Naked Vacation


My wife, Sarah, is a very attractive woman and she has a very attractive cousin that she is really close friends with. This always makes beach vacations easy on the eyes. Her cousin Lori and her husband Ben own a beach house in North Carolina and at least once a year we get to share it with them free of charge. There has never been any swapping or group sex activities between us, although I'm sure Ben would be as into Sarah as I would be Into Lori. Although one time I was treated to Lori's gorgeous c-cup breasts one night as all 4 of us were wrestling around in our pool and I "accidentally" ripped off her top. She has always sworn her revenge.

This past fall Sarah told me the date of the shared vacation as usual and we set out to prepare for this summers relaxation. I had just gotten one of those "fools promotions " which just meant more work with no more money, so I was soo looking forward to it. Then I found out I couldn't get the whole week off due to important merger meetings. I was crushed.

"Let's just do an extended weekend. Can you do that?" Sarah asked.

"I'll check but they are pretty strict about no one being off," I replied. The truth was if I couldn't have the whole week, I didn't want just a couple days. That would be too much of a tease.

As it turns out I got a four day weekend. Not what I wanted but I wasn't going to complain, much. Since my office was 20 minutes from our house and on the way , we decided to have Sarah pick me up after work on Wednesday, drive the 4 hours to the beach house and enjoy what time I did have. Ben and Lori would already be there waiting for us.

As I got in the car pumped and ready, Sarah surprised me by asking me where my bags were. "I thought you were packing them." I said but she just looked at me and said she had enough to do with packing her things and the car that she just assumed I would have had them ready at work. "We don't have time to go back," she said "so we'll just pick you up a swimsuit at the beach. Lori and I know all the shops there. We're only going to be there till Monday."

As much as I didn't think that was a good idea I sure was in the mood to get going so I agreed. I had the clothes on my back and we would buy some trunks at the beach. What more did I need?

We got to the house at about 11pm only to find it empty. There was a note from Lori that said "Went out with friends, make yourselves comfy. Ben had to go back home for work but hopefully will be back by Monday. I'll be home late...." This didn't seem to be shaping into a very good vacation. First no luggage, now no Ben. I was determined to make the most of it.

"Let's have some drinks and hit the hot tub," Sarah suggested.

"That would be great if I had some swimwear to put on. Remember?"

"Oh yeah. Well.. Lori wont be home till late...soo.." She had that mischievous look in her eye that she gets when she's feeling frisky. " I have had a rough year too, and I want to have fun on this SHORT vacation," She continued "so I say go get us some drinks and meet me in the hot-tub." That was all I needed. I went to the kitchen and grabbed six beers put them in a cooler and headed down.

My wife was already in the tub and it appeared she was wearing a suit. Not what I expected. I started to complain but she cut me off , saying "I wasn't the one who didn't pack anything, now strip down and jump in!" I complied.

Naked in the tub with my wife in a bikini was very exciting. We drank a lot and she teased me a lot but that was about it. I remained extremely hard and turned on but never got any relief. "It's getting late..we better get you inside before Lori gets here," Sarah said. I was sure this meant we would make love like crazy once in bed, but instead she said she was tired and would take care of me in the morning. So, we fell asleep naked in bed.

The next morning I awoke to find Sarah gone. She left a note for me saying she and Lori had gone shopping and to make myself breakfast and get comfy until they retuned. I showered and looked everywhere for my clothes, but could not find them so I wrapped myself in a towel that barely wrapped around me. This towel was so small that when I connected it at the sides it created quite a slit on the side that threatened to expose all of me. I proceeded to make breakfast and watch tv. I had grown quite comfy in that towel despite the threat of it falling off or opening too much on the side. I was washing dishes when the women returned.

"Oh my!" Lori gasped, "It's not everyday a nearly nude man does my dishes." She looked incredible. She was wearing a tank top and some of the shortest shorts. My wife didn't look too bad either. She was wearing a halter top and the cover that she wears over her bikini bottoms. Dressed only in a towel I knew I was in danger of becoming erect, especially after the teasing last night. "I would offer you some of Ben's clothes but he took them all with him."

"Don't worry, that's how he usually works best," my wife said with that gleam in her eye. Lori then came over to give me a welcome hug and it felt great! I started to get hard when my wife broke the silence by saying "Lori's washing machine was broken so we took your clothes over to the neighbors to wash, we'll get them later. Lori and I bought you some swimwear lets go put it on and head to the beach." I glanced at Lori and I could have sworn she was looking at my bulge. " I helped pick it out," Lori said with the cutest grin that didn't help my erection any. "Ok. Lets go," I said and my wife and I went into our room to change.

When I looked in the bag for my suit I couldn't find it. I just saw some panties for my wife. "Where is my suit?" I asked. "It's in the bag, silly." Sarah then pulled out what I originally thought was her panties. A light blue Speedo that would leave nothing to the imagination. "Seriously?" I asked.

"Yeah. Lori said all the guys are wearing them here and besides it was all the store had, so put them on."

I barely had them pulled up when Lori barged in to ask Sarah to help her with her suit. She had on a string bikini and was holding the straps in back of her. She needed them tied. "Looking good!" she said as she eyed my suit.

"Thank" I blushed and she just winked at me. The erection that had subsided was now coming back to life.

We all dressed and had a great day at the beach. I gradually got comfortable in my Speedo and started to enjoy the girls flirting and having fun. We met the neighbor girl Beth, who was washing my clothes and Lori invited her back to our place for dinner. I was in heaven. Surrounded by 3 gorgeous girls in bikinis while I was threatening to burst out of my shorts.

When we got to the house the girls showered together in the outside shower while I waited my turn. There was lots of giggling and Beth even teased, "Hey, Bill. Join us!" Even with all the alcohol I was too shy to jump in. They all came out with there towels on and went upstairs.

When I was done showering I noticed my beach towel was gone and replaced with another small one like earlier. I dried and wrapped my self in the towel. Once inside the girls were all dressed and pouring wine. Beth then asked if I really had no clothes for the weekend. "Not a stitch." I replied.

"No pajamas even?" she asked.

"Nope. And if he thinks he's sitting on my furniture in a wet towel he is mistaken," Lori said. "WOO-HOO take it off!!" came the response from my wife. I was starting to get nervous but I still wanted to call their bluff. "If I took this towel off you all would run and hide."

"Try us," Lori replied almost too quickly. I looked at my wife who then stood up and walked over to me. She walked behind me and wrapped her arms around my chest and began to rub it while whispering in my ear, "Remember when I said I would take care of you today?" I was starting to get hard. Beth's eyes got big and she nodded toward my crotch. Lori said, "It looks like he likes that, cous."

Sarah then moved her hands to my towel as if she would remove it then she stopped. She dropped down to her knees and reached her hand up my thigh 'til she was cupping my balls under the towel. She then stood back up and resumed her place behind me. This time her hand slid down my belly and under the towel. She gripped my cock while whispering in my ear, "Remember that time you stripped off my cousins top?" And before I could answer, she tore off my towel.

"YES!" screamed Beth.

"Woo!" came the reply from Lori who then stood up and walked over to me and picked up the towel. She then asked if I remembered her tits. I nodded. She asked me if I ever jacked off to the memory. I nodded. "Show us," she said.

I then started to jack off frantically. The women went wild. I came a river and then had to clean it up. This was the start of my slave weekend.

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