tagLoving WivesMy Wife My... Ch. 02

My Wife My... Ch. 02


Please read the prior chapter first.


Over the next few weeks, we spoke often of that evening, and every time it was followed by an intense romp that always ended in an intense sexual release. One evening when I was behind Jane plowing her sweet pussy doggie style, she turned back and asked me spank her ass as we fucked. I started out slowly, but soon I holding her hips with my left hand as my right filled the room with a loud slapping sound. I would stop and make her beg me to continue, and she would respond with pleading requests for punishment as she pressed her hips back into mine. The mood was surreal as the volume of the slaps competed for your attention with the sounds of Jane's yelps until she let out a loud scream and slumped forward face down. Within seconds, I was balls deep and cumming harder than I ever remembered.

We both quickly became aware that we had previously suppressed sexual needs and desires that were now bubbling to the surface. I was beginning to realize how much I enjoyed a dominant roll in our relationship, being in control and even spanking her drove me to a new level of excitement. Jane confessed that she always knew she had an exhibitionist side, but it made her even hotter to give up control and to be told what to do. She savored the feeling of seemingly being forced to do things for me, and took pleasure in both pleasing me by doing my bidding as well as in the enjoyment of the acts themselves. We spent many evenings savoring a bottle of wine and delving into our deepest feeling, and desires. During one conversation, Jane blushed and couldn't even look me in the eye as she admitted that she was shocked at how much the spankings had excited her, and although she didn't think that she could do it everyday, she wanted me to do it more often. She said that she was just as surprised as I was that she grew excited when I spanked her.

Our sexual routine shifted as Jane's lingerie began to take on a more role-playing slant. By now she had quite a supply of teddies, bra and panty sets as well as corsets and waist cinching garments in silks, satins, leather and rubber, but now her outfits took on more a theme. It became very common for me to arrive home to a sexy French maid or a harem girl. She surprised me with a cheerleader uniform, a sexy nurse, and a sheer cat-suit complete with ears, tail and a collar. One Saturday while I was watching a football game, I answered a ring at the door to find Jane dresses in a Girl Scout uniform selling cookies. Jane said that she got the idea a couple of weeks earlier when she bought the cookies from an actual Girl Scout that rang the bell, but I was more surprised that I didn't see her sneak past me to get out the door before she rang the bell for me to answer.

One evening after dinner I was sitting back on the couch with Jane between my legs. She dressed in her harem girl outfit and was slowly stroking my cock as she would lick my balls, when she asked, "What do you want your little slave girl to do now?"

Not surprisingly, I began to feel that dominant feeling again and said, "I want to fuck that sweet ass of yours."

Jane froze at the request for anal sex. I mean, we had tried a couple of times, but both had ended in failure. She had said that it just hurt too much, that she had never been able to do that with anyone and that I had the largest cock of anyone she had ever been with. There was an eerie silence as she didn't move, her eyes shifting back and forth from my cock (which seemed huge as it lay across her face) to my eyes. She began to give me a pleading, trembling voice telling me that she didn't think she could do it. I pulled her up so that she could straddle me, and entered her dripping pussy. "God your wet" I said as I slipped into her.

We fucked like that for some time. She was leaning back and grinding hard as I played with her hard nipples and fucked her deep. I sensed that she was close, and I stopped moving and grabbed her head pulling her face to mine. Giving me a frustrated look and not understanding what was going on, I said, "I want you to have a great loud cum, because tomorrow I am going to fuck that sweet ass of yours."

Saying please and asking me if there was anything else that she could do, I only said that I was going to give her a whole day to think about it, but she had to agree now or I was going to stop fucking her. I gave her a few hard thrusts, and then let go of her head and began lifting her off my lap. "Please don't stop" she begged, but I was determined, and after a couple more thrusts she said ok. As she ground herself into my lap again and buried my cock back into the depths of her pussy, I pinched and pulled at her nipples as I had her repeat over and over again that she would let me take her anally. "Yes, tomorrow you can fuck my ass" she screamed as she collapsed, and I held her close as I came deep inside her.

The next morning Jane woke as I we getting ready to leave and asked me if I was going to hold her to her promise of the previous night. I gave her a stern look and said that of course I was, and that she should be ready as soon as I get home. Seeming as hesitant and scared as I had ever seen her, she placed her hand to my crotch and said that she just didn't think she could do it, and trying to make a joke, said that the screaming could wake the neighbors. I was half dressed in just my slacks and shoes as I looked down on Jane. She was wearing a form fitting cotton teddy which she had slept in, and she looked so sexy that I wanted nothing more than to stay home and spend the day in bed. Instead, I took a different route.

I remembered the night before, and I softly took her head between my hands caressing her cheeks and brushing her hair back as she shifted to look up. I kissed her softly on the lips, and then I leaned forward and whispered in her ear, "I guess my little slave needs a reminder." I enjoyed the shocked look upon her face for a moment, and then I pulled her toward the bed down across my lap. I quickly pulled down her teddy's matching panties, and gave her ass a hard swat. The sweet sound of my hand turning her ass pink then red was broken only be my insisting that she promise me she would give in to my wishes.

After about 25 swats, Jane held her face in her hands as she began yelling that she would do it. I lifted her up and held her close. It was an extremely sexy site, my wife's pink and red ass as she ground her pussy into my leg all the while whimpering at the thought of my cock plowing the depths of her back door. I kissed the tears from her cheeks and hugged her tight as I told her how much I loved her. "I love you too, and want to give you everything," she added.

As I resumed dressing, Jane again made a joke of her potential screaming during the evening's events. I told her that she would have to figure something out and I left for the office, but I added that I wanted her to come by my office for lunch. I thought that I would tease her a little more. As I kissed her forehead and headed out the door, I glanced back to see here nervously fidgeting and wringing her hands.

I was lucky as I had a busy morning, and it seemed like no time had passed at all when Jane arrived for lunch. I asked her to wait in the lobby for me as I needed to make one more phone call before we left, and then I grabbed a pad of paper and a couple of envelopes quickly scratching out a few notes and then stuffing them into envelopes as I numbered them 1 -- 3. I excused myself, and we were soon enjoying a bite at a local café. I could tell that Jane was still trying to think of ways to stop the imminent plundering of her ass, as she squirmed in her seat and poked and prodded at her lunch, not really eating anything. We finished quickly and silently, and then left.

We were slowly walking back to the office, when I grabbed hold of Jane's hand and led her to the parking garage where I had left my car that morning. She was certainly timid as I pulled her into the backseat. "Tonight your going to be my little sex slave, you better get used to it" I said. I told her how I had been thinking about this for some time, and that tonight I was going to cum with my cock sank deep in her ass. As I spoke, I lowered my pants and let by budding erection spring free. "Grab it" I said, and watched as Jane's right hand encircled my shaft. "Now suck it" I added. As she slowly lowered her mouth to my cock, her eyes never left mine. With the feeling of her hot lips as the encircled my cock and the pressure of her wet tongue sliding around the head of my penis, I just began to talk.

I told how I wanted her to suck me until I came and to swallow every drop. She stared wide-eyed as I explained that tonight she was going to be my little slave, my slut. I was going to fuck her for my enjoyment and take whatever I wanted. She was to be ready and waiting and I wanted her to spend the rest of the day thinking about the fucking she was going to receive. Her breath was quickening as I spoke, and I watched as she slid a hand under her skirt to touch herself when I told her that I would be spanking her again before the night is over just because I like the way she squirms. Before long, we were both in high gear, and I said, "Cum for me". As Jane's hand was busy rubbing her pussy, I was struck by how hot it made me to see her touch herself -- she had never done that in front of me before. "Cum for me with my cock in your mouth and the knowledge that it will soon be shaft deep in your ass" I added.

I watched as Jane closed her eyes and shivered as her body was wrenched tight in orgasmic release. As she did, her mouth stretched wide just as I began shooting my cum into her open mouth, and as my cock sprang free, all over her face. We sat there in the back seat of my car for some time recovering, Jane softly licking and sucking my softening cock, and me slowly running my fingers through her hair. I then told here that I had a mission for her, something I wanted her to complete before I arrived home that evening, and I had written her instruction out on three separate notes.

As I spoke, I took my left hand and slowly began rubbing the semen that had shoot across the left side of her face. I wasn't wiping it away really, more spreading it out and making her whole face glisten. I then told her that I wanted her to leave my cum there for the rest of the day, just as a sign of her upcoming submission. I reminded her that this evening I was going to take her ass, and this time I added a punctuated "deep and hard" to the statement.

Jane sat up and adjusted her clothes while I pulled up my pants and dressed as well. I pulled the three envelopes form my pockets, and handed them to Jane. I told her that she wasn't to open the first one until she was back at her car and that the next two would be self explanatory. I then walked Jane back to her car, and left her there with a look of dread as I thanked her for the blowjob and for the fact that it would help me last longer for the evening's events.

As I was walking back to me desk, my phone was already ringing and I picked it up, to find a panicked Jane on the line. "Keith, everyone will know" she said. Adding, "Everyone will know I have cum on my face, I smell like cum." My first note had told her that I wanted here to go to a local adult toy store and buy a collar. I wanted her to be wearing a collar like a true slave for the evening. To be fair, I didn't know that I would be cuming all over her face when I wrote the note.

"Listen" I said, "Tonight you are going to be my sex slave, my slut." I continued by reminding her that we had played many games, but she better get used to being my bad girl because we both know how much we both enjoy it that way. I then left her with the thought that if she didn't act enough like a sluttish little sex slave tonight we would do this every evening until she got it right.

I stayed on the line for what seemed like a solid minute of silence, when I finally heard a very soft, "Yes sir," followed by a click.

My first note had said that she had to go to the sex store and to purchase a slave collar, and to try it on to make sure it fit. She then was to return to the car and open note number two. The second note said that she was to go back into the store and buy the largest butt plug that they sold, as well as the largest container of lubricate. It actually said to buy 3 of the largest containers of lube, but they must have the word "Anal" in the name. It should be clearly labeled for use as an anal lube. I want you to squirm and everyone to think that the big butt plug is going to be used on you and often. Note number two ended with once you're done here, you can open number three at home.

It was almost 5:00 when my phone rang and I answered to hear my wife's voice. She sounded different as she told me she thinks she's ready. You see, note number three said that she was to strip naked and spend the rest of the day that way. She should clear out a large space in the middle of the living room, and to spread out a large blanket. She was also to make sure that all the lights in the room were on and she was to take out our digital camcorder, and set it up on the tripod in the room. Lastly, it said to open up the lubes and unwrap the butt plug, once completed, to call me. We had last spoke at just before 3:00 and I'll bet that I checked the clock 1,000 times since then. It took me a minute, but as she told me that everything was ready and asked me what time I would be home. I realized that she was slurring her words a bit.

"Are you drunk?" I asked.

"I thought that I should have a drink" was her response.

I hadn't thought of that, but thought that it was probably a good idea (It gave me the idea that I should have a couple of Mountain Dews before I got home). "Let me see" I said as I told her that I wanted her to use her cell phone to take a picture of her holding the butt plug and wearing the collar. "Send it to my cell phone and once I get it I'll text you back with when I'll be home.

Within 20 minutes, a picture of my sexy naked wife trying to smile as she held up what could only be a novelty sized butt plug. She was standing in front of the full length mirror on our bedroom closet, and even though it wasn't of great quality, all I could think was how lucky I was. I quickly finished up and then headed home, but changed my mind. I decided that I wanted to give Jane time to get good and drunk, and I had one last thought. I stopped at a little burger stand and ordered a sandwich and a Mountain Dew. As I waited, I sent Jane a text that said I would be home at 7:00 and she was to be on all fours in the living room and ready to be butt-fucked. Have the camera ready and the lube and butt plug laid out and ready. I soon received a text saying that she would be ready.

I sat there for a minute as my food arrived and I decided to send another note. "I love you" I wrote, and then I went further saying, "But tonight there will be no kissing. No cuddling. Tonight I am going to just come in and fuck you like an animal. I am going to treat you like a sex slave that is there just for my pleasure. Yet I want you to know, that doing this for me only makes me love you more."

I was almost done with my sandwich when my phone buzzed with a response which only said, "Yes sir."

I was soon parking my car, when I decided to have Jane wait a little. I sat in the car until about 20 minutes after 7:00 before I headed in to the building. Our apartment door opened to a small hallway, with the kitchen on the left. You would have to walk about 10 feet before the opening to the living room was on your right. Opening the door, I could see the lights streaming from the living room, but paused when I saw a note laid out on the floor of the hallway. It read:

*************************** "I want to be your slave slut wife and I want you to be my husband master. Your notes today made me so horny. As I knew that you had planned each sexy step, I had to fight the urge to rip them all open at once. If you could have seen the look on the counter man's face as I reentered the store to buy the butt plug and lube, if you could have heard him propositioning me, if you could have heard the other man in the store offering to help me get it into my ass, you just wouldn't believe the shades of red that I blushed, and how wet my pussy became.

In the next room is your slave. She is a slut and you should treat her that way. Come in and fuck your wife's ass. Fuck it hard and deep and enjoy her screams as she enjoys pleasing her husband. Come fuck my ass -- once, twice or all night if you wish. I'm yours and I always will be!" ***************************

I walked to the living room and saw the most sexually explicit and naughty sight that I had ever seen. I stood transfixed. There was my wife, on her knees bent over a pile of couch cushions. She was on a slight angle, so that I could see her face as well as most of her right side. On the floor in between us was the huge butt plug as well as 4 large tubes of lube, each about the size of an extra large tube of toothpaste. At this point, I also noticed a key. Then as my eyes scanned her body, I could see a small bit of the collar, but that is not what struck me and caused me to just about explode in my pants.

Jane was lifting her head to see me and had a look that was first thankful that it was me, followed quickly by a nervous look seeking my approval. In her mouth was placed a very large ball gag. We had seen ball gags in the movies, but this was so much sexier than I could have imagined. Seeing her bright red painted lips, most likely covered with a fresh coat of lipstick, stretched around the large red ball was HOT! But, not quite as hot as the fact that Jane had also bound her hands behind her back with a shiny pair of handcuffs. Next to her on the floor was another note that read:

*************************** "Here is your slave. I am bound so that you can fuck me hard without my escape and I am gagged so that my screams are just for your ears. Now fuck my ass. Make me your slut. Make me your whore. Make me your slave. I'm yours to do with as you please, tonight and forever. I love you Master!" ***************************

I began undressing as I watched her struggling to keep her head raised so that she could see me. I had thought about this moment all day, and want to make it last. Once I was naked I set up the video camera so that is was a few feet in front of Jane's face so that I could have a digital record of her expressions that I could watch later. I then came around in front of her face as I took a tube of the lube and squeezed it out onto my cock. I used one hand to stroke my cock just inches on front of her eyes, making sure that ever inch was covered as my other hand repeatedly squirted gobs of lube onto my prick. As she stared wildly at my cock, I kept telling her how it was going to soon be buried in her ass.

The time had finally arrived as I moved around behind Jane and squared my hips to hers. With her feet tucked between my knees, I began squeezing the checks of her ass which seemed even sweeter and rounder in this position. As I did this, I was also pulling her cheeks apart and exposing her asshole. I grabbed a tube of the lube and squirted a large amount directly into the crack of her ass. I slowly began to press my right index finger into the tightness of her asshole and as it gave way to my probing I pushed it in as far as it would go. A loud moan was stifled by the ball gag in Jane's mouth, but her legs stiffened as she lurched forward and squeezed her ass tight.

"Push back against me" I ordered. I reached up with my left hand and grabbed a handful of Jane's hair. Pulling hard, I said, "That's only my finger slut, I haven't even started with my cock yet." Getting Jane back into position, I removed my finger and pressed the head of my cock against her asshole. Grasping her arms, I again told her to press her ass back against me. At first, she began, but quickly moved forward and shook her head no in an effort to stop me. I moved around to the side, and delivered a loud hard smack to her ass. Not quite getting the response I was hoping for, I resumed spanking Jane hard, alternating from one cheek to the other. Soon, the sound of here crying yelps filled my ears as she bounced on the couch cushions.

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