tagLoving WivesMy Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 03

My Wife Goes Out with Her Friends Ch. 03


As soon as I hung up the phone with Jeff, I called Yvonne to let her know and to tell her how much I love her!

My thoughts went immediately to earlier that morning when I saw her getting dressed. She had worked out on the treadmill earlier than I, so by the time I finished, then shaved, and took a shower, she had just finished putting on her makeup and blow drying that full head of sexy hair that she has!

I was towel drying myself and since our bathroom is adjoined to our master bedroom, I could completely see her about to get dressed. She undid her short terry cloth robe, allowing it to drop to the floor as she stood in our bedroom completely nude with her small pretty pink thong panties in her hands.

I didn't want to disturb her, as she slowly pulled her panties up, adjusting them so they would feel snug against her shaved vagina then as she turned to look at her butt in our full length mirror, I could see her thong going up and disappearing into her round smooth beautiful Latina ass.

As I looked on at my wife in just her pretty panties, with those magnificent tits uncovered and on display, I looked down and could see my penis stirring and beginning to take on a life of its own. After all these years of marriage, my sexy wife, not only still makes my cock rock hard, but she is as sexy and beautiful today, as the day we got married. I smiled, beaming with pride!

She then picked up her beige push bra from off the bed and the put the cups over her fabulous mounds of flesh, "oh" I thought to myself, "what a nice pair of fucking tits she has!"

She then looked over at me and smiled, as I had removed my towel my rock hard dick was sticking straight out! She and I both knew nothing was going to happen, but the fact that I was admiring her and that I was so aroused, made her smile and blow me a kiss!

"I love you babe!" is what she said, as she continued getting dressed, pulling her tight jeans up and over her round ass, and close to her panty covered snatch!

She grabbed one of her pretty silky tops from a hanger in the closet and continued getting dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror, for being in my 40's I was still in great shape also, due to the weekly workouts and the healthy way that we eat, well most of the time anyways.

Oh don't get me wrong, I enjoy a cold beer, or two, or three, etc on the weekends, but still not bad, and I love keeping in shape for my wife, they way she loves keeping in shape for me and for the men who look at her!

Anyways, getting back to my phone call, as soon as I hung up with Jeff, I called Yvonne to let her know that I called him and all she could say is "no way!" as she laughed.

"Way!" is what I said back laughing also. We were like a couple of newlyweds, the way our sex life had been going for the past year. Since we really started talking about me actually watching her fuck another man, to us watching adult videos when we make love, to the actual experience of her getting fucked by Jeff about two weeks ago!

We had fucked about five to six times a week the past two weeks, talking about it and reliving it, until I finally said I have to speak to him.

"Are you sure honey?" she asked me, with a sly smile on her pretty face.

"Oh yes baby, I have to speak to the man, who has enhanced our lives and spiced up our marriage!" I replied.

There was no denying that her pussy has been wetter and my cock harder in the past two weeks, then it's been in awhile!

That's when I called Jeff and spoke to him, as you read in the previous chapter of this series.

So what did Jeff have to say honey?" Yvonne asked me, with a hint of passion in her voice.

"Well, let's see, should I start with how much he loves your body, your sexy big tits, or perhaps your full sexy Latina ass. Maybe it was the way you danced around stripping nude, or then again perhaps it was the way you sucked on his big cock." I told my wife.

I could hear her breathing a bit harder on the phone now, knowing that I caught her at work, in her office, and that maybe her pussy was getting moist in her panties, in her tight jeans, as she sat at her desk.

"Maybe it was just how fucking tight your cunt is Yvonne!" I said to my wife.

I thought about her big brown boobs and how her nipples were growing and getting hard in her pretty bra, as she thought out the possibility of having her mouth and cunt stretched around Jeff's big cock.

There were no hesitations in our bedroom as she described how she sucked him and good it felt when he fucked her. The question was would she be able to do it again. You see, after telling me, she said, "Honey, as much as I enjoyed fucking Jeff and as good as it felt to my pussy, I will only do it again, once you say its ok."

That's how much love and respect my beautiful wife has for me; I am truly a lucky man!

I will admit, after the first time she told me, I had to grasp the fact that she had been fucked and fucked well, so it we spoke of it, only in the bedroom, when were naked and fucking or making love ourselves. Other than that, we did not speak of her adulteress adventure, and she left it up to me to proceed with another episode, if in fact it turned me on as much as I thought it would.

She handed me the phone number that he said to call him on that first night and I waited about two weeks, before my primal instincts of lust really kicked in and I made the call.

The way my dick reacted to having Jeff tell me about my wife, her sexy naked body, how good he fucked her, and how good he wants to fuck her and make her cum again, as well as himself, was too much. I had to set up a meeting to watch!

Babe, we'll talk about it tonight, over a nice dinner, Jeff is going to pick the place and we'll meet him there." Is what I told my sexy wife.

"Ok sweetie, sounds good, and by the way, in case you were wondering, yes my pussy is wet right now, and I have my hand on my crotch rubbing her thru my jeans as you are talking to me!" She replied with lust in her voice.

"Good girl, I love you babe!" is all I could say as I hung up the phone and drove to my office to get some work done.

Later that day, I called Jeff back and we made plans to meet at a nice restaurant that was close to his place. We wanted to pick a place close to his house, so that we could easily go back to his house after dinner.

I made sure and stop the mall and pick out some pretty lingerie for her to wear. She has drawers full of pretty and sexy bras and panties, but like any sexy wife, she can never have enough, as she puts it!

I wanted to make sure that Jeff's request of having her in pretty bra and panty set was met also. I choose a dark green and black push up bra along a pair of matching dark green and black thong panties. I know her sizes well, so it wasn't too difficult.

As I was purchasing the set, the sales lady, said to me "oh my, how pretty, for your wife?" and I proudly said, "oh yes, tonight is a special night, and I want her looking so sexy and pretty!"

I took my phone out and showed her a picture of Yvonne and she said "oh she is very pretty, what's the occasion? Why is tonight special? Anniversary? Birthday?"

I replied, "Well no, we are going to go out to dinner we are meeting a friend there, and afterwards we'll all be going back to his place so that my wife can model this pretty lingerie set to us. He loves looking at my sexy wife too!"

The look on her face, was a bit shocking, but let's face it; she works in a lingerie store, so it didn't surprise me much when she said back to me, "well if he is as handsome as you are, then she is a lucky woman indeed! I can tell how happy it is making you, and I think that's hot!"

"Hmmm" I moaned saying, "Oh you can see right thru me, I admit it, I am going to share my wife tonight with our friend, we are all going to have a good time, and he is going to fuck her over and over," as I smiled at her.

Seeing her opportunity for future lingerie sales also I'm sure, she replied, "I hope to someday marry a man like you, who not only loves me very much, but also wants to pamper me and allow me to fuck other men! You are a great husband!" That was awesome I thought, as I drove home.

Yvonne was already there, as we both took off early from work, she was in shower when I arrived, so I laid out her sexy bra and panties on the bed and went to grab a cold beer from the fridge.

I heard the shower door close and knew she was drying off. I left her alone; she likes her privacy when she is putting on her cream, all over her curvaceous body, putting her make up on, and when she is blow drying that wild set of hair she has!

She takes her time, so I put on ESPN and began watching some sports highlights, knowing soon enough, she would be coming out. Sure enough, about fifteen minutes later, she came out in just her short terry cloth robe, nude under.

She came up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss, saying "Oh I love the new bra and panties honey!"

I smiled, saying," it's all good sweetie, oh you look beautiful! Why don't you go put on the bra and panties, and come out here for me to look at you, ok?"

She smiled and said "ok!"

About five minutes later, she came out, in not only that bra and panty set, but in some black, straps up her ankles, high heels. Fuck, she looked so HOT!

My cock jumped in my pants as I told her "Fuck yes! You look so hot! I have to take a picture of you ok babe?"

"Right now, but I'm not ready yet" she said to me.

"Yes Vonny, oh please, let me take a sexy picture of you in that outfit!"

"Ok, " she said as she smiled, putting her hand on her hip and standing sideways, to show off those lovely curves!

My cock was so hard as I took her picture, her ass and tits on display in her sexy outfit!

She just smiled, as I walked up to her, giving her a kiss and feeling her tits thru her bra, then reaching down to give her round ass a nice spank! I then reached around to the front her tight little panties and I traced my finger lightly over the crotch, she just purred.

She moved my hand saying, "that's enough for now, we don't want to get too excited, besides, I want to save my orgasms for later, when Jeff is licking my pussy and fucking me, while you watch sweetie!"

As she said that, she reached down to give my dick a nice squeeze, and it felt so nice!

She went back into the bedroom and put on some black stretch pants along with a pretty soft black top. The top only came to her waist, so her full sexy ass was on display! She finished her outfit with those sexy shoes, and she looked delicious!

I went in and took a quick ten minute shower, threw some gel on my hair, and put on a pair of nice jeans, a button up shirt, and my black leather shoes.

Off we went to meet Jeff, the man who was going to fuck the shit out of my wife, as I watched and masturbated! It was a cuck dream coming true!

We parked and walked up to the restaurant, as we approached the doorway, Jeff stood up, I had not seen him before, but he immediately recognized my wife, and he opened the door for us saying "Hey guys you made it!"

She smiled as he first reached over to shake my hand, "very polite," I thought to myself, and then he turned towards my wife and gave her a big hug! She hugged him back, and then he kissed her, on her lips, sort of taking me by surprise and the hostess too, because she and I walked up holding hands.

The hostess said, party of three, with reservations under Jeff, with view window seating, follow me.

We allowed Yvonne to lead the way and I could see Jeff admiring her nice ass in those tight black stretch pants, you know the type that show off a woman's whole ass, and as you know my wife has an incredible sexy full Latina ass!

"Hmmm" I thought to myself and right when we got to our table, Jeff just reached back and gave my wife a nice squeeze on her ass, as our server pretended not to notice. I just smiled at her, and Yvonne sat between us in the booth.

"So tell me, how was the drive?" he asked

"Oh fine, about an hour or so" I replied

He was sitting really close to my wife and he said to her, "you look absolutely stunning tonight Yvonne, even better than I remember!"

"Jeff, that's nice thank you" she replied.

He said, "and thank you for sending me that picture earlier Andy, oh man that was nice! I hope that's the bra and panties that you have on now, Yvonne."

She looked at me with a sly grin and said, "Andy! Did you send him that picture that you just took of me at the house?"

"Yes sweetie, I couldn't help it, you look so good, so sexy!" I said with a grin.

She just shook her head, saying "well Jeffery I'm glad you like my lingerie, Andy here picked it out, just for tonight!"

"You're a good man Andy!"Jeff said, as he openly reached out and grabbed my wife's right tit with his left hand, gently squeezing and massaging her tit right there at our table.

The thing is she let him. My wife was allowing Jeff to openly feel her tits, as if they were his play toys.

I could feel my penis twitch, as I watched this brazen act, and then she closed her eyes and she softly moaned, at first I wasn't sure why, but as I glanced down, I could see Jeff's hand slowly massaging my wife's pussy thru her tight black stretch pants, right there in the booth!

He smiled at me as he saw me looking down and he said "Andy, I have to admit to you, your wife has such a nice tight pussy! I have not made love or fucked another woman besides my wife in a long time and Yvonne's pussy is one of the softest, wettest, tightest cunts that I have ever felt!"

I didn't know how to answer that, a man I just met in person, telling me, to my face, that my wife, has a soft, wet, tight pussy!

She just smiled and said, "Andy oh I love you so much, not many husbands would allow their wife this pleasure, you are the best babe!"

I smiled, and said "its ok sweetie, I love you too!"

Jeff said, "you know what, let's just order drinks and an appetizer, I want to get back to my place and feast on Yvonne's pussy, what do you say?"

I agreed, so we ordered a couple of appetizer plates, Jeff and I each had a cold beer and Yvonne drank a glass of red wine.

When the waiter came back with the check, Jeff said "I got this," and paid the bill.

"Ok, that's nice "I thought, he then said, "Andy, I only live about twenty minutes away from here, so I took a cab, let's get back to your car. I want you to drive, so that I can spend some time with your sexy wife in the back seat, ok buddy?"

I simply said, "ok, and I know Yvonne would love that to, wouldn't you sweetness?"

She said, "What could make a girl happier? I have two great looking men to please me in every way imaginable!"

We both held her hand and I couldn't help but notice other couples looking, mostly the men with sly grins on their face as they eyed my sexy wife, those hot curves in her tight outfit, holding hands with both us.

We got to my SUV and I opened the back door for my wife, then Jeff. Yvonne went in first and he put his hand right on her ass as he smiled at me, then he got inside. I went around to the driver's side. When I got in, they were already embraced in a French kiss, like a hot couple. I saw my pretty wife making out in the back seat of my SUV.

I smiled as I started the car and Jeff started to give me directions, as he did, I noticed he had Yvonne's top off and she was just in her bra, then I heard her giggling and soon her pants were off. He had my wife in her just her sexy bra and panties, as I drove!

My dick was hard, knowing he was undressing her, soon he handed me her pretty dark green/black bra and I know he was playing with her tits. I adjusted my mirror so that I too could admire my sexy wife's beautiful brown boobs! As you know by now, I love my wife's big firm tits!

I could hear her moaning softly as I kept my eyes on the road and just peered back every now and then to see Jeff sucking my wife's tits. She really loves her tits played with and sucked, it makes her cunt so wet.

"Oh Jeff, suck my tits, hmmmmmmmmmm," is what I heard from Yvonne.

"I will baby, oh fuck your wife has nice tits Andy! I love her tits!" Jeff said, while suckling and holding each of her firm brown boobs!

About a minute or so later, Jeff was handing me my wife's small pretty panties, he said, "Man Andy, Yvonne's pussy is so wet, I was rubbing her pussy thru them and hear feel how soaked her panties are! She shaved her pussy too Andy, just like I asked, thanks buddy!"

I took them from him and he was right, they were soaked in the crotch! He encouraged me to sniff them saying, "go ahead Andy, sniff your wife's panties, see how wet her pussy is, for me!" (He emphasized the word, me!)

I brought them up to my nose, and they smelled so nice! Oh I love the scent of my own wife's wet pussy, I admit it!

Soon, Jeff was directing me to pull into a mall parking lot, he had me park way off in the corner of the parking lot, near some bushes and tree's where we would have privacy. He said, "Andy park here, I you to be able to enjoy this first encounter as much as I am going to. You won't be able to do that if you are driving."

"Ok Jeff," I replied, thinking to myself," that's pretty thoughtful of him, I like that!"

As I parked, he told me, "reach back here buddy, I want you to feel how wet your wife's cunt is." (Again emphasizing, YOUR WIFE!) That made me moan.

I did as I was told and I turned back, what I say was one of the most beautiful sights I'd ever seen! There was my pretty little wife, naked, with her legs spread open. Her beautiful, luscious tits were on display. Jeff's right arm around her and his left hand openly fondling my wife's tits! Her soft brown thighs were open, as Jeff then moved his strong hand down to gently stroke her inner thighs.

The moon was full, and there was some light from the lamp posts, so even thought it was nighttime and, my windows are tinted, I could clearly see my sexy naked wife in all of her glory!

She had a big smile on her face, and her eyes were filled with lust! I saw her soft little hand on his crotch as she moved her hand up and down the length of his huge pussy pleaser thru his jeans. I could tell she was so happy and wanted me to feel her naked pussy!

As felt her soft cunt, I could feel the heat coming off of it, her pussy was not only soaking wet, but there was an intense heat, the kind of heat that is generated when a woman is so aroused it makes her pussy steamy!

"Oh babe, yes, feel me, feel my pussy honey!" She said to me.

Jeff then said, "Andy, I want you to unzip your pants and take your dick, out, while Yvonne unzips my pants and takes my big cock out, ok?"

I did as Jeff told me, I felt as though I were in a dream, a wonderful cuckold dream, and as unzipped my pants and freed my hard small dick, Yvonne reached into Jeff's pants, sort of fumbled around with his briefs and then she pulled out what was one of the biggest, thickest cocks I had ever seen in my life!

No wonder that night when she came home after being with Jeff, she raved to me about how beautiful his cock was. I mean, who am I to tell her it wasn't. She is only a woman, even though she's married to me and the most wonderful wife in the world, she still has those hot primal instincts of loving to see, touch, taste, and feel a huge prick!

Her eyes were glued to his massive tool, as I watched her move her small soft little hand up and down his shaft. I could feel my own hand masturbating my cuck penis, as my pretty wife played with his Alpha Male cock.

Not a word was said, as my naked wife, moved her head down closer to Jeff's big cock, and as I watched, with my dick so hard in my hand, she began to suck his cock!

"MMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" is what I heard from my wife, she was moaning as she sucked his cock, then from him I heard, "hmmmmmmm that's it baby, that's a good girl, suck my cock, suck my cock as your husband watches Yvonne."

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