tagNonConsent/ReluctanceNadine the Driver Ch. 02

Nadine the Driver Ch. 02


Chris continued to stroke his hard cock as he watched Nadine in the shower. Nadine had no idea what Chris had in store for her tonight, and he knew that she would be his forever when this was all over. He had called a good friend that sometimes shared his sex slaves with. Stan said he could come over and would be there in about an hour. Stan had told Chris to have Nadine ready, and he would come in unannounced.

Stan was a bigger man than Chris. Stan was 6'3" tall and weighed in at a very muscular 260 Lbs. Stan was as black as midnight and he was better endowed downstairs than Chris. As a matter of fact Stan was a full 3" longer than Chris, and probably a full inch thicker. Stan was very excited as he jumped in his truck and headed towards the address Chris had called him with and knew that within an hour he would be sinking his already hardening cock into a tight new pussy.

"OK time to get our now!" Chris told Nadine as he continued to stroke his rock hard cock.

Chris had noticed that Nadine was beginning to play with herself in the shower. He watched as her fingers lingered on her pussy for a very long time. What was she thinking about?

Nadine was circling her clit in the shower; she could feel Chris's eyes all over her as she stood under the warm water. Nadine could not wait to have Chris's cock back in her pussy. She felt a little raw down there, maybe even stretched out, but it felt too good to worry about the pain right now. Nadine knew that from this point forward she had to have a big cock, no more thinking about that 3" dildo next to her bed, or that little thing called a cock that Seth took her virginity with. Nadine had finally found out what a cock was, and she knew she would not be able to get enough of it.

"You're a horny little bitch aren't you?" Chris asked as he pulled her by the wrist from the shower.

Nadine just nodded her head and followed Chris's lead. Chris did not allow her time to dry off either. He had her pulled to the bed in her bedroom and pulled her on top of his body. Nadine wasted no time. She rose up above his hips and slowly sank her tightness back onto the object of her desires. Nadine was about half way down it, when she felt the flood coming again. Chris soon had juices running over his balls as they squeezed from around his thick cock. Nadine cried out, and Chris slammed his hips upwards splitting her in two.

"OH FUCK!" Nadine yelled, as Chris pushed her cervix out of the way with his cock head. Nadine felt very light headed as she exploded in a second mind blowing orgasm. Nadine fell over off of Chris's body and passed out.

Chris was amazed and thought she had just died on him. He felt her pulse and realized she was breathing just fine. That is when the idea came to him. While Nadine was passed out on the bed Chris dug through her dresser drawer. He laid on the bed beside her a small vibrator he had found, four pairs of nylons, and a pair of black panties. Chris proceeded to tie Nadine to the bed face down and tied the panties around her eyes, ensuring she could not see under them. Nadine was really a slave for the taking now. Tied to the bed unable to protest she awoke.

Nadine thought about her situation for a minute and then realized she had passed out from the most intense orgasm she had ever had. A smile formed on her face as she yelled out, "Chris, you here?"

"Oh you bet I am here! Did you think I would leave after you left me high and dry you little slut?" Chris said matter of factly.

"I'm scared Chris, can you please untie me?"

"No. Now shut up before I gag you too!"

Nadine was really getting scared now. She thought she heard somebody snickering beside Chris. The thought of being totally helpless scared her to death. She had never really had sex before and now here she was tied to a bed, and a man with a nine inch cock was planning on using her however he saw fit. The thought of that alone made her pussy wet again, but she was still scared.

Suddenly Nadine felt a hard slap on her ass, and screamed out. Again a hand fell on her ass very swiftly.

"What the fuck are you doing? Let me up right now you fucker!" Nadine cried out.

"Come on baby that was just a little love smack for passing out on me. Quit getting so upset, I am going to give you what you desire." Chris said as he sat on the bed next to her and began to stroke her red ass where he had just swatted her.

Nadine began to feel a little more comfortable again as Chris stroked her ass. Chris ran his hands all along her back and then over her ass. Chris continued this slow rubbing massage down her legs and up the inside of her spread thighs, stopping right before touching her dewy pussy.

"You like that don't you?"

"Yes, Chris it feels wonderful, please continue."

"What? Did you just tell me to do something?"

"OH GOD NO! Please don't hurt me again." "Don't worry baby I won't do anything you don't want me to do, if at any time you want me to quit you say CHRIS STOP!, and I will."

With that Chris spread his body out on the bed and started running his tongue up her legs. All the way down one leg and back up the other leg, stopping long enough to lick every inch of Nadine's perfectly shaped ass. Soon Nadine was moaning and trying to push her pussy into Chris's face.

"You want my tongue in your pussy? Maybe you want my tongue in your ass? Which is it Nadine?" Chris asked.

"Both please put your tongue in me, anywhere just do it!" Nadine moaned into the pillow.

Chris slowly ran his tongue from Nadine's asshole to her clit, and back up again. Soon Nadine was pushing her hips back into Chris's face. Chris continued the licking and sucking, while he grabbed the small vibrator off of the bed beside her. He turned it on and slowly inserted it into Nadine's pussy as he continued to tongue her ass.

"OH GOD, that feels so GOOD!" Nadine cried as she came again.

Chris looked over to the side of the bed and saw Stan stroking his impressive hard on. If Nadine only knew what was there..

Chris got off of the bed and not saying a word pointed at Nadine to Stan. Stan nodded his head and got on the bed where Chris had been. Stan continued what Chris had been doing. Stan slowly ran his tongue up Nadine's pussy pulling the vibrator from her wet little hole. Stan snaked his tongue into her pussy as far as he could get it, and then ran it up the length of her ass crack.

"OH FUCK ME PLEASE!" Nadine cried into the pillow.

Stan looked at Chris, and Chris nodded his head.

Stan pulled up on his knees, and slowly slid the weight and length of his cock along Nadine's leg up to her ass, and then began circling his cock around her wet pussy entrance.

"OH PUT IT IN ME NOW!" Nadine cried.

Stan sunk about 2-3 inches into Nadine's little pussy and waited.

"MMMM Fuck you feel bigger than the last time."

Nadine was in heaven as Stan's cock began to enter her. She realized that the cock felt different, it felt wider, and the weight on the bed felt different, but she did not think it was not Chris. A sense of anticipation began to fill her womb as the cock in her began to slide back and forth.


"You like that big cock in you?" Chris asked from beside the bed.

Then it hit her. It was not Chris with his cock in her. Chris was standing right beside her. As soon as that thought went through her head Stan sank ten inches into the tight little pussy.

"FUCK MMM Who the fuck is here Chris? Get him off of me! Get the fuck out of here you asshole!"

"Calm down baby, you are goon a love this." Chris said as he looked at Stan and gave him the go ahead.

Stan began to drive his cock into Nadine with long slow stroked from behind and soon Nadine was crying out in pleasure. Nadine's mind was swimming but the pleasure was too much for her to protest the happenings. Stan was sliding 10-11 inches of hard cock into with each downward thrust, and Nadine was in a continuous orgasm.


Stan was now fucking Nadine for all he was worth. Long, hard, fast thrusts, and Nadine was screaming out as orgasm after orgasm racked her body. On her fifth of sixth orgasm Stan pulled his massive prick form Nadine's tight little pussy and came all over her ass and back. Nadine passed out again.

When she awoke she was under the covers and knew she had been cleaned up. Nobody was there. Chris had shooed Stan out of the house, proceeded to wash Nadine up, and then tucked her into bed. Chris went home, and slept very well himself that night.

Nadine made her way down to the kitchen, and made herself a huge breakfast. She was starving from the previous night's actions. As Nadine ate she thought back to what had transpired the day before. Everything that happened yesterday had awakened her to what she had been missing. She was grateful now that she had walked in on Chris and caught him doing what he had been doing. Nadine felt her pussy, and realized how sore she was, but she also knew she had to have Chris over again soon.

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