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Naked Nanas Negative Nude Day


Nursing home nanas get naked on National Nude Day but for the wrong reason.

Ralph was a nudist, but if you asked Ralph, he preferred referring to himself as a naturalist, since he always thought it natural to be nude. His parents were nudists or naturalists, too, and he grew up being comfortable around the naked body. Nudity was no big deal to him and seeing a bit of tit, a naked ass, or a woman's pussy didn't make him crazy with lust and desire, as it did with most sexually repressed men, just as seeing another man's penis didn't necessarily make him gay. Without doubt, Ralph had a more mature, sophisticated, and European attitude with regards to nudity that carried forward in the respect he showed for women, as well as men.

The only life he's known, he lived the lifestyle of a nudist all his life. First, he lived life as a nudist on his parents' dairy farm in the rolling green hills of Vermont, then, in the lush hilly panoramic greenery of upstate, western New York, when he married and left his parents' home to start a family. More recently, after his wife died, he lived his life as a nudist in the privacy of his home in the Berkshire Mountains of Western Massachusetts, just a few miles from the eastern New York border.

There aren't a lot of places in America where a man, or a woman, for that matter, can be free to do whatever he or she wants, whenever he or she wants to do it. Even though this is America, land of the free, we aren't free to do much of anything. Believe it or not, unless you are rich enough to get out of the rat race, your life is pretty much predetermined from birth to death.

From the days of the pioneers, the land rushes and the gold rushes, our freedoms have slowly eroded. Now, we are tightly controlled by laws enacted by lawmakers that we vote in, who don't serve us but, rather, they serve themselves, instead, with their own agendas. We are free in the sense that we can obey their laws or not, but not without consequences, as in the case of Ralph. Even though he's free to be a nudist, he's not allowed to show his freedom to the public for fear of arrest and losing the freedom he so enjoys, while in prison. With this, the whole premise behind Nude Day, taking one day out of the year to be free of clothes and, hopefully, free from arrest, while celebrating the nude holiday, certainly, is a holiday of contradiction.

Living life naked wasn't the shocking enormity to Ralph that it was to those, who weren't nudists, and to those, who made nudism out to be something offensive, dirty, and perverted. To him, it was just a way of life. For him, it was as normal as it was natural to be naked. To him, it was no big deal.

Now that he was older and unable to properly care for himself, his children, who didn't share his nudism or naturalist lifestyle, no matter which term they used to describe his unpleasant to be around and uncomfortable to see nudity, placed him in a nursing home. His daughters grew weary of seeing Daddy's cock swinging and swaying every time they visited, and his sons were uncomfortable with the sight of his dangling and domineering appendage. Much like a medallion used for purposes of hypnosis, they viewed his the sight of his penis and his nudity, as if it was an elephant in the room. Both daughters and sons, even when pretending it wasn't there, always ended up staring at Daddy's penis.

Signing an agreement in advance, out of respect to the other residents, staff, and visitors, Ralph had to keep covered at all times or face discharge. Apparently, no one, not even the other elderly and wrinkled residents, wanted to see an old man shuffling around the nursing home naked. Other less tolerable and not as understanding nursing facilities wanted to place Ralph, normal in every way, in their Psyche or Mental Health Ward. Just because he was a nudist, just because this was his chosen, albeit uncommon lifestyle, was absurd that he should be treated with such disrespect.

Too often misunderstood in his lifestyle choice, and after having been removed from the private and secluded mountaintop comfort of his home, he found himself returned to the public's critical and judgmental eye. Once again, he was the subject of the whispered comments of an intolerant puritanical society, this time in the form of the nursing home staff and other nursing home residents. Not wanting to be the center of their attention and their unkind words, he remained sequestered in his room.

He had already spent a lifetime alone, while avoiding and hiding from those, who didn't understand and/or share his nudism and, now, even here, he must do the same. He was saddened that he was taken from his home to such a public and intolerable place, where he could no longer live his life as a nudist and enjoy his freedom naked. He hated the nursing home. He hated the staff, and he hated the residents. He didn't want to be there.

If you asked Ralph, even though he served his country in the military and fought in Viet Nam, to him, America wasn't the land of the free, when he was forced to wear clothes in public. Freedom is living life the way you chose, but he wasn't allowed to do that. He wasn't allowed to live the remainder of his life the way he wanted to, as a nudist.

Unlike others who had their misconceptions about nudists and nudism, especially when they had never even participated in the lifestyle of a nudist, there was nothing sexual about being naked, at least, not to Ralph. Other than being in his bedroom with his wife, he couldn't remember when he had a sexual thought or an erection last that directly related to him being a nudist or him seeing someone naked. Certainly, when he did have an erection, it had nothing to do with him being a nudist; it had to do with him being sexually aroused, when in bed with his wife.

To him, being naked was natural and a more normal way of life to live. He hated having to wear confining clothes put on him by the conventions of a sexually retarded and emotionally dysfunctional society, a culture that restricted his freedom and choked his individuality from living his life the way he wanted to live it. We all have the same body parts, after all, and he never understood the emotionally immature comments, juvenile snickers, and even looks of shock and angry disgust that he'd receive from others, just because he chose to live his life without clothes. To him, just another part of his body, there was no difference in exposing his fingers or in exposing his penis.

Imagine, just because he didn't conform, just because he didn't chose to live his life in the way that everyone else followed the flock, so much like sheep, he was the outcast. Now forced to wear clothes, he felt constricted, claustrophobic, and punished. While now dressed like any one of them, unable to even have an individual thought, he felt as if he was one of them, when he was nothing like any of them.

Feeling as if he was wearing a straightjacket, when forced to get dressed and remain dressed throughout the day, to him, living life without the constraint of clothes was as freeing, as wearing clothes was confining. When forced to wear clothes, after a while, he just wanted to rip them off. He'd sit in the bathtub naked the whole day, but for the fear that the staff would think him suicidal and/or insane and have him committed.

His late wife, God bless her soul, who didn't subscribe to his nudist lifestyle, understood his need to be nude and allowed him to live his life naked without complaint or comment. He laughed when he remembered meeting her parents for the first time, after she told them that he was a nudist. They half expected he'd show up for family dinner naked and he surprised them, when he didn't. Yet, he had grown accustomed to surprising those who knew little about living the life of a nudist.

He was considered odd and/or perverted by many of those who were acquainted with him, but who didn't really take the time to get to know him. His late wife allowed him to follow his naturalist lifestyle, so long as he covered up in public. She didn't want him to embarrass himself and herself in front of her friends and family by forcing his lifestyle upon others, whenever they came to visit, ironically, as others have imposed their lifestyle upon him, by forcing him to don clothes.

She had died years before and he moved east from western New York to live the rest of his days in the Berkshire Mountains of western Massachusetts. Living life alone, ever since, he returned to being a nudist, that is, until his children took it upon themselves to place him in this prison of a nursing home for his own good, they said. Some good this is, when he cannot live his life the way he wants to live it. How can it be for his own good, when he feels so bad living here?

He hated it here. A one way street in the respect he gave to others but didn't received in return, the other residents thought him weird and compared to them, he was because he thought they were weird, too. Not accustomed to being around people, he preferred it that way. Coming off cranky and cantankerous, accustomed to being alone, he lacked the social skills he needed to endear him to others. Fortunately, locked away in a nursing home against his will, with others in the same physical, mental, and emotional state, he wasn't the only one who was cranky and cantankerous. Ironically, his abhorrent behavior, deemed normal in the confines of a nursing home, went unnoticed, especially since he preferred remaining in his room alone, most of his time there, and didn't bother with any of the other residents and/or make an unpleasant scene with the staff.

Much in the way of anyone living their life in the way they want to live it and in the way that made them happy and made them feel complete, whether they are a janitor or a movie star, lived in the city or the country, was married or remained single, was gay, lesbian or straight, Ralph never understood those who made such a big deal over nudism and nudists. As far as he was concerned, they all should mind their own business and just leave him the Hell alone. It's his life and if he wants to live it naked, then so be it.

He wasn't hurting anyone living his life naked. It was his decision. Nearly all the nudists he knew had to go underground and hide their lifestyle preference or live in a communal type of reservation with others, who shared their lifestyle, to enjoy living without clothes.

Yet, this was lockstep, puritanical New England and not out-of-step, free-living California. Here, in New England, we had those who descended from the Pilgrims and who still subscribed to their religious, uptight, and non-conforming ways. There, in California, we have those, looking for alternative lifestyles, who fled, as far away from the east coast, without leaving the country, as they could. He never wanted to live on the west coast. Born here, always having lived here, he had roots here.

He couldn't believe it, when they even established a day for being nude, Nude Day. Nude Day? What the Hell was that about? Every day to him was nude day. Too much ado about nothing, he thought. For those who weren't nudists to make a special day to be nude, just showed him how little freedom they truly had to live their little lives in the way they wanted to live it.

The idea of those abandoning their beliefs that nudity was immodest and immoral for one day in the year was preposterous. How can you give up what you believed and all that you riled against and made fun of, all year long, for just one day? It didn't make any sense. Albeit, a step in the right direction, it was too little to make a difference in making people understand his lifestyle. Sadly, he looked upon Nude Day with the same cynical disinterest that he looked upon most all other holidays, especially religious holidays.

As a way of fooling children into following ridiculous traditions later in adult life by continuing to celebrate holidays that really had nothing to do with the occasion, he hated how Christmas and Easter, religious holidays turned commercial, were cheapened by retail sales, presents, candy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. It was the same with Nude Day. What did being naked for one day a year have to do with being a nudist or a naturalist?

Nude Day had nothing to do with the lifestyle that he lived as a nudist. Other than the obvious, the commercial value, namely money to be made from selling junk, Nude Day souvenirs, coffee mugs, bumper stickers, books, magazines, posters, sweatshirts, tee shirts, key chains, and hats, things that people don't need nor want, if there was a way to make money from being naked, advertisers would hype it and people would buy it. Even PETA, the animal rights group poked fun at nudists by running ads showing naked models, who opposed fur.

Now, in recent years, because of the shock value of being naked, much in the way of bungee jumping and skydiving, and because people are so repressed 364 days of the year, those who have never done anything daring, have been jumping on the band wagon to celebrate National Nude Day by getting naked in public.

"Whoopee! Look at me! I'm naked!"

"Put on your damn clothes. You're making a fool of yourself."

No doubt, with the selling of hotel stays at nude beach resorts, nude cruises to nowhere, and naked vacations on some tropical island paradise far away from humanity, mainstream America's convoluted advertising and marketing campaign had little to do with living the life of a nudist. Living life wasn't about being a free soul and feeling free to do what you want to do, whenever you want to do it, but more about making money. Money, money, money, there were those who were ready to exploit nudity for those who could afford it. They were only in it for the money. Money, money, money, to him, nudity had nothing to do with money.

It was all just something that bored people with money were willing to pay some travel agent to arrange, an expensive nude vacation for them to shed their clothes, along with their inhibitions and modesty, finally, when it was something they could have done for free at home. Only, the reality of what would the neighbors think and we can't run around naked in front of the children ruined their fun. All the while, a lifetime, Ralph had been shedding his clothes for free and without having to go anywhere but home.

The idea of a nude day was just another way for corporate America to make money and he resented the negative attention that one day in the year brought to his lifestyle choice. By cheapening it and making his alternative lifestyle tawdry, by getting the masses hyped up and tricked by making a Nude Day, the holiday insulted his life choice of living as a nudist. Nonetheless, he still believed in the freedom of choice. He firmly believed, if more people tried it, even for just one day, more people would embrace his lifestyle and ironically, that was a good thing.

Still, he felt manipulated by how corporate America used, even nudity, to their exploitative advantage. For sure, if someone spent one day with him naked, they'd either embrace his lifestyle or never celebrate another day nude, again. He figured, in most cases and with most people, the latter would happen rather than the former.

To those not participants in the lifestyle of nudism, to those stripping off their clothes for one day a year, as a joke or as a perversion, he narrowly viewed their abhorrent behavior, as nothing more than a way for them to poke fun at the way he lived. He resented them playing their sexual games of exhibitionism and voyeurism, two things, as far as he was concerned, that weren't part of nudism and being a nudist. Those who exposed themselves in public, for that one day in the year, had no idea what the Nude Day holiday did in disrespecting the lifestyle of living life naked, as a nudist. As far as Ralph was concerned, for there to even be such a holiday, as Nude Day, is as preposterous, as it is ridiculous. He didn't need or want a Nude Day to get naked.

Every day is a nude day to Ralph, that is, until now, that he's confined in a nursing home and must wear pajamas and a robe, whenever he ventures out into the public domain and common areas of the nursing home, which is rare. Shunning society and its rules, he'd rather stay in his room alone. Nevertheless, why should his rights be so trampled and his lifestyle be so disrespected? Why must he respect everyone else's wishes, when no one respects his?

He's a nudist, after all, not a serial killer. It's wrong to treat him any other way by not respecting his lifestyle choice and by making him swim upstream to conform to a lifestyle of wearing clothes, something that he never did, had to do, or wanted to do. If there was a nudist nursing home, Ralph would be living there in his glory. Happy as can be, for certain, living with others who shared his believes and his lifestyle, he wouldn't be here, that's for sure, he'd be there.

Ralph had railed against this disrespectful misunderstanding of his lifestyle choice before. From being arrested and thrown in jail and charged with lewd and lascivious behavior, to being harassed and victimized by neighborhood thugs, to being shunned by his friends, relatives, and neighbors, he has suffered greatly for his lifestyle choice. Now too tired to fight the system and too old to even want to, he just wanted to be left alone to live the rest of his life the way that he wanted to live it, naked.

Too many people, especially those younger people, that is, until they matured, married, and had children of their own, made fun of nudity and used nudity and getting naked, as a pretense of having sex. Too many people, especially those people who put more time and effort in their religion and their own narrow beliefs, than they did in respecting the wishes of their fellow man, hated him for his nudity. They thought of him not as a devotee of nudism but as a deviate embroiled in his perversion. Shunning him, from including him in town gatherings and meetings, even devoted members of the church in his community have gone so far as calling him a heathen and the Devil.

He wasn't a heathen. He wasn't a Devil. A God fearing man, he believed in the existence of the Holy Spirit. He was a Christian man, who believed in treating others in the way they treated him. He respected the rights and choices of others, as he hoped they would respect his, but they didn't.

It wasn't like that for Ralph. Sex didn't play a role in nudism and in being a nudist. It was his personal decision to live life free, unencumbered by clothes, and in the nude. Accustomed to living life alone, it was no loss for him not to be invited to his neighbors' homes. Accustomed to living a solitary life, it didn't bother him to remain alone in his room at the nursing home, so long as he was naked.

Feeling more like a native Indian on a Reservation, than he did a member of society, Ralph took his nudism a step further than most nudists. Other than a coat and shoes in the Winter, he never wore clothes. His skin, darkened, weathered, and wrinkled from a lifetime of exposure to the elements, felt more like tough leather than it did soft skin. Yet, he was the one who always had to relent and don clothes, whenever he ventured from his cabin in the dense forest to go to town to buy supplies and, out of courtesy, whenever someone came to visit him. Moreover, in order to live his life, he had to live alone in the dense forest high up in the mountains of the Berkshires, much like a hermit, instead of in the town with the rest of the members of his community. Yet, that was okay with him because he was living his life in the way that he wanted to live it, that is, until now.

Even in Vermont, where nudism was more accepted in certain cities, than nearly anywhere in the country, especially in the more remote areas, where there were more cows than there were people, the people of his small town knew he was a nudist, but wouldn't understand and/or appreciate it, if he flaunted his nudism, whenever he came to town. They'd have him arrested and thrown in jail, for sure. They didn't want their wives and children exposed to Ralph in his all together. Where there were so many, who not only didn't understand his reason to be nude but also who didn't want him to be nude around them, nor did they share his reasons and core values for wanting to be nude, they just wrote Ralph off as being weird and/or a degenerate.

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