My Wife Makes Me Her Cuckold


"Well, I'm glad you're so willing. But you haven't heard my terms," she smiled as she looked down at me and then walked out of the room.

I was puzzled. Where was she going and what did she mean by her terms. I heard her talking with someone, I supposed on her cell phone, until the voices grew louder and I realized someone else was in the house.

As Janet walked back in the room, a man walked in with her. My heart was beating hard in my chest as I lay naked on the bed in front of a total stranger. My arms and legs tightly bound to the bed as his gaze took in my outstretched body.

"Who the fuck is that?" I exclaimed.

"That my sweets is Eric. He's a friend of mine that has agreed to help me out on a little project. I met him down at the gym and talk about built," Janet smirked as she ran her hand over the t-shirt stretched across his tight chest.

"Eric's bi and he's here to help me train you," Janet explained.

"Train me?" I asked back.

"Yes, sweetheart. You see, you're going to be cuckolded. You know what that means? To be a cuckold?" she asked.

My eyes searched hers trying to make out what she meant by all this.

"Apparently not," she scoffed. "From here on out, there's no more pussy for you. Not even mine. Not until you prove you're worthy to have it. No, from now on its cock. Cock for the little cuckold. But unlike you, I'd never dream of cheating on you. No sweetheart, there's going to be lots of fucking but you're going to watch it. Eric here will be the first."

"He's going to fuck me and you're going to watch. Actually you'll even participate. There's going to be lots of fucking and sucking and you'll be right in the middle of it but not exactly what you might have had in mind," she smiled.

"Baby, that's enough. More than enough. Now let me up from here," I said with as much confidence as I could muster.

I hoped this was all a bluff. Surely she didn't mean she would really be fucking this guy.

"I'm not sure he fully understands yet Eric," Janet scoffed. "Why don't we show him we're serious."

Eric pulled his t-shirt over his head revealing six pack abs I'd only seen on TV. He stepped out of his shoes, pulled off his socks and then pulled down his short revealing his huge shaven cock and balls which hung down.

"Umm," Janet groaned. "Look at this," Janet smirked as she grasped his cock, holding it in her hand as she looked over at Eric who stood beside her. As they looked at each other, Janet moved toward him and I watched in disbelief as this stranger kissed my wife. I saw his tongue snake into her mouth as she sucked on it. All the while stroking the cock which grew in her hand. They kissed passionately for several minutes, tongues sliding back and forth as Eric's hand playfully squeezed her ass.

As she pulled away, she inquired, "May I baby?" Eric nodded his approval as Janet sunk to her knees and took the growing dick between her lips.

I watched as my wife gave this stranger head while the television screen on the wall played a video of Carrie now fucking Travis as she sucked on Ranard's big black balls. I couldn't believe what was going on around me as I was helpless to do anything about it.

Janet sucked on his cock and balls, stroking the dick which filled her hand. His body was shaved clean. There was not a hair on his chest or crotch. He was completely smooth as his muscles glistened in the candlelit room.

Janet looked up to see me staring at her as she devoured his cock. "You ready for this honey? You ready to experience your first cock?" she purred.

Surely she wasn't serious. She didn't think I was going to suck his dick?

Janet stood up and guided Eric over as he threw a leg over my body and knee walked over where his cock was inches from my face.

"Go ahead honey, suck his cock. Show us what a good little cock sucker you can be," Janet smirked.

I turned my head away, refusing, until I felt a sharp pain as Janet squeezed my testicles.

"You are going to suck his cock. Now we can do this the hard way or the easy way," Janet snarled, as the pain increased until I acquiesced and turned my head back. Eric moved up until his cock rested on my lips which I pressed together denying him entrance.

"Suck it fag boy. Suck my cock," Eric intoned. The first words he had spoken.

I looked up at him, kneeling astride my body as Janet looked on. She squeezed again, a sharp pain in my balls, as the intensity grew. I knew there was little use to prolong this as I slowly opened up my mouth and let his dick slide between my lips. I couldn't believe another man was fucking my mouth, my lips wrapped around a cock as he rocked his hips back and forth.

His penis was huge as it filled my mouth. He moved in so deep that I gagged as he pulled it out and would occasionally rub the head across my lips and on my face before positioning it back to my lips.

The crown of his cock sat on my lips almost waiting for me to take it back in which I eventually did. Resigned to sucking my first dick, I let my tongue cradle the head as Janet looked on. "That's right baby. That's the spirit. Suck his cock." Janet praised.

I was startled as a flash went off and I saw that Janet was taking photos. A hot rush swept over my body as I shuddered at the thought of photos being taken of me sucking another man off. Certainly she would never show those to anyone? Her own husband?

Then I looked back to the wall to see the video still playing of Carrie. Ranard was jacking a load into her mouth as she sat astride Travis, bucking up and down on his black meat. She was really into it now, fucking the two black men with no inhibitions.

Carrie seemed to be staring back at the camera. A lust in her face as her breasts rose up and down as she bounced on Travis's cock. I wondered if she knew I'd be watching the video as she rubbed her clit, all the while Travis's dick sliding in that tight pussy that I had fucked so many times before.

Janet continued to take pictures as Eric's cock slid in and out of my mouth. I had no idea what she planned for the photos but I realized I was powerless to stop her. She disappeared down the hall for several minutes and when she reappeared, to my horror, she had the video camera. Likely the same one she used to film Carrie as she set it up on the tripod and turned it on capturing my first sex with another man.

Janet slid off the teddy she had been wearing revealing her luscious body. She took up a position beside me, fingering her pussy as she watched me giving my first head to another man. It would be the first of many she would have me suck.

Eric slid off me and took his place between my wife's legs. I watched as he placed the head of his dick to her plump pussy lips and pushed it easily inside as she groaned her approval. I looked on as this man began fucking my wife, his cock sliding in and out. The cock that moments before I had been sucking.

Janet wrapped her legs tightly around his back and begged him to fuck her harder. "Fuck me Eric. Fuck me in front of Bobby. Show him what he's going to be missing. Fuck my pussy," she moaned.

Encouraged, he pumped harder as she moved her cunt up to meet each thrust. I had never seen her fuck with such abandon. She was possessed.

"Don't cum yet baby," Janet groaned as she kissed him on the lips. I want you to save the first load for Bobby."

With a few final thrust, Eric pulled out and Janet untied my feet, until then firmly held in place by the ankle restraints. Janet then removed a jar of petroleum jelly and smeared a dab on my anus. I knew what was coming and begged my wife not to do this.

"Please Janet! Not that. I sucked his cock, please don't let him fuck me, please," I begged.

"You might as well get used to it baby. I intend to bring a lot of men home for us. Both of us. You'll suck and fuck them when I tell you. And they'll fuck me. Because you're my little cuckold now," she said almost like she was talking to one of our kids.

I felt Eric pull my legs apart taking his position between them as he placed his hard cock to my asshole.

Janet had toyed with me there. Some times pushing her fingers into my ass when she gave me blowjobs. But never had she placed anything bigger than her fingers in my bottom. Now this man was intending to fuck my virgin ass.

"Please no," I begged again. My pleas falling on deaf ears as I felt the head of Eric's dick slide into my opening. It was huge! His cock felt like it would split me in two as a piercing pain ripped my bottom. The pain was intense as he slowly pushed in, inches at the time, at least moving slowly as he filled my cavity.

"That's it baby. Take his cock. Take it all. He's almost all the way in," Janet said as she rubbed her soft hand across my chest, pulling and twisting on my nipples.

As Eric kept pushing, I felt him pause, and then felt his flesh on mine on mine, realizing he was now fully buried in my ass.

"Oh that's so fucking hot," Janet sighed as she gazed on his cock now fully immersed in my hole. "Fuck him Eric. Fuck his faggot ass."

I couldn't believe my wife was referring to me like that. I was no faggot. I wasn't even bisexual. She was forcing me to do this.

I hated what she was doing to me, what he was doing, but I had no choice.

Eric slid his cock in and then out, slowly, giving my ass a chance to grow accustomed to this mammoth invader. My bottom burned as he pushed in and out, grinding, while Janet continued to pull on my now sore nipples.

My gaze saw the TV screen on the wall, the image of Carrie kissing Ranard, sucking his tongue as it appeared Travis was positioning his cock to her ass. We were both being fucked in the ass. I couldn't believe Janet had Carrie fucking two black men and here I was, her husband taking the cock of a man in my ass as well.

As Eric moved his dick in and out slowly, I found myself pushing back to meet his thrust.

"That's it! Take my cock. Fuck that cock bitch," Eric barked as I complied. Eric was taking me like a bitch. I guess I was his bitch as I now moved into each thrust.

I didn't want to admit it but the painful sensation had given way to one of pleasure. I actually liked the feeling of fullness as Eric's pelvis slammed against my ass. My limp cock, leaking of precum, being tossed to and fro as my wife looked on, watching her husband be taken by another man.

"You want him to cum in your ass baby? You want Eric to shoot his load deep in your ass?" Janet teased.

"No, please no," I begged but deep down I wanted it. I couldn't let my wife and another man know that I wanted it but I did. I wanted to feel his cumin my ass.

"Too bad bitch," Eric barked. "Because that's what you're getting. I'm going cum! I'm gonna' fill your ass."

I felt him dig in with his knees getting leverage in the mattress as he pushed harder, burying his cock deep within my ass. I groaned as I felt a fullness I had never felt before as Janet reached over and held my cock in her hand. It was totally flaccid yet I was hornier than I can ever recall being as another man fucked my virgin hole.

Groaning, I felt Eric tense up and then the warm feeling of his cum, shooting deep within my bowels. Another man had filled me with his sperm. It was a point from which I've never turned back. Whether a bitch or not, I was no longer the man I was an hour ago. Janet and Eric had seen to that.

As he pulled his cock from my hole, I felt the sperm slowly leaking out. Janet had grabbed the video camera off the tripod as Eric held my legs up, the cum oozing out of my well worn ass. I had no idea where the video would turn up. At that point, I didn't really care. I was exhausted. My asshole still gaping from the pounding Eric had given it. His semen slowly leaking out and down the inside of my thigh as my wife filmed me lying there, another man's dick just inches from my ass.

"Go freshen up babe and download this too," she said as she handed the camera off to Eric who snatched it up and popped off the bed, disappearing down the hall.

"Why Janet? Why have you done this to me?" I moaned.

"I think we know the answer to that sweetheart," she countered.

"I trusted you. You said you'd never do to me what you did to your ex-wife. But you did. Actually it started months after we were married. You didn't think I knew did you? You thought I was that naïve. No sweets, I was just waiting for the right moment. This moment," Janet explained.

"You see, I own this house, your business, everything. It's all in my name. You saw to that. That's the way you wanted it so Jennifer couldn't get to it. But now it's left you with nothing. Not only that, I have your reputation... and your little girlfriend's. You both will do exactly what I say or I'll ruin you both," Janet smirked.

"You'd do that?" I looked at her.

"It's up to you. You see, I'm willing to give you another chance. Just like Carrie has another chance. I'm not without some measure of mercy. But it's on my terms. She'll never, ever have any relationship with you again... ever."

"And you," she went on. "Your straying days are over. From now on, I'll determine when you have sex... and there's no more pussy for you. Maybe down the road, if you're really, really good I might fuck you again. But first you have to prove you're worthy."

"In the meantime, I'll bring us both home a little cock. You'll watch me fuck them. You'll even have your chance to suck them off for me. To suck the cock that will fuck your wife. Maybe even fuck you too. You'll be my little cuckold, my little cucky husband. Watching his wife fuck other men and thanking them for doing it," Janet smirked as she continued to stroke my cock which was growing in her hand.

My erection wasn't lost on Janet who teased me, "Look, the thought of it makes you hard doesn't it?"

"No. No, it's you playing with my cock," I countered.

"I don't think so," Janet shot back with a glint in her eye as she let go of my cock. "I think it's turning you on. I think you were really getting off a while ago watching Eric fucking me. I think you want to see men fucking your wife in front of you. Maybe eating their cum out of my pussy. Is that what you want? You want to clean up their sperm? After they've fucked me?"

"No, please don't make me do that. Please! I promise never to cheat again. Please Janet, I'll never do any of that again," I begged.

"I know that honey. You'll never have that chance. But look, look at your cock, you're rock hard," she kept on looking at my hard on straining against gravity.

I wanted to will it soft. I tried to think of anything else, just to get it to go limp. But here it was, hard as steel.

"You see baby. You do want to be my cuckold. Don't you?" she purred.

"No," I kept insisting.

"Well, why don't you think on it and I'll be back," she said as she stood up from the bed and walked out the room.

I was still bound. My arms securely tied over my head even though my legs were now free. I could hear Eric and Janet talking but I couldn't make out what either was saying as I heard the water running in the hall bath.

They were both gone perhaps an hour or so when they walked back into the room. Both still naked. From the puffiness of her vagina, it looked as though he had been fucking her but I wasn't sure. I only knew that my balls ached from the constant erections and then subsequent flaccid state my cock had returned. It was a bad case of blue balls and I ached for release.

"So honey, it looks like you're uncomfortable. Your little dick need to cum?" she teased.

I didn't want to give her the satisfaction. Janet returned to her side of the bed, taking lube in her hand from the nightstand as she started stroking my cock. It hurt as it returned to its earlier hardened state.

"You want to cum for us baby? You want to shoot your load?" she quizzed.

"Yes," I blurted out. Please let me cum!" I groaned.

"And you can Angel. Just tell me you want to be my little cucky. You want to watch me fuck other men, tell me." Janet teased.

I couldn't stand it any more. My balls were aching, my cock now pulsating in her hand.

"Yes, I do. I want to. I want to watch you fuck them. I want you to bring them home for both us. So I can be your cuckold. I'll do what you ask. I'll let them fuck me. They can fuck you and I'll eat their load, please let me cum," I groaned as she slowly stroked my cock."

"And Eric. You want to be his bitch? You want to be his little fag boy?" she smirked.

"Yes, please. I will. I'll do what you want. Please let me cum," I begged.

"Tell him, tell Eric what you are," she commanded.

"I'll be your bitch. I'll be your little fag," I said looking up at this man who stood over me, smiling down at me.

"Okay, then show us. Show me what you are." Janet intoned as Eric moved closer to the side of the bed. His erection hanging inches from my face.

I dipped my head and took his flaccid member in my mouth. It tasted of Janet's pussy. He had been fucking her. I sucked madly as it grew in my mouth. Janet continued to stroke my own cock, wet with the lube. She would stop every so often, leaving my cock to twitch and strain.

"Cum for me Eric. I want you to cum in his mouth. I want him to taste your sweet cum," Janet moaned as Eric withdrew his smooth cock, wiping it across my face. I searched the cock out with my mouth.

"Damn, this one's a hot little bitch. Look how he goes after my cock," Eric laughed.

"I told you. He's going to be your little fag boy and my little cucky. Now let him have it. Let him have your load," Janet commanded.

Eric jerked his cock inches from my mouth as I strained against my bonds. "Open wide slut and stick your tongue out," Eric commanded.

As many times as I had jacked off into the mouths of women, it never occurred to me that one day I might be waiting to accept a load into mine. My hands were still bound tight above my head as I tilted my head and stuck out my tongue, my mouth open wide in anticipation of Eric's hot load.

Janet had once again started slowly jacking my cock, the head purple with all the pent up semen from the constant state of erections she kept me in most of the evening.

I saw Eric's balls contract as he grasped tightly on his cock as he launched a stream of hot cum across my face, into my mouth, and onto my tongue.

"That's it baby. Take it, suck his cock, take his load," Janet encouraged as I savored my first taste of semen, bringing it into my mouth and swallowing it down. It was salty but not nearly as bad as I might have imagined as he stuck his dick into my mouth and I wiped up the remainder with my tongue, sucking the head, taking as much of his juice into my hungry mouth as I could.

"That's a good little bitch," Eric sighed as I wiped off a dollop of cum dripping down the side of my face with his finger and inserted it into my mouth.

My wife who had been slowly jacking my dick now picked up the pace as I felt my first orgasm building. When I came, I came with such a force that my first stream cleared my shoulder and landed on the bed almost at the headboard.

"Damn," Eric chuckled as I shot load after load across my own stomach. I was exhausted as Janet loosened her grip and my penis began shrinking as it lay limp across my belly.

Like Eric had just done, Janet scooped some of my own semen on her finger and fed it to me. I didn't want to but I accepted the warm load as she fed me the pool which had gathered on my stomach.

It was only after I had cleaned up my own mess, that Janet finally let me loose from the leather collars which had held me in place for several hours.

That evening Janet sent me into the guest room as she and Eric slept together, undoubtedly making love throughout the night.

In the morning, she shaved my crotch so that I was as smooth as Eric and then using some wax removed the hair around my nipples and chest until I too was hairless.

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