tagLoving WivesMy Wife and the Salesman

My Wife and the Salesman


One night my wife went out with the girls for some drinks and dancing in the cocktail lounge of a local hotel. A salesman who was in town on business was extremely interested in my wife and asked her up to his room. Since my wife was the designated driver for this night, she had to refuse so that her girl friends could get home safely. She was tempted to go back; but with working a 12 hour shift the next morning, she decided to retire for the night.

One night while playing in bed, this is what she told me happened later.

As you may recall, I didn't return to the hotel to get together with the salesman who was interested in having a sexual encounter with me. However, he was so interested that the next day he visited my place of employment so we could have lunch together. Even after he left town, he would call me and we would have some sexually charged phone conversations.

Finally, we felt that we should at least meet once and see if we clicked sexually in person as much as we did on the phone. Since he would be only passing through during the evening hours on his way to Nashville, we agreed that we would meet in the rear parking lot of my employer when no one would probably be around.

He called me a few hours before we planned to meet and we started verbal play. I told him how I had closely shaved my legs and how I had shaved my married pussy so it would be soft and smooth for him. As I shaved my pussy, my fingertips would linger on my clit, causing it to protrude with anticipation of the fun we were soon to share. I took my scrub brush and gently inserted the handle up into my pussy, slowly pushing and pulling it backward and forward. My pussy became hot and wet and began to throb. I stopped just before I climaxed, knowing that doing so would make the orgasm I had with him stronger and better. Then, I positioned myself in the tub so the hand-held shower head pulsated against my clit. I once again brought myself to the brink of explosion, stopping just short of an orgasm.

I finished my bath and as I dried off, I rubbed the towel across my breasts watching myself in the mirror. My nipples became erect; my pussy throbbed as I pinched my nipple between my finger and thumb. I wet my finger in my pussy, then took my sweet juice and massaged it around my nipples. This action made my pussy get more and more wet.

Next I decided what I would wear. I chose black lacey hose, black high heels, a short skirt, and a sheer blouse. No panties and no bra.

I met him at the designated parking lot. We pulled up at exactly the same time. I walked to his car and he pulled me close. He kissed me passionately and hard on my lips and I unzipped his pants. His hard cock was ready for me. He bent me over the hood of his car, placing his hands underneath my blouse and cupping my breasts and pinching my nipples. I felt his huge hard cock pressing against my butt through the cotton material. Suddenly he jerked my skirt up over my hips. I heard him gasp with excitement as he saw the hose and no panties. He took my ass cheeks in his hands and caressed them. Then he swatted my butt cheeks until they were red.

He pushed me further over until he could thrust his cock into my married bald pussy. It was extremely hard and he took me roughly. As his thick cock filled my pussy, he began thrusting harder and harder. He reached under my blouse and pinched my nipples and I rubbed my clit as he continued to fuck me. My pussy was extremely wet, it was on fire. I felt the passion building, the intensity of my pleasure growing with each stroke. He quickened the pace and started to breath rapidly. I pushed my ass hard against him as our passions grew.

Spontaneously we came...him grunting and me moaning. He said, "Nice finally getting together with you"!

He was pulling my skirt down as I straightened my blouse. Just then the security guard, Clayton , walked around the corner of the building with a grin on his face. He asked us, "Can I help you?" We both said no thanks, we are just leaving. My salesman got into his car and left. Security guard, Clayton, came closer to me and watched as I got into my car. I flirtatiously showed my lacy thigh highs. I heard him softly moan, "Oh, gosh".

I got back out of my vehicle and sat on the hood, pulling my skirt up so he could see my shaved pussy. I opened my legs and with my finger I started rubbing my erect clit. He leaned over and began to kiss and suck me. I thrust my head back and moaned. He continued to eat my pussy until I moaned loudly as I exploded with an orgasm. As I did, he quickly opened his pants and his hard cock came out. He pulled me forward as he entered my pussy. He began to thrust in and out...in and out. Holding onto my ass as his rock hard cock pushed deeper and deeper. I pulled his head to my lips and French kissed him. I started bucking as he thrust deeper inside my pussy. The passion once again started to build inside of me and continued until our lovemaking burst into orgasms for both of us.

He helped me off the car. As Clayton opened my car door he said, "Next time I would be more careful, because we monitor all parking lots with closed circuit cameras."

Of course, I knew that and it was part of my plan to keep Clayton's interest for more adventures. I drove off with a wet, hot, and sloppy pussy.

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