tagExhibitionist & VoyeurNakedness Begins

Nakedness Begins


After my first experience with hanging out naked at home, I wanted to explore being nude in other places. I could not do anything for a while after that night, because my elder brother was at home. From then on, it was a countdown in my head, in days, hours and minutes, until he left. Finally, he left for his study or training whatever.

It was now close to 3:30 a.m. Everybody would be asleep. I decided to try some other things. And a small but elaborate plan formed in my head, which I decided to execute. I started went to front door when I realized that I was still dressed in my bed clothes. So I had to remedy that problem right away and I stripped out of my t-shirt and shorts and went on with my robe under naked without anyone being the wiser.

A few minutes later, I was wearing the robe and slowly opening the front door. I peeked outside. There were three other apartments on my floor, one adjacent to mine, and two opposite mine. The doors looked closed. Everything was silent. With the robe on, I flipped the lock of my open door, ensuring it did not shut, and stepped outside. I had the key to the door in a pocket of the robe. I gradually took off my robe, and got naked, holding the robe in my right hand. There I was, stark naked, my pussy, butt and boobs on display, then kept the robe in a stair handle safely. I could actually feel my body tingle as I just stood there in the hallway.

With my heart pumping, I started walking up the stairs, as I walked the stairs, it was like I was losing more clothing, even though I didn't really have any to lose.

Today my dare is to go to rooftop naked, taking very soft steps, so that no one inside their apartments, even if they were awake, would be able to hear someone walking outside. Walking very gingerly, I descended the stairs. It would normally have taken me just a minute or so to walk up to the seventh floor. It has eight floors with the ground floor being a stilted parking floor and I live in fifth floor. But since I was going slow, looking around, observing and noting the surroundings, it took longer. After all, I had stepped out of the safe comfort zone of my apartment and was taking a much bigger risk.

I finally reached the top floor, walking down past all the silent closed doors of the apartments. I walked around the roof to see how much of the surrounding houses and their roofs and windows I could see. I was glad to note that I could only see the adjoining houses from the absolute edge of the roof. So as long as I stayed away from the edge, I was hidden from their view. When I moved away from the edge and towards the middle, I could still see houses that were further away, so presumably I would be visible from there too. But I could hardly make out anything in too much detail in on the roofs of those houses or through their windows, which by the way, were mostly dark even then. It was the same with the tall buildings way in the distance. I couldn't make out much about them so unless there was someone sitting in the window with binoculars, I was practically invisible to them.

I had been wandering naked under the sky for close to 20 minutes now, I thought. It turned me on so much. My nipples were harder than I had ever known them to be.

Now I decided to extend my plan! at this moment I looked down, and was happy to see nothing but bare skin. Even the area between my legs was bare. I looked over my shoulder, happy to see that my back and bottom were equally exposed. I could actually feel my body tingle as I just stood there in the terrace. I felt so naked and vulnerable, and my face was even a little red already while thinking how things could go wrong. I would even say I might have a few regrets having done what I just did. Yet at the same time there is more to it. You feel so alive. You feel like you're really doing something crazy, and that makes your adrenaline rush. Here you are, in this situation most people wouldn't even be able to dream of. Yet you're living it, and it's all so real but unbelievable at the same time!

I walked towards the stairs. You sort of have to remind yourself though that you can't go back anymore, you can only go forward. Without that motivation, I don't think I'd be able to do. Even if you don't have access to your clothes, you still feel more naked the more distance you put between yourself and them. You feel your breasts bounce more, and butt jiggle a little, and you can feel your thighs rub against each other. You know you're naked, but when you're farther from those clothes, you feel it more. I'd say that's just me, but I've read about other girls who are the same, or so I like to believe.

After some moment, I was at the bottom of the building. Everything was so quiet there, that I was hardly even considering the fact that a dozen other people lived in that building, and that they could step outside and catch me!

Standing at the bottom of the stairs on the ground floor, I looked around. There were cars and two-wheelers parked all around. I walked a bit further and looked around. The parking lot in the center was full of cars. However, there were lights everywhere. This was a brightly lit area, even if deserted.

I spent a few minutes examining and wandering naked under my building. I didn't even think as I placed both hands on my thighs. I rubbed them, almost as if I was warming them up. A few of my fingers moved up, touching my lips. Honestly, I was just naturally verifying my exposure. The longer I was out there, the more chances I'd be seen! I must remind you, I loved the risk, but I didn't want to be seen.

I walked to the staircase, sat there and started working on my clit furiously. It took me less than a minute to orgasm, which I went through silently with a phenomenal effort. I looked down at my body. I loved following the bare skin down my body. In the dark I could still easily make out my pale skin, the way it was shaped and colored. My nipples were standing out both color-wise and physically, the two buds happy to be outside. Then if I looked just right I could see the start of my smooth lips, and with my legs just a little open I could see the pavement below me.

After the orgasm, panic made me turn around and sprint back up the stairs, my boobs making a soft slapping noise as they rose and fell. Within 30 seconds, I was back at the front door of my apartment, breathless, and holding the robe in my hand. I quickly rushed into my apartment.

All this naked wandering had been just like training. I was so nearly out of breath; I'd just walked through the apartment building. Yet even though I sort of wanted to slow down and take a break, part of me didn't allow it. I was far too excited for what I had planned!

For the final time that night I brought myself off. Shook my head in amazement and happiness at what I had discovered about myself tonight. And decided to call it a night.

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You talk about how bare you are between your legs, I wondered if there might not be a story about that.

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