tagIncest/TabooMy Wonderful Grandson Ch. 06

My Wonderful Grandson Ch. 06


My grandson, and myself crawled over to where James was sitting on the couch with his 10 inch big, black, beautiful cock sticking straight up waiting for a horny faggot "or two" to wrap their hot lips around it! We pressed our lips together with the big purple head of James' massive man meat between them, we licked the big, smooth, velvety head, as James leaned back and said: Fuck yeah, suck it boys! I slid my tongue down the hard vein covered shaft to his big, firm, black balls and started licking and sucking them as my grandson took the massive black cock down his throat. We both moaned with pleasure as we serviced my grandson's best friend's cock!

Sid and myself were on our knees servicing James when Don said: Spread your legs a little Sid if you want 8 inches of hard meat up your cute little ass. I've wanted to fuck you for a long time, but I didn't know you liked taking it up the ass!

Sid spread his legs for Don, and he lubed up his hot little ass and mounted him from behind like Sid was a bitch in heat! I heard my grandson moan and knew Don was sliding it in him! I watched my grandson out of the corner of my eye as I sucked James' big black balls. Sid was loving all the hard cock he was getting shoved in him. Watching my grandson's hot lips working up and down on his best friends huge black cock was so frigging hot! As these two studs used him like a slut I laid on my back and took my grandson's huge fucking queer meat in my mouth and started sucking it like a cock crazed queer! I felt someone squirt lube onto my well fucked man pussy, as they rubbed the lube on my hot cunt I started humping their fingers! They slid several fingers into my hot hole and finger fucked me for a couple minutes before pulling them out, leaving my hot cock hungry hole wanting more action! Then I felt what I wanted, and needed, the head of a hard cock pressing against my wet pussy lips! I raised my legs up until they were resting on the side of my grandson's back, and I spread them as wide as I could! I held them with my hands. This spread my hot man pussy open wide so whoever was going to fuck me could slide every hard inch of their sweet cock up in me!

The guy fucking me spread my pussy wide as he slid his huge queer pleaser deep into my horny man vagina, I moaned with homosexual pleasure as I swallowed my grandson's throbbing nine inch cock. From where I laid sideways under my grandson enjoying his big, hard queer's dick, I could watch as Don slid his hard cock in and out of my grandson's hot, cute, faggot ass! It was awesome! They fucked us for quite some time as I made love to my grandson's hard grandfather pleaser with my hot mouth! I could hear the moans of enjoyable sex from everyone involved, including myself! Then Don said loudly:

Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck, Oh Fuck! Sid I'm about to fill your hot pussy ass full of cum bitch! Hump it bitch! Hump it, fucking take it girl, take it! UMMMMMMMM, FUCKKKKK!

Sid humped his ass back and forth on Don's throbbing member like a pro. I was proud of my grandson's cock pleasing ability! Don slammed his 8 inches up into my grandson's hot pussy as he pumped his big load deep into him! As Don unloaded his man juice into my grandson it started running out of him as he slid his cock in and out of his horny ass! Don's hot cum ran down between my grandson's sexy legs onto his balls. that's as far as it got I slid my grandson's cock out of my mouth and went for the balls! Licking up every sweet drop of Don's yummy queer cocktail from my grandson's big balls! Fuck me it was good! Don's semi hard cock slid from my grandson's wet, slippery pussy. It was hanging just an inch from my eye's as I licked my grandson's cum covered balls! Don looked down at me slurping his cock juice from my grandson's balls and said:

Lick my cock clean bitch boy! Get your faggot mouth up here on my pussy pleaser and clean it up like a good little cock sucker! Lick my balls clean too you fucking cum lover! You said you would do whatever we told you to, so lick mine and your grandson's fuck juice off my queer pleaser suck boy!

I slid my grandson's legs farther apart so I could get to Don's beautiful cock and clean it up like I was told to do! My grandson's big cock was throbbing on my chest as I flicked my tongue out and started licking Don's big balls clean! It was so, so good! I cleaned his balls good, licking them, and sucking them. Then I moved on to his wonderful cock, licking up and down the shaft of it getting all the delicious queer fuck juice off of it! I wrapped my lips around the head of it and licked the head clean as Don moaned with pleasure! Just then James unloaded his hot load down my grandson's throat, pumping his queer mouth like a hot pussy! I could hear him saying: Suck it boy, suck it boy, swallow it Sid, swallow my hot cum like the cum lover you are! Show your grandfather you love cum as much as he does! That's when whoever was fucking me unloaded their big hot load deep up in my cock craving man pussy! It was awesome, me and my grandson having our queer pussy ass' pumped full of hot cum, me with my lips around a wet, cum covered cock as my grandson was gulping down a huge load of man juice! it don't get no better than this! I got Don's cock clean, and he slid it from my mouth. He looked down at me and said:

Lick your grandson's wet, cum covered pussy clean Pops. There's still plenty of cum in his freshly fucked pussy you can lick out! Move around and straddle your Pops pussy licker Sid so he can clean your sweet pussy up for another good fucking! I love watching queers do each other, and especially since you two are grandfather and grandson!

As Sid straddled me and lowered his sweet pussy down to my face I felt another big cock sliding up in my wet, sloppy man pussy! As I felt the big cock sliding deep into me, the other guy named Sid straddled me standing up and slid his 9 inch cock into my grandson's hot cock loving mouth, just as I started licking his and Don's fuck juice from his wet pussy hole! I grabbed my grandson's thighs and pulled him down onto my hot tongue as I worked it in and out of his cum filled ass! The moans of queer pleasure was loud, and beautiful! I felt the big dick in my pussy start to pulse and swell! Just then the guy pulled it out of my pussy boy ass and shot his load all over my cock, and balls, and stomach! It felt so good and hot! I lay there in a queer's paradise as I devoured my hot grandson's cute cum filled asshole!

a few seconds after the guy unloaded on my cock, balls, and stomach I felt a wet cock head rubbing against my chin, and Howie said:

Here's you another hot cock to clean the fuck juice off of cum slut! You like licking another guys pussy ass clean, and cleaning up cum covered man meat so well, I decided you could clean my man pussy fucker for me fag boy!

I pushed my grandson's yummy ass up enough for Howie to slide his wet dick, covered with mine and his fuck juice between my lips and Sid's hot ass! I started licking the fuck from his sweet cock as yet another man pussy pleaser was being shoved into my cock loving ass! It was a big cock, and I was thinking it may be Leo fucking me again, but I didn't care who fucked me, or how big their hard cock was, I just wanted hard meat in my hot man pussy!

I heard the other guy named Sid say: Oh fuck Yeah! I'm busting a nut Sid, open your hot mouth and stick your tongue out and let me see if I can cum on that tongue hanging out of your pussy!

I heard the other Sid moaning loud as he pointed his hard cock at my grandson's mouth and started to squirt several big squirts of hot cum onto his tongue, his lips, his chin, his face, and into his mouth! I felt my grandson's body quiver as the cum splattered on, and in him! He was loving it! He was being used as a queer slut by his friends and he was in queer paradise! This was a big turn on for me! Knowing my grandson loved servicing other guy's cocks as much as me was awesome! Me and my grandson were cock sucking queers, and I wouldn't have it any other way! The family that sucks together, fucks together!!

Howie pulled his cleaned cock from between my lips and Sid's cute ass. Sid raised up and turned so I could see his face! It was beautiful, there was cum running from his mouth, dripping from his chin, and nose. Cum on his cheeks, his forehead, running in front of his eye's! This other Sid packed a hell of a load, and he bathed my grandson's face in it! I moaned and said:

Come here Sid, and share that sweet cum with your Pops! I'll lick that sweet cum off your face and then tongue fuck your hot pussy mouth and share it with you!

The other Sid said: His hot mouth is full of my cum Pops, and I want you two to snowball before you lick his face clean! Will you snowball with your grandson Pops using my cum!

I said: Fuck Yeah! Let's snowball Sid!

My grandson turned around and lowered himself down to about 6 inches from my face. I opened my mouth as I looked into my wonderful grandson's beautiful eyes! I glanced down to his wet cum covered lips as the other Sid's hot cum started running out of my grandson's mouth and dripping into mine! There were cheers from everyone watching as we snowballed the other Sid's big load of cum! He allowed his entire mouthful of sweet queer cocktail to drip into my mouth before he lowered his lips to mine and I shared the sweet cock nectar as we kissed deeply!

As me and my grandson kissed, sharing the yummy cum. The big, fat, long cock in my hot man pussy began to swell and pulse! I felt the squirts from his big, hard cock as he unloaded his balls deep up in my queer pussy! It was fucking awesome! My faggot ass can never get enough hard cock in it! I love getting fucked, I love taking another man's cock up my hot faggot ass! I had four guys bend me over a seat in a movie theatre and gang bang my queer ass one time, it was fucking awesome! There were several people, both guys and girls sitting within 2 or 3 seats of us, they watched as these four guys fucked the hell out of my hot ass, and left me begging for more! I didn't care who saw me, or heard me! I was almost screaming with pleasure, telling them to slam my hot faggot ass, fuck my queer ass pussy, and pump their big loads of cum deep up in my queer cunt! But, anyway that's another story.

As soon as he unloaded in my ass he pulled out and another big cock was slid up in me! Then Doug the new guy said:

I hate to break up the cum kissing, but Sid you need to turn around and suck your grandfather's hard cock while he sucks your's, and while I fuck your hot, sexy ass! Sid said: Oh fuck Yeah! Then we licked each other's lips before he turned around and shoved his big 9 inch cock down my throat, and took my 8 inch cock down his! His legs were spread wide and I had a great view of his red, well fucked, sexy asshole as I swallowed his big delicious cock! I sucked, and watched as Doug lubed up my grandson's sweet ass. He slid two fingers up in him to lubricate the inside of his hot man pussy before fucking him. Then I saw Doug's huge ten inch cock, fat as fuck, and straight as it could be as he pressed the huge head against Sid's hot little queer asshole! I was thinking: Fuck Sid, you're going to love this!

And he did! When Doug spread his hot cunt wide and slide his massive queer pleaser deep into him, he moaned and started shooting a big load of hot cum down his Poppa's throat! It was great having my grandson's 9 inch cock Cumming down my throat as I watched Doug's fat 10 inch cock pumping his hungry cock loving ass! That's when I unloaded my big load down my grandson's hot throat!

The guy fucking my pussy ass pumped his big, hot load of sweet queer pleasing cum deep up in my cunt! It was so fucking great, getting fucked like a fucking whore, while I swallowed my own grandson's hot cum straight from his big 9 inch, beautiful cock, as I watched his little pussy ass getting pumped like a hot cock craving pussy, as I unloaded my own huge balls down my grandson's pussy ass throat! It was fucking awesome!

That's pretty much the way the party went all Saturday evening, all Saturday night, and until mid day Sunday. Those guys fucked me and my grandson over, and over! Oh they got blowjobs too, but they really enjoyed banging mine, and my grandson's hot ass'! They would bend us over a foot stool and shove their big, beautiful cocks up our ass while we kissed! They put us on the floor side by side and two of them would go from me to my grandson back and forth fucking our pussy's! It was sweet man! They put us on our hands and knees side by side with my head at my grandson's hips, and his head at my hips. then they would fuck our hot ass for a couple minutes and then pull their wonderful cocks out of our horny pussy's and slide them into the others mouth, like: James was fucking my grandson's hot pussy, then he pulled his big cock from my grandson's ass and shoved it down my cock sucking throat, while Leo fucked me and pulled his big, wonderful, beautiful, black cock out of my fucking queer pussy and shoved in down my grandson's pussy throat! We loved it!

By Sunday evening me and my grandson were two well satisfied cock loving queers! I don't know how many times I had big, hard cock shoved up my queer man pussy, or how many times I had took those big, hard cocks down my faggot throat, but it was fucking wonderful! My grandson was the same, his hot, little pussy ass had been fucked more times that we could count, he had sucked off, and swallowed the sweet cock cream from every cock there several times each! He was a well satisfied little queer pussy, and so was I... As everyone was leaving, me and my grandson got on our knees and licked, and kissed the heads of everyone's cock and told them they could come by and fuck us, or feed us anytime they wanted! They all said they would!

After everyone had left my grandson and I laid on the mattress together and licked each other clean, then we made love. He would fuck me for a few minutes, sliding his big queer cock into my well used man pussy, and then I would fuck him. We finally got in a 69 position and sucked each other off until we unloaded down each other's throat. Then we fell asleep with the sweet taste of 18 different guys hot cum on our lips, with well satisfied man pussy's that had been fucked dozens of times! We had more cum in us that a frigging cum bank! I know that between me and my grandson we had between a gallon and two gallons of hot, sweet, cock juice either pumped up in our hot fucking man pussy, or squirted down our cock loving queer throats!

So anyway I have always been a dick sucker, I love sucking another guys cock, and I really love it when another guy's cum in my mouth! And I do love licking another man's queer pussy after he has been fucked and pumped full of hot, sweet cum! I truly love taking cocks up my hot man pussy, I love getting fucked like a slut! There's nothing I wouldn't do to satisfy another guy, anything, anywhere, anyway he desires, if he has a cock I'll do anything he wants as long as I get his cock in one end or the other, or both! My grandson is as a big a queer as me, and between us we make a great pair to service big hard cocks!

I have several more stories to tell, some with theses guys, and others. Some with nephews, nieces, cousins, and of course my Dad fucked my queer ass when he caught me sucking my friends dick while my friend fucked me with a dildo. So I will be telling more, so look for them!


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