tagSci-Fi & FantasyNaked Girl Ch. 3

Naked Girl Ch. 3


Naked Girl - Chapter 3: First Super Caper

THIS STORY IS INTENDED FOR ADULT READING ONLY Feedback is desired but please be kind and constructive.


Even a Naked super girl has to go to school if she wants to keep her secret identity. Marya certainly wasn't about to give up the rest of her life just because she had powers. 'I may be a mutant, but I'm also a woman with a chance at one of the best schools in the country.'

The first few days were fairly normal. It was like going to high school, only bigger. Walking into a room with so many students you had to watch the professor on a TV screen would take getting used to. Not all her classes were like that, but certainly the general courses ran big and impersonal. With no major yet, her schedule was a bit eclectic: English 1A, Introduction to Anthropology, Trigonometry, and Art: Figure Drawing.

Art class looked promising, a lot of nude models; which would be fun. She thought of signing up to pose. If she had to be nude anytime she went super, she might as well get used to it; learn to like it. Second thoughts crept in on the third class, when the model was a beautiful black girl who kept spreading her snatch at the Asian guy next to Marya. Fortunately it was a day for quick sketches, two minute contour line drawings; no looking at the paper till you where done. Of course that meant she got more than an eyeful of the girl's click just hang'n there wait'n for a kiss. A sight she found disturbing yet beautiful. She wondered why it made her wet, never having been one to look at girls before.

The rest of her schedule was a mad dash of department attempts to get students to wash out. Ranging from a hundred to several hundred students per class, with graduate students doing the real teaching in afternoon seminars. Marya quickly decided most of these professors couldn't teach to save their lives; they were just here to get research grants. She wondered if Berkeley had been the right choice, still it would be a good resume item if she made it through. 'Am I eva gonna need it though? What good's a degree for a job bustin up villains and mad scientists?' Still, she would do her brother proud.

The students were interesting. So out of her world -so many rich kids, foreign kids, and hippies looking to catch a dream over 30 years dead. Filtered through her jaded eyes they were paragons of The Man, suburban kids born to a luxury she never knew.

She doubted any of them had to wear second hand clothes not by choice of fashion, but from poverty. She doubted any of them had ever been raped in the back of a high school bathroom. She doubted any had seen their boyfriend's gunned down in a drive by. She doubted any had ever seen a super turn a blind to her cries for help cause she just didn't matter to his image.

They were the rich kids from over the hill, the people she'd grown up to hate. Now she was among them, cast out of her element into a world she'd only dreamed of joining. Up close, they didn't look so bad -when they didn't know what she was, didn't know a hoodrat when they saw one- they seemed like normal people. She thought she knew better, but found herself wondering more and more every day.

'If Daryl hadn't died, would I be one of them? Are they really so different?' She knew better than to think it was about color, after all, she wasn't even black. It was about class. It's easy to learn hate -part of human nature- but it's hard to give it up. Still, if she was going to make it here, she'd have to learn to accept these people -figure out who they were.


Those early days went by fast. Every night after school Marya would fly up into the sky looking for trouble. That's what heroes did wasn't it? It was getting rather expensive though -all the burned away clothes. She started dressing minimal, started looking for places to stash outfits. The campus rooftops would soon become a pervert's wet dream; a scattered array of women's clothing. That might get her dressed after the fact, but it still didn't solve the initial problem.

Day three she decided to try something new. Stepping out of art class she went for a secluded set of trees and quickly stripped. Marya put everything in her pack and thought of being Super. The change moved through her, a little less blurry than on the first day. She felt the sudden onslaught to her senses, the growth of dampness between her thighs and the increase of weight on her chest. As for her bag, she tried to put it on and made to jump into the sky; but as soon as her arms were through, it was ashes at her feet; her books and purse spilled out onto the dirt. "Well shit! What am I supposed to do now?"

She bent over to pick up her things, unaware of a group of guys coming down the path with their lunches in hand.

"Hey, check that cunt out!" the voice of a white male called out from behind her.

His black companion filled in "Damn! That's some fine yak butter honey! Check that chassie."

Which led to a chorus of voices joining in "Shiiee..."

"Turn around bitch and give us the rest o' the Product."

"Man she crackin'"

"I'll take a piece o' that."

Marya froze. 'Well, I'm going to have to deal with this sooner or later.' Without looking back she straightened her legs and spread apart a little further, improving the view dramatically as she picked up her books. The boys where treated with the sight of her spread pussy, wetness dripping down her thighs and a click visible even from the 20 feet away where they stood, transfixed. Between the lovely view her breasts hung down and waved to and fro and she worked to gather her supplies, her face still hidden by her activity.

"Damn..." the chorus offered. It was about all their brains could still handle.

Marya rose slowly, turned around even slower. She was turned on like crazy by the act. 'Now I feel like a Twirk. I'm sooo fuck'n ready.' She looked over her audience, licking her lips. 'I better lay some rules down fast, or I'll end up some cheap ass benda, hitting it wit every guy I meet for the rest of my days.'

"You want it boyz?" Marya said as she ran a hand through her slit. "Well come on over and get it..."

As group, they advanced; some of them looking around to see if anyone was watching. There were six of them in all, a mix of black and white, but all dressed like wannabe gangstas.

"If you can stand the heat." Marya finished, as she burst into flames, a devilish look in her eyes.


"What the fuck?!"

"Da bitch's a super!"

"No... fuck..."

"I think I'm in love..."

"Fuck! Ball out man!"

They scattered and ran. Marya broke out into uncontrolled laughter, still burning like a bright inferno, still clutching her books to her breasts. She was too distracted to notice they weren't burning, and too distracted to see her sister and Marissa watching from a side path.

Tisha had come late, just in time to see Marya straighten her legs when bent over, but not soon enough to see who this girl really was. "Marissa! It's her. Phat! She got game. Seein' that, I could almost go for beatin' it with a bitch."

Marissa edged a step away from Tisha at those words. Then seeing Marya run her hand through her slit, took three steps into Tisha, till their hips touched and the two shuddered unconsciously.

They stood in awed silence as the boys ran off.

For her part, Marya was charged with sexual energy, feeling like she could fuck an army and keep going. "Oh that was tight! But god I feel ready..." She ran her hand through her snatch again. "Oooh... This is gonna to drive me wild... I need a fuck."

Hearing this, Tisha got the nerve to move forward. "Hey girl..."

Marya turned, that voice was too familiar. 'Shit! Not Tisha, not now...'

Marya looked over the girls she knew all too well. Her sister and her high school peer. They were odd friends, having shared the same man. 'Now I really gotta ball out.'

Tisha saw her tense down, ready to jump. "Hey don't go..." But it was too late; Marya was in the clouds.

"Damn..." Marissa offered.

"No shit. Wait'll Marya hears this. Her Art class is just down here."

Marissa looked at her watch. "She aught'ta be out by now. We could get some pizza."

The two friends continued on, looking for Marya; never making the connection.


Marya was frustrated. This nude thing was bad enough, always loosing her clothes. But the turn on made it a living nightmare. She'd gone solo so many times in the past few days she was starting to worry her muscles would get uneven -worried she'd end up with the right hand of a body builder.

And she still hadn't found anything to bust up. 'Wasn't it supposed to be easier to find crime?'

It took a week to find it: a week of frustration, burned up clothes, and sneaking into the house naked. A week of patrolling the skies and avoiding being sighted as best she could. Not that rumors hadn't begun to spread already.

Saturday evening found a very naked Marya descending from the sky to a liquor store in Richmond, looking to buy a soda. 'Hope they don't have a no shirt, no service policy; cause I'm thirsty.' She'd taken to braiding a few bills into her hair -just in case- for some reason jewelry didn't burn up with her clothes. Anything that might make her look sexier, as long as it wasn't clothing or lingerie; seemed to be able to survive the transformation. 'Cosmic pervert indeed'. It was pure luck, her choice of stop-n-rob...

As she walked the aisles, aware of the shocked lusting stare of the Pakistani clerk, two guys with Asian eyes dressed as gangsta's came in, ski masks already in place. One of the men pulled a pistol as he made his way in, aiming at the man behind the counter.

His partner tossed a bag on the counter and said "fill it S.a.m., or ma patna bust's a cap in yo ass."

The man behind the counter looked scared, but complied. His hands opened the register as his eyes scanned the men, moved back to Marya, and then to his task.

The gaze was not lost on the thugs, and the one without a gun turned and locked eyes with a startled Marya "Fuck'n Shit G, check this out!"

The other cast his gaze back briefly, just long enough for the clerk to hit a panic button. "Shiiee, looks like we got us some snatch. Yo bitch, getcha ass up here."

"Yeah honey, you comin' wit us." The unarmed one said as he moved towards Marya.

"You boyz want a piece of this?" Marya smiled back with a crazed look in her eyes. In her mind she was thinking 'I've been looking all week for this, and all I had to do was go and buy a soda...'

"Don't play wit me bitch." The goon made to grab her arm as Marya stepped back.

"Miss, don't make any trouble..." the store clerk pleaded as he stuffed the bag.

"Yo, fuck you man!" The goon with the gun shoved it in the clerk's direction for emphasis.

"I think you boyz should leave." Marya said, a fire starting in her eyes.

The one goon looking at her said "What the fuck...?"

The other just got pissed "Bitch you had yo chance." He pulled his gun around and fired on her.

This was when Marya realized she didn't know if she could stop a bullet. Her hand went up, as if to block a punch, she cringed back and thought 'No! Stop!' Black tendrils shot out of her nipples and snatched the bullet out of the air passing it to another tendril coming out of her pussy -a tendril with teeth. As all four stood in shock it took the bullet and chewed it, spitting it out like old tobacco into a wet mess on the floor. Then the tendrils were gone. 'ew, gross.' Marya thought. The men's thoughts were a lot less pleasant, staring at one of the most beautiful women they could imagine, naked before them; they shriveled up as each cringed with the possibilities of what they'd witnessed.

Marya straightened with confidence. 'That answers that question...' She looked over her audience and lit up in flames. "Drop the 9, blade."

"A'ight" the stunned gangsta let out. He put the gun on the counter. The dynamics of the encounter had changed. The two thugs may have been fools, but they weren't stupid. You don't get into a scrap with a super, naked or not.

Well that was anti-climatic. 'Damn, when do I get to blast some krunk?' Marya looked over the scene. "You two sit over there." She put the thugs in clear view of the security camera. "Take the gun S.a.m." She motioned to the clerk, who was standing there with his hands half in the loot bag, his jaw scrapping the floor.

The goons sat in their corner like lost puppies, watching her and waiting for a chance to ball out.

"Damn... dis sheit is wack." The former shooter muttered.

His partner was back to eyeing her up and down. "Check it man, she so ready -drippin' out her snatch" he whispered.

Marya heard their every word, wondering what to do next. She could feel her juices making their way down her bare thighs. 'He's right; I'm soaked. If I don't get outa here soon I'm gonna hav ta tear it up with them...' She gave him a hard look "Shut yo mouth foo."

The man behind the counter said: "Police are on their way."

"Yeah..." Marya answered. 'Last thing I need; to be down at the station for hours making statements.' She looked back to the clerk holding the gun. "You got it covered?"

He nodded, his eyes back to roaming her body.

Marya went back and got a soda. "Here..." she pulled a dollar out of her hair and dropped it on the counter. "It's been real boyz..." she said as she made her way outside. She stood in the night air looking around as a patrol car pulled up catching her in its headlights. 'Time to fly.' As the cop stepped out she took to the air.

"What the hell was that?" The officer looked up in wonder, then made his way into the store.


The rest of the evening went uneventful and Marya eventually snuck her way into the house. She didn't think about it as she stepped from her room to the bathroom, back to her normal body, but still nude. She came face to face with Keith, Tisha's boyfriend, making his way out of her sister's room with the same goal in mind.

"Whoa. Marya, you're naked!" His eyes locked on her breasts as they gave a soft bounce to her a sudden halt.

Tisha popped her head out of her room "Girl you flash'n ma man?"

"Um..." Marya began; only now becoming self aware as a blush filled her brown skin.

"Keith, get yo ass back in here. Don' be check'n out ma sista like dat."

Keith had his own blush going, a few private fantasies finally fulfilled. He gave Marya's body a once over and turned around to look at Tisha; hoping the bulge in his jeans wasn't too visible. In the back of his mind he was thinking 'they aren't really sisters, so it wouldn't be incest...'

Tisha looked from Keith to Marya. "Girl, you been run'n round naked all week in the house. You feel'n fine?" Everything looked damn fine from where Keith was standing.

"Well..." Marya began.

"That Naked super girl's gett'n to yo head..." Tisha stated, unaware of just how true her words were.

"Everybody's seen her but me..." Keith sadly stated.

"Boy you don't need to see nut'n." Tisha finished.

Marya quickly dodged into the bathroom. Tisha yelling out behind her "Put some clothes on girl."

In the bathroom Marya splashed her face with water and looked into the mirror. 'What am I doing? Am I getting into it even when I'm not super?' She had to be this way when super, but if she was forgetting to dress up again after, what next? "I need to figure this out. I need a plan." She said to herself as she did her thing. Marya flushed and went back to her room. She heard Keith move through the hallway again as she sat down to think about her situation, still without clothes.

She'd had her powers for almost a week. In that time she'd burned up over ten outfits, plus her favorite nightgown and her backpack. She'd only had one heroic moment with crime, and it had been fairly anti climatic. It was nothing like the stuff on the news or the super mags. She'd been horny as hell; constantly wet both in and out of super form. With no man to please her, self abuse had become a regular ritual. Just thinking about it was bringing back the urge, but she fought it as best she could. She didn't need to be squealing out with Keith in the other room.

The biggest problem was clothing. Marya simply couldn't afford to keep burning them up. 'So what do I do?' she pondered. Stashing them in a backpack hadn't worked. She couldn't really do a striptease out in public anyway. 'If this keeps up, normal me's gonna have to move to a nudist colony.'

She could go public. Get a rep and let world know who she was. Then maybe they'd let her be naked all the time. 'Yeah right, and risk somebody going after Mom and Tish to get even with me...' No, she had to keep her identity a secret somehow. She could give up her normal life, run away and be Naked Girl all the time. 'Mom and Tish would never get over it, and I love them too much to walk out.' She would just have to come up with some kind of plan for discarding clothes where she could get them back later.

There was another problem, the time it took to find action when on patrol. She'd had only one lame bust so far. 'How do the supers do it? How do they seem to just know where to go?'

Daryl had been like that, according to Nessy. He could walk into a room and sniff out a rat. He seemed to follow clues no one else could spot, like something was leading him on. He was always there, where it was about to happen, or where it was going down. Drawn to the moment, like the supers. But he wasn't one of them, or was he? Would he have been if he'd lived longer? Marya wondered about her brother. Fourteen years and she'd never forgotten him, never forgotten his face, his voice, the way his spirit moved through everyone in a room. She didn't remember much else of being 4 years old, but she remembered him.

If Daryl had it, maybe she did too. Maybe it was just locked inside somewhere, one more power still waiting to come out. Marya'd spent the whole week thinking 'find the crime, find the villain'. That's how the powers worked, think about it and it happened, but nothing came of it with this. Other than the powers themselves, life was insisting on being as normal and mundane as possible. Those thugs in the store had taken her completely by surprise. She had finally stopped thinking about it, and there they were.

She had to figure it out, had to know how it worked. How do you step up to that new reality? How do you enter a world where the villains and heroes were around every corner, where you were always there in the nick of time? That world was around her; she saw it on the news, read about it in magazines. It was where the other supers lived, good and bad. A world denied to the norms; who only crossed paths with it in those strange unlucky moments.

Marya racked her brains over the issue for hours, getting nowhere. She knew about paradigms, she knew about archetypes, she'd even read up on meme's in a philosophy class. But this was something different, something bigger. Not just in the mind. It was like there were two worlds, one layered over the other, intersecting at critical points. Violent points, climatic points, times when it mattered. She was in the middle; granted the abilities of one world, but still rooted in the other.

It was driving her wild, till she finally went to sleep on it, forgetting Tisha, Keith, Nessy, dinner, her homework, all of it.

"Must be boy crazed" Tisha told Keith when they got to talk about her sister. "Finally sweet on some cat."

"Marya?" Keith questioned. "She never dates... Every guy in school was after her."

"Every guy..?" Tisha cut in.

"Well, almost every guy." Keith defended. He gave Tisha a look of devotion and added "-Second- finest girl in school, and she skipped the prom."

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