tagLoving WivesMy Wife Shares Me With Her Best Friend

My Wife Shares Me With Her Best Friend


It was a late evening when the wife had returned from an afternoon of shopping with her friend Laura. I happily greeted them and asked "how was your shopping trip?".

Bebe responded "great, you should see all the great clothes we got".

I asked Laura "find anything good?".

She responded "yes, lots of good stuff, on sale".

Bebe chimed in "we should have a drink to celebrate our purchases".

Laura seeing the bottle of amaretto in Bebe's hand said "great". We sat, we talked, we drank. After a few drinks the topic gradually turned to sex. Bear in mind my dick had already felt a surge at the return of my gorgeous wife and her hot friend. My wife is well built C-cupped, green eyed, tan gym babe with shoulder lenght dirty blonde hair. Laura is a well built, a bit shorter than Bebe, blue eyed, pale hard body with long blonde hair and D-cups. Both knock outs.

Needless to say my half hard dick sprang to attention when the talk got to be about sex. Bebe liked to talk of our sex life and Laura was sharing some of her stories but was feeling a little frustrated at not having a steady relationship or even a good fuck for over a year. It didn't take long for Bebe's hand to be in my shorts and on my cock.

A few drinks later Laura asked me "are you enjoying talking dirty with two babes?"

I answered "definitely".

At this point Bebe declared "I have to suck your dick now".

I immediately stood up, then Bebe pulled my shorts down to my ankles and slid her sweet mouth over my shaft. My eyes left my wife bobbing on my cock to Laura, looking a bit surprised, staring at the profile of Bebe performing fellatio on me.

She said in a stunned voice "what a big cock".

Bebe's lips slid back across my lenght past the head of my cock, she looked over at Laura inquiring "you don't mind that I'm sucking his cock?".

Laura replied "not at all".

"Good" Bebe said.

Looking at me now Bebe stated "Laura has told me she thinks you're hot".

Now looking at Laura, Bebe tells her "He has told me before he thinks you're a hottie".

Before anything else could be said Bebe suggested "let's move to the living room. Mark, strip and lay down. Laura, you come watch".

As I lay down on the carpet Laura took a seat on the couch as Bebe settled in between my thighs where she began to lick and suck my cock as well as tongue my balls. This was evidently making Laura wet as I could see that she had her left had massaging one of her breasts while her right hand was in her shorts rubbing her clit.

After a few minutes Bebe paused to look up at me and said "I think she likes watching".

Laura nodded and said "oh,yes".

Bebe stood and began peeling of her tight T-shirt exposing her gorgeous natural titties with her half-dollar sized reddish nipples outlined with a ring of light brown. She then slid her jean shorts of her shapely ass showing off her neetly trimmed dirty blonde pubes. She then stood over my head and lowered herself in the 69 position. I eagerly began licking her sweet glistening reddish pussy with her light brown labia. I slipped a finger in her tight cunt causing her to moan while I tongued her clit. She sucked on my cock, mean while Laura continued pleasuring herself. After a few minutes of licking Bebe's pussy and ass I returned my tongue to her clit and pushed a wet finger in her tight ass. Bebe moaned as I worked a finger in both her ass and cunt. By this time Laura's shirt was up high enough that I could see her dollar sized light pink puffy nipples outlined with a thin ring of light very light brown and her jean shorts were far enough down I could see her blonde pubic hairs peeking out from behind her hand that was rubbing her clit. When she noticed I was watching her she wiggled her shorts down far enough so that I could see her light pink pussy with a little bit of very light brown on her lips as she began to slide a finger in and out of her now juicy cunt. What a show!

After a few minutes more Bebe withdrew my cock from her mouth and asked Laura "would you like him to lick your pussy?".

Laura responded "oh yes, I need some tongue".

Bebe then rotated around till her face was above mine and we french kissed for a few moments then she said to to me "Make Laura cum with that sweet mouth of yours".

Then, as she slid down she said to Laura "go ahead and sit on his face".

Then she abruptly deep throated my cock as Laura descended her pretty pink ass on my face. I ansxiously began lapping Laura's pussy and ass while cupping her firm round ass cheeks. Laura would moan every time my tongue found her clit and every time I slid my tongue in her sweet pussy and tight ass. Evidently, since my manhood was in Bebe's mouth she had noticed I would throb tremendously every time Laura moaned.

Bebe paused to take a breath and spoke to Laura "I can tell he likes licking you. Would you like to return the favor and lick him?".

Laura answered "definitely".

Laura rose up then descended her face to mine and began kissing me and licking my face now covered in her and Bebe's pussy juice. Laura then asked me "do you like the taste of our pussies?" as she slid down along side Bebe.

I responded "you both have sweet pussies" as Laura and Bebe began licking my cock. If it wasn't for the alcohol I would have blown my load, but the drinks were keeping me numb enough to prevent from blasting them both. They continued pleasuring me licking up and down my shaft tongues rolling over the head of my cock. Then Bebe grabbed the base of my cock and began rubbing the head of my meat on Laura's lips.

As she held me to Laura's mouth she instructed Laura "take him in your mouth".

I felt Laura's lips begin to slide over the head of my dick and down the lenght of my shaft as her tongue swirled about the under side of my pole. I watched in disbelief as my wife's best friend took me in her mouth as my wife held the base of my cock and fondled my balls.

Bebe questioned Laura "do you like sucking my husbands cock?".

Laura answered as she continued to bob "mmm hmm".

Bebe then asked me "do you like my best friends mouth?".

I replied "her mouth is wonderful". They continued taking turns sucking and fondling until I warned "you two are going to make me cum".

Bebe said "good" and Laura said "shoot your load on us".

They both started rubbing their tits on me and with well lubricated hands, one from each stacked on top of the other, began pounding on my cock. I couldn't hold back any longer. I sprayed their hot titties and beautiful faces with my seed.

They both giggled and Bebe said "he won't go limp at all after his first orgasm so I get to fuck him now. You can climb back on his face."

Bebe climbed over me legs spread and positioned the head of my cock at her cunt. Laura had moved along side me head resting on my abs facing Bebe now preparing to impale herself on my shaft.

Laura said "I want to see, then he can lick me".

Bebe began pushing down on my pole. She has a tight little pussy that has always not yielded readily to my girth but with enough force I could feel her cunt begin to part as she descended with a whimper. I felt her constricted muscles pass over the head of fuck rod and descend my lenght gripping like a tight ring allowing me to probe her softer fleshy depths. Slowly she ascended, that ring of flesh gripping along my lenght. Her pussy always feels incredible. She slowly began to increase her pace as her juices lubricated me.

Laura, at this point having watched for a bit, says " that looks wonderful".

She then moved behind Bebe for a different angle and says "this is so hot watching you two fuck".

Laura then settles her pussy back on my face.

Laura then told Bebe "you're husband has an awesome mouth" as she ground her clit into my face.

Bebe responds grinding her clit on me fully impaled "yes he does, but you need to have his cock in your pussy".

As Bebe offered my cock to Laura they both came hard shaking from orgasm.

Bebe now asked Laura "are you ready for his cock".

Laura responded "my pussy is burning for his cock".

Laura then positioned herself kneeling, arms on the couch, and legs spread exposing her glorious pink flesh.

Bebe said as I ansxiously positioned myself to enter Laura "she wants you doggie, baby".

Once in position Bebe grabbed the base of my cock after I had well lubricated the head with my saliva. She began rubbing my cock on Laura's pretty pussy and tight little ass.

Laura said "stop teasing and fuck me".

Bebe placed my manhood at Laura's tight little opening. Bebe then cupped my ass cheek and began pressing gently prompting me to part Laura. I obliged and began pressing my meat against Laura. Laura's cunt was resisting my size but with enough pressure her pussy spread enveloping my shaft. Laura whimpered in pain as I spread her flesh. With Bebe still cupping my ass cheek and gripping the base of my shaft I began sliding my cock in and out of Laura. Each time I withdrew, I would watch her tight snatch snap closed then give way as I pushed inside her again. After a few strokes like this I no longer withdrew completely but continued to fuck Laura. Bebe and I watched as the folds of her pink flesh enveloping my cock extended out around my girth as I withdrew and would fold back in as I pushed back into her depths. Laura's pussy juices were glistening on my shaft and I could smell her sweet musk. Bebe's pussy would fold around my cock in the same manner as I withdrew except Bebe's folds are light brown and not quite as long Laura's folds. Seeing pussy wrapped around my cock like this, with pussy juices glistening and that sweet smell has always been a huge turn on for me. As I watched I could feel my orgasm mounting.

Bebe at this moment, my cock still in hand, asked Laura "do you like having me fuck you with my husband's cock?".

Laura responded between pants "oh, yes. He is so hot and I have never had a cock as big as his inside me".

Hearing this I could once again feel my orgasm building.

Then Bebe assumed the doggie style position next to Laura and said to me "bounce between our pussies, baby".

After a deep powerful thrust I withdrew from Laura, positioned myself behind Bebe, and railed her. Bebe moaned as I fucked her. After a few strokes I returned to Laura's pussy. I continue to stuff them both like this for awhile until as I was hammering Bebe, Laura moved behind me and on her back slid her face between my legs where she began to tongue my balls, and lick the under side of my cock as I continued fucking Bebe. As I continued to pound Bebe's pussy with Laura licking on me for awhile I could begin to feel my balls ache as my orgasm approached.

I guess Bebe could see in my face that I was close as she said to me "cum inside me, baby".

This was too much. I felt my cock begin to throb as I pumped my wife full of my hot jism. I continued stroking in and out of Bebe's pussy as I came and for several stroke afterward. I could see and feel my cum squishing out around my meat as Laura lapped at the cum dribbling down the underside of my cock. When I finally withdrew from Bebe, Laura took my now half hard cock covered in my seed and Bebe's juices in her mouth. I moaned at the overly intense feeling.

Laura paused and said "you have to get hard again and fuck me some more".

She then resumed mouthing my cock. Bebe sat up on the couch, legs spread gently rubbing her clit as my seed dribbled out of her hot cunt.

Bebe said to me "get hard for her, baby".

Between Laura sucking on me and seeing my wife filled with my cum I started to stiffen up. For what ever reason seeing a pussy dribbling with cum, espacially my cum, has always been a huge turn on for me and now I would have my chance to fill Laura. My cock was now fully erect and Laura had moved to a sitting position on the couch with her legs spread. Bebe continued to sit next to Laura rubbing her clit as I knelt before Laura and entered her.

Bebe said "That's so hot".

Laura just moaned as I fucked her for what seemed like forever. Eventually I could feel my orgasm begin to build as I probed Laura's cunt, watching her little titties and puffy pink nipples bounce. Seeing Bebe rubbing her pussy while watching me fuck her best friend began to make my cock throb.

Bebe, once again recognising I was close to exploding, told Laura "your pussy is going to make him cum".

Laura said to me "I want you to cum inside me".

Bebe responded "that is the best. To feel his big cock spasm inside you, then to feel his hot seed shooting deep inside, and to feel that warm cum dribbling out".

I couldn't hold back any longer. My dick spasmed and I shot my load deep inside Laura. Laura moaned and said to me "your hot cum feels sooo good". I collapsed to the floor from the combination of drink and exhaustion from fucking these hotties well into the small hours. The last thing I remember was the both of them sitting on the couch rubbing their clits as my cum dribbled out of their pussies. Creampies to remember.

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