tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Wife at a Strip Club

My Wife at a Strip Club


We had gone out on a date that night: dinner and a movie, nothing to exciting. We had dropped the kids off at my parents, so I thought that we could take advantage of it and not rush home. I suggested going for a walk in the park, dancing, or something else if she had any ideas. Hell, I was open for anything other than going home.

Then she said no. She said that she just wanted to go home and relax. Frustrated is about the only word that I can come up with to describe how I felt. Our sex life hadn’t been the greatest lately, not that I was expecting any, but I really was hoping to get some that night. And then she said no, that she just wanted to relax. I knew my chances of getting laid were shot.

As I said, I really wasn’t expecting any that night, but it had been a while. I tried to not let my disappointment show, but I think that she could tell that I was upset. Neither one of said much for the next several minutes.

I was taking the long route home, avoiding some of the heavier traffic. I wasn’t really paying attention to where I was going except that I was in the general direction of home. Suddenly something caught her attention and she broke the silence.

“Pull over there!”

I was a little surprised because she was pointing at a strip club. She had told me once when we were still dating, about a night when she had gone to a strip club with a bunch of friends on a dare. Thinking that it would never happen, I would joke about taking her to one. Not expecting this from her, I hesitated and drove by the entrance to the club.

“Quick, turn around and park the car before I change my mind.”

Minutes later, I was paying the cover charge with my wife at my back. We looked around the club searching for a pair of seats together. All of the tables were full which left us sitting at the bar or at the stage. Well, the bar was out so this left us sitting at the stage.

A quick description of the place: The bar is right up front, and there are a couple of pool tables off to the far side. By the bar is the main stage, which was full that night. Over by the pool tables is the second stage, and it was only about half full. Behind this stage is a small area that is raised about as high as the stages and has a short wall about chest high around it. This area is used as the private dance area.

The club is topless only and no touching of the girls is allowed. They do come down off of the stage for dollar lap dances usually wearing a g-string only. These lap dances are primarily used as teases to get you to pay for a private dance, which last the full length of a song. I have never had one of these private dances, so I don’t know if the same rules apply regarding nudity or touching. There is a security camera that hangs from the ceiling watching the private dance area, so I would presume that any type of sex would be out.

My wife suggested standing around and waiting for a table to open up. To which I replied if you’re going to a show, you might as well get good seats. I got punched in the shoulder for that, but she agreed to take a seat at the second stage. Shortly after we sat down, one of the waitresses approached and asked what we would like to drink. We gave her our orders and she to get our drinks.

I had finally gotten my wife into a strip club, and I didn’t want to push my luck. I was afraid of how my wife might react to one of the dancers giving me a lap dance, so I was trying not to encourage anything. I tried not to look at the girls when they were in front of me, and I did not put any cash on the rail. (Cash on the rail is a sign to the dancers that you want a lap dance.) That is until the waitress returned and set our drinks down on the rail to the stage, setting my change by it. I was busy talking to my wife, so I didn’t pay any attention to what she just did.

Imagine the look on my face when the girl on the stage starts to move my drink out of the way and climbs down to my lap. I am always one for a lap dance, my favorite part being when the dancer rubs her tits in your face, and the overwhelming aroma of the perfume that she is wearing. But my wife was sitting right next to me. I was afraid that she would get mad or something. Hell, I had a dozen different thoughts running through my head most of which were bad. None of which was that it was her idea to come in here.

Next thing I know, she is leaning against the stage with the side of her g-string pulled out waiting for her dollar. I reached around her, grabbed a dollar off the rail and stuck in the waistband of her g-string.

Next she climbed onto my wife’s lap. I didn’t notice before but she was laughing, and laughing pretty hard. If I read her right, she was trying to tell the dancer no, but couldn’t get the words out. Instead, she ended up with a lap dance. She did manage to get ‘no’ out when the end of the dance came up and the girl tried to rub her tits in my wife’s face.

The guys sitting around the stage loved it and cheered, yelling encouragement for my wife to let her. She didn’t and the dancer moved on.

The next couple of girls up on stage gave me lap dances to my wife’s insistence. She even waved the money to get one of the girls to come over. It was when the next girl came up on the stage that our night got interesting.

She strutted directly over to us, not paying attention to the rest of the crowd. Moving my wife’s drink out of the way, she started down when my wife started waving her arms indicating no. I loved the sound of the crowd cheering them on, although it turned to sounds of disappointment when she started waving her arms. The dancer started begging and the crowd started yelling encouragement to them to do it. I leaned over to try to say some words of encouragement myself when she gave in. Her arms stopped moving, and the dancer came down.

She started on her knees with her face in my wife’s lap. She lifted her head and her hands came up to my wife’s waist, untucking her shirt. Then one by one, she started unbuttoning her shirt, kissing her belly as she exposed the skin. My wife stopped her when she got to the button at bra level. This didn’t deter the girl very much. She moved to the side and kissed one breast, then moved over and kissed the other breast. Next she moved up and kissed my wife’s neck and continued up until she brushed her breasts past my wife’s face. The crowd went nuts cheering them on as she moved from in front of my wife over to my lap.

I looked over at my wife when the dancer was done with me, expecting to see her shirt buttoned up and tucked back in. Instead, I saw her with her shirt held together talking to some stranger. She leaned over and told me he wanted to see her boobs. I told her to not let me stop her. After some of the things that I have seen her do in the last year, I didn’t know what to expect when she turned back to the guy.

Her back was to me, so I didn’t see for sure what she did, but it was a little too quick to have shown her tits. What I did see was her shirt opening up and going close pretty fast. Damned, I was hoping for some skin. Well, I thought that was it, but there was a group of guys sitting behind us that started chanting that they wanted to see too. She turned to them and opened up her shirt, flashing them her bra.

Their chant changed tone as they asked to see more. Again she turned to me asking for approval. I gave it to her and she turned and opened her shirt again, holding it open long enough to lift up her bra. She pulled it down moments later and sat facing the stage again; holding the shirt tightly closed. I thought that she was going to button it up again when she gave in to the cheers of the guys sitting across from us. She stood up, opened her shirt and once again lifted her bra, this time she was flashing the entire club her bare tits. I was rock hard and loving it.

She got strange for a little while after that. She kept watching the private dance area and asked me a few questions about it. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but when the waitress brought us fresh drinks, they exchanged a few words and then she grabbed me by the hand and led me over to it.

A little puzzled, I let her lead me over. The girl that had done the little show with my wife was up there at the time. (I later learned her name was Tisha.) I thought that maybe she had arranged for a private dance for me with her or something. Well, it turned out to be the ‘or something’ as she sat me in a chair and started to remove her shirt. I couldn’t believe it; she was going to give me my own private lap dance here in the club! When the shirt was off, she turned her back to me and sat in my lap. She started grinding her ass against my hard dick to the rhythm of the music. She pulled away from me and slowly pushed her pants down, wiggling to the music. The other girl was finishing up and escorting her customer out as my wife was stepping out of her pants. This left just the two of us as my wife sat in my lap facing me, removing her bra. Next she pulled away again, bending down into a squatting position. She hooked her thumbs in her panties and pulled them down as she came up. This was lost to me at first as she had her face in my crotch biting at the zipper, kissing my chest through the shirt as she came up. I didn’t notice that her panties were gone until she turned her back to me grinding her hips into my lap one last time. At the end her dance, she leaned forward with her hands on the floor, she lifted her ass up, sticking it and her bare pussy into my face.

She was dressing as the same dancer came back up. I tried to talk her into leaving her top off, or the bra, but she wouldn’t have anything to do with it. She put all her clothes back on including buttoning her shirt all the way up. When she was finished, we walked back to our seats.

As we passed the table that got her to flash her tits, one of them shouted out that it was his turn. She turned to me, as if to ask for approval, but instead she said that she would be right back. I tried to watch the dance that she gave, but all that I could see was the top part of her tits on up.

The private area was behind our seats, so I had to sit turned from the stage. If I had seen the dancer approaching, I would have passed, but she grabbed me by the shoulder and turned me around, telling me that I should give them some privacy and pay more attention to her. I gave her my dollar when she was done and turned to see what my wife was doing. I couldn’t see anything except for the guy’s head at first. Then I saw her coming up. Judging by her bare shoulders she must have been topless. I didn’t know until later what she had taken off her pants or panties. Within seconds of seeing her head appear, the other girl leaned over to her and said something. My wife’s head went back down out of site real quick, and came back up slowly.

Minutes later, she was done with her dance and walking back to our seats. When she got back, she leaned over to my ear and whispered, “I need to fuck.” Grabbing me by the hand, she led me out to our car. I unlocked her door and was about to go to the driver side when she stopped me, pulling down her pants and leaned into the passenger seat. I pulled out my dick and she was so wet I went right in. I only pumped her about a dozen times when she started shaking and screaming in orgasm. I thought that was it for the night and that we would be heading home as soon as her orgasm subsided. Instead, she pushed me away, pulled her pants up and led me back into the club.

On the way back in, she told me that she had given the guy the same dance she gave me. When she had removed her panties, the other dancer, Tisha noticed and told her that full nudity was not allowed. Unfortunately, this was after she had removed her panties for her dance. She told me that it got her all worked up being naked up close in front of a complete stranger. Even more so since it wasn’t allowed.

Back in the club, she told me that she needed to go clean up and would be a few minutes in the bathroom. In the meantime, I was to go find a seat at one of the stages.

A few minutes went by and no wife, but I didn’t think anything of it at first. A few more minutes went by and I started to worry a little bit. Heck, I figured she was talking to one of the dancers. After all, the girls kept coming and going out of the bathroom. I figured if something was wrong somebody would have said something. Then I few more went by and I was beginning to wonder what was going on. That’s when one of the dancers approached me and told me not to worry, that my wife was chatting with Tisha, and would be out momentarily.

Then she came out. She had a big ol’ grin on her face as she walked up to me. She sat down and told me the same thing that the dancer had told me. She had been chatting with one of the dancers and gotten a few tips that she thought that I might appreciate. Next she told me that she wanted to try out some of the moves that the dancer told her about and asked if I would mind if she gave a few more private dances. Before I had a chance to say anything, she was moving to the table that had cheered her on earlier and asked who wanted a private dance. I saw the hands of each guy go up and she grabbed the nearest one and led him back to the private area.

When she was done with the first guy, she led him back to his table carrying some of her clothes in one hand. All that she was wearing was her shirt, unbuttoned (and showing lots of cleavage and occasionally more as her tits swayed in and out view as she walked) and a g-string. The change from her plain old white panties wasn’t as much of a surprise as was the missing pubic hair. She is naturally hairy to the extent that her pubes grow down the inside of her thighs a couple of inches. She can’t even wear old lady panties without some hair showing. She doesn’t like to shave because she gets razor burn so bad that she breaks out in a rash within hours, and red bumps appear within minutes. Well, the g-string that she was wearing was small enough to make it obvious that she had shaved some of her pubes off, and there were no bumps indicating the normal razor burn.

She sat the guy down and came back over to where I was sitting. She asked me if I liked what I saw as she put her slacks and bra under my seat, kissing me on the cheek. She went back over to the table and grabbed the next guy, leading him back to the private dance area. She gave all four of the guys at the table a lap dance (including the guy from earlier a second time) and then came back and sat with me.

She didn’t bother getting dressed, asking me if I minded. I told her that I enjoyed watching the guys around the club looking at her wishing that she was with them. I tried talking her into taking the shirt off, but she told me that she felt to vulnerable like that, that she felt to close to being naked and wasn’t comfortable like that. I tried though, I did manage to open her shirt enough for her tits to show, and she left it like that for a while.

Then the dancer from earlier, Tisha came back up on stage. Again, she walked right up to us, but instead of coming down, she stretched her hand out for my wife to take. Taking it, my wife went up on stage!

I thought that I was in heaven. What I wanted to happen couldn’t be about to happen could it? I’m not that lucky.

Anyway, my wife was up on stage and the dancer pushed her blouse off of my wife’s shoulders, letting it drop it the floor. This left my wife naked except for the little triangle of cloth covering her pussy. The dancer moved in close and brought her lips within inches of my wife’s. She moved next to her neck, kissing as she moved lower. Next she was sucking on my wife’s nipples taking each one in turn. As the dancer did this, my wife removed the Tisha’s top. I think it was a one-piece dress or something, because before I knew it, they were both in g-strings. She came back up and looked deep into my wife’s eyes, gently lowering her to the floor. She laid my wife onto the floor and moved into a sixty-nine position. My wife swears that it was fake, but I swear that they were licking each other’s crotches. When the song was over, they split and the dancer moved off across the stage from us.

My wife on the other hand put her shirt back on and climbed down onto my lap. She gave me a lap dance finishing with the classic tit sandwich.

She climbed off of my lap moving for her chair when the guy sitting next to her moved his chair back. He was smiling at her, looking like he thought it was his turn for a lap dance. She looked back at me and I told her he was waiting. She climbed on his lap and gave him what he was expecting. Halfway into it, she looked over at me and I pulled on my shirt, trying to indicate to her that she should take hers off. She turned from me, looking in the guy’s eyes. Next she leaned back, bringing her arms up to her shoulders; she opened her shirt and pulled it off of each shoulder, letting it drop to the floor. She leaned forward and rubbed her tits into his face. Before she moved onto the next guy, she threw her shirt over to me for safe keeping.

She made it most of the way around the stage before her new friend’s set ended. She came back over to me reaching for her shirt, but I begged her to please leave it off. Surprisingly she did! She then told me that several guys had asked for private dances, and asked me if I minded.

It was about closing time before we decided to go. I had lost track of how many dances she had given. I did decide to see what she was up to and got a couple of them myself. It was such a turn on watching my wife rub her near naked body against those men.

The last guy the she gave a private dance to was the same guy from the table behind us. This was his third time and when they were done, she sat with him and talked to his group for a couple of songs. Occasionally, she would catch one of them staring and she would smile, thrust her chest forward and shake her tits at them.

Finally, she came back over to me and said that she was ready to go. She sat down and started dressing. I tried to talk her into taking the g-string off. It belonged to one of the dancers after all. Instead of taking them off, she leaned forward and told me not here, but that she would somewhere else. I asked what she had in mind, and she told me that the table had asked her to take it off for them, arguing that she had taken it off for the first guy. She continued, telling me that they had talked about it some and had agreed to her doing a complete strip tease in an empty parking lot nearby, if I approved.

I asked her what she would do if one of them made advances towards her, if one of them started feeling her up, or tried to fuck her. I asked her if she wanted to fuck them and she replied by asking me if I wanted her too. I told her no, to which she replied, “good.” I gave her the go and she turned back to then table and nodded her head.

The club we were at is near an industrial park containing several small businesses. We got in the car and she gave me directions to drive to a nearby small machine shop. Pulling in the loading bay, she told me to park under the street lamp. It was a few minutes later before two other cars pulled in the parking lot and joined us under the lights. We arranged our cars so that the trunks were together, forming a triangle under the street light. We sat on the trunks and somebody turned on some music and she began to dance.

She started fully dressed, giving a quick lap dance to all five of us, ending with me. Moving to the guy on my right, she turned her back to him and unbuckled her pants. Looking back over her shoulder, she asked him for a little help. He leaned forward and tugged on the waistband, pulling them down as she wiggled to the music. Finally, he got them down to her knees and she stepped out of them. She went round to each guy, climbing on his lap and rubbing her bare ass against him. Again she finished with me.

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