tagLoving WivesMy Wife: The College Years Ch. 02

My Wife: The College Years Ch. 02


Janine (my wife) was not able to enjoy Tom as much as she would have liked because when they got together, it was near the end of the semester. She left the state for a summer job where she ended up breaking her knee. Broken knees tend to not be so great at performing arts colleges, so she never returned to the school. She was able to fuck and suck "that magnificent cock" as she puts it a few more times before the time came for them to part. She always tells me that the sex got better, and she learned how to handle a cock that size, both with her mouth and with her cunt, but she wasn't able to work it as much as she would have liked. Still, before she left, she did have one last night with Tom.

Lucky for her, there seems to be no shortage of guys in her world with good sized cocks that are looking for a 5'4" brunette with a perfect set of 34 C/D's who is a former dancer with a body to kill for. Imagine that.

The Last Hoorah ....

Usually when my wife is telling me about the men that have been inside of her, we are in the bed and she either has my cock in her hand and mouth as she alternates between sucking me and rubbing me as she recounts her tales and watches and definitely feels my reactions, or she is fucking me and telling me how it felt to have their cock inside of her. She has never been short on details with me because she knows how much I enjoy hearing everything about every encounter and she can definitely feel what it does to me. At first she didn't know how she would feel about doing this but once she saw my reactions and how worked up I got over it, she has never looked back. Watching me get hot is what gets her hot. It's a great cycle.

We were out at a bar one night with a few other couples. She was wearing a pair of smoke grey "Capri" cuffed pants and some knee high black, leather boots with what had to have been at least 4-5" heels. Her shirt was a tightly meshed silk so you could barely see that she was wearing nothing underneath but a black bra. There was no doubt to anyone that she had an incredible rack under that shirt ( a picture of which can be found on my profile).Talk is talk is talk. Since there were about 8 of us, the conversation tended to happen in small groups within the group itself. As it was, my wife was on my right and her friend was on my left (I was sitting in between them) and her husband was on the other side of her. My wife was talking to her and I was talking to her husband and I was about to suggest we move positions because it was starting to get uncomfortable when the magic word popped into the conversation "threesome." I don't know who brought it up and I didn't really care.

As I was half listening to the conversation the girls were having, that word, as it has a tendency to do, just seemed to be louder than all the others, even though I am pretty sure my friend's wife whispered it. They were talking about threesomes that they had each had, etc but in no great detail and since my wife's friend was pretty hot, I wanted to stay and listen to what she had to say, but the girls had to get next to each other to finish the conversation. My wife saw the look of consternation on my face when he had to move and when I slid out of the booth to let her friend out so they would be sitting next to each other, she grabbed my cock and said she would make it up to me later.

As much as I tried to keep and ear to their conversation, it didn't happen. I couldn't hear shit, but judging from my wife's and her friends reactions, I could tell there was some good story telling going on. My wife has had a couple threesomes in her life, and they are pretty hot. One of my favorites is her first one, and I couldn't help but think about that one all fucking night.

After a while, we all decided to head to another place to continue the evening. I had parked out back and when we passed the back of the restaurant my wife said "did I ever tell you about the time I got fucked up against a wall in the outside back of a bar while there were people just around the corner sitting on the patio eating dinner?" She knows just how to work me up. I told her she had told me about that. But now was not the time. I told her there is no way we are going anywhere without me getting some road head. She said she could do better than that.

I opened the door for her and went around to my side. When I opened the door, she had her top off and she was wearing a torn, black, see through, lace bra. It looked like it had been ripped off of her and barely hung to her shoulder from where the side strap and lace was ripped. I asked her what happened to her bra. She put her finger to her pursed lips as if to say "Shhhhhh", grabbed my cock and started kissing my neck.

"Drive" was all she whispered into my ear.

Before I even left the parking lot, she had my hard cock in her mouth and was sucking on it like there was no tomorrow. I love it when she gets aggressive. She looked up at me with those big brown doe eyes she has perfected and said "is this as hard as this thing gets?" I was rock hard. I told her no and that if she wanted it harder she should do something about it. I saw that sinister flicker of flame in her eye and she went back to jerking my cock with her hand and just putting the head of my cock in her mouth. After about a mile of this, she sat back in the seat, slipped off her pants over her boots revealing a matching black lacy thong she had on, looked down at my cock and said "do you like what you see here?" She was teasingly showing me her nipple and rubbing her shaved cunt under her panties. I choked out a yes and had to resist the urge to abandon driving and just fuck her against the door right then and there.

I think she read my mind because she said "No, no, you keep your hands and eyes on the road. " How the fuck was I supposed to do that with this woman sitting next to me, wearing a matching black lacy bra and thong, showing me her perfect tits and flashing me shots of her finger rubbing her clit and inner lips?

She crawled over to me and said "do you like this bra?" Yes I responded. "So did Jeff when he ripped it off of me." Jeff was one of the guys she had her first threesome with.

"I know how much you like hearing about me having two massive cocks inside of me for the first time so I thought I would remind you how hot it was sucking on Tom's 10 inch cock while Jeff pounded me from behind with his thick cock."

"Mmmmm" she groans into my ear and I know she is getting into it and remembering just how it happened as she is stroking my cock while I am trying to maintain the truck on the road. I know there is no way we are going to get to the restaurant without me cumming in her mouth, just like Jeff and Tom did.

"It was the last night before summer break. I had been fucking Tom every day for the last four days and I think I stretched out my pussy from the pounding I was taking from his cock. The more we fucked, the more comfortable he was being more aggressive and taking control instead of letting me control the depth of that monster. The night before, he held me down, spread out my legs and eased that cock into my snatch. It was the first time I had been on my back while he fucked me. Usually I rode him or was on my knees while I eased him into me from behind and let me tell you, it felt fucking great."

She was squeezing my cock as she was rubbing it and my mushroom head was so fucking swollen, and she told me she had to get it into her mouth, so she bent over and started to suck my cock. She looked up at me and asked "do you like hearing about my pussy getting stretched out to take huge cocks?" "You know I do baby, now get back to rubbing my cock and telling me about you fucking other men."

She sat up, kept rubbing my hard-as-steel dick and started talking again.

"So I went down to his room, wearing this bra and panty set I am wearing right now under my robe. He opened the door and I opened my robe and just as I did, Jeff, who I didn't know, opened the door further because he was trying to get out of the room. It shocked me at first and he got a full eye full before I was able to close my robe. He stopped in his tracks and just stared and involuntarily reached down and adjusted his dick. 'See,' Tom said, 'I told you she was hot as fuck.' Talking about me then I asked him. He kind of got a little red in the face and said yes. So have you told him how good I suck dick? How I am the only one that has been able to handle this huge cock? As I said that, I reached down and grabbed his massive meat and squeezed it. Have you told him how I take this entire thing into my little pussy? Jeff was just standing there in total disbelief that this was happening. Tom got more red in the face and said yes."

"I pushed him back into the room and turned to Jeff and said since you're already hearing all about it, you don't need to see it to right? No, he protested, he would still like to see it. I told him to sit in the corner and stay there and turned to Tom. Maybe since you like sharing me so much with your buddy there, you should share me with your buddy. Tom's eyes got big and round and he looked at Jeff at the same time I did and he just shrugged. Hmmph, not so eager to talk now? Fuck it. I turned to Jeff and told him to take off his pants as I dropped my robe. Jeff couldn't get naked fast enough and soon was standing there, totally buck naked with a very thick cock semi erect. I walked over there, pushed him back into a chair, spread his legs, got on my knees and took his cock into my mouth. I looked back at Tom and told him to just stay there while I make this cock hard. Jeff's dick wasn't as long as Tom's, but it was fucking thick."

I have to tell her to slow down on my cock now because she is about to make me cum, so she relaxes her grip a little and starts to rub her fingers around my head and puts my cock into her mouth. Meanwhile, she is gently pulling my balls away from my cock in an effort to make me last longer. She works at my balls for a little bit and then looks up at me as my cock flops out from between her lips and says "you cant cum yet, you haven't heard about me putting both those cocks inside of me and sucking one as the other one fucks me." I tell her she isn't helping. Eventually she got my balls relaxed a bit, and slowly started rubbing my dick again as she starts whispering in my ear again.

"Jeff's dick had to be every bit of 8 inches long and was so thick I could barely get my hand around it. It didn't have a swollen mushroom like Tom's and yours, it was more pointed, but it made up for it in other ways. It felt so fucking good to get the head of that cock into my mouth, but I knew it would be too thick to be able to deep throat it. I got as much of it into my throat as I could and Jeff told me how impressed he was that I could get him far enough in to be able to swallow and use my throat muscles on his cock. His cock got so fucking hard in my mouth I had to adjust so that I could keep it in my mouth. There was no bending to it once I started to deep throat and it made it impossible to keep it that far back. I pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him while I backed my head away, leaving a trail of spit from my lip to the head of his cock. I kept rubbing his dick when I looked over at Tom, he was sitting on the edge of the bed with his feet on the floor, and he had his cock in his hand, fully erect. I knew I couldn't resist that thing, so I got up and went over there, got between his thighs, and put that wonderful thing into my mouth. It felt so good to be able to use both my hands on that thing and still have it in my mouth. I just went crazy on that thing and kept making it harder and harder. I heard Jeff say what about me."

I had to pull over. I found a local park we were driving by and pulled my truck into the back of it. From the road, it would look like I was parked in the parking lot of the apartment complex that bordered the park so I wasn't worried about the cops rolling on me back here. We got into the back seat, I pulled my pants down and she got between my legs and began to suck my dick. Meanwhile, she also pulled her panties to the side and was playing with herself, which I could see the reflection of in the side window. I was getting so worked up. She looked up at me and told me this is almost the exact position she was in when she went on that date with the football player (but that is a story for another time). Then she told me she loves thinking about fucking other men and she loves telling me about it. I tell her to get back to it because if she keeps this up I am not going to make it. She sits back, peels off her panties and starts playing with herself and just letting me watch.

"So I hear Jeff say what about me and I stand up and look at him. Then I look at Tom and tell him to get naked. I bend over, facing Tom, and slowly peel off my panties, giving Jeff a perfect view of everything. I turned back to Tom, took his dick in my hand, turned my head back towards Jeff, put my hand back and spread my pussy out for him, then turned back to sucking Tom's dick. It didn't take long for Jeff to run over there. He got behind me, kicked my knees out to make room for him, and I felt the head of his cock on my pussy lips. I reached under myself, took Tom out of my mouth, and guided that coke can thick cock into my pussy. I put the head of his cock right at the entrance to my pussy, put Tom back into my mouth, and looked up at him at the same time I took my hand away from Jeff's cock and let him slide into me. It felt so good as his cock started to enter me and drove Tom's cock into my mouth even farther. It took a couple thrusts to get that cock into me and fuck did it stretch me out. I didn't think my pussy was going to be able to take it but once it got in, it was fucking incredible. I let Jeff just pound me with his monster cock and I focused on sucking Tom off. I tried to control both of them, but I couldn't. Once I got into the rhythm of it, I just took the pounding in the cunt and the mouth. By this time, Tom was fucking my mouth with his cock and I was almost like a see-saw between them. They were just using me as a fuck hole. Do you like thinking about me being used like that? You like thinking about me loving having those cocks inside of me? I reached down between my legs to grab Jeff's cock and could feel that his balls were tight against his body. He had his hands on my hips and he was pounding my little pussy. I turned to him and asked him if he was going to cum and he said yes. I reached down between my legs and put his cock between my fingers like I was smoking a cigarette right at the entrance to my pussy and squeezed that thing. You know what that feels like baby. He was trying so hard to hold off, I could feel it. He yelled he wanted to see my tits and just started pulling at my bra, not getting it off, Finally he reached around and pulled at the lace trying to pinch my nipple and that is how I got this tear right here."

At this time, she showed me where the tear was and I could tell that it had been ripped like someone from behind was trying to get at her tits. I couldn't hold off any longer and had to get into that pussy. I grabbed her and flipped her over on her hands and knees, grabbed her hair and forced my prick inside of her. I told her to tell me the rest as I was pounding her and she was pushing off the side of the truck to stop from being smashed into it.

"Jeff was telling me how he heard I had perfect tits and he wanted to cum all over them and after he ripped my bra, I took Tom out of my mouth, turned around, pushed the bra down around my stomach, grabbed his dick and said then fuck them if you want them so bad. He put that cock between my tits and started to fuck them telling me how fucking perect they were. I put the head of his cock into my mouth and it didn't take him long to cum. As soon as I tasted the first bit, I put him into my mouth and started to jack his cum into my mouth while his head just spit it down my throat. I made sure to keep rubbing his cock while he released every drop of his cum into my mouth and I sucked him totally dry."

I had to slow down from fucking her because I was about to explode all over her back and I wanted to hear the end of the story. She told me she needed to be fucked and that I had better not stop now and that if I stopped fucking her, she wouldn't finish the story. I put the head of my cock back in the entrance to her pussy and told her to make me cum.

"I quickly jumped up and hopped on Tom's cock. I reached back and eased myself onto his dick. No, dick isn't the word. Cock is the word for that thing. So I eased that thing into me as I slid down the length of the thing and felt it fill me up inside. I looked back at Jeff and told him to watch me take the entire thing. He watched as I slid all the way down so his balls were on my pussy lips. It fucking hurt and felt so good at the same time. I rode it for a few but I wanted, just once, to ride that thing reverse cowgirl. I flipped over and put it back into me and started to ride it while holding on to Tom's head with my hands over my shoulders. It felt so good to be impaled with that thing and Tom told me he was going to cum. I told him he better have a huge fucking load for me, which he always did. I fucked him really hard a couple times and looked at Jeff while I was doing it and blew him a kiss, then jumped down and made sure my side was to Jeff so he could see me take this load. I felt Tom's head swell up and finally felt the huge release of cum into my mouth. That had to be the biggest load ever from him. I grabbed his balls and jerked his cock while it spit into my mouth. I couldn't swallow fast enough and he was just filing my mouth with cum. I though I was going to lose some of it but I took it like a champ. I had his balls in my hand and I was gently squeezing them and pumping every single last big of cum out of that huge cock and into my mouth and swallowed every bit of it. I took a huge gasp of breath when I was done and sucked his dick for a few minutes afterwards. I never wanted to let go. It felt good when his cock jumped and slapped me in my face with its wet head."

Just as she was telling me about her swallowing his load, I pulled myself out and put myself into her mouth. I took a grab of her throat and forced her to swallow my cum just like she swallowed his and it feels incredible when she rubs the cum of my dick and lets the head of my cock rest against her tongue and the top of her mouth.

Needless to say, we were a little bit late for the meeting, but I saw my wife whispering something to her friend as her friend said they just got there too. Both of the women looked at us with knowing smiles.

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