tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife & The Well Endowed Stranger

My Wife & The Well Endowed Stranger


Paula's version.

My name is Paula. I am a very conservative and quiet person. I am in my mid thirties, happily married to John and have a sex life that is satisfying to both of us, despite John not being particularly well endowed. I thought I was sexually satisfied until I stumbled across a web site on the computer that showed a guy with a huge cock. It was so large I didn't think it could be genuine. It just had to be electronically enlarged - didn't it? However I couldn't get the image out of my mind. When John and I went to bed that night and had sex, in my mind it was not John's cock that was pumping in and out of me.

John also likes to read stories from Literotica to me while he watches me play with myself with my vibrator. I can tell you now that in my mind it was that huge cock that made me cum. I was so horny thinking about it that even John commented about how sexy and horny I had been lately. I suggested that we bought another vibrator. We looked through the catalogue together and John was clearly very pleased when I chose one which was much larger than the one we already had. This one was 9 inches long and 1.5 inches thick. Our previous one was 7 inches and 1 inch thick. I couldn't wait for the new one to arrive. After 3 days it arrived. John was at work and I couldn't wait until he got home.

I ripped the brown paper packaging and there in a plastic see-through box was what I had been waiting for. I felt myself getting wet between the legs just looking at it. I had to have it inside me now. I carefully took off the cellotape holding the box shut and took out the vibrator. I held it and stroked it. I went upstairs and took the batteries out of the other one and put them in the new one. I knew what I was going to do. I switched on the computer and found the website with the guy with the large cock. As the machine was loading I took off my knickers. I ran the vibrator over my wet pussy lips. Suddenly the image I wanted to see appeared on the screen. Here was my fantasy but I wanted to make it reality.

My legs were wide open. My pussy was soaking wet. I eased the vibrator inside me slowly, it was heaven as I slowly fucked myself with it. I stared at the image on the screen and imagined a real live cock fucking me. I switched the vibrator on. The buzzing inside me was wonderful. I plunged it in as far as it would go. I easily took the 9 inches, but I wanted more. I wanted, 10, 11,12 inches, no I wanted more, oh the pleasure was sensational. This was best it had ever felt. John would never be enough for me again. 'Fuck me cock, fuck me, fuck me vibrator, oh its wonderful. Oh God, I'm cumming, oh yes, this is as good as it gets. As my orgasm rushed through my body I plunged the vibrator as far inside my pussy as it would go. Although the orgasm was intense I still didn't feel satisfied. I knew I could cum again. I looked at my fantasy man on the screen again. His cock was still large, he still hadn't cum. I said to him, 'Fuck me again, make me cum again'. I fucked myself with the vibrator as fast and as hard as I could. I plunged it in, then quickly withdrew it all the way and plunged it back inside me. I had to have a real cock, a real huge cock, I had to have it and have it soon. I quickly came a second and then a third time. I sat and recovered with it still embedded inside me. Eventually I took it out and licked it clean. I had never tasted my own cum before, but I loved the taste. I washed the vibrator, removed the batteries and carefully sealed the box up. I didn't want John to realise what I had been doing.

I washed, put on clean knickers and went shopping. That was a problem. A visit to the supermarket was a real problem as I stood in front of the carrots and cucumbers and admired the size of some of them. Although I had never been unfaithful to John and had never even thought about it before I couldn't stop thinking about being fucked by a huge cock. Eventually I could stand it no more and decided to do something about it.

I decided the internet was the best option. I searched out a contact site and started composing my advert. The finished item read:

Sexy, attractive 30 year old wife, shoulder length straight blond hair, desperately seeks a hugely endowed man to show her what she has been missing in her marriage. Photographic evidence of size must be accompanied with a short description of yourself. Very discreet daytime meetings in hotel to be arranged.

I was shaking with excitement as I pushed the button to send my advert.

John arrived home and was excited when I told him the new vibrator had arrived. He examined it closely and I wondered if he realised I had already used it. He wanted to read me a story from Literotica while he watched me play with myself with the new vibrator. Needless to say I was more than happy about this. Even though I had cum 3 times already today I still managed another imaging my hugely endowed lover fucking me. John wanted oral sex tonight and I was happy to suck him off. I was used to his small cock in my mouth and I easily made him cum in my mouth but wondered what it would be like having something much larger and filling my mouth totally.

For the next few days I was checking my e-mail constantly to see if anyone had applied to my advert. I had a few but they didn't enclose any photos and although they all said they were well endowed I needed to be convinced before I met them.

Then on the 4th day it arrived. I saw there was an attachment with the e-mail. Even before I read the e-mail I opened the attachment. I was amazed at what I saw. There was a coloured man with the most enormous penis I had ever seen. I knew then I was going to have it. I quickly reverted back to the e-mail. It read:

Hi. My name is Alvin. I am 28 years old and from the Caribbean and am on holiday here for 3 months. As you can see from my photograph I am well endowed. I measure a full 11 inches in length and 2.5 inches wide. I am good looking, considerate and a good lover. I am also exceptionally clean and hygienic. I can also cum 3 or 4 times in a session. I look forward to hearing from you and meeting you. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

I went back to the attachments. There were several pictures there. All of his penis from different angles. One had a ruler alongside it. It really did measure 11 inches by 2.5 inches wide. I couldn't wait to reply to the e-mail.

Hi Alvin. I loved the photographs. I can't wait to feel that huge cock pumping in and out of my wet pussy. I'm not sure how I'm even going to get it inside me, but the thought of trying makes me so horny. I'll be in touch with you soon to arrange a meeting. Love Paula.

I quickly got a tape measure and looked to see what 11 inches by 2.5 inches looked like. It was enormous. I looked around the house to see if I could find anything that size. The nearest I got was a hairspray measuring 10 inches by 2 inches. I thought I could never get anything like that inside me, and Alvin was even bigger. I found my pussy getting wetter just thinking about it. Then I had another idea. I got a cucumber and actually cut it to 11 inches by 2.5 inches. For a few moments I thought about putting a condom on it and playing with myself with it. But I didn't want to fuck myself with a cucumber. I wanted a man to fuck me, to cum inside me. I took off my knickers and got my vibrator and sat in front of the screen and eased the vibrator inside me while I stared at Alvin's 11 inch cock. I was soon cumming, and again, and again.

I'm sure John suspected something as he could see I clearly had something on my mind. The next few days were spent thinking about where Alvin and I could meet. I decided on a local hotel. Although we wouldn't be able to spend the night together, we could at least have all afternoon there. I wondered how many times I would cum that day.

I decided that the Station Hotel in York would be an ideal place to meet and telephoned to book a room. My period was about to start so I had to leave it for a week or so. I made the booking for Tuesday week. In the meantime I had been in touch with Alvin and we had sent each some very steamy e-mails. In seemed ages for the Tuesday to arrive and I spent a long time thinking about what I was going to wear.

On the Tuesday morning I got up and showered. Because of my period John had not fucked me but I had wanked him off a couple of times. Each time I imagined it was Alvin's cock between my hands and his cum that shot over my tits. I decided to trim the hair on my pussy and as it got shorter I decided to do something I had never done before. I shaved it all off. I knew John would appreciate it, but more than him I hoped that Alvin would appreciate it. I was getting more and more excited as the morning wore on. I found myself trembling with anticipation. My pussy was also VERY wet. I thought long and hard what to wear. I felt like a tart at what I was doing so decided to dress like a tart. But I didn't have anything really tarty to wear. I decided on a white blouse and bra, long skirt with a long split up the side and hold up stockings. I thought about wearing my thong as I like the feel of it against my pussy but actually decided to not wear any knickers. I don't normally wear much make up but decided today to put a little more on. I chose a light green eyeshadow, mascara and rather unlike me a deep red lipstick and lipgloss. I admired myself in the mirror and said to myself, 'Right Paula, go out and get the best fucking you've had in your life'.

I drove very slowly to the hotel. As I parked the car I was trembling with excitement. My pussy was almost leaking. I went into the hotel and registered. The time was 1.10. I had arranged to meet Alvin at 1.20 in the bar. I poked my head round the corner and saw him sitting at the bar already. I walked over to him, visibly shaking. He stood up and we shook hands. He was very good looking. I couldn't believe I was doing this. I'm a happily married woman, only ever had sex with my husband, and here I was meeting a 28 year old black man for an afternoon of sex. I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming. But I wasn't dreaming, I knew that. Alvin was smartly dressed and wearing cream trousers. I found myself looking down at them to see if I could see an outline of his cock. He saw me looking and said, 'I can assure you its down there and ready to go'. I smiled and said, 'Good'. He bought me a glass of wine and we sat at the bar and chatted for a few minutes. I felt his knee in between mine and I opened my legs for him. I was sure I could smell my pussy juices and wondered if Alvin could too.

We quickly finished our drinks and I told him the room number and told him to follow in a few minutes. I found the room and went inside. It was much larger than I expected. It was almost a suite with a large sitting area. One wall had built in wardrobes with a couple of full length mirrors. I liked the idea of watching myself in them. I sat on the bed waiting. I didn't know whether to undress or not. I took my bra off and threw it on a chair. I looked at myself in the mirror and lifted my skirt and admired my shaven pussy. It felt so wet. I slipped a finger inside and then licked it clean. This is something I was beginning to enjoy - the taste of my own pussy juices. Alvin took ages to arrive and I began to wonder if he didn't fancy me and had left. Suddenly there was a knock on the door and I let him in.

We walked over to the bed and I sat on it. He stood in front of me and said, 'Why not take my trousers down and see if its large enough for you'. I could clearly see the shape of his cock through his trousers. As I undid his belt and lowered his trousers and pants his enormous cock sprang into view. And I mean sprang. It leapt out straight as a rod in front of him. I couldn't take my eyes off it. He said, 'Why not stroke and lick it and bring it up to its full size'. I leant forward and put my hands round it. Or at least tried to. It was so large one hand wouldn't go round it. I stroked it back and forwards and bought my head towards and licked the tip. I opened my mouth but could only get the tip in. I could feel it growing in my hands and mouth. Alvin stepped back and said, 'Now that is its full size, I hope your lovely little cunt can take it'.

Alvin pulled me up and took my clothes off. My nipples were already hard. He leant down and sucked them and they grew even more. Alvin lay me down on the bed and kissed me on the lips. My mouth opened and I felt his tongue inside me. Then I felt a hand by my pussy. My legs automatically opened and I felt one then two of his large fingers slip inside. I reached down for his cock and gently rubbed it. He stroked my clit and I knew I was going to cum very soon. He sensed it too and slowed down. I wanted to cum with his cock inside me if I could take it. He got between my legs and I felt it at my opening. It felt huge. No, it was huge. He eased an inch or so inside and I felt as if I was going to split. It hurt, no it didn't, I liked it, no, I loved it, oh fuck, this is heaven, oh Alvin, more, put more inside, but gently, no harder, oh just fuck me, oh god, I'm cumming already. He hadn't even started fucking me and I had already cum. I looked sideways and could see in the mirror that he only had half of it inside me. He carried on, a little more now. I was being stretched sideways. He leaned up and pinched my nipples. Oh, why wasn't John built like this. There was still only about seven inches inside me and he speeded up, In out, in out, oh yes, faster, let me have some more, I want it all, oh Alvin, no, its wonderful, oh shit, I'm cumming again. Another orgasm hit me. I didn't know I could have multiple orgasms, but then again I've never had an eleven inch cock fucking me.

I needed to recover a while and Alvin suggested I went on top. We swapped places and I straddled him. I held his eleven inches and slowly lowered myself down on him. I did it so slowly to appreciate the full size of it. Then I'd withdraw it to the tip and then plunge it in again. I was in heaven, I didn't want the pleasure to end. I wanted Alvin as my full time lover. I felt my clit rubbing against his cock as I lowered and raised myself on it. I felt the start of another orgasm. I couldn't believe I could cum again, but I knew I was going to. I wanted Alvin to cum and I told him. He said, 'OK, I'm going to fuck you from behind and you'll feel the full force of my hot spunk hitting your cunt walls'.

I still hadn't got all his cock inside me. It felt so wonderfully tight and long. As my third orgasm neared I plunged it all the way in. I caught my breath as I felt it all disappear inside me. I glanced sideways at the mirror and saw it had all gone in. Alvin's finger was tweaking my arse. I loved it, I said, 'Put your finger inside me gently and fuck my arse'. He did as I requested. I now had all his cock in my cunt and one of his big black fingers inside my arse. This was the best feeling I had ever had. Needless to say I was soon cumming yet again. I collapsed on top of Alvin's chest and recovered. But I was aware he still hadn't cum and needed to. I lifted myself off his cock and put my mouth over the tip. I licked my cum off the top of it and started wanking it. He was now ready to cum. I got on all fours and held onto the headboard. Alvin positioned himself behind me and placed his cock at the opening of my wet expanded cunt. He eased it in gently at first and then as I took it easier he thrust in harder. He reached under and squeezed my nipples. I looked in the mirror as I watched this enormous black prick fuck me from behind. Alvin grunted and shouted as his orgasm neared. It hurt a little as he was so forceful with it but I loved it so much I didn't mind. I wanted it to hurt. He quickened his movements and I knew he was going to cum. His cock was reaching parts inside me that John's cock could never reach. Suddenly it happened, I felt a hot burst of his spunk hit the back of my womb as jet after jet of my lovers cum exploded inside me.

Amazingly he didn't go soft. It stayed as hard as before. I couldn't believe it. John only manages to cum once and that never takes long enough for me. We lay down, my back to his front with his cock still inside from behind. He reached round and played with my nipples and I watched in the mirror as he squeezed them and stretched them. He started easing his cock back and forth again inside me and I knew he was ready to fuck me again. I wanted to go on top again. I loved the power of being in control. I loved being able to plunge his cock deep inside my cunt whenever I needed to. I loved the feel as my clit rubbed against his cock. I loved the feel as I made myself cum. Oh fuck, I loved it all.

However, Alvin had a different plan. He thought we should try some oral. I wasn't sure how much cock I could get inside my mouth but was happy to try. We got into the 69 position with me on top. Alvin's full 11 inches of hard cock was only inches from my face. I lowered my open mouth and licked the top. I could taste his cum. I managed to get an inch or so inside my mouth and I sucked hard on it while my two hands wanked him. Alvin meanwhile was licking my still wet pussy and clit. His tongue delving right inside me. I loved the way he slowly fingered my arse at the same time and when he slid his small finger inside it was heaven. My mouth was still clamped tightly round his cock and I used both hands to wank him off. I have had his spunk in my cunt and now I want it in my mouth. I soon got into the right rhythm wanking and sucking his cock and with him licking and sucking my clit and fingering my arse it was a race to see who was going to cum first. I reached the winning post easily as Alvin sucked my clit deep into his mouth and my cum seeped out of my pussy all over his lovely black face.

I now concentrated on bringing Alvin off. I used both hands to wank him off and as he tensed I clamped my lips tight around the top of his cock I was amazed at the force that his red hot spunk hit the back of my throat. Unusually for me, I managed to swallow some and let the rest dribble out of my mouth onto Alvins still hard cock.

Now we did need to recover for a while. I had lost count of the times I had cum but thought I could still manage another. I wanted Alvin on top of me and giving me the fucking of a lifetime. I lay under him and he guided his cock inside me. I said, 'Be as rough as you want, do anything to me, just make me cum and cum and cum'. This is what Alvin wanted to hear. He wanted to be in control. He inserted his cock in slowly and reached forward and pinched my nipples. He was very gentle at first, putting it in half way and slowly withdrawing it. I was in heaven again. But then he speeded up and plunged it in all the way. It shocked me at first. The force was so great. I felt I was splitting in half again, but I loved it. He eased a hand under me and fingered my arse. He continued giving me the sort of fucking I had only ever dreamed of. I came very quickly but he didn't stop fucking me. I thought I was going to pass out as his eleven inches of rock hard cock continued to pound in and out of me. The pleasure was so wonderful I seemed to be having a continuous orgasm. Just as one subsided another started. I genuinely lost count of the number of times I came.

Eventually Alvin was ready. He thrust his cock all the way in and I felt it pump and pump and pump his hot spunk deep inside me. At last we were both exhausted and fucked out. We lie down and fell into a very contented sleep. We both woke after about an hour and decided we should do it again next week and every week while Alvin was here. I felt rather depressed as I knew that before next week I would have to make do with Johns rather meagre 5 inches. How was I going to manage this.

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