Naked Nanas Negative Nude Day


Even in Vermont, as they did in New York, especially in Massachusetts, most of his neighbors thought he was lascivious. They thought he was perverted. They thought he should be ordered to wear clothes or be arrested and thrown in jail and the key thrown away, if he didn't subscribe to the letter of the law by keeping his genitals covered. They thought he used his nudity as a sex toy in his sexual arsenal, something to satisfy himself, while masturbating over the thoughts of having flashed women later. They were as clueless, as they were insulting.

Besides, unless you are a naked, old, wrinkled woman, and even then, no one wants to see the naked body of an old, wrinkled man. Yet, that was another misconception about nudism. It didn't matter what you looked like naked, so long as you were naked. Everyone who wanted to live the lifestyle of nudism was accepted, no matter what their physique. What their body looked like wasn't as important as how they felt being naked. Moreover, those who truly enjoyed the lifestyle didn't perceive being naked, as sexual, in the way that the rest of us do. They more looked at the person as a whole, rather than as separate body parts.

Those who never participated in the lifestyle imagined nudists as having perfect bodies and having wild orgies. They imagined young, naked women and hung, naked men frolicking in the woods and having sex by the lake, after playing a rousing game of tennis or an exhausting game of volleyball. Those misconceived notions and that perverted vision was far from reality. Ralph didn't know how to play tennis, didn't even own a tennis racket, and hadn't played volleyball, since he was a child on his parents farm in Vermont.

The nudists that Ralph knew were a typical cross section of the population. Matter of fact, there were more nudists with bad bodies than there were those who had good bodies, which pretty much coincided with the general population of those fully dressed. Ralph was average. Neither fat or thin, he was normal in every way. Looking much like anyone else, so long as he was wearing clothes, no one could pick him out as being a nudist.

It was a sad day when Ralph's children put him in a nursing home. Except for the day his beloved wife died, being forced into this nursing home was the worst day of his life, actually. Worse for him than others committed to a nursing home, he not only lost his freedom to come and go as he pleased but also he lost his freedom to live life naked. No longer able to live his life the way he wanted to live it and had always lived it, his children may as well have put him in prison.

It was for his own good, his children said. It will be good for him to be around other people his age, they said. Instead, no longer able to live his life the way that he wanted to live it, he wilted like a rose left in a darkened room without sunlight and without water. There was no sense to living life, if he couldn't live it the way he wanted to live it without clothes.

Unhappy and alone in a place he didn't want to be, he was dying a slow death of discontentment. Of course, unless we're so wealthy, so happy, and so healthy that we can live our lives in the way we want to live them, so aren't we all dying a slow death of discontentment. Yet, in the case of Ralph, his death was more rapid, now that he was forced to live his life clothed, in a way and manner that was as offensive to him, as it is offensive to others, when he's nude in public.

Seldom interacting with the other residents, he stayed to himself. His room was the only place, his safe haven, where he could be naked. Indeed, solitarily, albeit voluntarily confined, deciding to remain in his room to shed his clothes in private, his room had become his prison cell. The other residents maintained their distance and shunned him, especially since, he wasn't looking to make friends either and rebuffed them, when they tried to be friendly.

Doris, Edna, Ruth, Audrey, and Mary felt bad for Ralph and understood his plight, so they said. They took him on as their special, little project, so they said. Gossiping like the school girls they still are and never outgrew, while cackling with laughter like evil witches, they were the interfering, busybody hens of the nursing home, albeit well meaning ladies. In step with the old show from the '80's, Designing Women, they called themselves, Confining Women.

They were always able to cajole and persuade everyone to go along with their plans. Never minding their own businesses and taking everyone under their wings, especially those residents who were new, trusting, and needy, they involved themselves in the lives of every inhabitant of the nursing home. Wanting to always make a bad situation better, one could say they were the nursing home welcoming committee on the final road from elderly life to death.

Meddling in the lives of others was their way, no doubt, of maintaining their sanity. Making wide brushstroke judgments of their own that personally and irresponsibly interfered with the lives of others, was their way to save themselves from going mad from the boredom of being so confined, usually against their wills, after being put in a nursing home by their loved ones. Certainly, it was oxymoronic to think that a loved one would so love you to death by imprisoning you in a long-term healthcare facility, more aptly, a long-term deathwatch facility but, sadly, nursing home incarceration happens every day. Robbing grandchildren of their daily visits with their grandparents, nursing home care is a welcomed necessity for many but others would rather have their freedom by remaining in their homes to die there.

In their defense, as Ralph had, the five women had suffered similar indignities by being locked away in a nursing home, too. No longer allowed and/or able to keep their beloved pets, cook their meals and eat what they wanted and whenever they wanted, drive their cars to church, to the malls, and no longer free to meander the grocery store aisles, do the gardening that they so enjoyed doing, and visit with their children and/or grandchildren daily, they, too, felt like prisoners, after being imprisoned against their wills by their well meaning children. Ralph, especially with his strange way of living life as a nudist, was the latest attraction addition to their carnival show.

Was it any wonder that so many of the residents were bored reading, sitting, knitting, and watching television? Was it any wonder that Doris, Edna, Ruth, Audrey, and Mary felt the need to immerse themselves in the lives of others, as their way of forgetting their unhappy plight? People, who were accustomed to coming and going as they pleased all their lives, were now looking for someone and/or something more to occupy their free time, when so much of their time was no longer free, but orchestrated, regulated, and watched by their healthcare providers.

Yet, as was everyone else who resided there, unfortunately, Ralph was just passing time, while waiting to die. Knowing the inevitable, filled and consumed by the reality of what was in store for them, in their all too near future, they were all trying to make the best of a bad situation. Then, when something more exciting came along, ready to hang onto the coattails of anything that deterred their minds from their bored and fated fatalistic realities, they were all eager to jump on the band wagon and ride that carnival exhibit to town. Ralph was their admission ticket to the excitement of nudity and the younger, free lifestyle of nudism.

How daring? How sinful? How provocative? How scandalous? How exciting? How invigorating? What would their children think, if only they knew? What would their dead husbands or wives think? Who cares? Screw them.

As if reliving their days in high school, where Doris, Edna, Ruth, Audrey, and Mary were, no doubt, the most popular girls, the "in crowd", the cheerleaders, and they were certainly that, the five women took charge. By their positive attitudes and still slim and shapely figures, they reaffirmed those familiar titular positions that they always held back then, here in the nursing home now. Generally, by their upbeat and positive attitudes and bizarre antics, they made life more tolerable for most, fun even, especially for the admiring men, but not for Ralph, unfortunately.

Ralph didn't even know who they were. Too immersed in himself and his sadness, he didn't even know they existed. Ralph wanted no part of them or of anyone. He'd rather die than to be part of whatever it was they had planned. If anything, by trying to help him, they poured salt in his open wounds making him feel worse, than if they had just left him alone to live out the rest of his days in peace and solitude.

It took some conniving and convincing, and even though the nursing home staff was somewhat amenable to the suggestion of Doris, Edna, Ruth, Audrey, and Mary, those in charge knew that management would never authorize such a daring idea. Against their religion to have such a public display of nudity, too many of the residents were Protestants and Baptists. They'd never go along with the idea of public nudity by having everyone celebrate National Nude Day, just to benefit and cheer up, Ralph, one resident, at the possible detriment of all the others.

"Okay," said Naomi, the head nurse at the facility. "I've spoken with the rest of the staff and they think it's a good idea that you'd like to help Ralph acclimate to his new surroundings, but the administrator, as well as the doctor in charge, feels that it may be an extreme measure and that you may do him more psychological harm than good."

"Oh, for crying out loud," said Doris. "It's just a bunch of naked, old people. What psychological harm can we do by showing our tits and having the men show their cocks? It's just for one day. It's isn't as if we're trying to turn this facility into a Club Med, which wouldn't be bad idea," said Doris with a loud cackling laugh that made her four other friends laugh the same way, too, until the hall was filled with laughter.

"Not everyone wants to expose their tits and cocks, Doris and not everyone wants to see tits and cocks," said Naomi.

"Oh, pooh," said Ruth. "As if, at our age, no one has seen a tit or a cock. What's the big deal? It will do a bit of good for some of these dried up, old women to see a cock and some of these limp, withered geezers to see a tit."

"Even though, unofficially, everyone is agreeable to the idea, if we go through with this, you'll have to keep it to yourselves. You can't be blabbing this outside the nursing home to family and friends. They'll think we're running a whorehouse. We'll lose our license and we're dependent upon state aid and federal grants to survive. We have a code of ethics we must adhere to and we'll lose that aid, too. All of it will go down the drain with our reputation. If you are determined to go ahead with your little plan, then it must be done on a day where there are no visitors."

"That's fair enough. We can do that," said Doris beaming with a big smile.

"Further," said Naomi pointing a stubby, fat finger at Doris. "You must have every resident sign a waiver freely agreeing to participate or not to participate in your Nude Day plan. The Administrator doesn't want a lawsuit later. Those who do not want to participate must agree to remain in their rooms."

"Well, that makes a simple idea of getting naked too much like an organized event and too much like a parade," said Ruth. "I like it," she said with a laugh.

"All we need is a marching band to keep time with all the residents marching and parading down the halls naked," laughed Audrey.

"I'm sorry, but if you don't have everyone's signature agreeing to the Nude Day celebration on a waiver agreeing not to participate and remaining in their rooms, then you cannot go ahead with your Nude Day celebration," said Naomi standing steadfast in her rules.

"If everyone doesn't sign, we cannot have a Nude Day celebration?" Edna looked at the head nurse for a loophole to go ahead with the plan, if they failed to get all the signatures.

"That's the agreement," said Naomi. "If you don't have all the signatures agreeing to participate or not to participate then you cannot have a Nude Day celebration."

"What if we confine our celebration for those who want to participate to one room," asked Mary.

"That's a possible alternative, should you not get all the signatures and waivers," said Naomi.

"Yeah, we can close off the recreation room," said Edna.

"July 14th is Nude Day," said Ruth. "That's on a Wednesday. No one comes to visit on Wednesdays. Everyone comes the weekend, usually Sunday. Yeah, Wednesday, coincidentally, is the perfect day to do it." Doris, Edna, Audrey, and Marie all agreed to Ruth suggestion.

"Still, you'll have to convince the other residents to go along with the idea," said Head Nurse Naomi. "Because without the support of everyone, I cannot allow you to trample the rights of others, just for the personal accommodation of one man."

"Agreed," said Doris. "We'll have a meeting tonight, when everyone is gathered in the recreation room watching Golden Girls reruns. Ralph never joins us. He prefers to stay in his room listening to the ballgame on his portable radio."

"How do you know that?" Audrey looked at her friend with jealousy that she should know more about Ralph than she did.

"Because I peeked in his room, one day. I wanted to introduce myself," said Doris.

She stood smiling with one hand on her hip, while batting her eyelashes and patting her hair with her other hand, as if she was Joan Crawford about to tell Cecille B. DeMille that she was ready for her close up.

"And, so tell me," said Ruth. "What was he like? Is he friendly? Is he cute?"

"He didn't hear me open his door. He was wearing his headphones. He was naked," said Doris with a little laugh and leaning forward to whisper to her four friends. "I saw his thing," she said with her trademark schoolgirl giggle.

"What's it like?" Edna looked at her friend awaiting her answer.

"What's what like?" Doris looked at Edna with confusion.

"She wants to know if he has a big cock," said Mary.

"It's big enough," said Doris with a grin. "It will do me, that's for sure," she said with a laugh.

Doris, Ruth, Edna, Audrey, and Mary addressed the other nursing home residents, before Golden Girls aired. Of course, the five women had no problem convincing John, Ray, Charlie, Saul, and Robert, who had been wanting to see more of these five women, anyway. Slapping one another high fives, all of them had big smiles on their face, when the women told them of their plan to celebrate Nude Day naked.

Even at their age, no doubt, by their big smiles and high fiving one another, the five men were hoping to have some sexy fun later and maybe even to get lucky. Matter of fact, all the men and all of the women were in agreement to their Nude Day plan, except for senile Sam, who didn't know what was happening. Since not all the women were as attractive and as slim as Doris, Ruth, Edna, Audrey, and Mary, it took a little convincing for the other women to go along with the group, but the five women managed to get everyone to sign their little petition and waivers agreeing to participating or agreeing to stay in their room for the duration of the celebration. The Nude Day celebration was officially going to happen.

Before the festivities started, the five women walked into Ralph's room naked. They wanted to surprise him and surprise him they did. Confessing their plan and inviting him to join their Nude Day celebration, Ralph was angry at first, but he quickly realized that the women meant well and appreciated them wanting to include him. At least, he could spend the day, Nude Day, naked in public. Only, when he saw what was happening with all the petting, groping, grabbing, and the public displays of sex, he returned to his room. Sex wasn't what being nude meant to him.

It was decided to make a day of it. In celebration of National Nude Day, everyone in the facility, even many of the staff, would remain naked most of the day. Only, what turned out to be a nice gesture, suddenly turned into a group sexual orgy that would even make those who participated in the swinging lifestyle embarrassed. Residents of the nursing home, some in walkers, some in wheelchairs, and others unaided were all naked. Nurses, orderlies, and the kitchen help were naked, too.

Those staffers who have worked together for months and for years, and who had lusted over one another, used Nude Day, as their pretense to have sex with one another. Orderlies were with nurses and cooks were with housekeepers. Those residents who have lived together and who had a thing for one another, used Nude Day, as their pretense to have sex with one another. More outrageous than anything that went on at Studio 54, in their day, this Nude Day celebration was an orgy like no other orgy with men going room to room and women not resisting them advances, but welcoming it.

The Nude Day holiday that should not have been a sexual holiday, had turned into just that. Instead of enjoying a day of freedom without clothes, instead of living the lifestyle of a nudist for one day, the Nude Day holiday was all about sex, sex, and more sex. Round every corner and someone was getting or giving a hand job or a blowjob. Round another corner and a man was fingering a woman or eating a pussy. Round another corner and there was a couple making love.

There were pockets of groups everywhere you looked. Threesomes and foursomes in positions that even aren't in the Kama Sutra book was taking place in very public areas of the nursing home. There was no one to stop it, as even Head Nurse Naomi was getting it on with one of the orderlies.

Doris, Edna, Ruth, Audrey, and Mary were in the recreation room with John, Ray, Charlie, Saul, and Robert. They were all naked. Paired off in couples, they were all necking.

Doris with John, was allowing him free access to her big boobs, while kissing. Edna sat next to Ray, while fondling and gently stroking his cock. Ruth was on her knees giving Charlie a blowjob. Audrey was on the couch beneath Saul. Straddling him with her long legs, Mary was sitting on top of Robert, while he felt her boobs and humped her. Truly, it was a sight to behold. Whoever said sex ends in your sixties, should have seen what was happening here this day.

Doris, Edna, Ruth, Audrey, and Mary, along with John, Ray, Charlie, Saul, and Robert thought the Nude Day celebration was a smashing success. Running around the nursing home naked, gave them something to talk and tease one another about for the whole year. If nothing else, the celebration gave them something to all look forward to and to live for next year.

Happy Nude Day

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