tagFetishMy Wife's Aunt

My Wife's Aunt


I'd always lusted after my wife's aunt. Right from the day I first met her, sitting on the lawn of her house. From where I stood, I could look up her short skirt and see that she was wearing stockings and suspenders, not tights. A rare thing in the 1980's. She is seven years older than my wife and ten older than me and she is very sexy.

Over the following years, we became very close, teasing each other terribly with sexual innuendo. I would manage to grab a breast or her bottom and she didn't really fight me off, just laughed with me. I caught glimpses of her body when she visited us, but never really saw much, just a flash. She would sometimes tease me terribly by lifting up her skirt to show me her stocking tops and suspenders. She knows this turns me on tremendously. One memorable Christmas, after a little too much drink, we kissed properly, openmouthed with lots of tongue and I got a proper feel of her breasts, but still only through her clothes.

All this was great fun, but a little frustrating. I often asked her if we could go further, making a joke of it, but deadly serious underneath. She always refused, saying that she would not want to upset her niece. This kept me on the edge. If she wasn't my wife's aunt, would she let me fuck her?

Then, two weeks ago, I came back from work to find the two of them in the sitting room, looking very conspiratorial. After I changed from my work clothes I joined them and asked what was going on.

'We've been having a little chat about you', replied Jude, my wife's aunt. 'Kath thinks that I should let you have sex with me. I agree.'

I nearly fell off the chair. Why suddenly had my wife decided that it would be OK for me to shag another woman?

'I've been teasing you for so many years, it only seemed fair to let you have me, and Kath thinks that I should and seeing as I'm family, it wouldn't be like cheating really.'

I looked across at my wife, expecting her to burst into laughter at the joke they were playing on me. But no, she just nodded and got up to leave.

'I'm just going shopping, I'll be a couple of hours. Have fun.' she said and left.

'So it's just the two of us.' Jude whispered.

She stood up, unzipped her skirt and let it fall around her feet. She was wearing her usual black stockings and suspenders and a very small pair of black lace panties, pulled tight into her crotch. I could see the outline of her sex through them and there were a few stray hairs sticking out of the sides. She had told me that she preferred a full bush of pubic hair and now I could see it.

I reached for her, to pull her towards me.

'Just a minute,' she whispered, 'let me take off my blouse.'

She unbuttoned her blouse slowly, teasing me some more. As she slipped it off her shoulders, I could see her black bra was see through and I could see her nipples, already erect.

Jude sat down again beside me and pulled me to her. We kissed, tongues deep in each others mouths. I held her nearly naked body close to me and ran my hands over her smooth, soft back. My cock was trying to burst out of my trousers by now and I grabbed Jude's hand and put it squarely on my bulge.

She squeezed gently. 'Kath said you were nicely packed. I see that she was right.'

I moved my hand over her breasts, feeling her hard nipples in my palm. I squeezed and she sighed gently. I reached behind her and unclipped the clasp. Her bra came away from her and finally, I could see her naked tits. They were fabulous. In most women her age, their tits would have sagged, but due to good exercise, Jude's were still firm and upright. I stoked them gently and put my mouth down to capture a nipple. I sucked it deep into my mouth, running my tongue over it, making it even harder and erect.

Jude pulled away from me.

'Come on let's go to bed.' she said. 'We need to get those clothes off you.'

She took my hand and led me into the guest room. I quickly shed my clothes and stood in front of her naked, with my dick like a broom handle, sticking straight up in front.

'Lie down' she whispered, 'I want to stroke you all over.'

I did as I was told. Jude got onto the bed and started to run her hands over me, very gently. She stroked from my neck down to my chest, rubbing me like a man would rub a woman's breasts. She took each of my nipples between her thumb and finger and tweaked, quite hard. They erected and she bent down and sucked each of them in turn, just like I had done with hers. My cock jerked at this, a small drop of lubrication seeping from the end.

'Like that, do we?'

She bit down on my nipple, quite hard. I jumped but she didn't release the hard nub, just sucked harder. My cock jerked again.

Her hand strayed down between my legs, cupping my balls. I groaned lightly. Her touch was like velvet. She touched me between the legs, tickling the patch between my balls and my puckered ring. All the time she was sucking gently on my nipple.

Finally she took the shaft of my cock in her hand and stroked my foreskin gently up and down over my swollen glans, working the lubrication over the end.

She licked down my tummy, leaving a snail trail of saliva down my body. I pushed her head towards the end of my cock,but she pushed back.

'Not yet, it's my turn first.'

Jude slithered back up my body, rubbing her stockinged legs all over me. She rested astride my chest, with her lace covered crotch over my face. I lifted my head and kissed the damp cloth. She smelled wonderful, musky and so feminine. I licked the crotch of her panties, feeling the shape of her lips under the lace. She shuddered and thrust her hips forward. Her panties were getting wetter and wetter and I realized that this was not just lubrication. She was wetting herself. I pulled the crotch to one side and the full force of a jet of piss hit me in the face.

I opened my mouth and started to swallow the golden juice as quickly as I could. My mouth filled with the salty taste of pee. I could not swallow fast enough and piss ran down my chin, soaking my beard and hair. She tasted fantastic, hot and salty with an earthy undertone. Jude just peed and peed until I thought I would drown in the flow.

Finally she was empty. I was lying in a pool of golden piss, soaked through. I realized that Kath had put the plastic sheet on the bed to protect it. They must have planned this thoroughly.

I licked the final drops from Jude's cunt, savouring the mix of pee and pussy juice. She ground her lips down on my mouth, shuddering. I stuck my tongue into her hole, licking at the opening of her cunt, searching out her clitoris. I found the nub and sucked it into my mouth. Jude let out a groan of pleasure as I sucked her clit, bringing her closer to climax. I grabbed her arse, squeezing the globes of her bottom and pulling her juicy cunt hard against my face.

I spread her cheeks and found the little puckered ring of her anus. I wet my finger in the juices now gushing from her cunt and slipped the end of my finger into her bowels. This did it! She arched her back, jerking up and down on my mouth, driving my finger in and out of her little brown hole. Jude came with a little scream. I could fell her pussy contracting on my mouth and her arse squeezing my finger hard as the waves of orgasm rushed through her body. She fell forward onto the bed, shuddering in the final throes of passion.

'That was fantastic. I knew you and Kath were into watersports, but I didn't think it would turn me on so much.' she gasped.

'Your piss tastes wonderful, different from Kath's,' I replied.

Jude slid back down the bed. We were soaked with piss, but didn't care. She took my dick in her hand and slid the end into her mouth. I almost came on the spot. She ran her tongue around the end and licked at my hole. I felt her hand slip under my balls, searching for my bum hole. Her head moved up and down, sucking the end of my cock deep into her throat. I felt like my balls were going to explode.

Her finger found my hole and she slipped it into my rectum, just as I had done. This was too much, I could feel the end of my knob expanding as her hot lips slid up and down my shaft. She pushed her finger deep into me, finding my prostate and pressing hard on it. Jet after jet of hot thick spunk shot out of the end of my cock and into her mouth as she sucked and squeezed on my cock and arse. I cried out in ecstasy as I emptied my balls into my wife's aunt's mouth. She didn't let my dick out of her mouth until she had sucked my balls dry.

My cock was soft now and it fell onto my belly with a soft plop as Jude let it slip from her mouth.

She came back up to my face and kissed me deeply, mouth open. I felt something slippery slide into my mouth and realized that she had not swallowed all my cum, but had kept some in her mouth and was now sharing it with me. The mixed taste of Jude's piss, Jude's pussy juices and my cum all swilled around my mouth, like nothing I had tasted before. I felt like I was in heaven already and I hadn't even taken her knickers off yet.

After we had rested for a few minutes, I reached for her again. I started to lick her nipples to get them erect and like her before, bit one of them, but more gently than she had bitten mine. I moved down to the end of the bed and slid off her soaking panties. I sucked them into my mouth, tasting again the salty tang of her piss. I gently spread her legs and placed my mouth over her cunt again. This time I licked all around her pubic area, teasing her, without actually touching her clit. I licked lower, finding the little brown ring and forcing my tongue into her bottom. Her hole open slightly to let me in and she wriggled slightly in pleasure. I slipped two fingers into her cunt, feeling the wetness deep inside her and savouring the soft folds of her insides. I found her clit again with my mouth, sucking it gently and flicking the end with my tongue.

'Put your cock in me, please.' Jude gasped. 'I need to be fucked, now!'

I moved up her body. Her legs wrapped around me and I could feel the soft stockings rubbing against me. I positioned my dick at the entrance to her pussy and gently thrust it home. It was like entering a pot of honey.

I could feel the folds of her insides gripping me as I started to move inside her. It was like being squeezed with a velvet glove. We were both panting with lust as I worked faster and faster, bring Jude to boiling point. Her climax ripped through her in waves, her cunt squeezing me harder and harder, until I thought I could not help but come. I bit my lip, thinking of anything else but the absolute pleasure I was feeling in my cock. She subsided, I had managed to hold off. We rolled over onto my back and she started to move up and down on me, contolling the rate at which we fucked. I was so deep in her pussy that I thought I would come out of her mouth. She ground her hips down on me, her breasts bouncing as she jerked up and down. This was too much, I couldn't hold off any longer. As Jude came again, I shot my second load, deep inside her, feeling her pussy drain every last drop from me. She fell forward and I grabbed her breast and sucked hard on a nipple, biting down and squeezing another little come from my lovely partner.

I subsided again, my now, very soft dick just slipping out of Jude's juicy hole. I pulled her up my chest until she was sitting astride my face again. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole, searching out every last drop of semen. I filled my mouth with our mixed juices, then turned her over onto her back and kissed her again, letting our tongues swirl the heady mixture around our mouths. We were completely satiated.

I still don't know why Kath and Jude decided it would be OK for me to fuck her, but I'm glad they did, and I hope it won't be for the last time!

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