since, on numerous occasions.

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