tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Wife's First Facial

My Wife's First Facial


Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction and has been written for entertainment purposes only. The story is intended solely for adults and contains themes and situations that are not suitable for children or those not considered adults in their communities. All characters in this story are intended to be portrayed as adults and therefore legally entitled to perform the strange and often downright immoral acts they are described as doing.

Since I was very young the idea of being naked and used by a female or group of females for their personal pleasure has always excited me. Maybe it goes back to those days when I first discovered girls and boys were different. Or maybe it was those innocent days of playing Doctor and patient. Whatever it was, my fantasy life always seems to include aspects of being used as a sexual plaything by a wanton and demanding woman.

Fast-forward 35 years to today. I am happily married to a beautiful woman and have 3 lovely children. Paula is in great shape for her age. She has slender legs and firm buttocks. Her breasts while not large show no signs of the ravages of gravity that generally come with age. She may have actually gotten sexier since we were married almost twenty years ago and I grow hard just thinking about her. I travel a lot on business and have a lot of time alone to fantasize and many of these fantasies include a more assertive role taken by my wife. Sometimes, I fantasize while alone in my hotel room but almost always during trips home while I am traveling down the highway at 70 miles per hour, especially in the evening or late at night.

Paula and I enjoy making love in a variety of ways. She really responds to oral sex and has some of her most intense orgasms with my tongue in her pussy. Occasionally, Paula will go down on me and give my cock and balls a great tongue bath. I am always ready to shoot my load in minutes when she has her tongue and lips on me. However, Paula has always balked at the idea of letting me cum in her mouth or on her face and always pulls away just before I begin to cum and generally finishes me with her hands. While I enjoy all this, it hasn't satisfied my long held fantasy of cumming in an open and willing mouth and having my seed swallowed. Well that and much, much more changed one day last year. The following story is about how one of my favorite fantasies was fulfilled and many more created.

It was supposed to be a romantic evening, the kids were staying with various friends and Paula and I would have the evening to ourselves. I had been out of town all week visiting customers and was looking forward to a nice relaxing dinner and a couple of drinks at the conclusion of my four hour drive home down Interstate 40. Reservations had been made at the best seafood restaurant in town and I had hopes of finishing the night with some passionate love making.

Much to my surprise, Paula met me at the door when I arrived home from work and had a strange look in her eye when she hugged me and gave me a passionate kiss.

"Why don't we start out this evening with a nice hot shower, together?"

"Sure. That sounds great."

Well you don't have to ask me twice to get naked with my beautiful wife, so I quickly headed up to the bathroom adjoining our bedroom. Paula was right behind me. As I ascended the stairs to the bedroom, I thought to myself that a little love making before dinner would be as good if not better then afterward.

After kicking off my shoes and starting to unbutton my shirt, Paula motioned for me to stop.

"Wait. Wait. Wait. I'll undress you." She insisted.

Although rather surprised by stern tone in her voice, I stopped immediately and stood before her in the bathroom and waited for her to begin. It was so unusual for Paula to take the initiative in our marriage especially when it came to sex. In fact, there were only a few occasions in our entire twenty plus year relationship that I could recall her initiating sex. Most days she acted like it was a just another chore for her to satisfy my hunger for sex.

Paula slowly unbuttoned my shirt, took it from my shoulders and tossed it aside. Next she grabbed my belt, unbuckled it and bit by bit pulled it through all the loops. As Paula was undoing my pants and unzipping them, a wonderful swelling began in my loins. And as my hard-on grew, I wondered what Paula had been up to this week while I was gone.

Paula was careful not to touch any sensitive areas while removing my pants. Next, she dropped to her knees in front of me, slid her hands slowly up the back of my legs, grabbed my underwear from the back and ever so gradually pulled them down to my feet. As my cock was freed from its confines, it flopped out and almost hit Paula in the nose.

To this day, I am not sure whether it was her touch or the fact that she was in total control of the situation but damn was I excited. My cock was pulsating with anticipation of her next command. I could no longer just stand there and I reached out to draw her near. Paula reacted swiftly, slapping my hands away and preventing me from assuming any type of control.

"Not just yet Honey, I want you clean for tonight's activities."

Paula reached into the shower and turned on the water and adjusted its temperature.

"Now, get in there and wash your hair while I get undressed."

I quickly pulled off my two socks and stepped into the shower. My body was met with hot rivulets of water and the stress of the long work week and the four hour drive seemed to melt away along with my hard-on. I washed my hair and enjoyed the hot shower.

Soon, Paula joined me in the shower. Damn. She looked hot in all her nakedness.

"Put your hands at your side." She ordered.

"I'll take care of washing the rest of your body for tonight's festivities. Now, turn around."

I did as instructed. Then, Paula started washing my shoulders and worked her way down my backside. She teasingly touched my balls while making sure that my cheeks and backside were especially clean. Something she had never done before. It felt strange yet fantastic to have Paula wash my ass especially when she focused her efforts on my anal opening.

Paula then turned me around so that I was facing her once again. As she washed her way down my chest and arms, I was hopeful that my hard cock would receive a lot of loving attention. As it turned out she carefully avoided contact with my now raging hard-on as she worked her way down my legs to my toes. When Paula finally focused her attention on my favorite organ, she washed my cock and balls in a workmanlike manner without as much as a loving caress. She even used the European Apricot Scrub that was kept in the shower on my cock to ensure it was clean and silky smooth. The soaping and washing was great and my cock was aching for release by the time Paula was done.

When Paula finished, she handed me the shampoo.

"OK. It's your turn to wash my hair. When you finish with that, you can begin on the rest of me. And you better do a thorough job and not your usual sloppy work. Do not get in a hurry to have me focus on your pleasure or it won't happen at all."

I poured a good bit of shampoo into her hair and massaged her scalp for several minutes before rinsing it out. I grabbed the conditioner and worked into her mane. While waiting for it do its work, I turned Paula around and started washing her back. As I scrubbed her back, my hands continued to work their way down to her firm buttocks which I just had to caress.

Next, I slid my hands up her sides and around to her pert breasts while letting my cock rub up against the crack of her ass. Her soapy slippery breasts felt wonderful and I slipped my throbbing cock between the cheeks of her ass and rubbed myself.

"Stop that! Didn't I just tell you not to focus on your pleasure? Now finish washing my legs and feet so that I can get out of this shower before my skin begins to wrinkle."

Quickly, I stopped any motion and bent down to wash Paula legs and feet. I made sure to clean between each toe. Then, I slowly moved my hand back up her thighs and reached for the folds of Paula's velvety pussy lips. I soaped her neatly trimmed bush and was enjoying myself as Paula began to moan from the attention. But the moment I inserted a finger into her hot love hole, I was told that it was time to rinse off and get out of the shower.

I stepped out first and dried myself quickly since I wanted to get back to Paula's luscious body. I grabbed Paula's towel off the hook and handed it to her. The towel came flying back quickly as Paula threw it at me.

"Not so fast. You are going to take the time to dry me off." She ordered.

I picked the towel up from my feet and began drying her hair. Then I dabbed her face with the towel making sure every droplet of moisture was gone. It was hard to resist the temptation to cop a feel or two as I worked to dry her off. Each attempt was warded off by Paula and I received several glares from her. I continued working until Paula was completely dried off.

"Go lie down while I finish getting ready to the next portion of our evening."

I turned and trotted into the bedroom and flopped onto our king sized bed. Soon the only sound that could heard was the hum of the hair dryer as Paula finished getting ready. I just continued to lay there with nothing on other than a smile and an erection while daydreaming about Paula's lips on my cock.

Suddenly, I was brought back to the real world as Paula called out to me to close my eyes and stating that she had a surprise for me. I did as I was told and closed my eyes.

"It's OK to open your eyes now."

When I opened my eyes, Paula looked ravishing in a sheer black teddy that came down to the top of her thighs and did little to conceal her pretty pussy. Her nice pert breasts were accented by the teddy's open bust style that left nothing to the imagination. Suddenly, I noticed the blindfold in her hand and before I could ask what it was for Paula came over to me and seductively slipped it over my eyes.

She said, "This is just to heighten your senses of taste, touch, and smell and, most importantly, your imagination."

My excitement grew as I was now in total darkness and could not tell what Paula was up to. Obviously, she wanted to be in charge of the next part of our evening as well. My cock seemed to respond to her brazenness and grew to heretofore-unseen dimensions.

The next thing I knew, my right wrist was seized and hurriedly secured to one of the bedposts. Apparently, Paula had already prepared the bedroom for the scene that was about to unfold as the tie was already in place and all she had to do was to attach it to my wrist.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I struggled in vain to free myself.

"Stop trying to free yourself or I will go out for the evening and leave you here all alone. We do still have those dinner reservations at that romantic restaurant and I am sure that given a few minutes in the bar, I could find a nice looking dinner companion."

I thought that it was best to just go with the program and tried to relax. Paula took my other hand and bound me to the other bedpost. Paula must have planned this very thoroughly, as everything seemed to be happening so fast. Oddly enough, with the binding of each appendage, I realized that having Paula assume control was just like an aphrodisiac and I became thrilled at the thought.

What a sight I must have been though. I was naked, blindfolded and bound by the wrists and ankles to the bedposts. I heard Paula leave the room and go downstairs. Several minutes passed and I grew anxious awaiting her return. All I could hear was Paula busying herself with something in the kitchen. I kept wondering what she was doing and what plans she had for me. Whatever plans I may have had for the evening were now secondary to my wife's agenda.

After what seemed like hours (probably due to my predicament), Paula came back upstairs. And her plan was laid out for me.

"Tonight, I will be completely in charge. My desires and more importantly my pleasure is going to come first. In fact, I am going to cum first unlike many of your love making sessions when I don't get to cum at all. I am not going to allow you to cum until I have been thoroughly satisfied. Is that understood?"

Paula made it clear that she was not only in charge of the activities for the evening. She was also in control of whether I was granted an orgasm or not. Funny but my cock responded by getting harder, if that was even possible.

So I nodded and said. "Yes, Honey."

"There's one more thing. How about a little extra incentive? You are always asking. Well no, not exactly. You are always trying to force my head down onto your cock when you just about to cum. Well, tonight, if after completely following my instructions, you beg and plead with me just right, I might relent and allow you the satisfaction of experiencing that long held desire for cumming in a willing and wide-open mouth. And your cum will be swallowed as well."

Damn! She had me. I was completely sold on whatever plans she had for the remainder of the evening. What an incentive. I was going to follow every last order now no matter what.

I could feel Paula climb on the bed. She stood over me then lowered herself until she was sitting on my face. She pulled her pussy lips apart and told me to begin licking her slowly.

"Remember that your pleasure will not happen unless I am completely satisfied."

As a way of responding, I extended my tongue until I could taste the sweet nectar of Paula's pussy lips. I heard Paula go "MMMM" when I began to lick her slowly. My tongue went up and down the folds of her pussy lips. I then used my tongue as a mini cock and sawed in and out of her pussy. Paula became very wet and pulled my head tight to her crotch. I knew from this that she wanted me to suck her clit. Obviously, Paula was just as excited as I was with her new found take charge attitude.

I found that precious little nub and slowly sucked it between my lips. I sucked on her clit while I repeatedly flicked my tongue over it. This usually gets Paula going and her moans became louder and my head was squeezed tighter between her thighs.

"That's it. Don't Stop. Don't stop." I heard her cry.

I knew she was close to orgasm and I did my best to help her reach an explosive one.

"Oh! Oh! Oh! Errrrrrrrgggggggg! I'm going to cum. No. I'm cumming. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

I kept licking and sucking until she became so sensitive that she pushed me away.

After calming down some, Paula told me that we are going to play a guessing game based on taste, touch and smell. She got off the bed and could be heard walking across the room before returning and setting something on the bed besides me.

"I am going to hold something out to you and using only your sense of taste, touch or smell as instructed, you will have to tell me what it is. For every correct guess you will be rewarded and for every incorrect guess you will be punished. First, we will test your sense of taste. Tell me what this is, based on its taste but you are only allowed to use your tongue."

I could tell that something was brought down to my lips. I reached for it with my tongue. It was cold to the touch and was sweet.

"It's a strawberry." I called out.

Seconds later I was rewarded with a tongue on my hardening nipples.

After several minutes of having my nipples tongued, I thought this game was going to be very enjoyable. Next I felt something long cold and cylindrical being dragged across my tongue. Going with the fruit theme, I guessed it to be a banana. Well, I was wrong as it was a Zucchini and Paula immediately grabbed my nipples and twisted them roughly between her fingers.

Next, Paula tested my sense of smell with an orange. She held it just under my nose and its aroma was unmistakable. I told her it was and orange. I must have guessed successfully as I was rewarded with a tongue on my balls for several minutes. Paula not only licked them but sucked each one into her mouth. The feeling was exquisite and I began to anticipate better things to come. I was so hard by now; I thought my dick was going to explode. The pre-cum on the tip of my cock was tell-tale sign of how exciting this all was.

Paula used a green apple to further test of my sense of smell. However, I incorrectly guessed it to be a red delicious apple. For my punishment, Paula took several clothespins and attached them to my scrotum. Despite the initial pain, the sensation was electrifying. The pressure of the clothespins seemed to make my cock as hard as a rock. Who would have thought I would respond positively to Paula inflicting pain or was it simply her being in control?

"As you can see, the pleasure and pain are escalating. You are going to have to do much better or you might be in serious trouble."

The game continued with some correct but mostly incorrect answers. After several minutes my balls had numerous clothespins attached. There were even a few clothespins placed on the head of my cock. Talk about pain. And any movement just renewed the pain. Fortunately, the clothespins on the head on my cock were not left there too long. When given the option of more licking and sucking on my nipples or their removal in response to a correct answer, I choose their removal. When they were first removed, I thought Paula was pinching them tighter rather than removing them as the blood returned and it hurt like hell.

For another incorrect answer, my cock was encased in ice for several minutes and thoughts about how to explain an unusual case of frostbite began to run through my mind. At first, the cold was stimulating but in a short time the unbearable cold on my private parts had me begging for a different kind of relief.

"Please. Please remove the cold." I begged.

Probably the most embarrassing torment was when I had one of Paula's vibrators used in my previously virgin backside. There was not a lot of physical pain as Paula used a liberal amount of lubricant for its insertion. But there were some psychological aspects to the violation that I was not prepared to experience. I had always assumed that opening was one way only and would stay that way. I found myself trying to hide the fact that the violation was now welcomed and added to her domination of me.

Well, needless to say, I was as excited as I have ever been. The excitement of being blindfolded, of having my desires subordinate to Paula's and the pleasure/pain of the game had me aching for release.

"Paula, I need to cum. Please let me cum."

"You are going to have to beg me much harder than that before I relent and allow you an orgasm. You are lucky I don't make you wait several weeks before letting you cum."

Paula poured some lubricant onto my cock. Then she then began removing the clothespins one by one while stimulating my cock was her other hand. Again, there was intense pain as blood returned to the pinched areas of my scrotum. But there was also the pleasure from her stroking my cock. The pain / pleasure seemed to melt together.

"Please! Let me cum! I need release. I've done everything that you asked of me. What else can I do to satisfy you?"

"You have been just ok today. But I think with more training you may get better."

Then after pausing for several moments Paula asked, "Are you ready for the special treat I promised."

"Oh God, that would be wonderful. I am so ready."

Paula leaned down and slowly began to nibble and lick my cock. Up and down the shaft and all around the bulbous head. My cock was leaking pre-cum now like a running faucet. When she finally sucked my cock into her mouth, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. I could not remember a time when I wanted to cum so bad. The whole night of prolonged teasing, denial and being controlled by Paula was so intoxicating.

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