tagErotic CouplingsNan Made Him a Man at 18 Ch. 02

Nan Made Him a Man at 18 Ch. 02


If you are looking for love and romance, stop right here! This is a story about two adults who are not married to each other. They enjoy having nasty, dirty, kinky, depraved sex. This story includes virtually every perverted sex act you can think of between a man and a woman, with no reluctant participants.

Obviously I was interested in taking what I had learned from Nan and, apply it' with another horny, married woman whose husband was working out of the country.

All my friends were trying to get to first base in the back seat of a car and I had been fucking a real, adult woman for six months and had just been offered a shot at another one. Nan had, in so many ways, 'made me a man.' With Francine, the roles would reverse, somewhat, as I used the knowledge Nan provided to satisfy Francine's sexual needs---and my own.

Francine called the next day and my step dad answered the phone. She said she wanted to hire me to do some work around the house and asked if I would be available. My step dad smiled across the room at me and told her he was sure I had the time and handed me the phone. He covered the phone, whispering so mom wouldn't hear.

"All the fucking details, young man. Remember our agreement."

Francine picked me up the next morning. Knowing where this relationship needed to go, I was very relaxed and chatty. I started by complementing this woman, almost twice my age, on her outfit; it was obvious that she had picked it carefully---it screamed, 'fuck me'.

I told her she really looked great, even touching her hair once in the car and asking her about her new hair style. As she pulled into the car port, I went to the back to get my tools; I had to move past her, and in so doing my crotch rubbed firmly against her full, but not unattractive, behind. I put my hands on her shoulders to slide by with a very polite and respectful, 'excuse me.'

The work was handyman stuff. I was a pretty fair carpenter, plumber and electrician; when you grow up in rural America, you learn how to fix things at an early age. I quickly took care of the squeaking steps, broken door locks, running toilets and such. No one had air conditioning in those days. I removed my shirt and glistened with sweat.

Several times I called on her to help, to hold something or grab a tool, but more often than not I could have completed the task without her. I would ensure that whatever I asked for her to help with, it meant standing or kneeling very close to me.

More than once I would reposition her with my hands, initially on her shoulders, but as I got bolder, on her hips, letting my strong hands linger longer than was required. I was getting off on it.

Once, as she was positioning a picture she wanted hung on the wall, she slipped off the step stool and I grabbed her to prevent her fall, getting a little more tit and thigh than was required. She ran a hand over my well muscled arms and made some comment about how strong I must be to have caught her as she fell.

Another time, she held the top of a faucet set as I worked under the kitchen sink. The back of my head was nestled in her mound and she actually moved forward, pushing her muff into the back of my head. Even through her clothes and my hair I could feel the warmth. She was aroused and her box was flushed with blood.

Now I was really getting off on it, trying to decide whether I should go for the close that first day, or leave her wanting more. We all know the answer to that question' hell,I was 18 and horny and she wanted to fuck.

We broke for lunch, and I couldn't imagine what else she needed me to fix. She sat next to me at a little window seat and asked me questions about school, sports and dating. She fiddled with her hair and opened and closed her thighs. She tapped her feet.

When she got up to get something, I moved just a little bit closer to her side, so that when she returned, she would either have to be touching my thigh with hers or sit somewhere else---and there wasn't anywhere else to sit. I complemented her on the wonderful lunch.

Sitting down, her white shorts were stretch across her crease, clearly defining her feminine treasures and revealing the smallest hint of a wet spot. She was beginning to perspire.

She excused herself to go to the bathroom, returning and jamming her sturdy little thigh right up against me. She had unbuttoned two buttons on her blouse and removed her bra; as I turned to look, her hard nipples were clearly visible.

She placed a hand on my thigh and turned toward me, smiling, as if she was about say something profound and I leaned in the short distance and kissed her, full on the mouth, warm, wet and carefully probing. Her hand came up behind my head and she returned the kiss, moaning softly, probing my mouth with her anxious tongue.

Without any preliminaries, she moved her warm little hand up under my shorts and just grabbed my cock, her eyes opening wide as she discovered how long,fat and hard I was. I ran my hand up under her shorts to discover an almost completely shaved pussy and no panties.

I pushed the table back with my foot, unbuttoned the shorts and jerked them over her full rear end, pulled them down her legs and depositing them on the floor. I slipped the palm of my hand under her ass and began to massage her nub with my thumb. She stopped moving the hand on my cock, simply holding it softly. I unbuttoned the blouse with my other hand, softly lifted and massaged her massive tits and continuing my oral assault on her mouth. She came within seconds. Francine would become my first tit fuck a few days later; her tits were specifically designed to have a stiff dick thrust between them.

I completely removed her blouse. She bent down and yanked my shorts to my feet and I kicked them off. We were both naked. I looked her in the eye, stood in front of her as she sat by the window with my feet slightly apart and slowly jerked my prick, just inches from her face.

Without the slightest hesitation, and sitting at the perfect height to do so, she took my cock in her mouth and performed an absolutely astounding and totally satisfying blow job. It was soft wet and warm, making me cum quickly. She swallowing every drop.

I knelt down to kiss her, and she got even more turned on---evidently hubby didn't kiss after she sucked him off. I turned her around on the bench seat so that she was looking out the window; went back to my knees and tongued her tight little ass hole. She was not expecting the anal exploration. She whimpered and started moving her ass back against my tongue.

I played with her quim. I stood up, judged that this pussy was ready, a bit looser than Nan's, but dripping with secretions. I just drove the whole eight inches up her fuckhole. I placed one hand on her hips and the other on her shoulder. I diddled her dirty hole with finger and thumb, ultimately fucking her tight little sphincter right up to the knuckle.

I grabbed her pony tail and pulled her head back and kissed her, hard and wet with lots of tongue. And then I just grabbed those fine young breeder hips and rode her. Thanks to Nan, I had damned good control and had just cum. I rode her hard, fucked her deep, alternately teasing her clit with my cock. She came. I wasn't even close. She came again and I started slapping her full ass, griping her hips and drilling that horny married women so hard that the bench seat started banging against the wall.

Now she seemed to be in one long continuous orgasm so I increased my pace and with a howl, dumped a sweet load into that underused, and tighter than I expected, thirty-something year old cunt. I pulled out, knelt back down for one more oral assault on her dirty hole and softly finger fucked her dripping snatch.

In preparation for the future, and having clearly discovered how anally sensitive she was, I stood up and rubbed the still firm, but quickly deflating, head of my cock over and around her anal opening. Not being able to achieve penetration at that point, I inserted two, then three fingers up her butt and began to wonder if she might have been going the fruit and veggie route while hubby was away, because her ass opened easily and she never flinched or showed a sign of discomfort as I stretched her anal ring. I leaned over to hoarsely whisper in her ear.

"You have a beautiful rump, a truly delectable backside. I really loved eating your ass, did you enjoy it?" She nodded. "I want your ass next. I want to fuck your beautiful ass. Your bottom was made for cock. Can you take me back there when I'm hard? Are you enough of a woman to take it up the butt? Do you want me to fuck your ass with my young cock? It might hurt a little, but I'll be gentle and I'll get you ready. You've had something else in there haven't you? You've been experimenting, getting your behind ready so a man can have it, haven't you?" She nodded shyly.

I fucked her ass with three fingers and reached around to massage her love button with the other and she had another small series of orgasms.

"I love to watch you cum. You're so beautiful and sexy when you cum. When I fuck your ass it's going to be from in front. I want to be able to kiss you, watch while you play with your pussy as I take your dirty hole for the first time. . I want you to be able to watch my cock stretch your anal ring and plunge into your hot little butt. I want to watch your face as you feel me shoot my load deep in your bowels."

She was definitely ready to give up her ass. I was not, needed a little bit of recovery time, but at that age it wouldn't take long. I suggested that a shower would be nice, and she nodded enthusiastically. As with Nan, the shower was very erotic. We washed each other from head to toe. She lovingly washed my ass, stuck a soapy finger in my shitter and worked it around. She went down on her knees and tongued my ass hole. I bent her over and returned the favor. I was hard in no time, and considered taking her ass right there in the shower, just bending her over and ramming my boner up her poop chute.

We got out of the shower and moved to the bedroom, still dripping wet. I propped her full, milky white ass up with a couple of pillows and started teasing her cunt lips with the head of my cock. I placed the head of my dick at her tight little anal opening, rubbing it around and teasing her crinkle. To my surprise, her rear opened just a little, but more than enough to start my anal journey. Nan had encouraged me to make the first penetration quickly, and then hold off until the woman could accommodate the fullness of having her rectum invaded.

"You've never taken a man in the ass, have you?" I asked. She shook her head.

"I like the way it feels, back there, and I have, ah, put things in there." She said, almost embarrassed. "Have you done it this way before?"

I laughingly informed her that anal sex was a common form of teenage pregnancy prevention and that I had first inserted my little hard on in a little girl's butt some time ago. Since then, I had taken several girls anally, including a couple on a regular basis. I think she had figured out that I had been drilling Nan's ass, but we never talked about it.

"I'm going to put my cock in your ass now, Francine. You anal ring seems to be well opened up from your previous, ah, insertions, but the fullness can be uncomfortable, the first time. I'll go slowly, and you tell me when to feed more of my cock up your delicious little ass." I instructed her.

Whatever she'd been putting in there, and I later discovered it was cucumbers, she didn't take long to accommodate my now, rock hard eight plus inches. I started a slow, relaxed ass fuck. I knew I could last as long as she needed me to, but also knew that if I lasted too long in her cherry ass, it would become uncomfortable for her. Without prompting, she began to diddle her muff with her fingers and softly raise her ass to meet my thrusts.

"Oh my God, I'm so full! I can't believe how good that feels, I thought it would hurt more. You can go faster, if you want, please go faster!" She pleaded.

"Francine, I won't cum until you do, and I can fuck your fantastic rear as long as you want me to, but since this is the first time, I don't want to hurt you." I gently explained.

My statement turned her on even more. "I've always dreamed of being taken this way, taken hard, having my ass, ah, raped. Will you rape my poor little virgin ass, really do me, do me hard and fast?" She asked.

What the hell, I thought, she might regret this in the morning, but who was I to argue with the little lady? I held her legs up, firmly grabbing her muscular thighs and, as requested, just started to drill her butt. She came quickly, but I sensed there was another one in there, so I continued to abuse her tender little rectum, finally releasing a load into her bowels as she came the second time. The feeling of my hot come splashing inside her tight anal hole extended her orgasm. I let my softening cock plop out of her now gaping hole and gently cleaned and nurtured her engorged anal opening with my mouth.

Francine must have assumed that reciprocation was expected. She lapped her butt juice and my cum off my now deflated cock, taking all of it in her mouth and sucking it appreciatively.

Since Francine was no where near as experienced or as nasty as Nan had been, I always assumed that our sexual adventures would not become as kinky. In the weeks and months that followed, I was to be proven wrong. It was as if there were so many things she wanted to try before her husband got home, so she could use her new found skills to keep him happy. She had bought a book on, 'pleasing your man' and wanted to try every suggestion.

She loved to be pissed on, and after once kneeling down to take the piss I had reserved for her tits into her mouth, developed a real liking for drinking my piss. I never developed the taste for it, myself.

I fucked those massive tits often; she would bend her head down and take my load into her mouth. One time, I even took her ass in the backseat of her car at a local make-out spot, another fantasy of hers. She'd always wanted to be fucked in the back seat of a car at, 'lover lane'.

One afternoon we went down to the barn, naked, and she wanted me to tie her to a post, and then lightly whip her ass with an old riding crop. It got pretty intense as she told me to keep working her ass with the crop, and she ended up getting off from the whipping.

She loved to fuck outside and taught me the erotic pleasures of mutual masturbation. I've never really been into giving or receiving real pain, but Francine seemed to get off on receiving it, along with more humiliation than might have been considered normal. She definitely had a rape fantasy.

One time she called and asked if dad could drop me off and she would bring me home. I got to the house, the door was unlocked; I went in. I found her, feigning sleep, naked on top of the covers in her bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and she, 'startled', rolling over on her back and pulling the covers up under her chin.

"What do you want?" She asked, with, 'fear' on her face. "What are you doing in my bedroom? You shouldn't be here. Are you here to rape me?"

Whatever, it sounded like fun. "That's exactly what I'm here for. First, I'm going to fuck your mouth; I didn't say let you blow me, I said fuck your mouth, and I doubt that you will enjoy it, but I don't really give a fuck. Then your nasty, sloppy cunt and finally---your tight little ass." I was stripping as fast as I could.

"Get on the floor." I commanded. "You best keep your teeth out of the face fucking you're about to receive, or I'll skip your twat and dry fuck your ass until you scream. Now open your mouth, I'm going to fuck you all the way to the root, fuck your throat. Take this cock, bitch."

And in it went, as promised, all the way to my pubic bone. She had obviously been practicing with the cucumbers again.

That was my first face fuck. I grabbed her head firmly and fucked her mouth with brute force. It was erotic, and I came fast as she gasped and gurgled and gagged. Cum blew out her nose.

"Lick my dirty ass, cunt." I ordered. She moved her head under me and proceeded to lap and tongue my ass hole.

"Not bad, you little slut. You're a regular little shit eater, aren't you?" I crudely asked.

"Please." She implored. "I really have to go to the bathroom." I jerked her up by the arm and pushed her toward the bathroom.

"Your not going to stay while I go, are you?" She whined.

"Shut up and pee, bitch." I said in my most threatening tone.

As she started to tinkle, I held my cock inches from her mouth and let go a long amber stream. "Drink it, cunt, you know you want to drink it Do it or you'll be sorry!"

With mock revulsion she took most of the stream in her mouth, hardly spilling a drop.

Before we left the bathroom, I filled the conveniently displayed enema bag with hot soapy water, roughly bent her over on the floor and shoved the nozzle up her ass, draining every bit I thought she could handle into her rectum. I made her hold it as long as she could, threatening her with all sorts of nasty stuff if she let it go before I gave her permission. After I cleaned her up, I squirted half a tube of KY into her rear end in preparation for the next phase.

I hauled her back to the bedroom and tied her spread eagle in the middle of the bed, then spanked that quivering fanny with one of her husband's belts a couple of times. I'm ashamed to admit that I was starting to get off on this crap.

Not a lot of preliminaries followed. I roughly spread her anal ring with my fingers as she, 'begged' me not to rape her, 'virgin' bung hole.

"From what I hear, your nothing but a little anal fuck slut, and there's not a virgin hole anywhere in your body. Don't lie to me, you've been fucked in the ass, haven't you? Lot's of times, in fact you're really a little anal whore, who knows exactly how to make a man's cock feel good when it's buried up your stink hole."

I spanked her milky white cheeks, harder than I ever had before, as she began to whimper and nod, silently admitting her past anal exploits.

"Yes, I'm an anal slut, but only for my husband, never a stranger." She cried.

"Well, that's about to change right now." And with that, I began to seriously plunder her tight little brown hole.

I fucked her ass hard and deep. She protested, but I was pretty sure it was all part of the act. I pulled her hair hard and reached under her to pinch her tits until she cried out. Having cum once, she was in for a long, and quite probably, less than comfortable butt reaming. I didn't give a shit if she came, but I did, and after dumping a load deep in her ass, I shoved my dick in her mouth and told her to clean it.

After she slurped my shitty cock, I untied her from the bed, knowing I would need a half and hour or so before I could complete the trifecta. What to do with her? We went down to the barn.

Usually when we got it on in the barn we used some old blankets, this time I had a better idea that might more fully play into her fantasy. I piled two small bales of hay together, then put two more bales on either side, grabbed some rope, put her face down on the top bale, then tied her hands and feet to poles to the side and tie down rings in the floor, spreading her legs as far as I thought she could take.

With no blanket, the hay had to be causing her some discomfort. She was almost exactly in the position a jockey would take, riding a thoroughbred to the finish line. Her pussy was at the perfect height for me to take it from behind, standing up.

I grabbed the riding crop and smacked her harder than I had in the past, raising an angry welt across her buttocks. I took the other end of the crop and forced it into her cunt, fucking her cunt with the handle. There was no need for a gag; we were miles from the closest neighbor, plus I was afraid of actually hurting her---after all, this was all a game---her game.

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