tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNadine the Driver

Nadine the Driver


It was 6 Am and Nadine had just checked in for her shift at the limousine service that she had been working at for 3 years now. Nadine had a standard course, and she picked up the same clients every week. Nadine was young, just turned 21, dark hair, large breasts, and an ass to die for, at least she felt that way. The outfits they had to wear did not show her assets the way she would like, but it was good money so she didn't mind wearing it. The male driver's in the service were always talking about what it would be like to have sex with Nadine and she knew it. Nadine would often entertain the idea of having sex with some of the other driver's but she was too innocent to act on them.

Nadine had sex with only one guy her whole life, and that was at her senior prom out behind the school. It was very quick and really painful, the guy she was with just was thinking of himself, and did not care if Nadine had an enjoyable time or not. Nadine had agreed to go to prom with him under the understanding that they were just friends, and the next day would require no commitments. His name was Seth, and he was one of the popular guys in school, he was tall, blonde, and co-captain of the football team. Nadine thought of it as a chance to be remembered by her class mates.

Seth danced with Nadine and slowly began to kiss her throughout the night. Nadine enjoyed the kissing and never stopped him. As the night grew late Seth began to stroke Nadine's back and slowly his hands were stroking her nice tight ass. Eventually Nadine could feel his bulge rubbing against her lower stomach and it made her wet that she had made Seth hard. She had never seen a penis let alone felt one getting hard. Seth walked Nadine outside and continued kissing her the whole time, he slowly walked her around to the back of the school, and wasted not time taking his zipper down. Nadine was excited and scared at the same time, but Seth gave her no time to adjust.

Seth pulled his very hard 6" cock from his pants and turned Nadine around. Before Nadine could resist the advance Seth had her pushed up against the wall with her dress pulled up and his cock probing her ass cheeks. Nadine could feel the heat from his cock rubbing her ass, and pushed back into him, at that point she realized she was going to let Seth take her virginity. Seth pulled Nadine's panties down and forcefully shoved his cock balls deep into her virgin pussy. Nadine cried out in pain as Seth broke her hymen, and then he pulled out of her and came all over her ass. That was it, it was all over. Four years later and Seth was her only experience.

Nadine got prepared to leave for her regular morning route. She drove the same route every morning picking up the same two clients and taking them to their job locations. Nadine got in her limo thinking back to the guys in the break room waiting to take off on their routes. She precisely drove away thinking of Chris, the biggest of the men in the limo service, and what it would be like to have sex with him.

Nadine pulled up in front of the penthouse that her first client would be waiting for her at. Crystal climbed into the limo not waiting for Nadine to get out and open the door for her. Crystal had been riding with Nadine for over a year now, and was very comfortable having Nadine take her to work and pick her up each day. Crystal was a beautiful middle aged woman, 41 years of age and very attractive. She could easily pass for 30 years old, with long dark hair, long shapely legs, and a too die for ass. Crystal was a single woman never married, nor ever seriously attached to anyone. She was a very successful clothing designer, and loved to wear her own designs. Today she wore a very short black skirt with a belly high button down blouse. Crystal was in a mood today, and would find someone to take care of her needs before the day was over.

Nadine pulled away from the curb heading to the high rise where Crystal worked. Crystal was very uneasy this morning. Nadine watched in her mirror as Crystal kept smoothing her skirt out, adjusting her blouse, and from the looks of it playing with her nipples. Nadine was not sure if she was seeing it correctly, or if she was just so turned on that she was imagining it. Crystal noticed Nadine watching her and decided today she was going to give Nadine a show on the way home.

Nadine dropped Crystal off at work and then headed back to the limo service to wait for her next pick up. Upon arrival to the limo service Nadine discovered she had no other pickups today besides giving Crystal her ride home this afternoon. Nadine walked into the lounge to watch some TV and relax, but was pleasantly surprised when she opened the door. Chris was still here and he was in the middle of something very dirty when Nadine opened the door.

Chris appeared to be the only one in the shop at the time, and he was laid back on the couch, eyes closed, and his big hard cock was in his hand. Nadine had walked in on Chris masturbating and he had not heard her come in. Nadine stared, amazed as Chris stroked his thick 9" cock up and down. Nadine had never seen anything so big in her life, and she was paralyzed at the site in front of her.

Chris continued to stroke his long thick cock, and Nadine found herself getting wet at the thought of Chris using that big cock on her. Nadine had never seen anything as big, nor had she imagined them getting that big. Nadine found herself becoming wet and slowly slid a hand down the front of her skirt. Nadine was not surprised to find that she was very wet; her panties were soaked at the site of Chris's cock.

About the time Nadine had worked up enough nerve to make her presence know she heard the back door open up and another driver enter the lounge. Nadine pulled her hand out of her skirt as looked over at Chris staring right at her. Chris spoke, "You spying on me you little slut?" Nadine ran from the lounge and got back in her car, and took off towards Crystal her afternoon pick up. Nadine knew she had two hours before Crystal needed a ride, but she was too embarrassed to face Chris.

As Nadine pulled up to the office building where Crystal would be picked up she parked in a secluded spot. Nadine could not get Chris's big hard cock off of her mind. She wondered what it would feel like sliding into her tight little pussy. She wondered what it would feel like to have Chris man handle her, and shove his cock down her throat as her talked mean to her like he did when he had caught her. Nadine also wondered how she would ever face Chris again after what had transpired before she had left.

Nadine found herself thinking more and more of Chris's hard cock and could not resist pulling her skirt up and playing with her pussy. As she slowly circled her clit she could feel the wetness soaking through her white panties. Nadine pulled her panties to one side and slowly began to insert a finger into her tight pussy while rubbing her clit with her thumb. Right when Nadine was about to explode in orgasm, with Chris's cock on her mind, the rear door to the limo opened up and Crystal climber inside pulling a man with her. Nadine was so confused she did not realize what was happening and Crystal saw what Nadine was up to.

"Take us home Nadine." Crystal said as she pulled her man almost into her lap.

Nadine began to drive watching Crystal in her mirror. Crystal was all over the guy in the back seat. Nadine could tell that Crystal was rubbing the guys cock through his pants, and her mind went immediately back to Chris. Nadine was almost mad that Crystal had interrupted her right before she had her orgasm. Nadine was wondering what the guy's cock looked like that Crystal was rubbing. Was it as big as the one Chris had been stroking earlier? Was it as big around as Chris's? Every thought kept going back to Chris. Nadine did not have to wait for long. Soon Crystal was on her knees in front of the guys lap and was pulling down his zipper. Crystal wasted no time pulling the guys cock free from his trousers and slowly sliding her lips over the head of his cock. The guy was nowhere as big as Chris, but Nadine did note that the guy had a nice looking cock, and she would fancy sucking it herself.

Nadine watched as Crystal slowly took all of the guy's cock down her throat. Nadine assured herself that the guy could not be any bigger than 6" but he was thick and it would feel nice to have him buried deep in her pussy. Nadine watched intently as Crystal methodically began a nice up and down rhythm on the gentleman's cock. Soon he was groaning out loud and Crystal picked up her pace. It was not long before he was groaning loudly and shooting his hot load down Crystal's throat.

Nadine pulled up in front of Crystal's building and adjusted herself in her seat. Crystal and her company climbed out of the limo and Crystal leaned over the divider window as she exited. "If you liked the show Nadine, you can come join us when your shift is over." And she exited swiftly.

Nadine headed back to the shop hoping Chris would not be there. As much as she wanted to see his cock again she did not want to be face to face with him. Nadine managed to get into the shop, drop her limo, and get into her car without seeing Chris. Chris was no fool though; he knew Nadine had enjoyed what she saw. He was embarrassed about the situation also, but he also knew she wanted to touch his cock. Chris left work early and went to Nadine's house. Waiting for her outside her garage he saw her pulling up. When Nadine entered the drive way Chris hid behind the garage. His cock was already getting hard in anticipation of what he was going to TAKE.

Chris watched Nadine pull into her garage and then walk out. He snuck up behind her and put his hand over her mouth. At 6'2" and 225 lbs. Chris had no problem handling Nadine's fight for escape. He picked her up and took her back into the garage before she could close the door. Chris held Nadine down on the car with his body and closed the garage door with the remote he ripped from her hand. As the door closed Chris turned Nadine over so she could see her abductor. When she saw who it was she quit fighting. Chris looked into her eyes and said, "We have some unfinished business don't we Nadine?" She just stared back at him and nodded her head in confirmation.

Chris asked, "If I remove my hand will you be quiet?" Nadine nodded again.

Chris removed his hand and at the same time he undid his pants and let them fall to the ground. "Now suck my cock you spying little bitch!"

Nadine just looked at him and this made Chris mad. He ripped her skirt off and tore her panties from her body in one smooth motion. "If I have to tell you again I will just bend you over the hood of this car and take what I want!"

Nadine slid from the car and got on her knees in front of him. She was now face to face with at least 9" of hard cock, and she was not sure she could even get the girth into her mouth. Chris gave her no time to think when he grabbed her nipples hard enough for her to protest and shoved his cock into her mouth as she began to scream.

It did not take Chris long before he felt like he was going to shoot his load into Nadine's throat. He had been thinking about her hot little body all day, and had himself worked up to the verge of orgasm several times. Chris watched Nadine as she took about 3-4 inches of his cock into her mouth and then struggled to get another centimeter. Her lips were stretched to the max, and Chris found it very attractive that Nadine had such a small mouth.

"Do you like that hard cock in your mouth Nadine?" Chris asked.

Nadine just mumbled as she began to stroke his shaft with her free hands. Chris was in heaven watching Nadine stroke his hard cock as her tongue swirled around his bulbous head. Slobber was hanging off of Nadine's chin as Chris began to slide his cock in and out of her mouth with a faster motion. Chris could feel the cum rising in his balls as they sucked up to his body in anticipation of the blast.

"Fuck you are a little cock sucker!" Chris yelled, and pulled Nadine to her feet.

"I am not ready to cum yet sugar. I want to feel that tight pussy wrapped around my cock, and if you are good I will fuck you in the ass later." He said as he turned her around.

Nadine's mind raced. Chris was getting ready to spread her tight little lips with the largest thing she had ever seen. Nadine knew it was going to hurt, after all the only cock she ever had in her was one quarter the size of this monster. Nadine was wet with anticipation and scared to death of what it might do to her. Then thinking about that huge cock in her ass she began to panic.

"Get the fuck off of me you bastard!" Nadine screamed.

Huge mistake for Nadine yelling at Chris. Chris pushed her over the hood of her car and slapped a hand over her mouth again. Nadine fought for breath as Chris slid his cock up and down her wet pussy slit. Nadine could feel the huge head begin to split her tight little lips as Chris began to push his cock forward. Nadine gasped as Chris got about one full inch into her.

"Fuck you are a tight little bitch, have you ever been fucked before?" Chris asked, and removed his hand from her mouth.

"Oh Fuck it is too big!" Nadine yelled and then felt a flush of excitement run through her belly.

Chris pushed forward and sank his cock about 3-4 inches deep into the wettest tightest little pussy he had ever felt. Chris stopped moving and sat there as Nadine adjusted to his size.

"OH MY GOD!" Nadine yelled, as she came all over that cock. "I never knew it could feel like this." She cried into the hood of the car.

"Oh you have no idea baby, wait until I get it all in!" Chris informed her.

Chris slowly began to slide his hard cock in and out of Nadine's wet little pussy. She was getting wetter and wetter each time Chris sank into her. Chris could feel the juices running down over his balls coming from Nadine.

"OH MY GOD you feel so GOOOOD!" Nadine screamed as she convulsed in another orgasm.

Nadine was so fucking hot and wet now she was pushing back into Chris. She wanted to feel his whole cock in her, and the feelings were getting better with each inch she took. Soon Nadine was taking the whole cock with each downward thrust Chris gave her.

"That's right you little slut take the whole thing!" Chris whispered into Nadine's ear as he sank his whole nine inches into her depths.

"FUCK I AM CUMMMMING AGAIN!!" Screamed Nadine as her juices flowed over Chris's hard thick cock.

Nadine was so hot now, she forgot all about the fact that Chris had practically raped her. Nadine now knew she had to have this cock in her all night long.

Chris pulled his thick cock from Nadine's wet little hole with a plop and Nadine collapsed on the car hood. Chris flipped her over with one arm in one quick motion and began to stroke his cock right next to Nadine's face.

"Open your mouth girl; daddy is going to feed you!" Chris said.

Nadine complied with happiness and Chris began to stroke his cock faster and faster until a huge spurt of cum landed in Nadine's mouth. Thinking that was all of it Nadine closed her mouth to taste it, and Chris unloaded the thickest hottest juice on Nadine's face she ever imagined possible. Chris just kept cumin. Nadine's face was covered with cum when he finally stopped, and she noticed Chris really had not lost his hard on.

Chris pulled Nadine up off of the car, and told her to get in the house, take a shower, and get ready for round two. Nadine did not think twice, she ran into the house half naked leaving the door open for Chris.

Chris had a plan and intended to get everything he wanted from his new little slave. He made a phone call on his cell, and then entered Nadine's house shutting the door behind him. Nadine was already in the shower just as he had told her. He sat on the toilet stroking his hard cock watching her through the clear shower door.

Soon Chris and Nadine would be at it again..

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