tagBDSMNaked in the Dark

Naked in the Dark


His last words were "I love you" before he took away your sight. You can't respond through the shiny red ball strapped in your mouth, save for a muffled moan, only stare up at him and tremble against your restraints while he slowly lowers the blindfold. Now you're naked, and shaking, and dripping with anticipation.

Your hands are lashed to the headboard, and your ankles to the top bedposts, leaving you spread eagle with your head between your knees, completely vulnerable. You strain to hear anything that may give you some clue as to what he has in store for you. The sounds of his feet shuffling against the carpet and opening drawers to retrieve what is to come reveal nothing.

It feels like an eternity has passed when you finally sense his touch. You jump a bit when you feel the slight grazing on your thigh. He traces his fingers up past your calf and over the soft rope around your ankle which holds you in his grip. He continues, it feels so light, like a single finger is barely touching you. Your breathing grows heavier as the sensation slowly inches its way back down your leg. He moves over your inner thigh and you shudder. He lingers just at the edge of your pussy, never entering, just barely hovering around the brink, and continues down your backside. You take a sharp breath when the sensation passes over your asshole, and again when it makes a second pass on its return journey, and sigh inaudibly when it makes its way through your pussy, ever so lightly.

Then, nothing. For a brief moment you're left alone with your thoughts, your heavy breathing reverberating off your gag while you wait.

The mattress bounces a bit, and then shifts heavily. He must be sitting with you now, and he brought his toys. There's a pop and a click and the sound of hands rubbing vigorously. His touch returns and this time is warm and wet. His strong hands massage your legs and ass, and work their way over your stomach & breasts, up to your neck and shoulders and behind your ears. His well-oiled hands slide effortlessly over you, massaging your whole body...it puts you at ease.

Something hard rests between your legs, raising you from your state of relaxation to the height of arousal. He slides it against the folds of your pussy and squeezes your lips around it, slowly working it up and down. When he pauses long enough you can feel the pulsing of his cock and vainly attempt to thrust against it. He slides down and pushes inside you just a bit. He waits, rocking slowly, barely pushing into you at all. If you could speak you would beg him to fill you. If you could move you would wrap your legs around his waist and lock on to him. If you could see you would stare into his eyes and share the lust overtaking you.

You fell nothing but the fraction of his cock slow working in and out of you. There's so much more, but you have no choice but to wait helplessly for the rest. He pulls out to the tip, and waits...a cry of desperation makes its way past your bonds. He slides it in, further now, and further, and you arch your back at the pain and pleasure of your stinging nipples as he fills you.

Your scream feels louder in your own head than what can escape your gagged mouth. Cold steel drops across your chest. Your nipples are clamped, but the pain is second to the relief of your Dom thrusting in and out of you at a quickening pace. Before long he is fucking into you relentlessly. All of your instincts tell you to move against him, to match his pace and fuck him back until you drain his cock deep within you, but all you can do is strain against the ropes holding you in place.

You lift your head as if fruitlessly straining to watch the assault on your helpless cunt, but a force latches on to your hair and pulls it back to the bed. You can only imagine him staring at your face contorting in pain and pleasure, and what the sight of his powerless sub must look like tied and spread in front of him, a slave for him to enjoy as he pleases, robbed of the ability to protest.

His rhythm slows and each plunge into you becomes hard, and deliberate, and deep. The chain lifts, the pain in your nipples intensifies. He's preparing for something. More pain? More pleasure? Does it matter? You're his, you've given yourself to him. You grip your wrist bonds and brace for whatever is about to come next...

You cry out when the shock rips through your clit and radiates throughout your body. Is it pain? Is it pleasure? It takes several moments to process the sensations and identify what you are almost sure is being done to you on the other side of the wall of darkness. The vibrations send you over the edge, the dark is replaced by exploding colors and high pitched shrieks fill the air, every muscle in your body clenches and shakes while you cum. Ages pass while he mercilessly tears orgasms from your body, slowing his pumping and relinquishing the vibrator only long enough for your shaking limbs to calm so he can to all over again.

If you could beg you would beg him to stop, but you wouldn't mean it. You would scream that you couldn't cum anymore, and he would fuck you harder, and you would cum harder, and if he could see your eyes he would revel the looks you gave him as the tears soaking your blindfold streamed down your face.

A chorus of low toned grunts harmonize with your muffled screams. The unrestrained calls of pleasure come accompanied with sporadic and painful tugs on your nipple chain. The moans turn to growls, and it all stops. Suddenly you're empty, the chain drops to the delight of your aching nipples, the vibrator is gone to the dismay of your insatiable cunt. You feel a hot streak flash across your body, from your belly to your face. Then another, and another, and more pools on your breasts and stomach.

His cum begins to drip, wrapping a warm coat all over your body. Soon you feel him move again, and he removes your blindfold. As your eyes adjust to the light you first see the red ball gag inches before your eyes. A trickle of semen slowly makes its way down towards your lips. You strain to open your mouth just a bit wider hoping for a taste. Looking further you see the rest of your folded torso covered in the cum of the man kneeling in front of you, his spent cock still pointing in your direction.

He reaches through the gate of your bound legs and releases the strap holding the gag in your mouth. You take a deep breath, and simply smile. He holds the gag to your face again, not forcefully, but rather kindly offering you the cum which you eagerly lick off of it. He releases you from your bonds, first your legs, you stretch and wrap them around his torso, then your arms, you reach out and embrace him.

You kiss, your tongues wrestle for dominion over each other's mouths. He removes the clamps and you let out a long gasp as the blood rushes back to your nipples. He pulls back and buries his face in your pussy, still slick and begging to be serviced. With no delay he gets right to licking, and sucking, and fingering you into very audible pleasure. You thighs involuntarily squeeze his head. Your back arches. Your fingers tug at his hair. One more orgasm builds within you and explodes to the tune of screams that until now have struggled desperately to be heard. You're his, and you will be until he's sure all of your needs have been satisfied.

When it's over your body goes limp and you're barely able to communicate more than a low grumble. He comes to you with a soft towel and gently wipes his cum from your body. When he's finished cleaning you up he lies next to you, you roll over drape yourself across him. He cradles you and you both drift into well-deserved unconsciousness.

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