My Wife Fucks Another Man


It wasn't but just a minute or two after my wife had her orgasm, that I saw Phil shove hard into my wife, hold there, I could hear him grunting, as he dumped his load up my wife's cunt! OH MY! Laying there, WATCHING, KNOWING, that this guy was filling my wife's cunt with his cum was nearly more than I could take!

Phil didn't lay there long, as soon as he was done grunting, he jumped up off the bed, without saying anything to my wife, without looking in my direction, and he ran into the bathroom and closed the door.

I immediately sprang out of the my bed and stood next to my wife, laying in the other bed. I slid my left hand down my wife's belly until it was between her legs and flat on her freshly fucked pussy! My wife jumped a little and moaned as I began rubbing her whole, wet, crotch area. I felt the complete wetness of my wife's, and Phil's, cum juices mixed together and coating my wife's crotch, inner thighs, and lower belly. I could see a darker spot on the sheets between her legs that I knew was a wet spot under her ass. I bent down close to her face and speaking in a hushed voice so Phil wouldn't hear me in the bathroom, I said, "Oh my GOD! That was AWESOME! I can't believe you actually did it!"

Also in a hushed tone, my wife replied,"Yeah, that was pretty cool! I have to admit, it was pretty HOT knowing that you were right there watching him fuck me!" Then she reached out and wrapped her fingers around my rock hard cock and stroked it till her palm got to the tip and she swiped some leaking pre-cum onto her palm. Then she rubbed the slimy substance all over my cock. She looked me in the eye, smiled a devilish smile, and said, "It appears as if you got a little excited too! Did you enjoy the show?"

The first thing I said was, "You better be careful, that thing is loaded and about to EXPLODE!", then I said, "Hell yeah! That was the HOTTEST thing I have ever seen! But We're not going to repeat it like this. If he can't get over his nervousness, we'll have to find someone else."

My wife agreed, then said, "Come one. Fuck me! He made me cum a little bit, but I want a bigger one!" I almost came, hearing my wife tell me that another man just made her have an orgasm!

As I climbed on the bed between my wife's legs, I said, "Well I don't know if I'm going to be able to get you there. I'm so damned loaded up, I might explode as soon as I slip it in!"

Then my wife said, "Don't worry, I'm still pretty horny too, it won't take me but just a few strokes to get there."

Then as I slid my hard cock between my wife's soaking wet pussy lips, and sank it up her cunt, it was so slick and wet that I easily slid all the way in, in one easy motion until I bottomed out, I said to her, "Well hearing you talk like that won't help me last any longer!"

When I was in as far as I could get, and my pelvis was grinding against my wife's pelvis, (and her clit), I held there for a few seconds taking in all the feelings of the heat of my wife's cunt enveloping my cock, the super wetness and smooth, slick feelings provided by the lubrication of Phil's load of cum, much of which was still inside my wife, all of which was now surrounding my cock, and some of which had been pushed out to run down the crack of my wife's ass and onto my balls. As I lay there taking in all these sensations, I bent down and kissed my wife hard on the mouth, forcing my tongue between her lips and thrusting it in and out of her mouth as she pretended to suck on it like it was a cock. When I broke off the kiss, I told her, "One of these days, that's going to be my dick in your mouth while the cock in your cunt is someone else's."

She giggled and said, "Sounds like fun!", as she squeezed her cunt muscles on my cock.

I said, "STOP that! Try to relax and I'll see if I can get more than just a couple of strokes here." She giggled again. Then I started to slowly pull my cock out and shove it back into my wife as I began to fuck her and get that first in a lifetime, but what I certainly hoped wouldn't be the last, opportunity to get "sloppy 2nd's" off my wife's freshly fucked and full of cum pussy!

All of this conversation and action between my wife and I, had only taken a couple of minutes, probably a lot less time than it takes to read about it. As I started to get a rhythm going, fucking my wife, and she started to get into it very quickly, Phil opened the bathroom door and stepped out into the room. I couldn't see him behind me, but I heard him. He immediately went back in the bathroom and closed the door. My wife and I both laughed quietly and she said, "He is so nervous!".

I said, "I don't give a damn how nervous he is, I'm going to finish what I started and he can watch, join in, or stay in there, I don't give a damn!" I had only been fucking my wife for 2 or 3 minutes, but I knew I wasn't going to last much longer. I got a little rougher and started TRYING to make her cum. Brandie, knew what was happening and so she worked with me and started working herself up to that big orgasm she was wanting. She became louder with her moaning, groaning, and with her voice.

She loudly, said, "Oh come on! That's it! You're going to make me CUMMMMMMMM!", and she loudly screamed as she hit that big orgasm she had been wanting! I think she was purposefully being loud for Phil's benefit in the bathroom. I was glad. I hoped he was hearing every whimper she made!

My wife's cunt squeezing around my cock and flooding with new cum juices, was all I could stand! So I drove in hard, held it there, and dumped the load of cum that I had been building and holding onto all night, deep up my wife's cunt to mix with her juices and the remainder of Phil's cum that was still inside my wife. I know the euphemism, "mind blowing orgasm" is over used, but this was truly one of them! I honestly got weak, saw stars as I think the blood momentarily rushed from my brain, and I nearly stopped breathing! I was barely aware of hearing myself let out a loud grunt-groan that surely must have woke up anyone in a neighboring room and that Phil could clearly hear in the bathroom.

As I emptied my balls into my wife, I laid down on top of her, and we both tried to relax a minute, catch our breath, and regain our composure. My wife whispered to me, "He wants me to sleep the rest of the night in the same bed with him. Is that OK with you?"

I told her, "It's OK with me as long as you do the same thing you did this time, if he gets frisky again. Make enough noise so that you wake me up and pull the covers off so I can see what's going on."

"OK.", she said.

Then I got up off my wife and as I pulled my softening dick out of her well fucked pussy, I could see all the wetness of the combined juices of all three of us all over my wife's crotch and the much larger now, wet spot on the bed under her ass. Seeing my wife lying there, soaked from the semen of another man and myself, half naked, with the obvious look of sexual satisfaction glowing all about her, my wife never looked more beautiful and sexy to me than she did right then! I leaned over and gave her a much gentler, loving kiss than the one I had before, told her how much I loved her, how sexy she was, and how much I appreciated her for participating in my fantasy of sharing her with another man. She told me it was more fun than she had imagined and that maybe the next time would be better for me.

I slid back into my bed, under the sheets, and pulled them up to my neck. I rolled over on to my right side again so that I could watch the other bed without moving around. My wife, pulled the covers back over herself and since we were quiet now, in a couple of minutes, Phil came out of the bathroom, walked around to the other side of the bed, near the window, and slid into the bed, under the covers with my wife. I saw her roll over toward him, put her left arm up over his chest, (I'm sure she loved the feel of his hairy chest), and cuddle up to him. Knowing that my wife was cuddling up to that other man in the bed, with her pussy soaking wet, sloppy from his and my loads of cum, mixed together in her pussy, made my cock start to twitch back to life and in a few minutes, it was rock hard again.

I heard my wife and Phil speak to each other in whispers that I couldn't make out. Later on, Brandie told me that he was asking her why she had fucked me. She told him because I was her husband and that we had actually met him to have a threesome, but since he was so nervous about it all, that I had been nice enough to let him do her by himself, but that after he went in the bathroom, I wanted some, and she wanted to fuck me. She told me that he seemed to be "jealous" about it.

My wife and Phil, fell asleep, but I was too keyed up and worried that if I fell asleep that I might miss a repeat performance. I laid there in my bed gently stroking my hard cock, replaying the visions in my head that were just hours old and since they were asleep, I decided to jack off into the hotel bedsheets. I figured that might even work to my advantage, if they did wake up and get frisky again, my balls wouldn't be so loaded! After leaving my load on the sheets on the left side of the bed, I rolled back over to the right and I laid there awake the rest of the night, which wasn't too hard to do, because it got daylight in just a couple more hours. Since we hadn't pulled the curtains closed on the window of our 3rd floor room, the sun shone in pretty early and woke the two of them up too.

When they woke up, I could hear them talking in whispers, but I couldn't tell what they were saying. My wife later told me that Phil was asking her if they could be alone for a little bit so that they could have sex again. My wife told him, no. She wasn't going to ask me to leave the room so they could have sex. I got up out of my bed, naked as the day I was born, dried cum crusted on my cock hairs, and Phil turned away, he seemed to be put out by my nakedness. I thought, "Man. How are we ever going to have a real threesome with this guy?" I went in the bathroom to take a piss, get a shower, and get ready to leave. I was in there, maybe 15 minutes. My wife later told me that Phil wanted her to fuck him "quickly" while I was in the shower, she said his cock got hard as soon as I was in the bathroom, but she refused. She told him we would all stay in touch and get together again one day.

When I came out, naked, to get dressed, Brandie went into the bathroom to take a shower and Phil turned his back on me as I got dressed. He slipped his pants on while he was sitting on the bed, then stood up and got dressed the rest of the way.

When my wife came out of the bathroom, fully dressed, we all made a little small talk. I offered to buy breakfast for everyone if Phil wanted to join us but he declined, saying he had to get home, and he split, while Brandie and I stopped in the hotel restaurant to eat breakfast.

Before I go any further, let me tell you what I saw on the video tape, when I got home.

Of course there was about 20 minutes of just an empty room and bed, at the beginning of the tape, before they came in. When they came into the room, I could hear them on the tape, but couldn't see them. The camera was almost right inside the door, near the bathroom, so that it could capture the majority of the room and the bed that they would play on. I heard them talking and my wife giggling about something as they came in, and she went immediately into the bathroom. I knew she had to go in there to strip down and change into what ever she was going to wear to bed, she probably also had to pee after all the drinking she had been doing downstairs. I saw the camera wiggle a little bit and knew that Phil must be looking through the viewfinder to see what the camera was seeing. I could even hear him breathing. He stayed there behind the camera for the 10 minutes or so it took my wife in the bathroom and then I could hear the toilet flush. I could hear and see the light, as the bathroom door opened and my wife stepped out.

I heard my wife say, "OH!", in a surprised voice, I don't think she expected him to still be standing right outside the bathroom door when she came out. I didn't hear him say anything, but I could hear a bit of rustling as he apparently pulled her to him and they started making out and kissing. I could hear them breathing, kissing, a bit of rustling as his and her clothing moved about, and I heard my wife moan a little bit once in a while, I figured when she was doing that, he was probably playing with her pussy! I wanted to scream, "GET OUT FROM BEHIND THE CAMERA AND GET IN FRONT OF IT!" They stayed behind the camera for about 10 minutes, kissing, making out, and I'm sure, he was playing with my wife's pussy. I could see the camera giggle every once in awhile as they were bumping the tripod, or camera itself.

Finally, my wife walked past the camera holding Phil's hand and took him to the bed. There, they stood, making out some more, and now I could see Phil's hand working on my wife's crotch. In the semi lit room, and since the camera was stationary and couldn't zoom, I could tell he was playing with her pussy but I had to imagine if his fingers were actually inside it based on how my wife acted and sounded as they made out. After several minutes of that, I saw my wife opening the front of Phil's pants to gain access to his cock. My own cock was hard as a rock watching, for the first time in my life, my slutty wife digging into a man's pants for his cock! When she got his pants open, I saw his flaccid dick flop out of his pants and hang there. I thought to myself, "How in the Hell is this guy's dick soft after all that action with my wife?" But, since Brandie had already told me what had happened, I wasn't surprised.

On the tape, I watched my wife help Phil out of his clothes until he was completely naked. She had on the black silk nightie with the spaghetti straps I spoke of earlier. Then over the next 45 minutes of tape, I watched the two of them make out on the bed, watched my wife suck Phil's cock, several times, watched her jacking him with her hand, and all of it to no avail! Just like she said, he never got hard! He got on top of her twice, and tried to fuck her, thinking that "if" he could get it in, that he would get hard, but they weren't able to make that work. Finally, they gave up and my wife picked up the phone to call the bar. I heard her tell the bartender, "Please tell my husband to come up to the room.", then hang up the phone. After she hung up, she said, "Oh shit! Maybe I shouldn't have told the bartender he was my husband.", and then she giggled a bit. No reaction from Phil. My wife went to the bathroom, and was back out just before I came into the room and shut off the camera.

THIS, my reading friends, is where the story starts to get really weird, and where any new couples, planning on trying the HOT Wife/Swinging Lifestyle for the first time, might be able to learn a few things to look out for, so that you don't fall into some of the same traps!

Apparently, Phil was a single man who had a hard time getting and keeping a woman. So, he turned to answering swingers ads, hoping to have sex with women, without their husbands. Our ad had specifically stated that we were looking for a man to join us in a threesome, that I was straight and wasn't interested in any man-to-man action, but Phil had answered it anyway because he was so infatuated with my wife's picture. When she and I were swapping emails and chatting with Phil on the computer, (before we met), he had often brought up the subject of meeting Brandie on her own. We had made it clear to him that wasn't what we were looking for, that we were strictly interested in a threesome where myself and another man would have sex with my wife at the same time.

Before Brandie and I had decided to actually go through with this sharing her thing, we had long discussions about the rules by which we would play. Without boring you with all the exact details of what we agreed to and what we talked about, let me say that any couple considering doing this needs to have these discussions and set forth some rules that both of you agree on and then stick to them. These rules can be modified later, but ONLY after you both talk it through and decide on the changes TOGETHER! Trust between the couple is very important to any swinging relationship and the only way to have trust is for both partners to live by the rules.

One of the rules that we agreed upon was that my wife, Brandie, would never have sex with a man without me being there. I wasn't interested in "loaning her out", I wanted to "share her" and be there while it was going on. (I can say that now, over the years, I have modified my stance on that so that she has had sex with men when I wasn't around, but ALWAYS, with my prior consent and knowledge, and she has ALWAYS had to tell me the details afterwords.)

Well, this rule got broken and I wasn't a bit happy about it!

After we returned home from that meeting with Phil, he almost stopped communicating with me on the computer altogether, and was exclusively chatting with Brandie. He was constantly talking to her about how much he liked her, how good the sex was with her, how it would be so much better if they had a lot of time alone without me in the background, etc., etc.. He was really building her up and she was falling for all of his bullshit!

She eventually slipped away one time when I was away from home for a day/night, and she went to Phil's house and stayed with him all night. I found out about it the next day when I got home before she did and when she came in she couldn't hide the fact that she had been having sex. She told me all about it and said that she only did it because she was hoping to loosen him up so that we could all get together again some time and have a real threesome. She told me that without me there, Phil was relaxed and that they had great sex, several times that night.

I was mad as Hell, but let it go when she promised she wouldn't do it again. She and Phil continued their online communication and over the next several weeks, I guess he really LOST IT! He admitted to her that he loved her and wanted her all to himself. He told my wife that I must not love her if I want other men to fuck to her, and that I didn't respect her like he did. (I didn't know this at the time and didn't find this all out until way later.) Brandie fell for it! She was flattered that this guy was "in love with her" and she wasn't sure what to do about it.

Then one day, she told me that Phil was coming to town and that we were going to have the threesome that I had always wanted. (I didn't know this at the time either, but Phil didn't want to have a threesome. The idea of it was disgusting to him, but she made it plain to him that if I wasn't involved, they weren't going to be able have any sex. So, he reluctantly agreed.)

The weekend that Phil came to town, he went straight to the motel and Brandie and I were getting ready to go meet him. My wife just didn't act right. Something was amiss and I didn't know quite what it was. But, whatever it was, it was giving me the creeps and I decided that I didn't want any part of a threesome with Phil. Well, THAT just freaked my wife out! She was looking forward to seeing Phil, (and I figured that was it, she was way too excited about going to see "Phil"), and she flatly announced that she was going whether I did, or not. So, I let her go. I figured that whatever it was with this Phil guy, we wouldn't ever get over this hump and get on with our lives until she got this out of her system, one way, or another.

After several hours, I couldn't stand it anymore. I figured they had more than enough time to have several rounds of sex, so about 3 in the morning, I went to the motel and made her come home.

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