tagSci-Fi & FantasyNaga Princess

Naga Princess

byPaul Lucas©

Co-written by Phil Valesquez

Winds hissed through wooden shutters, like snakes kissing.

Princess Anna fluttered open her eyes, feeling a warm body snuggle up to her. She frowned. How could she keep doing this to herself?

She sat up, letting the soft blankets fall from her nude form. Moonlight poured in from the half shuttered windows, lending a dim, graphite luminescence to her expansive, luxuriously-furnished quarters. If she squinted, she could just barely make out the person next to her on her silken sheets, curled tight with a thin arm over Anna's curvy hips. One of the newer, younger maids, what was her name? Maria.

Anna pulled the blanket down from the girl to get a better look at her body. Just barely into her adult proportions, with dark hair, creamy skin, and pert little breasts, Maria was the picture of innocent sensuality. A prize any man--or properly inclined woman like herself--would be proud to have bedded.

How boring.

Maria had been just like the dozens of other playthings Anna had bedded since coming of age. There was no real challenge or thrill to it anymore. It seemed to the princess she kept spreading her legs for the steady supply of servants and minor lords simply out of a bad habit she could not bring herself to end. She might as well have been guzzling wine skins or licking kref powder.

At twenty-three Anna had been sexually active for ten years now, and seemed to have exhausted all possibilities that could offer, even with her sorcery-enhanced body. Her lovers were just more of the same old routine, night after night.

She only had one lover who still truly excited her any more. She sighed, imagining his cool, dry scales gliding over her skin, his coils squeezing lightly with sinuous strength...

"I'm sick of humans," she mused out loud. "Sick of being human. There must be more..."

Maria blinked open her eyes, looking up at the princess. "Mistress?" she asked, dreamily.

"Leave," Anna said in a quiet whisper.

"Must I, Mistress?" the maid asked, with playful gleam in her eye. She kissed at the princess's waist. "I could stay, and please you even more eagerly this time..."

"Leave," Anna snarled, no longer quiet, "before I have your arm cut off and fed to you."

The girl looked stricken. "M-mistress...?"

Anna screamed, "Leave!" The girl, sobbing from hurt and fright, practically jumped from the bed and fled from the chamber.

The princess grabbed up the pillow Maria had been using and shredded it with her fingernails in a fit of rage, just because she could. Afterward, breathless and lips pouting, she called for her servant. "Trundle!"

The misshapen half-human creature opened her chamber door a few heartbeats later. He had greater than human hearing and could be summoned from almost anywhere in the palace. With thick tree-trunk legs, a hunched back, little twisted branch-like arms, and patches of oddly-colored leaves everywhere on his body, Trundle had been one of the old court wizard's many magical cross-breeding experiments. He was also, ironically, one of the least ghastly results. Those radical experiments were the reason why her horrified father, the King, had been forced to have that leathery fossil of a wizard killed in his sleep several years ago.

"Mistress?" Trundle drawled, one of only a dozen human words he could speak clearly.

"A bath, Trundle," she said, throwing the covers off her. She was completely unconcerned about her nudity in front of the tree-creature; he had the sex drive of a blade of grass. "I need to wash the stink of that stupid girl off me."

- - -

The princess admired her body in the mirror as she dried herself off. She could have summoned servants to attend her, but the last thing she wanted now was people around her. She was just tired of humans. Trundle waited quietly nearby with the patience of trees.

She twisted this way and that as she worked her long golden hair with an ivory-handled brush. Her body was perfect, as always. Before the old wizard had gurgled his life away with an axe blade in his throat, he had at least done the service of casting a number of magical enhancements on the princess in her youth, ensuring she would always be the pinnacle of female perfection. Her green eyes were bright in a rounded, sculpted face, punctuated by full lips which always shone with glistening redness. Her breasts were large but not overly so, perfectly complimenting her slim form. Perfectly symmetrical, they would never sag. Her tiny, ruby-hard nipples seemed almost pouty as they angled toward the ceiling. Her hips and legs could never lose their rounded shape as long as the wizard's spells held, and her taut bottom always caused excited chatter among any crowd of men she passed.

Too bad she had to constantly waste such perfection on the parade of mediocrity that her lovers had become.

She hoped Prince Alan would be different. Her parents had arranged a betrothal between him and the princess a few months ago, and he would be arriving at the palace in another few days for their first formal meeting. She had heard he had carnal desires that rivaled her own, and had sorcerous enhancements as well. She didn't expect the marriage to change her habits that much; she would just play as she always had, just in a different palace. All she would really have to do is just take time out for pregnancy to occasionally give him a few bratty heirs.

She smiled at her image as she hefted her expansive bosom, thumbs massaging the nipples. She wondered what her pert breasts would look like full of milk...

She threw on a robe. No sense sleeping now, she might as well indulge in her "hobby" a bit. She stalked toward her private study, Trundle in tow.

- - -

Once safely in the study, Trundle standing guard outside, Anna threw her garment to the side and lit a few oil lanterns for reading. She walked to a bookshelf which held many boring texts and scrolls about flora and fauna classification, reached behind, and pulled out her stack of sorcery grimoires.

Her father had ordered all of the old wizard's belongings destroyed or sold off, but a number of well-placed sexual favors had ensured that most of his spell books had made their way back into her hands. Despite the old wizard being a gross perverted lizard of a man, she had always found his magic and witchcraft fascinating, and fancied that she could one day become a sorceress herself.

Except that she had found most of the old wizard's texts to be indecipherable, and what spells she could read she couldn't make to work, no matter how hard she and her little "circle" of followers tried. She was missing something, some tidbit of magical knowledge or power she couldn't quite put her finger on. Yet.

Still, she kept trying, and many nights she found herself pouring over the old wizard's grimoires, trying to worry out some new facet of magic for herself.

Her favorite of the books was a leather-bound bestiary of magical creatures, complete with beautifully detailed hand-painted illustrations. It had clearly been lovingly created by a master book-maker before it had the misfortune of falling into the old wizard's gnarled hands.

She hefted the thick book to a lectern and flipped through the pages, leaning on the thickly carved podium. She paged idly through it, curiously regarding illustrations of creatures such as dragons, gryphons, unicorns and more. But as always the pictures that completely captivated her were that of the Nagas.

The upper half of a Naga's body looked human enough, but their lower half, starting at the hips, was that of a large, sinuous snake, covered over with shimmering colored scales. The pictures of the creatures in the book looked very sensual to Anna, with their well-sculpted features, bountiful bosoms, and long, muscular, very phallic-looking snake bodies. One picture even had two Nagas mating, both with female upper bodies but one possessing male anatomy down below. The way their snake-bodies twisted and curled together elaborately was one of the most sensuous things Anna could imagine. She rubbed her thighs together just thinking of it.

She could make out only sporadic passages of the ancient language, but she could decipher enough to know that Nagas had other powers besides their powerful-looking snake-like forms. Control over others, especially human men, was mentioned. Poison. Speaking a tongue only other lizards could understand. And other things she would have to puzzle out in the future.

She grabbed the book and lay on her naked back on the large oak table, giggling and kicking her feet playfully as she studied the Naga pictures in every detail next to the lantern. Oh, she would love to be a Naga! She would be one of the most beautiful and sensuous of them, she was sure. Once her parents died, she could rule over the kingdom as a Naga, all powerful! Oh, the fun she could have! And sex would never have to be boring again.

She rubbed her thighs together harder, a familiar tingle building between her legs. That foolish maid hadn't really satisfied her earlier. But she knew someone who could...

In a large glass pen attached to her study lay her favored pet, even more so than Trundle. Prince, a golden-scaled boa constrictor just a little longer now than she was tall. She'd had the creature since she was a little girl, when he was a little bigger than her hand. He had grown steadily over the years.

Anna opened the lid and took Prince out, draping the snake across her shoulder. The boa hissed experimentally, no hostility at all, as it had long since gotten used to being on the princess' body. He began slithering down and around her body, as she had taught him to do through long trial and error, his cold-blooded form reveling in her body heat.

Anna was reveling in another way as the boa slithered down between her heaving breasts. She loved the feel of his soft but dry scales, his long suggestive body, the interplay of his powerful muscles against her sensitive skin. As one hand held and guided the snake over her nude body, the other dropped to her cleft, slicking through her already slippery folds. She pumped herself hard, concentrating on the reptile undulating over her. Three heartbeats later she orgasmed powerfully, her cries echoing through the chamber.

Afterward, gasping, she brought the snake up to kiss it on its nose. The reptile flicked its tongue out at her to better smell her breath, uncomprehending but grateful for the warmth.

Anna replaced the snake into its pen, leaning on the lid and regarding Prince with a sigh of loving affection. It was a reaction she had not had since her first lover had taken her over a decade ago, when she had been a stupid and love-struck little girl. When humans had seemed fascinating to her instead of the dull, predictable creatures they had turned out to be.

Anna decided, then. "Trundle!" she called.

The door creaked open, revealing the ruined countenance of the man-tree. "Mistress?"

"Gather my circle. Its time we discussed my becoming a goddess."

- - -

Anna threw the heavy tome at the trembling scholar's daughter, bashing her head hard with the three pound book. The rotund little creature crashed to the ground, whimpering. The other girls cowered and drew back from the two.

"Three words, Ven!" Anna yelled, accusing. "You've had a week, and all you've been able to translate is three gods-shitting words from this grimoire!" She called for her servant. "Trundle!"

"P-please, princess!" Ven begged. "I can only steal so much time away without my father becoming suspicious! You said this must remain secret! And the dialect is so obscure..."

Unheeding, the princess grabbed her left hand and held it up as Trundle approached. "Break these fingers," she told the creature.

Ven begged and sobbed as the man-tree grabbed hold of her hand with his spindly arms and place all four of the girl's fingers into his dry, wooden mouth. He worked his jaw tight and bent his head up an inhuman distance until everyone in the room heard loud, multiple cracks intermingled with Ven's muffled screams.

Anna sneered down as the girl cried and cradled her tortured appendage. "You disappoint me like that again and I'll whore you out to the royal kennels. Understand?" The scholar's daughter could only whimper and nod. Trundle moved to the side, content to stand in sunlight slanting in from the window.

The princess turned toward the rest of her circle. They were all girls similar to her in age, who like her were interested in becoming sorceresses and witches. It had started out as a game when they were younger, but Anna had quickly turned it toward serious work once she'd gotten hold of the old wizard's grimoires. Only one had tried to quit, and she was now permanently lame and begging for food in the city's filthiest slum. "I trust the rest of you have better news for me?"

Onyx, always the most brash and streetwise of the group, spoke up. "I believe I have, Princess. There is an old hedge wizard, quite a cackling hag actually, who said she might know where we--um, you--can get more magical grimoires. Real ones, written with translations into the classical languages. Her name is Tyree. I can take you to her..."

"Give me directions. I'll go myself." Anna smirked, pleased there was at least one in her circle with some brains. And daddy always taught her that she needed to reward servants as well as punish...

"Well done," she told Onyx. She turned to the scholar's daughter, who was still kneeling and carefully wrapping a rag around her broken digits. "Ven, Onyx deserves a treat for her good work. Pleasure her."

Ven regarded her pitifully. "But Princess, my hand..."

Anna just smiled wickedly and said, "Woof." Ven's eyes went wide with horror, and dejectedly, meekly, she crawled one handed to where Onyx was lifting her skirts and spreading her legs. Tears streaming from her eyes, the plump scholar's daughter began licking out the other girl's dark-haired sex.

The princess smiled at the ecstatic moans mixed with painful sobbing. It was a music she hoped to hear much more of in the future, if her plans worked out.

- - -

Anna shuddered as she made her way through the narrow slums with Trundle in tow. Both he and she wore heavy hooded cloaks to disguise their identities, and with the gloom of twilight approaching, she was confident no one in these winding, sorrow-ridden streets would recognize her.

Onyx had been right, that Tyree had been a disgusting old hag. But she had known real, if limited magic, and directed the princess to a shop in the poorest section of the capital city.

The hag Tyree's directions were circuitous, but Anna followed them meticulously. According to the old woman, the shop could only be found by walking toward it in a complex magical pattern, diagramming magical sigils with her path while chanting a minor word of power the whole while.

The princess rounded the last corner, and astoundingly, saw a large, crisply-adorned shop amidst the run-down hovels that choked the rest of the street. Clean golden letters on its hanging wooden sign declared it to be Circe's Bookstore.

A bell tinkled as Anna and Trundle entered. A handsome older woman emerged from behind the counter, with a matronly figure and well-chiseled, slightly wrinkled features. Her long, well-coifed dark hair sported a single long streak of silver. "Greetings," the old woman said. "Feel free to look around. Let me know if you need any help. You may call me Circe."

Anna got right down to business. "I'm looking for magical grimoires written in the common languages. I'm especially interested in..."

Circe laughed, chimes on the wind. "I thought you were new. Don't worry, just look around. You'll find what you're looking for." She returned to her counter without a backward glance. "Or maybe it will find you."

Anna fumed at the woman's dismissive attitude. Raised as royalty, she was not used to being condescended to. She was tempted to return to the palace and bring back her father's soldiers, or loose Trundle on her. But then she remembered the nature of this shop, and what Circe would have to be capable of to hide it the way she did. Anna sighed. This one time, it would perhaps serve her better to just do as she was told.

She wandered the stacked shelves of books, looking in wonder at the apparently thousands of tomes the shop contained. An immense treasure in itself. The fact that they were all supposed to be books of magic made the shop probably worth more than the entirety of her father's kingdom.

A glimmer of metal on a far bookshelf caught her attention. When she looked closer, she saw a thin volume bound with what looked to be old, well-worn silver. When she hefted the book, she was surprised that it wasn't just metallic foil or gilt on a normal binding; the covers and spine themselves were made entirely of a dull silvery metal.

The book wasn't large or thick, but when Anna flipped through the pages, she was delighted with the wealth of spells and magical knowledge contained within. And it was written in an old dialect of a language she knew! She could easily do the translation herself.

She brought the book up to the shopowner, who arranged a pittance of a payment. Anna was perplexed. "Don't you want more? This grimoire..."

"...Is the one you need," Circe finished for her. "But it is also the one that wanted to find you. It has been seeking an owner for decades now, corrupting many of the other tomes, leaching their knowledge into itself to be more attractive to a buyer. Truthfully, I am glad to be rid of it."

Much to Anna's consternation, Circe would speak no more of the subject, and only laughed when the princess made a vague threat involving Trundle. Mortified, but still grateful for her purchase, Anna left the bookshop in a huff.

As soon as she and Trundle were out the door, she turned. The shop was gone, as if it had never existed at all.

- - -

Three nights of furious research and translation later, Anna was preparing her carefully chosen spell. She had no need for her circle or that whiny fool Ven. This triumph was going to be hers, and hers alone.

As soon as darkness fell and the palace settled into its quiet nightly routine, Anna snuck out of the castle through little known secret passages with Trundle in tow. A two hour walk later, they were deep in the ancient forest that her father maintained as royal hunting grounds. She meticulously consented her many scrawled notes, taken from the metal-bound grimoire. In a broad space between gnarled old trees, Anna drew a large white circle with white ash and chalk dust, then set about to draw a number of magical sigils within. Finally, with candles marking an eight-pointed star around the circumference, Anna threw her robes and slippers aside.

She knelt to the north of the circle, nude as the spell called for, and began chanting words that seemed to only barely fit in a human throat.

She chanted for she didn't know how long. The stars wheeled slowly overhead. Her voice grew steadily hoarser, exhaustion threatening her, when a sudden flash of white light boomed throughout the forest like a lightning strike.

Anna blinked. The circle was no longer empty.

In its center coiled what first looked to be an immensely large snake, the biggest the princess had ever seen. From the thickness and the number of black-scaled coils it looked to be fifteen to twenty feet long at the very least. But then, from its center, arose a human body, flowing into the rest of the snake body from its wide hips. A Naga!

The body was definitely female, with large, glistening breasts, bountiful and shapely enough to put even Anna's magically enhanced bosom to shame. A delicately curved waist and smooth shoulders belied the powerful muscles Anna saw coiling under the Naga's smooth dusky skin. Her dark hair matched her scales, and Anna could see curved demon horns springing from her skull.

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