tagMind ControlN.U.D.E. Ch. 04

N.U.D.E. Ch. 04


Intro: In part one (found in the Exhibitionism section), Miss Helene Jean Ponsonby, managing director and owner of her family company saw a sign to a mysterious organisation situated next to her offices. She went in to find out what they did, was mistaken for a client, and ended up exposing herself to the receptionist who reciprocated in a mutual masturbation session. She left, not finding out what their company name, N.U.D.E. Ltd stood for. In part 2 (in the Exhibitionism section), she returned the next day still curious about their name and was subjected to an unconventional examination of her sexual interests and desires. This was against the backdrop of fighting off a boardroom coup. However, as her journey of sexual liberation and discovery is occurring, so is her capacity to fight back; again in unconventional ways. In part 3 (in the BDSM section) we joined her at the end of the second day recounting the events of her journey home from the office where she has been 'advised' about purchases in a sex shop, and in turn used her business skills to advise the owner in return for his toys, then entered a clothing shop specialising in leather wear. Here she has explored her dominant side, with tutelage from an attractive Domme Aunt and her sexy and submissive niece. In part 4 we find her getting ready to put into action some of the things she had promised herself she would do the previous day...


I entered the office on the third day, the Wednesday, feeling energised and ready to keep my promise to that greasy slime ball of a sex shop owner. I knew I had just the right person to market it properly and turn it into the best, the kinkiest and the most profitable one in any North American city. In fact, that was the task I was going to set her; my protégé and future sex partner. Well, I had to have something from this too, didn't I? Free toys were never going to be enough. Still, I did like slime ball. Under the greasy façade Tony Delgado was a nice man trying to get out.

I wore a tight pencil skirt, split on the right thigh just enough to make it sexy but not too much that it would become tarty. I had hold-up stockings, with a seam down each leg and no panties. I had taken to discarding that unnecessary garment, enjoying the freedom it gave me. You know, the previous night when I had got home from the leather couturier (and a bout of BDSM) I had read an article on the history of clothes. It said that women had only started wearing panties in the last 200 years. Why on earth was that, I asked myself, if we had no need for them other than to mop up our perfectly good cunt juice? Apparently our cunts adjusted to the lack of panties, giving out measured amounts of love juice even when aroused that would never shame us, unlike a man cumming in his underpants. My God! What a turn-on, just thinking of a man made to cum in his pants. That was enough for some good 'ol love nectar to seep out of my smoothly shaven pussy.

Yes, readers, when I got home I opened that bag they gave me on leaving the two seamstresses. Inside was a special women's razor, blades, shaving foam for sensitive skin and an unusual oil whose instructions advised rubbing onto my newly shaven pussy lips to moisturise but also inhibit hair growth. It was not until the next morning, after crashing out exhausted from the endless sex, that I had used the contents. It was amazing, the sensations, and the intense sexual feel of my smooth labia. I had masturbated for ages this morning, so much so for the first time in all my years with the Company I was late.

I hoped my staff liked my top too, a white silk blouse that moved with such grace as my big naked tits danced underneath. I revelled in the feel of my hard nipples straining and swaying, wanting to be unfettered yet alluring because they could not be fully seen. It was such a mix of primness and whoring. I knew both the men and the women were looking at me as I walked past their desks to Rebecca Thompson-Forbes's office. At least Jason Banks, the creep for all his good looks (and her boss), had given her a hidey-hole to work from though so often I saw her out of it and sitting at a desk in the open plan near to my own office. Then it struck me, had she been trying to get noticed by me?

Her degree from Oxbridge and MA in marketing lay unused, working for that brilliant but selfish and cruel bastard of a man. She was going to be languishing no more, and Jason would notice her more for her skill than her cute arse and perky breasts to which she had persistently refused him access. That was why she was languishing. No, she was holding out with fierce determination. In fact, I had wondered for a while if she was gay until yesterday when I had seen her stare, admittedly discretely from behind her desk, at the mail man's obvious hard-on, caused by a secretary bending and showing her panties. She had even allowed herself a little giggle, a lick of her incredibly full and sexy lips and a discrete stroke of her hand across the top of her breasts. That gesture was such a give-away of something more happening under those tweedy clothes that seemed modelled on the old me.

The door was closed. Unusual I thought. I tried the handle, locked. I rapped on the door, pressing my ear to the wood in an attempt to hear anything.

"Rebecca? You in there?"

No reply, but there was some sharp whispering and what sounded like a chair being moved. I knocked again.

"Er, coming Ms Ponsonby!" came the strangely warbly reply.

What was going on? I stood, suddenly feeling slightly irritated. I listened again. More whispering and then the door opened, unnaturally slowly I thought. To my surprise it was our young mail man who came out to greet me.

"Well thank you Ms Thompson-Forbes for the advice," he said in a voice that was suspiciously loud, as if he wanted the whole office to know. Plus, his face was more akin to tomato than the olive skin he usually sported.

"You are welcome. Please ask for some of my time whenever you need it, though perhaps it would be best to book it with my secretary so that she can arrange a more suitable venue."

What was she talking about? This office was as good as any.

"Ms Ponsonby, please come in," she welcomed, gesturing me to sit in one of her office chairs as she adjusted her waist band and I quickly noticed, slipped her feet back into her sensible court shoes. She followed my glance.

"Oh, these shoes are killing me!" she blustered, though I knew they were not new. Nothing she wore ever seemed to be. This was strange, but not so much as the peculiar smell that hung in the air. It was familiar. I had smelt it at N.U.D.E. Ltd only yesterday when...

I smiled. She hadn't, had she? I watched her dab a silk hanky at the sides of her mouth, just like people do with a napkin after eating a delicacy. I went for it.

"So, been sucking some cock this morning Ms Forbes?"

I closed the door behind me, feeling a sudden rush of blood to my pussy. I locked it discretely. I watched her beautiful porcelain skin flush the brightest of reds, but there was fire in her eyes; the residue of continued desire. My god, she was beautiful behind all that stuffiness.

"You have, haven't you?!" I exclaimed excitedly. I wanted to know everything, but how would she react? I didn't go to the chair. I went to her, lifting her chin in my hand to stop her from lowering that pretty blushing face. "Go on darling," I purred, "Tell me all and don't stint on the descriptions. I love cock-sucking. Well, ever since I discovered it yesterday."

A quick flash-back to N.U.D.E. The therapist's cock had entered my mouth. It was my first time, but I loved its hardness and heat sliding over my tongue. I'd come close to choking but the porn I'd read made it seem so simple to swallow him, remembering to treat it like I was sucking a sausage (without the bites of course!) but deep into my throat. I knew I had impressed him by his delighted groans of appreciation. I came out of my daydream to hear her say,

"Yes, this was my first time too. It was fantastic! I couldn't get him out of my mind since, since..."

"Since seeing his hard dick bulging in his pants after that sexy minx Mandy bent over in the office?"

"You noticed too?" She asked; the excitement in her overcoming the embarrassment that showed on her lovely long neck.

"Oh yes, she has such a beautiful arse."

"Yes, she has, I mean, er, no, I was referring to Tom's er, er, bulge."

She giggled again. I noticed the hand gently sweep the top of her breasts, but this time continue over the large peak and trace down her right side.

"Makes you horny, doesn't it, thinking about that enormous cock? It was enormous wasn't it?" I asked, with a slight edge of authority and gravitas in my voice, intimating she had no real choice but to tell me.

Her hands shot out in front of her, imitating a fisherman boasting about the size of the fish he'd caught. She adjusted down from a ridiculous 18 inches to a still magnificent 11.

I sighed.

"Yes, so beautiful and ...yes...BIG!"

There was part of me thinking I would never have had this conversation with anyone before I visited N.U.D.E. Ltd and the other half thinking I had to know everything: size, taste, smell and feel? I didn't need to ask.

"Oh, Miss Ponsonby, I have never taken a cock in my hand or mouth before but I just HAD to have him! I had been reading a Black Lace novel about it. It's the height of my oestrus. When I am in this state I just get so horny but I have no partner to get rid of it on..."

"You could wank. I do." I interjected quietly but directly, deliberately being crude and pushing her. I watched her expression. Her eyes brightened, but not with shock. I saw lust. That tell-tale hand slowly stroked down her right breast again through the appalling jacket on that green tweed suit. Her left hand was behind her back. Caressing her shapely arse, I wondered, judging from the rhythmic movement of her elbow at the side?

"I do, er, rub myself"

"Wank. Say it, now." I ordered, though softly. How far could I take her I wondered? I remembered what Aggie and Amé said about me, that I was 'a natural Domme, though might like to be topped occasionally'. They also said I was a consummate exhibitionist and that was becoming truer. If they could see me sitting in one of Rebecca's chairs now, my legs open, feet resting up on her desk.

"Yes, WANK!" she said, almost shouting it out in relief. I'd learned well from my therapist. It was like a confessional for the sexually repressed. I smiled at her, looking into her deep blue eyes, and nodded approval.

"Such a passionate, urgent word. Now, tell me what happened and do not leave out a single detail or I might have to bend you over this desk and spank your lovely bare arse," I said firmly, whilst keeping an enigmatic smile.

"Yes Miss," she replied smartly, as if in obeisance. I could feel the balance of power tipping into my favour, if not my lap. I spread my legs wider, gesturing her to sit in her office chair directly opposite me, knowing my smooth pussy lips and stockinged legs were on obvious show to her. I noticed her eyes kept shooting between my thighs, making my cunt cream with pleasure.

"Well?" I said, urging her to continue.

"He was enormous. I..I..had found him in my room this morning snooping I thought on my desk and threatened him with the sack for entering unattended. I asked him where he had got the key and he said that my boss, Jason, had given it to him and instructed him to find out what I was up to because he kept seeing me talking to you."

I kept calm. The bastard was getting paranoid. Good. I had only spoken to her twice after the Board meeting on very trivial matters. Who was informing him of my movements? I chose to let it go for the time being. Besides, the thought of Tom the mail man's cock was much more appealing.

"Tom pleaded with me. For all his macho look he is a sweetie underneath, but I played him like a pro. I told him that I would not tell anyone but that was in exchange for him showing me his dick," she stopped, giggling like a schoolchild. I did not respond, keeping a neutral face and silent. So, she continued. "When he unzipped his trousers my, er ..."


"Yes, yes," she repeated excitedly. "My cunt was instantly awash, although really I think it was triggered anyway just by seeing him. I have fantasised over him so many times. I just had to have him! It was like the handyman and the society debutant in one of those smutty sex books. She grasped his dick from his button-down trousers, and I did the same. I couldn't help myself. It was so beautiful, growing in his hand as he pulled it away from the steel of the zip."

"Go on," I urged gently, already wet myself with lewd thoughts. I pulled my skirt higher on my thighs, letting my fingers drift down to my legs. Rebecca's eyes followed where my fingers were going. Now I knew she could see my cunt, open and shaven. The hand stroking the breast lingered longer and moved closer to where I estimated her nipple would be. I bet it was hard under the tweed.

"Take that jacket off and carry on," I ordered supremely confident she would obey. There was no ambiguity what I wanted. Nor was there any hesitation by Becky as I had instinctively known. The three buttons were undone slowly, sexily, as if wanting to expose herself to me in as seductive a manner as possible. Did I hear her sigh as her breasts came into view?

"Beautiful," I heard myself say breathily. This woman was a dark horse! Under that tweedy exterior she wore a red quarter cup bra that did little other than be a shelf on which two most ample breasts jiggled and jutted. Her nipples were large pink saucers, their ends long and stiff. "Beautiful," I said again, stunned.

Only my hands could speak, moving slowly and sensually up my now revealed thighs and over the hold-up tops. She licked her lips, staring blatantly between my thighs at my cunt and caressing fingers. I liked her looking, the exhibitionist in me taking full control.

"You are so beautiful Miss Ponsonby, I mean it. So was he and so shy really. I knelt before him and undid his belt, dropping his trousers to the floor. His lycra© briefs came next as their only function was to support his balls, not that enormous dick. I just had to taste it, so I licked it slowly from the mass of jet black pubic hair to its angry red head. He is circumcised and so large around the knob that when I knelt up and engulfed it with my mouth I had to stretch my jaw wide. It was so fulfilling knowing that I had that powerful cock in such a vulnerable position with my sharp teeth all around it. It gave me an amazing sense of power over a man, something I have not felt in a long time; not since working for that bastard Jason....oh, sorry ma'am..."

She started to cry, quietly, sitting in her chair half naked and looking suddenly so powerless. I wanted to get up, but then there was something pleasurable in her vulnerability. For a split second I could understand Jason Banks's raison d'etre. He was hooked on power and control. I bet he enjoyed making her cry though I guessed she was professional enough to take it home with her and never let him see how much he was hurting her. I would deal with him later. Now I wanted to live for pleasure and the jiggling of her breasts as she cried added a perverse eroticism.

"Ignore that worm, tell me about this real man and his snake!"

I made her laugh. Oh my God, I loved to watch the way her breasts moved on top of their cups! My fingers were rubbing slowly against my labia, teasing the folds open. Her eyes never left that site, staring, her mouth open and her tongue discretely licking at her lips. A smile that was mixed with lust, creating an enigmatic look not unlike the Mona Lisa, crossed her face. How beautiful her features were, but did she know it?

"Continue," I ordered, surprisingly sharply.

"Yes ma'am," she answered, clearly equally surprised by my sudden order. "He was so hard in my mouth and yet I wanted to follow what I had read about and got onto my haunches so that I could take his pulsing hot dick deeper and deeper. I was surprisingly relaxed, opening the back of my throat and swallowing just as the character in the book instructed the heroine to do."

"We've been reading the same book I suspect," I laughed, my fingers now deep into my cunny. She was arousing me so much I was in blissful danger of losing control, but now she too had her skirt up and her fingers rubbing frantically under her matching red knickers that I could see were stained with her juice.

"You are not to cum!" I snapped, taking control away from her. "Now continue the tale. I want to know what he did with you," I added in a sugary voice, pleased with the way I had used my instinctive need to dominate.

"Oh, yes Mistress," she said, sounding delighted that I was dominating her and yet behaving impishly as she slowly raised her hand from her cunt and licked each finger whilst looking me straight in the eye. The little slut! We had been reading the same books and had found out so much about our sexuality.

"Well," she continued, "he grasped my hair as he realised I was able to swallow him like a sword and not be violently sick. He used my head like a cunt, pushing in and out. Oh, I felt so proud of myself but also so slutty, and naughty and so many things that I have never been or known. You know, I found I wanted my throat to open up as much as possible because I found that when my nose touched close to his hairy pubis, he had such a wonderful musky, manly smell. Hard to describe..."

"Yes, my therapist Dominic smelt the same yesterday," I interjected, my mind quickly recapping the feeling and smell of him deep in my mouth and his balls over my nose, the scrotum heavy and perspiring with the energy and excitement of it all. It was so different to the sweet aroma of his wife and the patient whose treatment I had assisted.

"So arousing!" she exclaimed, "And when I felt the pulsing increasing and his heavy balls in my hands seem hotter and hotter, I could not wait for my first taste of a man's cum. I was afraid and yet exhilarated."

"Oh yes!" I screamed, biting my lip to stop my orgasm coming too quickly. My cunt was streaming with liquid and my fingers danced a tarantella over my stiff clitty. I looked up through half-closed eyes at her tits, their teats hard and fantastically long. I wanted to suckle and bite them, to rub them against my cunt, to do so many things with her. Then I gave my last order, "Continue slut!"

"I felt his balls tighten, and his cock stiffen more against my throat. There was a heat that built inside my mouth as my saliva dribbled down me between my tits. That is why I have no blouse, it is soaked, but with more too. Then I heard him moan, so deep in his throat and his arse that I was holding now clenched tight. He pressed forward, using my mouth. I knew it, but I did not care. I wanted to be nothing but a slut, a cunt hole for him to fuck. And that was when he came; with a huge spurt of cum shooting into my throat. It was so hot Mistress and seemed endless, though clearly it was not. I sucked and sucked at him, my fingers digging into his arse, pulling him onto me again and again as more and more spurts came. His legs almost buckled with the power of his orgasm. I felt so happy, so fucking happy!"

I came. I could not speak. My fingers had pleasured my pussy so much that I couldn't stop cumming. My head was filled with images of the past few days, the switch from frumpy Ms Prim to Domme but with tinges of slut. Look at me! My legs open and exposed to my Marketing Director's deputy and my fingers covered in my juice as I lay satiated from masturbating in front of her.

It was some time before I came round from my sex-induced stupor. I could hear her voice but not register immediately where I was. She was standing next to me, her horrible tweed skirt a pool on the floor, her fingers toying over her damp panties. I could smell her sweet sex, strong in the air and mingling with my scent too. How strange that I could tell the differences between us. Perhaps it was that I had always been an excellent amateur 'sommelier'; never the waiter, too lowly, but always knowing which wine to drink or which bouquet aroused the senses the most. Now she was stimulating mine.

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