tagIncest/TabooMy Wife's Family: Confessions

My Wife's Family: Confessions

byWithout Boundaries©

The aroma of fresh coffee tempted me to rise from my in-laws bed. I lay back and stared at my wife recalling the lewd frenzy we'd enjoyed during the night. Julie sat on the edge of the bed looking though the window. She was thinking and choosing her words.

She suddenly got up and stretched in front of the mirror and tossed her hair from side to side. Her fingers smoothed the tousled hair and then caressed the soft skin on her throat while she toyed with the strange velvet bowtie that was still around her neck. With a deft move of her fingers it was loose and she set it aside on the dresser. She then turned on the TV to the local news and poured us coffee. I watched her every move waiting for an explanation how she had ended up in her parents' bed. She smiled to herself and handed me a plate of fruit slices that her mother had brought to us.

Sipping coffee and eating breakfast with the news droning away added something normal to a very strange morning. At any other time this would have been a perfect morning for us. We often enjoyed lounging about naked and having breakfast in bed.

As I looked around the room, the rubber dildo mocked me from its perch on the dresser. It seemed to scream at me in lewd defiance as a reminder of last night. The coffee sharpened my senses and chased the fog of last nights' drink from my head as we ate breakfast in silence. Somewhere outside a car pulled way from the house.

Julie finished eating a pear, turned, and faced me. "Ok Mike, I expect you have a million questions. I'll answer them if you promise we can be open and honest. We've never asked each other about former lovers. We both know we had others then, and we both know we've had others now. We're not going to start making accusations. "

Nodding at her in agreement I set down my coffee. We were in this together. It really didn't matter at this point who started it. We had both enjoyed the incestuous romp the previous night.

She got up and stretched her supple body in a luxurious pose. "I am going for a swim before doing another thing. Come join me and we'll talk by the pool." With that she bounded out the bedroom door. Her naked body disappeared into the hallway as I sipped more coffee.

The sound of a splash in the pool brought me to my feet. The sight of her naked body gliding under the water was framed perfectly by the bedroom window. Her athletic grace and beauty was so fluid. For one anxious minute I considered finding my swimsuit before joining her and then laughed to myself while walking down the stairs, "Fuck it anyhow. I don't think her parents would be pissed having us skinny dip in their pool."

The dive into the water shocked me awake like no coffee ever could. The water washed over me and set me at ease as I floated and swam a few laps. I eyed Julie as she passed by, then and gave chase in a playful pursuit. We splashed and frolicked in the water and enjoyed the sunshine on our naked bodies. I was seeing her through new eyes this morning.

After a few minutes she couldn't stand my silent stares any longer. "Alright Mike, I can't stand the sight of you starring at me like a boy peeking at his naked sister when she's changing clothes. Let's have that talk."

She climbed out of the pool and toweled off in the sun. She sat on a lounge chair and ran a comb through her hair and made no effort to get dressed.

I thought to myself, "when in Rome…." and climbed out of the water and sat beside her on another lounge chair.

She took a deep breath and looked at me calmly. "I wanted to tell you for so long, but there was never a right time, and even if there was, I didn't know how you'd react. If you are looking for someone to blame, you are looking at her now. I didn't know what I was doing the first time, or the second, or third or fourth time it happened. Each and every time after that was my willful choice, and I enjoyed them all."

I listened and nodded. "Go ahead, keep talking Julie. I want to hear it all. Tell me about those first few times. How did they happen?"

"We'll get to that in a minute. You know how you always admired my confidence and sense of adventure? Daddy gave me most of that spirit. He was the one telling me it was ok to dive off the high platform when I was younger. He was the one telling me to ski fast and take chances. He told me to think for myself and ask questions; to push forward with my own ideas. I always did just that.

During my last year of school I was tired of Europe, and wanted to get away and attend classes in the states. I found a program that let me finish classes here. Daddy and mom helped me chase that dream.

While I was here at school I met a guy named Brian. We thought we were in love but it was just our twenty year old hormones screaming at us to have more sex. Anyway, I was free and on my own and we moved in together after dating a couple months.

He was the first guy that I really explored sex with. It wasn't the puppy love of the teen years or the intense passion that a first love leaves with you. I'd been through all of those and had a few other guys that were fun dates. Brian and I connected sexually and we both wanted to explore the erotic pleasures.

We'd been living together and had tried everything two people could do. That wasn't enough for either one of us. We wanted more new pleasures.

One Friday night we got dressed up and went to a party that was rumored to be wild. I wore a leather mini skirt and high heeled boots with a silk blouse and no bra. I didn't wear any panties that night either. Brian was practically drooling and begging for sex before we ever got to the party. I wasn't sure what to expect when we arrived at the house, but I had that sense of confidence and could handle anything.

It was a typical party thrown by a guy who was used to spending his dad's money. A lot of people were there trying to pick up someone. There was a lot of booze, some drugs, and more pick-up lines than a singles bar.

Several of the guys noticed I wasn't wearing panties and my leather mini didn't do a good job of covering things when I sat down. It gave me a thrill to tease them and Brian was getting off knowing they were watching me. That constant arousal for several hours was delightful and Brian was growling in my ear begging for sex like a puppy dog.

I had almost expected some kind of orgy scene to break out the way Brian had described these wild parties, but as the night continued it seemed the only sex happening at this party was after the pick-up lines worked and the new couples left for their own place.

My flashing fun had even started to grow old and we both wanted another thrill. I had an impulse to give him a blow job right there on the sofa and shake things up at this so-called wild party. Modesty prevailed and I decided against it.

We noticed people coming and going from the upstairs hallways and bedrooms and went to see what the attraction was upstairs. The first room had several people dirty dancing to CD's in the dark. We joined in for a while and got worked up grinding and rubbing each other until we couldn't stand it any more. We went down the hall and found an empty bedroom. The door was open and we went inside. A large brass bed filled one wall. The bed was rumpled and I told Brian he'd been a good boy and could have his reward now.

I unzipped my mini skirt and let it fall to the floor. My nipples poked through the silk blouse and I stood there with legs spread. The door was still open when I leaned forward and gripped the brass footboard and told him to fuck me right there and now! He didn't hesitate.

He had some of his own teasing in mind and he kneeled behind me. His nose was pressed up my ass and he tongue fucked my pussy and teased my clit until I was panting and begging him to fuck me. I gripped that bed tighter and lost control as he fucked me from behind. I was so hot and turned on it could have been Brian or ten other guys jamming their cocks in me. I didn't care.

As we fucked another couple came in and watched us before they climbed on the bed and began their own fucking. The woman was on top straddling her lover and they faced away from us. It was such a thrill watching his cock plunge in and out of her wet snatch. It was way beyond anything either one of us had done before. We both loved it!" That night changed me in a lot of ways and was a turning point.

After that night we started talking about having sex with other people. We began planning our fantasy sex adventures as we lay in bed. The fantasy was the easy part for us. Finding the people that could fulfill the fantasy was a lot harder.

It's strange how a couple can find a third partner for a 3-way affair much easier than they can find another couple for a couple swapping fun. One of the four always has objections about one of the others in a 4-some.

Finding another guy to enjoy a MFM 3-way with was easy. Brian had several friends that interested me. We explored that passion several times before he suggested including one of my girlfriends for a FMF 3-way romp.

I agreed to his request and wanted to experience that and so much more. It took several nights going out to seduce her. After we finally got her in bed, it was wonderful. It wasn't all energy and power and frantic mad fucking like it was with two guys. It was slow and erotic and sensuous. At times I enjoyed it more than Brian. I'm not sure who was seduced the most through all that, but she moved in with us after a month.

It really was an erotic and blissful time. I had all I could do to stay in school and finish the year. Somehow I managed to study enough to graduate between the endless hours of sucking cock, licking pussy, and fucking both of them. There was even enough rational thought in my head to find a job when school was finished.

It's funny how great things all seem to happen at once and bad things all happen together. After graduating and having my "summer of love", everything crashed in around me. I came home one day to find Brian and our live-in lover had decided to move. They thought the two of them made a better couple and they were truly in love. It knocked me back on my heels and I was unsure of myself after that blow. The next setback came when my job vanished and I was laid off with thousands of others in the city. After a month of job hunting and rejection notices I decided a change was needed.

Mom and daddy were happy to have me come see them for an extended visit. I put my things into storage and bought a plane ticket back to Europe."

Julies' confession was spellbinding. None of this had ever been mentioned before. She had her past just as I had mine, but this was a surprising part of her life I never knew. I was still confused how she had become sexually intimate with her parents.

The warm sunlight on our bodies was doing its magic as we lay there talking beside the pool. My cock pulsed and rolled from left to right as I envisioned the events of her past. I was aroused by her frank honesty, but also feeling unnerved by the reality of it all. What would it mean for us going forward?

Julie sat up from her chair. "I'm thirsty Mike. Do you want a drink or something? I'll be right back."

I lay there with my eyes closed thinking through all the things I never knew about my wife. Our four month romance and running off to be married in Las Vegas hadn't given us time to even consider all those chapters from the past. It hadn't given me time to meet Dick and Elle. Even so, there were no regrets even now. I was trying to cope with the situation and simply understand.

The sound of voices in the house startled me from my rambling thoughts. I was suddenly self conscious about my nudity as Julie and Elle emerged from inside. Julie was still naked and Elle wore flimsy running shorts and a runners' bra. They talked casually like they'd been at the shopping mall all morning.

Elle greeted me smiling and sat down. She pulled her bra over her head exposing her breasts and then untied her shoes. Julie handed me a tall drink as her mother undressed beside us.

"Isn't this the best spot in the morning?" Elle commented a she sat back fully undressed. I just love to go running and come out here to relax afterward and get some sun. It's so peaceful and I can relax while your father is always doing something. You know how he can never stay still for a moment. He just had to run off and do an errand this morning. How are you two getting along this morning anyway?" She looked at both of us with great interest.

Julie answered. "Mike wanted to know how things got like this with us. I was going to tell him about my trip home after Brian and I split up."

Elle turned to me. "Mike it might help if I explain some things along the way. That is assuming you don't mind. I don't want to be the meddlesome mother-in-law"

I laughed. "Elle I think we'll have to re-define that idea of a meddling mother-in-law after what we went through last night." The three of us chuckled with a nervous laugh.

"Mike, you'll find that through a long marriage things change. There is always the glue that keeps you together, but the things you do to find excitement change with the seasons of your life. When Julie moved away to the states, and the twins struck out on their bohemian adventures, Dick and I found a lot of free time on our hands that we hadn't had in a long time. We were like kids again in some ways. But after twenty years of marriage and three kids, the bedroom sparks needed a little help.

We started going out to dinner and visiting nightclubs rather than sitting in an empty house. It was fun to go out and mingle and not worry about rushing home for baby sitters, or to find the kids trashing the house with their own parties. So we got to know the city and all the attractions. Eventually we came across a club that we liked.

It was an upscale adult club with three parts. There was a public dance club and bar in one part, with a back room and performance stage in another section. They had some very good acts on that stage. They were better than any adult video you could buy." Elle smiled and looked at me as if she expected to see shock in my expression.

I was well beyond feeling shocked or intimidated by Elle. My eyes shifted from mother to daughter. "So tell me about the other part of that club Elle."

Eager to continue she began talking again while her fingers brushed the neatly trimmed hairs on her bush. "There was a private section of the club. It was by invitation or membership only. Everyone had to wear a special bow tie that they issued. The bow ties have a small battery pack and give off a neon glow. The boys glow blue and the girls glow pink. It was called the "Firefly Room." The club rules said anyone inside with a glowing bowtie was willing to dance or anything else unless they said no thank you.

If the bow tie light was flashing it meant the person was willing to entertain either sex. You could even make two bowties pulse in unison as a matched pair by pressing them together for a few seconds. A micro transmitter inside them lets them sync up with their mate when they are less than 10 feet apart. Anytime that person comes close to you in the dark you know they are near.

The lighting inside the room was nothing more than a few black lights that made the bow ties glow brighter. There were floor exit light strips. For the most part it was a pitch black and you had to feel your way around.

The Firefly room had a small dance floor, but most of the people weren't in there for dancing. The dancing was a way to approach and feel someone that excited you. The whole idea was about connecting by touch and taste and smell. It wasn't a place where you were excited by someone's appearance or clothes or social status. It was all about tactile and sensory pleasure and letting yourself go to enjoy pure erotic thrills. There was a large area of cushions and several padded booths for anything you wanted to enjoy.

Dick and I got separated in the dark the first night we went there and spent an hour groping around looking for each other. Some of the people were naked and others partially clothed. I had never imagined groping or being groped by that many naked men and women before. It really got me going once I let go and enjoyed the erotic thrill of it all.

During all this I ran into a man that was built like a rock. This guy was solid muscle and he didn't have a hair on his body other than a soul patch on his chin. His head was shaved and all the body hair on his arms, legs, and genitals was gone. His eyebrows were even shaved off. Running my hands over that smooth muscled body set me off. His touch was so exciting and reassuring. We never spoke a word.

It was an animal response and within two minutes of encountering that chiseled body in the dark, I was stroking his cock and letting him toy with my pussy. He had me near an orgasm with his fingers when he stopped and knelt down and began lapping at my clit. I was standing in the middle of a crowd letting a total stranger please me. I exploded in his mouth in no time with all those people around us in the dark.

He stayed there with his hot breath on my clit until the last waves rippled though my body. Then he picked me up with my legs draped over his shoulders and my muff pressed against his face, and made his way to the edge of the room where he set me on the cushions. The feeling of raw muscle power lifting me straight up with such ease was a thrill in itself.

After he set me down and I lay back and pulled him on top of me. I sucked his cock and inhaled his scent. When his shaft was as hard as the rest of his body, I urged him to fuck me as hard as he could. He made me cum two more times before he spewed his hot load on my chest.

Dick had his own adventures in the dark that night and we both wanted to come back again. We were becoming regulars at the club when Julie decided to come home."

Elle stopped talking and sipped her drink. I looked at Elle and then to Julie. "So the bow tie you had on last night was from the club? Did you get a family discount on the membership?" I teased.

Julie smiled at me. "Are you getting more than you bargained for my curious husband? It wasn't like I came home and mom and dad took me to daughters' night at the club. It was quite by accident.

I had been home a couple weeks and was getting restless. It was great being there with them. Little did I know that mom and dad were getting restless from behaving like responsible parents." She tapped her mother's leg in a teasing gesture and giggled.

"One of my old girl friends invited me to her place for a few days. I went to see her on the other side of the city. We went out clubbing and she knew I was feeling down from being dumped. She promised a perfect cure for my funk and was going to get me into a wild club. I had no clue how wild this Firefly room really was.

Another friend of hers was a member and got us into the Firefly room and told me how the rules worked. After feeling my way around in the dark I ran into a man that made me feel safe and comfortable. He moved slowly and his touch was easy. His fingers coaxed me to come closer and touch him. He wasn't pushy or needy. I loved the feel of dancing with him completely naked in the dark. The dancing turned to kissing, and the kissing turned to petting. I could tell he was older by the feel of his body. He felt solid and warm. When he nudged me toward the cushions I didn't hesitate.

Hell, I had gone from having sex three times a day back at my apartment, to nothing overnight when dickhead moved out. I needed to get off in the worst way and this man was going to make me cum.

We were both ready and he sat down with me straddling his hips. His cock nudged my pussy and he entered me with ease. His touch was so familiar and yet so erotic and strange. His shaft slid in deeper and deeper and we began moving as one. Our tempo started slow and we quickened our pace as the passion and tension increased.

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