tagBDSMNancy and Her Boss Ch. 03

Nancy and Her Boss Ch. 03


Part 3 – The Weekend.

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Nancy went to work as she would any normal Friday but today was that special day she had been thinking about and hoping for all week. This was the weekend she and her boss were going away for; this was to be her training weekend with him. Once at the office she went to the conference room, unlocked the door, went in and proceeded to the supply room where she put on her clit vibrator, then relocked the conference room and proceeded to her desk.

This being a special day in her mind she found it hard to concentrate on doing her daily activities and caught herself daydreaming several times. She knew how business oriented her boss was and knew he wouldn't tolerate her not attending to business regardless of how special this day was to her. She kept wondering how often he would fuck her this weekend; she knew he loved to fuck as much as she did. She also knew this was not just a fuck filled weekend; it was a training weekend. His objective was to train her in the art of being a good slave; a cock slut slave dedicated to her master, him.

Her clit vibrator went off, a signal to go to his office. She made it to his office with difficulty, as was always the case when the vibrator went off. If she didn't make it to his office quickly her legs started to weaken and if it was too long she ended up having an orgasm, something that was prohibited this week until they were on their weekend trip. As she entered his office she gasped, "yes sir."

"Nancy, I know your looking forward to this weekend but you cannot let it interfere with your normal work duties. I have been watching you daydream out there and you need to stop it. You have work to do and we can't leave until you get it done. You need to clear your mind and get to work. Please concentrate so we can leave on time and avoid the traffic tonight." His tone was a dismissal. This was typical of his business manner during working hours.

She finally settled into doing her normal workday tasks but kept thinking how long this day was becoming. It seemed like hours until it was lunchtime. She wondered if he was going to suggest they meet for lunch someplace but it just didn't happen. Finally she went to the cafeteria for a quick bite, then went to her car to call home and leave a message for her son reminding him no parties and she would see him after work on Monday.

The afternoon dragged on and on but she was able to concentrate enough to get her work done and ready to leave by the time 4:30 came around. Her intercom rang so she answered it with a "yes sir."

"Ok, time for you to drive over to my place. Park your car in my numbered slot and wait for me in the apartment, I won't be too far behind you," he said and then hung up. She hung up the phone and the intercom rang again. She picked up the phone to say something but he interrupted her, "I want to make this weekend something you will never forget. Don't forget, I love you." The intercom went dead as he hung up.

She left the office and drove straight to his place, parked the car and went into the apartment to wait for him. She was looking in her purse when she found the email she had printed out and thought maybe she shouldn't tell him about the email. He had clearly told her to delete everything from the mystery man after she wrote the dear john to him. If she told him about the email she was disobeying his orders and would certainly be punished for it, but then on the other hand she had disobeyed him so she had to be honest and tell him. Well she could hope that the punishment wouldn't be too harsh since she would be honest and tell him rather than try to hide it.

He came into the apartment as she was in the middle of her dilemma. Just as he was about to say something she ran to him, hugging his chest and burst out, "Master, master, I have to confess something to you and hope you won't be too mad at me." She just handed him the email and waited for a response. Her head down, gazing at the floor it seemed like an eternity before he said anything.

"I see my new slave has a disobedient streak in her. Did I not say to delete all emails from him after you wrote yours?"

"Yes sir, but it looked important so I read it and printed it for you." Her head was gazing at the floor but she had her head on his chest as she hugged him.

"Well this is good news, it means he won't be bothering you any more. It also means that the guard will probably try something with you. This will only make the guard feel like he has more leverage against you. We can deal with that. But it wouldn't make any difference if you had deleted the email like I told you to. We'll deal with your disobedient streak later, now lets get on the road," he said as he guided her out the door.

They took her suitcase out of her car and transferred it to his trunk; she got in the front passenger seat. She noticed a bag on the floor of the car but made no mention of it as they drove off for his country home. There wasn't too much conversation between them as they headed out of town. The traffic was becoming heavy and she wanted him to concentrate on that rather than talk about her roll in this weekends events.

They drove for about and hour and were almost to Hempstead when he pulled off into a rest area. He pulled into a parking space quite a distance from the restroom building. The car was facing in toward a couple of picnic tables but they were unoccupied. Before he opened the doors he said, "this would be a good time to go to the restroom if you have to, it will be almost another hour before we get there." He unlocked the doors and got out, waiting for her to decide what to do.

She got out and they headed up the walk to the building that housed the restrooms. He went to the men's side and she to the women's side. In a few minutes he came out of the restroom and waited for her. After another few minutes Nancy appeared from the building. He took her hand and they walked back toward the car. She kept wondering why he had parked so far from the building if they were just using the restroom. She finally asked, "what happens now? You didn't park that distance from the restrooms for no reason at all did you?"

He smiled and laughed a little answering, "very perceptive." They got to the car and he unlocked the doors saying, "there is a bag on the floor of the car. Please get it and bring it to me over at the picnic table." She went to the car and he walked to the far end of the picnic table.

Nancy retrieved the bag and walked over to the picnic table to hand it to him.

He took the bag and said, "sit up here on the table facing me." She complied and he said, "we are far enough from the city that nobody knows us so we will begin the weekend training. Now I am going to put a collar on you that you will wear all the time when we are away from the city. This collar binds us together, you as my slave and me as your Master. Is this clear?"

"Yes sir, I mean Master." She replied.

He opened the bag and took out a collar that was at least 2 inches wide and had two chains hanging from it. She eyed the collar and chains but said nothing. He wrapped the collar about her neck and buckled it with the two chains hanging down the front of her blouse. Then he took a small padlock out of his pocket and put it through a hook in the back of the collar, locking it in place. He then kissed her and said, "it is locked in place and the only way it can be removed is if and when I unlock it. This next part is going to be uncomfortable but I want you to accept this as part of your demonstrating full commitment to me."

"Yes Master," was all she said.

He then started to unbutton her blouse as she stared at his action with more than a little apprehension in her face. He unbuttoned down to her waist where the blouse was inside her skirt. She looked around to see if anyone was watching but said nothing. He then took the chains in his hand and for the first time she noticed the clips on the end of the chain. She gasped as she realized what he was about to do. His hands pulled the blouse apart fully exposing her breasts. He smiled as he noticed how erect her nipples were. "Hot twat too my slut?"

She ignored him so he took the clip from one chain and attached it to her nipple, drawing quite a gasp from her as the pain shot from nipple to twat. Then he attached the other clip in the same manner. Her pussy was on fire at this point and he knew it by the constant moans coming from her. "Hot twat too my slut?" he asked again.

"Yes Master," she responded and finished with, "as if you couldn't tell."

He handed her the bag, which still contained something else, but she had no idea what. She just knew it had to do with the rest of the ride, she just knew it. Her tits still fully exposed and the clamps quite visible he said, "I want you to put your hands behind your head and lace your fingers together, then I want you to walk back to the car and wait for me to open the door."

Her face turned red as she complied but wondered if any cars would be driving by, exiting the rest area, as she walked toward the car. Awkwardly she got off the table, almost stumbling as she walked the short distance to the car. She got to the car and stood by the door but she noticed a car leaving the restroom area and heading toward the exit. Her face showed embarrassment and her only hope was that he would open the car door in time for her to sit before the car passed them. Perhaps they wouldn't notice.

He had spotted the other car with a couple of guys in the seats so he decided to let her stand by the car waiting for him. He watched her closely. As the car came closer he could see her get nervous but not move. Clearly they had a perfect view of her chest and the nipple clamps as they slowly drove by. He watched the smile on the young men's faces as they blew the horn to her. He reached down and opened the door for her. She slipped into the front seat keeping her hands behind her head. Her face was red in embarrassment and he asked, "how much did that turn you on?" as he got into the driver seat.

"Oh gawd, my pussy is dripping," she confided as he shut his door.

"Ok, you can move your hands to buckle up but don't try closing your blouse. I want the truckers to be looking at your hot nipples while we drive." He watched her buckle in and arrange her shoulder harness so her tits were exposed for him. And the truckers too.

As they drove along the traffic was light so he began to question her. "How did it feel when those two young guys drove by and could see your exposed breasts? I was proud of you that you didn't flinch or try to hide."

"Oh there were so many emotions running through me, I was embarrassed and humiliated at being seen that way but my pussy came alive and got very wet, my nipples tingled and I wanted to smile at them but was to afraid. My snatch is still tingling over it." She answered.

"What would have been your reaction if they had stopped and got out to enjoy the view up close?" he continued his questioning.

"I probably would have been very scared but it would have made me even hotter. I did have visions of them touching me though."

"And if they had been bold enough to reach under your skirt to play with your moist cunt?" he inquired.

"Oh no Master. I couldn't have them do that. My cunt belongs to you now and only you," she responded.

They turned off the main highway onto a small county road. The road was rough and even though the car had a good suspension Nancy could feel the chains jiggle with the bumps. The jiggling chains were manipulating the nipple clamps and she could only enjoy the sensations. She closed her eyes and laid her head back just constantly moaning in erotic pleasure. They drove this road for what seemed to be an endless distance but was really only about five miles. The sensations had Nancy feeling the climax that was brewing in her body. "Oh Master, I think I am going to cum. This road is making me tingle all over," she cried out.

He slowed the car and barely pulled it off to the side of the road. The sensations in her began to subside and he told her to open her door and get out. He got out and walked behind the car motioning for her to come to the back of the car. He opened the trunk and opened her suitcase. "Now we start the second part of your weekend training. Take off your clothes and put them in the suitcase please."

She looked at him questioningly but proceeded to remove her skirt, letting it fall to the ground as she slowly unbuttoned the remaining two buttons of her blouse. She opened the blouse, letting it slide down her shoulders and flutter to the ground where it lay with her skirt. She bent and picked up the two items placing them in the suitcase as he requested. She stood there on the side of the road displaying her nude body to him when she noticed the goose bumps begin to cover her body. She quivered and realized how close to orgasm she really was. He reached out and his hand touched her lightly, like the touch of a feather, stroking up and down her abdomen. Her body began to shake as she realized she was in an uncontrolled climax, "Ahhh, Master ... Ahhh, I can't help it, cummming." Her body just shook as the orgasm wrenched its way through her. Finally her body became weak and she slumped, reaching out to the car for support.

He stood by the trunk of the car watching her as she climaxed. He smiled as she recovered enough to look at him. "I thought I said no orgasms until I said so?"

"I'm sorry master but standing there nude in front of you and then your touch, well it just sent me over the edge and I couldn't control it. I am sorry Master," she said in a deeply apologetic tone.

He gruffly told her, "take off your shoes too. You have no need for clothes this weekend."

She took off her shoes hopping on the ground as it was rough on her feet. She was a city girl and had never gone bare foot much, perhaps on a nice smooth lawn but never on the rough ground of the country. His tone had been harsh when he told her to take them off so she dared not complain about the discomfort to her tender feet.

"Ok, let's get back in the car and finish our trip." He told her.

She hobbled to the side of the car jumping, as her feet would encounter a small stone on the way. She got in the car and they started driving again. The chains were again jiggling with the bumps in the road so her nipples began to get aroused again and soon she was moaning as the pleasure shot between her nipples and her snatch. She sat there in ecstasy just moaning.

"Enough of that moaning slut, it was bad enough you let your cunt orgasm back there but you better not do it again. How many orgasms have you had this week without permission?" he asked.

Her mind came back to reality as he asked that question. She thought, my god how many had he made her have that night in the conference room, how many had she had when he summoned her with the clit vibrator, how many that night in his apartment and then standing by the car back there. "I don't know Master. It has to be a lot but many of them you caused me to have – like the night in the conference room when you held me upside down and ate my pussy as I sucked you, those climaxes shouldn't count. I told you I was sorry when I came and couldn't hold back."

"Sorry doesn't count. When I tell you that you can't orgasm without permission I expect no orgasms unless I okay them. We are going to spend a lot of time teaching you that this weekend." He said in a calm, authoritative but understanding tone.

Suddenly she felt ashamed of her last climax outside the car, "I am so sorry Master, I will try to control my orgasms as you wish. Please forgive me, you can punish me but tell me you forgive me." She laid her head on his shoulder as he drove, tears streaming down her cheeks.

He reached around her as she lay against him, her head slipping down under his arm and on his chest. His hand rubbed up her side, over to her abdomen and up to cup her breast. His finger flicked the nipple clamp and she let out a moan of pleasure, "Of course I forgive you. I am here to teach you not to hold it against you. Now dry your tears away for we are almost at the end of our trip." He turned the car onto a dirt road that went up a rather long hill.

She wiped her tears away, moved closer to him and watched the road ahead. The rode was narrow and all she could see was a few building in the distance, the road leading the way to the top of the hill where she saw the buildings. As they got closer she could see one was a house and one was a big barn. Finally she could make out that the third building was a small cabin like building. They were within a quarter mile and she realized how big the house and barn were, "That is your home?" she asked.

"Yes, it has been in my family for over a hundred years now." He responded.

"Wow!" was all she could say.

The home was very large, built in a log home style of yesteryear and appeared to have been added on to several times, yet it looked very modern and kept up to date. It certainly didn't look that old. The barn was half the size of a football field and although appearing old it had been kept in good condition. There was a smaller home, log cabin almost, that could be a guesthouse or ranch hand residence.

She wondered if he had ranch hands to keep the place up and running. Her thoughts turned her face red in embarrassment because if there were ranch hands there she couldn't possibly get out of the car naked, they would see her. "you don't have people that run the ranch for you do you? I can't be seen naked like this by your ranch hands."

"Don't worry your pretty little head about it. The ranch hands are all off at another cabin on the property working the cattle and fencing there, they won't be back until late Saturday," he let her know.

"You said I had to go naked all weekend, what do I do if they get back before we leave Sunday?" she asked.

He smiled and laughed a little but replied, "well then I guess they get to see how beautiful my girl is naked." Laughing a little more he continued, "wouldn't it be exciting to be naked in front of a bunch of cowboys?"

"You're kidding right?" she said, not quite sure of him.

"Don't worry. Right now you need to concentrate on what I tell you is important."

She still felt uneasy. She had been seen naked by lots of men, the Poop Deck for instance and the Bachelor Party. But those men had fucked her and it had all been about sex in those cases but somehow this would be different. She stopped worrying for the moment as the car pulled up to the walk up to the main house and there was nobody in sight.

He stopped the car and got out, he walked to her side of the car and opened the door for her. Her nerves were on edge but she was sure that with nobody in sight that they could make it to the main house with nobody seeing her. She got out of the car and started to follow him but then realized she had no shoes on and the rough soil of the drive hurt her feet. She scurried along but she had to take careful steps and plenty of hopping as she stepped on ground that hurt. Finally she got on the concrete walk to the house and could catch up to him as he got to the front door. Just as she stood beside him at the door it opened and there stood a voluptuous redhead in a maid's uniform, if you could call it that.

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