My Wife Goes Black


Anthony was sucking and lapping her juices. He raised up a moment. "Damn, this is the wettest pussy I've ever eaten. And it tastes best, too!"

When he returned to sucking her clit, Susan began her trip to Nirvana. Her eyes became glassy, she stuttered some words, then arched her back and screamed in release. Her hands went to his head, and she mashed his face into her aching, throbbing cunt.

As she came down, she mumbled, "Oh fuck, Oh god, Oh shit! That was so damned good! Thank you, Anthony, and you too, Hubby!"

Anthony stayed in her cunt, kissing and softly nibbling her lips. I kissed her cheeks and nose, and murmured loving words. She opened her eyes and smiled.

"Wow! That was a real trip! It'll take me a bit to revive, Guys, you almost blew my gaskets!"

Anthony slid up to her face, kissing her. "What now, My Love? What sort of dirty acts do you desire?"

She kissed him back, holding his face in her hands. "Now, Lover, I expect you to mount this mare and give her a real stallion loving, fucking, screwing! Jeff gets seconds; I want him to fuck me in your cum! Then, I want a nice sixty nine with you, then a little dp with you both!"

Anthony looked at me. "Damn, Jeff, that's a full plate. Is that all okay with you?"

I smiled. "This is Susan's show. Whatever she wants, she gets, as long as there is no blood!"

He climbed atop my wife's luscious body and they kissed again, with much tongue and sucking. She gripped his cock and rubbed the head along her dripping slit. They both groaned. She then lined it with her fuck hole and inserted the head.

"Oh fuck, Baby, I need that ebony cock all the way in!"

He slid down as she arched her ass up, and he sank to the hilt. She screamed, scratching his back. He pulled back slowly, then moved in. Now he began fucking at a faster pace, making her body bounce and her tits move up and down. They were both grunting and gasping, their hands gripping the other painfully.

"Goddam, Anthony, you fucker, you're making me so hot. God, fuck me, Baby. I wanna cum so bad! Make me cum on your black cock! Pound that cunt, dammit, you're here to fuck me, make it happen! Uhn, uhn, shit, god, so good, so wonderful, you fuck so good!"

I watched and listened, wondering if she was getting TOO excited; my jealousy was stirring. She had never responded so wildly to another man's fucking. Would she still be satisfied with me? I wondered.

"FUCK ME!" She screamed, "Fuck my whore pussy. Make me your slut, your whore, your wife! FUCK MY WHORE CUNT!"

I was getting concerned now. Never had she talked this dirty, this abandoned while in the throes of a good fucking. She grasped his ass cheeks and pulled him to her. Her legs were around his waist, ankles locked to snare his cock within her body. Perspiration ran off both of them. Now she was sobbing, actually crying. Was she in pain? I wasn't sure if, or how, to respond. I felt like the third wheel, no involvement, watching my beloved wife and this black, handsome stranger with a larger cock, rut and mate with deep desire, and, it seemed, deep love. Was she lost to me? Would she ever again be satisfied with my loving, to which she had become accustomed, and perhaps bored? I was definitely hurting here.

Then, Anthony entered his dirty talk faze. He looked into her eyes.

"Fuck me, you dirty whore! Raise that ass and make your cunt slam my cock. You're nothing but a cheap slutty whore. Any man can fuck you. DIRTY CUNT! COCKSUCKING BITCH. I'M GONNA FILL YOUR CUNT WITH BLACK MAN'S CUM TILL IT RUNS OUT YOUR NOSE! FUCK ME GODDAM YOU! GONNA MAKE YOUR WHORE CUNT MY PERSONAL PROPERTY! YOU'RE MINE NOW, HEAR? MY CUNT! MY WOMAN! MY SLUT! OHHHHHHH!"

Susan was screaming that she was all that and more to him; his alone, his to use, his in eternity. Tears began burning my eyes. I now knew this had been a big mistake, a major miscalculation on my part. Damn, how could I have been so stupid, foolish?

They had been fucking for over thirty minutes. Was this a man or machine? Was he ever going to cum? Would Susan survive? I was seriously concerned.

Then, Susan screamed that she was close. They both increased their speed and strength of fucking. I couldn't believe it. How could they fuck so hard? My heart was heavy. I didn't know what to do. Susan suddenly screamed again, and wrapped her arms and legs even tighter about his black body. She was arching her back, thrusting her cunt. He, in turn, was pounding her sensitive little pussy like a mad man, intent on destroying my angel.

He suddenly raised up and slammed his cock into her deepest reaches. "Where?" he commanded. "WHERE, GODDAMIT, WHERE?"

Just before she exploded in ecstasy, she stared at his face and whispered "What do you mean where?"

He glared at her, his body ramming even harder. "WHERE THE GODDAM HELL ALMIGHTY DO YOU WANT MY CUM?"


They came together in a crash of exploding orgasms, words not possible, writhing and fucking and sobbing. I slipped off the bed and went to the bathroom. I deposited my dinner in the bowl, crying and sobbing and feeling so broken, so abandoned, so useless. Could I even avoid suicide? I truly did not know.

I crawled to the guestroom and pulled myself to the bed. I continued to sob. After some time, I heard the door opening, soft footsteps to the bedside.

"Jeff? Are you okay, Honey? What's wrong, why are you sobbing so?" I could not respond. I was too weak to even turn over.

I heard a male voice. "How is he? I hope we didn't hurt him. I never would have done this if I had known he would respond like that!" They lay down each side of me. Susan cradled my head to her breasts, soothingly stroked my arms.

I snuffled. "I guess I'm out of the picture now, huh? I have never seen you get so aroused before, so given to a man. I know you have never lost yourself in me like that. And your language was so demeaning, I knew when you began talking you were lost to me."

"Oh, Darling, nothing has changed. I think I got so hot because one of my fave fantasies was being well fulfilled. Anthony is a good lover, but nowhere near your league. You'll always be my guy, my one and only love!"

I looked at her. "Guess I got carried away! I've never felt so worthless when you were being fucked by another man!"

Anthony broke in. "Was it because I am black? Because of our words?"

I nodded in the affirmative to both. They both caressed me, soothing me with soft words. I felt like a shit, and told them so. They both chuckled at me, and Susan kissed my cheek. Anthony turned my head and kissed my lips gently, soothingly.

"Jeff, you do have a fantastic wife, and I have enjoyed her tremendously, but those words were strictly passion, not truth. I should have warned you I am noted for dirty, demeaning talk during fucking, and can't really control it!"

Susan added, "And I joined right in! His words did incite me to the same, and I got carried away, too."

I apologized to both, and told them I was sorry I took the wrong meaning. They forgave me for my wrong ideas, and we returned to the bedroom.

"Shall we call it a night?" asked Anthony. "That was an emotionally tiring event!"

"No!" I jumped up, "Please, don't let me ruin this. If you two want, I can go to a motel tonight, let you get it on!"

"Don't you dare!" shouted my wife. "You are a part of this, and you ARE staying!"

I know when to change the subject. "Brandy, anyone?"

They laughed. We retired to the den and again enjoyed the fine wine. Susan was sitting in a chair, Anthony on the sofa, I in another chair. Susan looked at Anthony for a bit, then turned to me.

"Honey, do me a big favor. I want to watch and experience you eating Anthony's cum from my cunt! I want to watch you swallow a black man's cum!"

Anthony smiled at her. I moved to my wife, and she spread her legs. Her hairy cunt was drenched in cum. I kissed the gooey mess, licked her bush clean, then began licking her slit.

"Fuck, you're not doing it right! Suck that cock juice from me! Suck it out!"

I began sucking her fuck hole. She moaned and lay back. Anthony moved beside her and stuck his tongue into her mouth. She sucked it noisely, and grasped his already-hard cock. I was swallowing mouthsful of his cum, amazed at how much he had dumped into my wife's cunt. Finally, she was empty and clean. They continued to french-kiss, fondling each others' sex organs. I lay back on the floor and rested. They continued to kiss for a bit, then Susan rose to go clean up. Anthony gripped my cock.

"Man, you have one terrific wife! Her pussy is wonderful, even better than my wife's! I have never cum so hard as I did in Susan's cunt! It was really hot watching you eat me out of her!

Susan returned, and we sat separately, sipping more brandy and idly chatting.

I spoke up, "This is supposed to be a loving time; why don't you two sit together and get warmed up again?"

Susan asked, "Are you sure you are okay with that?"

"Sure!" I said. "Sorry again for my negative reaction!"

Susan joined him on the sofa, cuddling to him. He put an arm about her and kissed her. She stroked his cock, it again sturdily prepared for battle. She spread her legs, inviting his fingers to caress her folds. They kissed deeply, obviously back in the heat with each other. I observed, chastened by my earlier reaction. Susan asked him to lie on the sofa on his back. She climbed atop him, reversed for her mutual suck. She lowered her lips to his cock, and swallowed it in one move. He groaned, then slipped his tongue into her wet pussy. They continued to orally love each other with much gusto, obviously enjoying their coupling. At least, with their mouths full, there was no dirty talk! By now, I was back to normal. They went on this way for some time, their hands busy on each other's ass cheeks. Susan tickled his scrotum, giving him added action. Then, she slipped off his cock and grunted her release. She spasmed and shook for a full minute, then rested a bit.

"Oh fucking hell!" she whispered. Soon, she again swallowed the black object of her desire, and in a few moments, he arched his back and gasped. Susan slipped her mouth off his cock and jerked him into her open mouth. She swallowed four shots, then sucked the rest from him. She had to swallow about three more times to get it all.

"Fuck, Anthony!" she gasped. "You sure know how to show a woman a good time! Let's take another breather!"

That meant more brandy as Susan sat between his legs and licked his balls. She smiled at me and asked, "Honey, come over and jack him off as I lick. I think he will like that!" I moved beside him, and slid my hand up and down his again hard cock. He leaned to me and kissed me deeply. I sucked his tongue and squeezed him. He grasped my cock and we continued to pleasure each other. Susan was looking up at us with love in her eyes. She was so sweet!

Susan then climbed on his lap, straddling his thighs. They continued to kiss as she slowly lowered her sweet cunt onto his cock. They both sighed as she slid to the bottom, their pubic hair mashing together. She slowly raised her cunt, then lowered herself again. Soon, she was slapping her thighs against his as she fucked her lover in deep passion. I was again watching my wife fuck her black lover to her heart's content, enjoying the coupling with obvious delight. Anthony still held my cock, now bouncing with my wife's fucking.

Susan stopped, looked at me, and asked, "Darling, you wanna fuck my ass as Anthony enjoys my cunt?"

"Sure!" I replied. I know she loves dp with a passion. She had me sit in a chair, and she sat reversed on my lap.

"Now slide that wonderful cock into my ass, Sweet!" I did so, and she sighed in pleasure.

"Okay, Anthony Lover, come here and fuck my pussy and feel his cock in my ass!"

Anthony moved to her, bent, and slipped his cock home. I felt it slide along her cunt wall to the end. Now, she had me fuck her ass in opposite direction to him fucking her cunt. She gripped his body and swooned.

"I fucking love two cocks at once, Guys! I want both of you to cum in me, fill my hungry holes with baby sauce. Fuck me hard, godammit, make me cum, make me lose it!"

We did, pounding into her holes like men gone wild. She screamed, she sobbed, she dragged her nails along his back. We continued to fuck her savagely for some time, when Anthony shouted he was cumming. I felt his cock pulse as it dumped his juice into her cunt. That did it for me! I gripped her tits and jammed my cock deeply into her bowels. I shot so much cum into her asshole, due to all the stimulation from the evening. Susan swooned into my arms as Anthony sank to the floor.

"Oh fuck, you guys are too much! Damned glad you aren't around more, Anthony, you two would have me fucked to death!"

Anthony groaned, "Nope, sorry, one time thing you know, but it sure has been one helluva trip!"

Susan again spoke. "Okay guys, now the black guy gets to put his cock into the white guy!" Anthony laughed.

"How you want it?" he asked me. "How you wanna suck my cock?"

I smiled, "Would love for you to fuck my face! Let me lie on the couch!"

I did, my head on a pillow. Anthony straddled my chest, his purple cock head against my mouth. I opened and took him in. He tasted like Susan's pussy! I sucked him deep, grasping his ass cheeks as I did. Soon, he grabbed my hair and began moving his cock in and out. I stopped moving, giving him control. This is what I love about sucking another man; give him complete control and let him fuck me as he wishes. Soon, he was fucking so deeply I began gagging and choking. He was unrelentant; his cock head slammed into my throat again and again.

He looked down into my face. "That's it, you white cock sucker! Let me fuck that dirty mouth. That's all you whities are good for, cum dump for real men, BLACK men! Suck my good cock, a BLACK cock! Take it, you white whore. You male slut! Call yourself a man? Hell, you aren't even good enough to suck black cock, but I'll let you. Gonna shoot my seed way down that fucking white throat, make you gag and puke. Best not puke on the black man, Cunt, or I'll whip your ass! I impregnated your bitch wife, filled her womb with black seed, now she's gonna have my black baby! How you like that, cock sucker? Gonna complain? Who to?"

He tilted his head back and laughed a screeching, whore-fucking noise as his cock slammed into my throat. I could barely breathe; my head was swimming. Suddenly, he gripped my hair even tighter, and jammed his cock all the way in.

"Gonna choke the shitting life outa your white, useless self! Your gonna eat so much black cum you'll shit your pants! Now swallow this load of REAL man sauce! Swallow, godammit!"

His cock went all the way down; my face was buried in his wiry pubic hair. I felt faint; my eyes rolled back. Then, he grunted and I felt a huge wad of thick syrup shoot down my throat. Four more times he expunged a large load of his cum into me, then held his cock as deep as possible for a bit as I struggled for breath. Finally, he pulled out and stood. I choked and gasped, then rolled to the side and puked cum all over the carpet. He laughed. I saw Susan run to his side, hugging and kissing him.

"Oh god, what a man! You sure showed this wimp what a real man is! You really fucked his throat! God, oh how I love you, you wonderful fuck!"

I reverted back to earlier and figured, no PRAYED that this was part of her act. They went arm in arm to the kitchen. I was beat; reclined on the sofa, still swallowing black man's cum. Susan peeked in the door.

"Wanna sandwich, Darling? We're starved!"

I stumbled to join them. Susan was on his lap, kissing between bites of food. He looked at me.

"Enjoy your mouth fuck?

I choked a 'Yes', then made a sandwich. I sat quietly, enjoying the food. My throat was raw, and I was still coughing up cum. The two of them looked at me, smiling. I grimaced back.

"Honey," she said, "It was all in fun, wasn't it, Lover? Anthony wanted you to enjoy giving him a good cock sucking! I sure enjoyed it! Did you?"

I nodded and finished my sandwich.

"Honey" Susan said, "There's just one more thing, remember? I want Anthony to fuck your ass like the cock sucking whore you are, and fill it with more of his wonderful cum!" I groaned.

"You promised!" she pouted. "Please let Anthony fuck your useless ass, then we'll retire!"

We returned to the bedroom. I got on the bed on all fours. Susan corrected me.

"Not that way, I want you the way all whores get fucked! On your back, legs raised, grunting your enjoyment!" Bitch!

I rolled over and spread my legs. Anthony mounted me and slammed his cock into my manpussy. I screamed in agony. No lube, no foreplay!

"Shut the fuck up, pussy man! Take it like the cunt you are. You're MY cunt now, got it? Take my fuck and my cum like the man you aren't!" He laughed hilariously. I didn't see the humor.

Susan kneeled by his side, sucking his tongue.

"Fuck the pussy, My Love! Make him see that only YOU are the man here! Punish his sorry ass with a hard fucking! Make him scream! Make me cum with love for you!"

I was crying again, partly from the agony of his cock up my ass, but mostly because my loving wife was again humiliating and belittling me to him.

"Oh quit crying, you baby! Can't you stand a little fuck? I sure took it, several times, and I want more. I want Anthony to be my MAN, godammit! Anthony, will you move here and take over as the man? Pussy here can be our gopher, clean and cook while we fuck our eyeballs out! Will you do that, Lover? Will you let me be your whore cunt? I'll fuck your friends, if you say so. I'll fuck anybody you say. You can sell my slut cunt to any man willing to pay. Want that, Darling? Want me to be your fuck slave, your whore, your cunt? Just say the word, my man, and I am yours! Will your wife want to join? I can eat her pussy, make her happy. But, she gets none of your cock! That's all MINE! Do I make myself clear?"

Anthony slammed his cock painfully into my bowels and unleashed a wave of cum into me. Where the hell does he make all that cum? He has dumped a hell of a lot into both of us. He climbed off, and Susan jumped onto him, wrapping her arms and legs about his hard body. She kissed him deeply, and repeated her undying love. They left me to drink more brandy. I just lay there.

Later, they returned. Susan came to me. "Baby, just one more job, then you can rest. I'm gonna kneel and suck my man's wonderful cock. YOUR'E gonna get behind him, spread his ass cheeks, and lick his asshole for all you're worth! Now, get cracking!"

I groaned and rose. She was already sucking him. I did as she ordered; knelt, spread them, and ran my tongue along his ass crack. Then, I pushed my face into that crack, and licked furiously into his tight ass hole. He shuddered and groaned.

Susan asked, "Is he doing it right, Lover, Is he sucking your asshole good enough? Want me to beat his ass so he'll do it better? I want you to be happy, My Darling!"

He grunted his pleasure, and I heard her resume sucking. He lasted a hell of a long time. My tongue was getting raw and tired. I decided licking a man's asshole wasn't so bad after all. I could get used to it. Maybe Susan would keep me around as an asshole licker and cum dump. Finally, I felt his ass cheeks tighten, and with a grunt he found release. His asshole tightened on my tongue, then he moved away. Susan kissed him deeply, then looked at me.

"Sorry, ass lickers don't get kisses, especially when they aren't really men!" she leered. I wanted to die right there.

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