tagGay MaleNailed by Obsession

Nailed by Obsession


He had become obsessed with me. The party was large and boisterous, and our eyes met across the room and he gave me a brilliant smile. A short time later, he sat down beside me with people swirling all around us and put his hand on my thigh and gave me that brilliant smile again. I tipped my glass to show I needed a refill and glided away from him, not wanting to make a scene. Not long after that, he trapped me in an alcove and kissed me on the lips and put a hand on my crotch. He managed to whisper "I want you; I want you now. I want to feel my cock inside you," before I broke away and put as much distance as I could between him and me. As soon as I could make my way to the door, I left, and walked back upstairs to my own apartment.

His obsession had disturbed me greatly. I'd been propositioned by men before, but never so blatantly or persistently.

I showered, opened the widow onto the terrace to take advantage of the breeze wafting across the top of the city, and lay down on my bed, naked. I was drowsy, a little drunk, and disturbed. I couldn't get the man's handsome face and brilliant smile out of my mind. What could he have seen in me to have formed such an obsession? I wasn't that way; I didn't go around advertising myself.

The breeze from the terrace caressed my body, and I found myself gliding one hand around my torso and pinching at my nipples, while slowly stroking my cock with the other hand. Hardening my cock and relaxing myself in my own way as I drifted off to sleep, as I often did on these breezy nights in the city.

I heard a sigh and moan and my eyes popped open. He was standing there in the moonlight from the open terrace door. He was naked, and he was beautiful. And he was fully aroused; the obsessed man from the party. His eyes were captured by the sight of my hand stroking up and down on my cock.

He came down on the bed below me and wrapped a hand around my engorged cock and covered the end of it with his mouth. He rotated my cock in his mouth while his tongue slid over and around the its helmet and sucked it with his tongue flicking the slit at the end of the helmet. Then he swallowed me down to the root and applied even pressure all up and down my cock. In shock, I let him do this to me. And when I recovered and put my hand down to his head to pull him away from me, he took my hands in his and slid them out to each side of the silken bedspread, while he started to pump my cock slowly with his mouth.

I don't know why, but neither one of us spoke. I had been so close to sleep that I couldn't be fully sure this wasn't just a dream, just an extension of my masturbating myself to sleep after having encountered a man who claimed to want me, to want his cock inside me. A sensation I'd never had and that sent a chill of fear and anticipation through me.

He took my right hand in his and guided it to my cock. I felt powerless and just let him take the lead. He entwined his fingers in mine and then wrapped both hands around my cock, his hand guiding me in stroking myself. His eyes glittered as he watched me masturbating under his guidance. I sighed and arched my back, feeling so much more aroused than if I had been doing this solo. I—or, rather, we—brought my throbbing tool close to ejaculation, and when he let go of my hand, I was too near to climax to fight him for what he obviously wanted from me.

His mouth once more slid down over my cock. My hands went to entwine themselves in his beautiful blond hair, and his hands slid up my sides and buried themselves in my chest hair. He was rubbing and rolling my nipples when I shot off down his throat, in three strong and satisfying spasms.

He sucked me clean and then sent his lips and tongue on a journey up across my belly and my abs and onto my pecs and nipples and then into the hollow of my neck and, at last to my mouth. He enveloped me in his arms, there in the dark, the breeze caressing both of our bodies, and our dicks entwined between our bellies. Mine was soft but quickly reloading and his was hard as a rock and gigantic and pushing insistently up my belly, reaching for the cleft between my pecs.

I was struggling to get free, but he was too strong for me. We rolled in the bed, limbs and cocks entwined and dueling, until I was exhausted. He then turned me on my belly and kissed and tongued his way down from my shoulders to the small of my back. He pulled my butt cheeks apart with strong, wide hands, and his tongue and lips went to my tight virgin asshole. A hand snaked up between my thighs, and I rose my hips a bit while he rolled and gently squeezed and pulled on my balls. My cock was coming alive again, and he pulled that on through between my thighs and alternated kissing and tonguing my hole with kissing and tonguing the helmet on my cock.

His full attention went back to my asshole. His hands were kneading and rolling my butt cheeks, and I found I was grinding my cock into the bedspread, fucking the bedspread. His hands encased my pelvis and he helped me with the grinding. Then he was only helping me with one strong hand, which had had run between my legs and fanned out over my lower belly, using his elbow to help hold my pelvis up from the surface of the bedspread to help me stroke the underside of my cock along the silken cloth.

He started inserting fingers into my moistened and loosened hole. He managed to insert two fingers to where my sphincter muscle picked them up and drew the index finger to my prostate gland. When he'd rubbed across that a couple of times, I came again, for a second time and collapsed onto my belly. His fingers had maintained hold, however, and he continued to finger fuck me for several minutes, the big palm of his other hand firmly planted in the small of my back, symbolically asserting his control, his possession of me.

I don't know why, but I just laid there, letting him have his way with me. He was dominating me in silence. Still neither of us had spoken.

He turned me on my left side, as he stretched his body up behind me. His left arm went under me and wrapped around and he cupped my right breast with his left hand. I raised my right arm over my head and my left hand lowered to languidly play with my recovering cock and my balls.

He rose up enough over me to give me a deep kiss and then he settled down below me, his pelvis nestled under my butt cheeks. His alarmingly long cock had pierced its way through my thighs and the head had come out under my balls. I managed to reach and fingered the helmet of his cock, working up precum and sliding it around on the sensitive knob, until he moaned and I could felt him quivering. He stroked my cock and cuddled my balls for a short while and then brought his fingers to mine on the head of his cock and helped me excite him there.

He sank his face into the hollow of my neck and found the throbbing carotid artery there and sucked and kissed at that, while he raised my right leg in the air and I felt the head of his cock at my asshole. I moved to escape him and lurched a bit as the helmet went in up to its rim. I cried out then, the first time that the silence had been broken. He buried his left hand into my chest, holding me firmly there, and his teeth pressed firmly into the hollow of my neck, as he forced his cock in a good five inches. I jerked and shuddered as the helmet of his cock dragged across my prostate.

I was panting from the feeling of being stuffed and from the initial pain. He held there as the pain slowly subsided and whispered endearments in my ear. "Ah, it will be fine; the pain will go away. You're so fine, such a beautiful body. I've been obsessed with you all evening. A nice tender, tight ass; I love the feeling of my cock up this sweet ass."

When he felt me relaxing a bit, he pushed in another couple of inches and then started pumping me in short strokes, never coming back more than a couple of inches. He lowered my right leg down and back, which made my canal all that much tighter, and he spread his right hand across my belly.

He must have stroked me like this for a good ten minutes, whispering encouragement and voicing how much he loved being in my body all the while.

It was like I'd been hypnotized. I just lay there enveloped in his embrace, letting him do what no man had ever done to me before.

I thought that it was long past when he should have cum and left me, but his stamina was amazing and I wasn't anywhere close to end of this ravishment. He had grown a couple of inches and now was at least seven and a half inches into me.

Before I knew it, he had pulled out of me, and I started to rise, thinking this was over, but he just laughed and slapped me on the butt, and rose from the end of the bed on his feet. He flipped me over on my belly and pulled my hips back to the end of the bed and entered my asshole with that big rod again. He had his hands on my hips and he just brought me back onto his skewer. He went in at least seven inches this time and then pushed to eight or more and deep stroked me. He stopped occasionally and rotated his cock around inside me, giving special attention to the walls of my canal.

After an eternity, he turned me again, this time onto my back and without losing purchase with his cock and he seemed to attain even more depth. He was churning around inside me nine inches or more deep, and I was holding him to me, seeking as much intimacy as I could get. His pelvis was riding up on my buttocks. We were belly to belly, heaving chest to heaving chest. His arms held me fast to the surface of the bed, his hands cupping my head, his mouth kissing me wherever it could reach. I held his chest close to me in my enveloping arms and had my legs tightly wrapped around the small of his back. My cock was being stroked between our bellies by the rocking and churning of his pelvis, and I came for the third time just before he shot his load deep inside me.

He slid both of us up onto the bed and collapsed on top of me, enveloping my body once more with his arms and searching from my mouth with his. When his mouth had dropped to the hollow of my neck, I looked over toward the terrace door and saw that dawn was near.

We slept, and when I awoke the day, was bright and full. I padded through the apartment to both the foyer and service doors and found that they both were still bolted from the inside. I looked out on the terrace, but knew even when I did so that my nineteenth-floor terrace connected with no other.

I lay back down on my bed and started to languidly masturbate while my mind searched for clues on how my obsessive lover got to me—wondering now if I even could be quite sure that wishful thinking had been my lover in a drunken dream. I closed my eyes; arched my back; imagined a strong hand on mine, guiding the stroking of my throbbing cock; and gave a little cry of pleasure as release flowed up through me and fountained onto my belly and thighs.

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