My Wife at a Strip Club


She moved to the second guy in the circle. Climbing onto his lap, she took hold of his hands and pulled them to her shirt. He started unbuttoning it for her. Judging by the way that he was shaking, it wasn’t fast enough. When he had her shirt off, she leaned forward and rubber her chest into him. She climbed off and went back around the circle, this time in reverse order.

When she got to the last guy, she did the same little routine that she had done to the rest of us already. Then she turned her back to him, and asked if he would do the honors. He reached up and unclasped her bra, making no effort to remove it when he was done. He just let it hang on her shoulders waiting for her to take it off. Instead, she reached back and grabbed his hands, and pulled them back up to her shoulders. She brought both of their hands forward, pushing the bra out of the way as she went. Taking the hint, he slid his hands across her tits, moving his hands down from her shoulders, nudging the bra off. She let him play with her tits like that for a few seconds before turning back to him and rubbing her tits in his face. She moved on to the next guy, and around the circle, letting each one get a handful of her tits in turn.

Then she came back to me, wearing the g-string only. She climbed onto my lap and caressed my lips with her nipples. Then she climbed down and turned her back to me. Pulling my hands to the waistband of her g-string, she bent over and started wiggling to the beat of the music again. She stepped out of it when I got it to her knees. She jumped back up on my lap, with her back still to me. She took my hands and pulled them to her waist. Next she edged them ever so slowly lower until we got to where I was expecting to find a little patch of fur. Nothing was there, not even stubble or the bumps usually associated with razor burn. My hands went lower and she was as smooth as a newborn. I found her pussy as wet as I had ever seen it. She felt so sexy that I almost fucked her there. I pulled back, spreading her cunt open for the guys to see, and gave her a couple of friggs. She turned back to me, gave me a kiss and jumped off of my lap.

Naked as the day as the day she was born, out in the open of a well-lit parking lot where anyone driving by could see her, she walked over to the next guy.

She went around to each guy, giving each one a full lap dance, dancing the length of a song before moving on. She let each one of them get a good feel of her whole body, including letting them play with her pussy. One guy had his dick out, but she told him to put it away or she would call it off.

She was dancing for the last guy when she came. He had been playing with her pussy, and sucking on her tits when her body shot straight and she started shaking and groaning. When the orgasm finished, her eyes popped open, and she looked around like she had just come out of a trance. Jumping off of the last guy’s lap, she ran over to me and jumped up into mine.

She whispered in my ear, telling me to take her home before she did all four of them. I carried her back to the passenger seat of our car and set her in it. I ran back to my side and hopped in and we drove away. In my hurry, I forgot her clothes lying on the pavement behind us. I saw them in the mirror and asked if I should go back and she told me to get her home as fast as possible.

On the way home, she pulled my dick out and played with it while I drove. She kept asking me if I liked what she had done, and what things I liked. I asked how she had gotten so smooth without stubble and she told me that Tisha had waxed her, but refused to go into any detail. She told me that she wanted to strip naked in the club so that all could see her naked pussy.

She had one hand on my dick and the other frigging herself. I almost came and told her to quit while I was driving. She told me to pull over, and I told her that I wanted to wait until we got home so that I could do her right.

Now, I have talked her into riding naked in the car before, I even put her clothes in the trunk one time. Every time though, she would insist on being dressed when we got home for fear of the neighbors seeing. This time was different. When we got home, she was the first one out, waiting for me at the door. The security light came on and she made no pretense of hiding herself. I ran up and unlocked the door letting us in. she followed me in, undressed me and turn the security light off. Next she grabbed me by the hand and led me back outside, telling me that she wanted to do it in the open where she could be seen. She bent over the porch rail and we went at like dogs in heat. She was really moaning loud, and I was afraid that she might wake up half the neighborhood. With all of the excitement, neither one of us lasted long. We came together, with her screaming loud enough to wake half of the neighborhood.

With all of the excitement that night, I was still hard and she took advantage of it. She laid me down on the porch and proceeded to ride me until she came again. When she finished cumming, I had her lean back so that I could play with her clit while I remained inside her. She played with her tits while I frigged her like that telling me how excited she was at the thought of all of those men looking at her. She told me about the lap dances and the hands all over her body and the hard dicks rubbing against her ass. She came one last time, collapsing on my chest with a load scream. I figured we were busted by now, but I saw no lights in our neighbor’s windows, and nobody said anything the next day.

We went back inside and went to sleep shortly after that. I keep asking her about what happened in the ladies room, but she refuses to tell me.

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